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    Don’t Hide your Acne Prone Sensitive Skin! Reveal its True Inner Beauty

    Did you know that you have a fresh, glowing complexion hiding beneath your acne prone sensitive skin? How do we know? Here at Kate Somerville Skin Care, we have seen countless cases of problem skin, solved with the right products and the program proven to reveal the inner beauty within problem skin. There is hope for acne prone sensitive skin! Imagine waking up every day to:

    • Firm, clear, younger-looking skin
    • A radiant, polished complexion
    • An oil-free glow that lasts all day!

    With the help of products designed just for acne prone sensitive skin, including calming lotions, gentle nourishing creams and refreshing moisturizers, your skin will come back to life and feel better than ever before.

    Why is My Skin Acting Up?

    Acne prone sensitive skin is a combination caused by a variety of factors. For some people, it’s genetic. For others, sensitive skin comes about as a result of hormonal changes. Still others develop sensitive skin from food allergies. With an acne prone sensitive skin condition such as rosacea, for example, excess oil starts to collect on the skin. This oil, or sebum, not only causes an unhealthy oily shine. It also clogs pores and feeds bacteria, which then starts to inflame surrounding tissues.

    Acne prone sensitive skin requires special care, as most products tend to either overdry or over moisturize this type of skin. Refreshing cleansers, toners and masks that contain oil-fighting ingredients, and natural botanicals that calm irritated sensitive skin, are the prescription for your acne prone sensitive skin problem.

    So What’s the Answer? proven solutions- the products and the regimen that give your skin what it needs.

    With so many choices in problem skin care, how do you know which products are right for you? At Kate Somerville Skin Care, we say, choose the proven solution—the products and the regimen that give your skin what it needs. Go beyond temporary fixes to reveal skin that is:

    • Detoxified for a deep-down clean
    • Nourished to fight wrinkles and boost collagen
    • Lightly moisturized to tighten and firm
    • Gently protected from photodamage

    Acne prone sensitive skin needs special care—the kind that won’t irritate or over dry. Lotions, creams and foams made to protect fragile sensitive skin will give you just the right balance of gentle cleansing and hydration, while keeping oil under control.

    The answer is clear—give your acne prone sensitive skin what it needs, and it will reward you by revealing to you its inner beauty. Your entire body, including your face, neck, shoulders and back, can benefit from the kind of care that only comes from products specially formulated for delicate sensitive skin. Take control of your acne prone sensitive skin for good!

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