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    How to Find the Right Acne Treatment Skin Care for You

    No fair! You’ve tried every diet, cleanser, cream or lotion that promised results and—nothing—you’re still left with blemished skin that stubbornly refuses to get clear. You even spent a small fortune on the acne treatment skin care that worked miracles on your sister, cousin, and co-worker—but not on you. What’s going on?

    It could be that you’re treating your skin all wrong. At Kate Somerville Skin Care, we believe beautiful skin starts with getting to know your skin—what distresses it, as well as what soothes and nurtures it. Learn to treat your skin right, with effective acne treatment skin care—and don’t be surprised when you find that you love what you see.

    What you see – and how to get it with the best acne treatment skin care:

    • Healthy, glowing complexion – cleanse and exfoliate
    • Clear, toned skin  – use peels and masks
    • Soft shoulders and delightful décolletagé  – moisturize and protect with sunscreen

    Kinds of Acne

    Acne isn’t only a teenage affliction. Just as hormonal changes during puberty contribute to the blemishes we are conditioned to accept as part of growing up, hormonal changes in adults—even in pregnant women—can also trigger acne. Humid weather and topical lotions or cosmetics that clog pores may also aggravate the skin.

    The point is—finding the right acne treatment skin care product for you depends on the cause and severity of a breakout.

    Being acne-prone does not equal having forever-blemished skin. A fresh, healthy and smooth complexion can be yours with a little understanding and proper acne treatment skin care. Look closely at your skin, so you’ll know how to proceed. Here’s what to look for:


    • Pimples – slightly red bumps, are pores that have become infected, and benefit from the same acne treatment skin care as for whiteheads and blackheads. Keep the blemished area clean and calm (no scrubbing) as the infection heals.

    Moderate to Severe

    • Pustules – yellowish bumps indicate the need for diligent cleansing with acne treatment skin care.
    • Cysts – larger, firm bumps with swelling and infection under the skin.

    The Right Acne Treatment Skin Care

    Identifying the causes for breakouts helps you understand how to find the right acne treatment skin care for you. Achieving and maintaining beautiful skin always relies on care basics:

    • Detoxify – clean skin creates the ideal condition for clear skin
    • Stimulate – good circulation helps remove toxins and imparts a healthy radiance
    • Protect – sunscreen is vital to retaining a youthful, smooth appearance

    At Kate Somerville Skin Care, we believe acne skin simply needs special care to bring out its natural beauty. Pamper your skin with the best acne treatment skin care products, care and attention—and you’ll be showing up—and showing off—a stunning “au naturale” complexion with confidence!

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