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    Adult Acne Causes- Why Your Skin Just Won’t Behave

    When adult acne causes you to be embarrassed and leaves you feeling like you have no control over how you look each day, it can make life difficult. Acne is something to be expected when you’re young, but when you’re still dealing with the problem well into adulthood it’s easy to get frustrated and give up on ever curing your condition.

    However, it’s important to know that you’re not alone in your struggle. As many as one in five people between the ages of 25 and 45 years old have at least one significant acne outbreak.

    What are Some of the Common Adult Acne Causes?

    There are many different adult acne causes, many of which have nothing to do with the kind of acne commonly found in teenagers and prepubescent kids. Some of the more common adult acne causes include cosmetics, stress, hormones and prescription drugs.

    At Kate Somerville Skin Care, we have designed a program for dealing with adult acne that will make your skin look and feel:

    • Clean, refreshed and balanced
    • Glowing with good health
    • Soft, smooth and touchable
    • Clear and acne-free

    How Do you Treat Adult Acne?

    Now that you know some of the popular adult acne causes, it’s time to fix the problem. These days, you don’t need to rely on the trial and error method of figuring out what will successfully treat your acne.

    At Kate Somerville Skin Care, we’ve developed a program that goes straight to the primary adult acne causes, and stops them before they can do your skin harm. Guided by the Skin Health Pyramid, our products restore and renew your skin, giving you the elusive results that you’ve been looking for.

    Our philosophy takes a five-pronged approach to giving you glowing, beautiful skin that is blemish free:

    • Detoxify the skin
    • Stimulate to promote collagen growth and circulation
    • Feed with essential nutrients
    • Hydrate with nourishing elements
    • Protect from future environmental damage

    Often, adult acne causes your face, neck, shoulders or back to break out. With complete skin care for adult acne, you can achieve the perfect whole-body complexion that you’ve always wanted and never had. People all over the world have had life-changing success with our products.

    Common adult acne causes are no match for the Kate Somerville skin care line, and we have the testimonials to prove it. After struggling with acne for such a long time, it’s time for a positive change. Let Kate Somerville Skin Care help transform you into the confident, beautiful person you were always meant to be!

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