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    How to Get the Best Cleanser for your Combination Skin

    For many, caring for combination skin means dealing with twice the products- those made for the dry/normal areas and others that treat the oily T-zone.  Cleansers that effectively care for both are particularly hard to find.  How do you find a gentle yet powerful cleanser combination skin that will not only remove the oily shine but also clean sensitive dry skin without over drying?

    At Kate Somerville Skin Care, we believe the answer lies in skin care products that contain only the most advanced, scientifically-proven ingredients.  Your cleanser combination skin, as part of a combination skin care regimen that includes lotions, toners and foams, should give you:

    • A perfectly balanced finish
    • Gentle yet effective cleansing
    • A healthy oil-free glow

    With the right cleanser combination skin, there is no need to waste time, money or counter space on extra skin care products. Your combination skin will get the clean, fresh look and feel you want in one step.

    What Causes Combination Skin?

    Over 70% of people have combination skin.  Not surprising, considering the fact that the T-zone (that oily area that includes your forehead, nose and chin) contains more sebaceous glands than the rest of the face.  When too much oil is produced in these areas, pores clog, bacteria builds up and break outs become almost inevitable.

    On the other hand, the rest of the face is usually dry or normal, and it can become dry, tight and flaky.  This is especially true when your cleanser combination skin is too harsh.  Without the right care, these areas on your face, neck, shoulders and back can start to become irritated, itchy and scaly.  Lotions, creams and cleanser combination skin that gently but effectively treat both skin types give you a more balanced complexion.

    Finding Your Balance

    The best cleanser combination skin will deep clean using a non-irritating formula that makes both oily and dry/normal skin happy. At Kate Somerville Skin Care, we know that what makes a cleanser combination skin work consistently is the formula. A gentle, sulfate-free daily cleanser can work wonders for combination skin, leaving it:

    • Clean, smooth and soft
    • Balanced- moisturized yet oil-free
    • Calm and soothed

    Natural botanicals and advanced skin care ingredients work together to create a perfectly balanced complexion. Your cleanser combination skin, when used as part of a healthy skin regimen of lotions, toners and creams, will get you off to a fresh start every day.

    Don’t spend another dime on cleanser combination skin that can’t effectively deal with your skin’s dual personality. Give your combination skin the care it needs and deserves. When you use the right cleanser, you will be amazed by how much fresher and prettier you look and feel!

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