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    Regain your Confidence with a Body Acne Treatment for Healthier Skin

    Body acne can rob you of your confidence and make you feel self-conscious. The good news is, there’s no need to let it happen! A body acne treatment that renews and nourishes your skin can free you from problem skin for good. At Kate Somerville Skin Care, we believe that, with the right skin care products, you can be done with body acne, and move on with your life.

    A body acne treatment that works deep down to improve the health of your skin will produce amazing results. By choosing superior, scientifically-proven acne products your skin will be:

    • Clear and calm
    • Smooth, soft and blemish-free
    • Glowing with good health!

    For fast, effective results, nourish your problem skin from within with advanced ingredients formulated to cure body acne and renew your complexion. Your entire body, including your neck, back, shoulders and arms will become noticeably clear, calm and blemish-free.

    Why Do I Need a Body Acne Treatment?

    Body acne occurs when the sebaceous glands produce too much sebum. The most common culprits are hormonal changes (at puberty and menopause), and genetics.

    This lubricating oil collects on the surface of the skin and starts to feed bacteria and clog pores. Inflammation of surrounding tissues leads to the painful swelling and infection that is the hallmark of acne.

    Areas of the body most affected by acne are the facial T-zone, shoulders and back. These areas contain more sebaceous glands and therefore are more prone to breakouts. While you can’t avoid hormonal changes completely, you can get your body acne under control, with a body acne treatment that produces real results.

    How to Cure Body Acne

    Acne responds to products that get to the root of the problem, and stop the cycle of acne where it begins.

    At Kate Somerville Skin Care, we feel that the only truly effective body acne treatment is the one that gives you complete care. In five steps, you can:

    • Detoxify to remove oil, dirt and impurities
    • Stimulate new cell growth and improve circulation
    • Feed with nutrients that fight acne from within
    • Hydrate oil free moisturizer
    • Protect from free radical damage and acne scarring

    Healthy skin is less vulnerable to the ravages of body acne, and the best body acne treatment will feed skin what it needs for optimal wellness. With the regular use of astringents, toners and antibacterial body acne treatments, your acne-prone skin will start to heal itself and reveal a fresh, new personality.

    Finding the right body acne treatment is not complicated—once you understand what your skin really needs. Get the permanent solution to problem acne skin, with a body acne treatment that knocks out acne for good. You’ll feel more confident, reborn and ready to face the world!

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