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    Bring Out the True Beauty of your Skin with Effective Acne Care Treatments

    The true beauty of your skin is waiting to be revealed! An acne care treatment that works to cure acne and produce healthy new tissue will allow your skin to show off its true radiance.

    At Kate Somerville Skin Care, we know that getting your problem skin to come out of its shell requires more than standard daily care. It takes a potent acne care treatment program.

    So, what can a good acne care treatment do for your troubled skin? A superior skin care program, utilizing proven ingredients, will revive skin and allow it to heal from the inside. With regular use, your acne skin will become:

    • Calm and conditioned
    • Soft, smooth and healthy
    • Radiant and glowing with good health

    An acne care treatment that includes advanced lotions, toners and serums can restore your acne skin to its former good health and well-being. Your face, neck, shoulders and back will finally be acne free for good.

    Why Do I have Acne?

    If you have acne, you’re not alone. The vast majority of teenagers experience acne to some degree and many adults suffer from it, as well. Hormonal changes, which primarily occur during puberty, pregnancy and menopause, are the main culprit. These changes cause sebaceous glands to enlarge, which cause them to over-produce sebum. This oil then starts clogging pores and feeding the bacteria that lives on your skin.

    Once the oil and bacteria (and the dead skin cells that come along for the journey) get stuck inside hair follicles and skin pores, they create infection. Infection leads to inflammation as surrounding tissues become irritated. Acne scarring is the result of inflammation and swelling that occurs under the skin. Without the help of an acne care treatment, the problem will spread and worsen.

    The Solution- An Acne Care Treatment that Works

    Getting to the root of your acne problem is the only real, lasting solution to acne skin. An acne care treatment that works to eliminate oil and build healthy tissue will reduce infections and protect against future breakouts. Here at Kate Somerville Skin Care, we know what it takes to bring out the beauty of acne skin. The basics of a good acne care treatment include:

    • Detox – a cleanser that removes impurities, fights bacteria and reduces oil
    • Stimulate – encourages healthy new tissue growth and polishes skin
    • Feed – with vitamins and proteins that build strength
    • Hydrate – to maintain skins natural moisture levels
    • Protect – get non-greasy, lightweight protection from cellular damage

    When you use an acne care treatment that addresses all of your issues, acne doesn’t stand a chance. The key is to nourish and protect problem skin so it can be strengthened against the internal and external stresses that make it unhappy.

    So, get the program that gets results! When you bring out the true beauty of your skin, with a superior acne care treatment, you will be amazed by how good you look and feel. It’s rather like being reborn, with a fresh new attitude and a fresh, beautiful new complexion to go with it.

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