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    Tips for the Effective Treatment and Prevention of Age Spots

    You may have them, or you may have seen others who have them on their face, neck, shoulders, hands or arms. They’re age spots (formally known as solar lentigines), and they’re the result of baring your body to the sun’s destructive rays.

    Age spots (some people call them liver spots, or sun spots) are not harmful, but they are unsightly. Here at Kate Somerville Skin Care, we have good news for those who thought they just had to live with their age spots. Advanced brighteners designed to even out skin tone are an effective age spots treatment that can address the spots you currently have while preventing new ones from forming.

    Age spots treatment can include the use of peels, serums, lotions or moisturizers that contain key antioxidants and other ingredients. Skin care products for age spots treatment are designed to fade these unsightly marks, as they:

    • Brighten and revitalize skin tone
    • Promote a smoother, younger-looking complexion
    • Give you a healthier, more radiant glow

    What Causes Age Spots?

    Those who are in need of age spots treatment have probably spent a few too many years soaking up the sun’s rays without adequate protection. Simply put, age spots are discrete collections of pigment (melanin) that your body produces in response to ultraviolet light.

    Think of age spots as scars; your skin deposits spots of unwanted melanin in response to injury (in this case, injury caused by exposure to the sun’s damaging rays). Age spots normally appear on your hands, back, neck, face, arms, feet and shoulders; places that are most often unshielded from the sun. If you have fair skin, you’re more likely to develop age spots compared to people who have darker skin, and are more likely to eventually need an age spots treatment.

    Although they aren’t dangerous, age spots can become even more unpleasant if they produce dryness, scaling or even thinning of the skin. This is when age spots treatment is most critical if you want to restore your complexion to a more youthful, vibrant state.

    Age Spots Treatment for Beautiful Skin

    Age spots treatment comes in different forms. Professional-strength peels that resurface skin can help to fade age spots, as can skin care products containing glycolic acid or lactic acid to stimulate cell turnover.

    Additional ingredients found in products designed for age spots treatment can include:

    • Topical retinoids, which speed cell turnover and help to clear acne
    • Vitamine C, which limits the production of melanin
    • N-acetyl glucosamine or niacinamide to impede melanin production
    • Glutathione, which is proven to gently fade age spots

    Of course, at Kate Somerville Skin Care, we know that all the age spots treatment in the world isn’t effective if you don’t take care to avoid the formation of future solar lentigines. That’s why you must always use a sunscreen with a sun protection factor of at least 30 to shield your skin from further UV damage.

    Everyone agrees that age spots aren’t pretty, so why put up with them another minute? Arm yourself with the tools you need to succeed in age spots treatment, and let your skin be all it can be—something you’re truly proud to show off to the world!

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