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Spring into glowing skin!

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Spring is finally here, which means it’s your last opportunity before the summer months to boost your exfoliation.  When thinking of your skin concerns and goals, it can be helpful to have a seasonal skincare calendar in mind. During the winter, skin tends to be more dry and dull, so you can increase the number of times you exfoliate weekly to address your changing skin. Spring is all about transitioning to prepare for the long summer days and increased sun exposure. It’s also a great time to think about lightening up your serums and moisturizers.

Keep spring skin flawless by exfoliating the last dry reminders of winter away!

  • Look for exfoliating products with Fruit Enzymes, gentle Acids, and smooth Microbeads to do the job. Avoid rough ingredients like ground Walnut Shells – they have jagged edges and can damage the skin.
  • If your skin needs consistent but mild exfoliation, mix ExfoliKate Gentle Exfoliating Treatment with any cleanser to boost cell turnover and polish skin. This combination can be used  every day for those who don’t have a facial scrubbing brush.
  • Wake up to glowing skin by adding one pump of Micro Glycolic Polisher to your regular night time moisturizer for a less intense, mild exfoliator. If your skin is more oily or mature, you can use this trick 3-4 times a week. If you are using other exfoliating products, stick to 1-2 times a week so you don’t risk over-stimulating your skin.  Anti Aging Peel | Micro Glycolic Polisher
  • Pay attention to the rest of your body! Sleeveless dresses and leg-baring shorts and skirts are right around the corner. A great way to prep your skin for warmer temperatures is by dry brushing. Before showering, try a soft natural-fiber brush or loofah to sweep away dead cells and tiny bumps and encourage the lymphatic system to release toxins.
  • If you prefer body scrubs, look for one with rich emollients like ExfoliKate Body Intensive Exfoliating Treatment. If your skin is very dry, apply your scrub to dry skin before you shower to polish, hydrate and soften skin. Mix with a little bit of water and work over your entire body. To focus on dry feet, hands and elbows, mix a pump or two of Micro Glycolic Polisher to keep problem areas baby soft.

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  • DIY masks are great for at-home spa moments and relaxation. Try a yogurt mask by applying a teaspoon of plain, organic yogurt to your face and letting it sit for five minutes. The Lactic Acid in the yogurt will gently dissolve dead skin cells to leave skin looking polished and feeling smooth. If your skin is dry, add organic honey to the yogurt to hydrate skin.



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