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    Aging Skin Needs Special Care - How to Regain your Youthful Glow

    It’s no secret: As you age, your skin ages too. You may feel as vibrant and healthy on the inside as you did when you were younger, but the parts of you that people see most—your face, neck, hands and arms—may not reflect that inner child.

    How can you regain a more youthful complexion as you age? How do you know which aging skin care products can “turn back the clock,” helping to:

    Effective anti aging skin care products are designed to:

    • Clean and purify your skin for a fresh look and feel
    • Stimulate new cell growth and elasticity
    • Leave your face, neck, shoulders feeling softer and younger

    Why Aging Skin Care?

    As human skin ages, it becomes drier and more fragile, losing much of the hydration that it used to be able to soak up and store almost effortlessly. The elasticity of the skin’s fiber network also begins to degenerate, leaving your face, neck and other body parts feeling less supple than they were in your earlier years.

    Another factor that causes skin to age is exposure to ultraviolet irradiation. The more years you subject your skin to the sun’s damaging rays, the more likely you’re going to develop wrinkles, fine lines and hyperpigmentation (sun and age spots).

    An effective aging skin care regime should include products that are designed to tackle the challenges unique to maturing skin. Cleansers, creams, exfoliators and serums formulated to address dryness and hyperpigmentation should be part of your daily aging skin care routine.

    Developing a Plan for Aging Skin Care

    The first step to providing the special care your maturing skin needs is choosing a gentle, moisturizing cleanser. Another critical component to restoring your skin to a younger state is the use of a cream or serum that’s proven to stimulate tissue repair and reinforce the degenerating fiber network that comprises your skin’s basic foundation.

    An intensive moisturizer that attracts and stores hydration is also key to effective aging skin care. Sunscreens should contain a sun protection factor of at least 30 so that you can shield your skin from the sun’s rays.

    Skin lightening agents or chemicals that work in a similar manner can help to fade sun and age spots on your face, neck and hands. In addition, antioxidants found in cleansers, serums and night creams have been proven to protect skin and other cells against the effects of free radicals, molecules your body produces when exposed to tobacco smoke or ultraviolet light.

    Aging skin care doesn’t have to be difficult!

    At Kate Somerville Skin Care, we’re committed to helping you choose effective products that can help you look and feel your best, giving you the confidence you need to showcase your reborn skin to the world!

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