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Cleanse, treat and hydrate acne prone skin with Kate’s trio of best-selling formulas. The combination of these treatments prevent and clear breakouts, while providing essential hydration – leaving skin balanced and beautiful.

  • Detox Daily Cleanser (4 Fl. Oz.) restores clarity to acne-prone skin by removing impurities - leaving skin cleaner, brighter, smoother and softer.
  • Quench Oil Free Hydrating Face Serum (1 Fl. Oz.) is a lightweight, water-based formula designed to pull moisture in deep and lock it in, while helping to balance sebum production.
  • Anti Bac™ Clearing Lotion Acne Treatment (1.7 Fl. Oz.) targets pores to help clear existing acne, minimize excess oil production, and eliminate blackheads.

*This exceptionally priced kit is not eligible for any additional offers. Quantity available is limited, while supply lasts. No backorders.

    • This is a very nice kit for acne prone skin. The Anti Bac is effective and strong. The oil free quenching serum is my favorite and very light weight and moisturizing. Anyway, the kit is a must buy on Kate Somerville website.

      (Posted on 8/20/14) Review by Muyang
    • After using these products individually, I'd be foolish not to buy the trio at a discounted price! The face wash is my favorite. The Anti-bac lotion wasn't a disappointment for me and I feel as if nothing I can apply externally will help my acne, since my acne is internal, this product still isn't bad to have to help with the acne battle. Plus, I love saving money!

      (Posted on 8/10/14) Review by Kathy
    • I currently use the anti bac and detox daily cleanser and they are wonderful at keeping my acne at bay. I got this kit since it was such a great value and was able to try the quench oil free serum. I didn't think I would like it but I do, it's like giving a drink to your skin and feels so good once you put it on. There is no residue or oiliness once it dries either. If anyone is on the fence buy this kit it really is a great buy.

      (Posted on 8/6/14) Review by Rachel
    • This duo of products has allowed my face to be unclogged and oil free.In the first two weeks I saw some improvement but in the third week my face was acne free.I would highly recommend this product set.

      (Posted on 8/6/14) Review by Sarah
    • I can't believe my pores are so clear. I've never found anything to purify them the way these three products do. The cleanser doesn't foam up like you'd expect, but who cares! It works.

      (Posted on 7/24/14) Review by Katie
    • I'm 34 years old and recently began suffering from adult acne.... so much so I was about to make appointment with a dermatologist. Because of the years of treatments from when I was younger, that was really not a route I wanted to go down. Thankfully, I took a chance with Kate S. and these products really work. After just two weeks of use, my acne is gone, past scars are less noticeable and my skin is brighter looking. Really. I also bought Eradikate and used it at night along with this set. Could not be happier!!

      (Posted on 7/24/14) Review by Danielle
    • This trio is such a steal...seriously, full sized? Amazing value. I'm using this in combination with the Blemish Banisher Kit....Both kits are great, in combination-PERFECT. I love the fresh smell of the cleanser, definitely removes my foundation makeup, I might need to purchase the eye makeup remover though....the Anti-Bac Lotion is gentle & effective, I like to use this during the day on trouble areas. LOVE THE MOISTURIZER! Oil-Free but soooo moisturizing. It absorbs very well, doesn't appear greasy under my makeup. I'm so happy I heard about Kate Somerville Skincare, my skin has changed so much in just a few short days...Expensive, but the kits are very reasonable. Definitely will purchase again!

      (Posted on 7/23/14) Review by Christin
    • After recommedations from friends, I finally decided to purchase this set. The anti-bac lotion was the only downfall for me. I have SUPER sensitive skin, so it just made it burn and turn red. Other than that, this cleared up my breakouts within a couple of weeks! Absolutely love the cleanser.

      (Posted on 7/22/14) Review by Lyndsay
    • I originally wanted to purchase the Quench Oil Free Hydrating Face Serum and when I saw this kit at this price and it included the serum, I realized this was an even better deal. I've really enjoyed all three products in this kit and for the first time in my life, I've noticed that the pores on my nose are visibly smaller! So far my skin looks great and I'm purchasing more Kate Somerville products as a result. I definitely recommend this kit as a great starter option if you are looking for clear skin, smaller pores and hydration.

      (Posted on 7/20/14) Review by Kiera
    • great but pricey. i love the cleanser and lotion. treatment can be drying

      (Posted on 7/12/14) Review by Heather
    • I found this product a bit drying for my skin. That said, it does work wonderfully as a spot treatment. But it makes my skin dry up and peel afterwards. Still better than having to see a red swollen pimple.

      (Posted on 7/9/14) Review by Maya
    • Purchased this because I needed another bottle of the anti-bac. Since the anti-bac alone is $39- I figured for another $29 I could try the serum (which is full sized and costs $65!). I already knew I loved the anti-bac, but now I am 100% addicted to the cleanser and the serum! The cleanser is very gentle- it has a slight medicinal smell but its not perfume. I have already purchased this kit again because I think the value for money is outta the park! The only drawback in any kate somerville product is the cost, but at least you are buying from a company that does not test on animals and I would rather pay more for that!

      (Posted on 6/27/14) Review by cbbb
    • I still have oily skin. Always have. I tried purify cleanser and then ran back to detox daily cleanser. Although I don't have adult acne, I find the cleanser in this kit helps keep the oiliness at bay much better than purify cleanser. My daughter raves about and loves this cleanser. The anti bac worked well and after one use, could see skin clear up on my daughter. And it also didn't make the skin look parched. The lotion is very light and feels good on the skin. Tried the blemish banisher kit also. Love the full size cleanser in this kit but also love the products in other kit.

      (Posted on 6/19/14) Review by Susan
    • This kit is just amazing! I don't know how to explain. Word can not describe how much i love this set. I have been using this for a week but believe me my horrible cystic acnes are gone. They are just gone. I couldn't believe in my eyes because i have tried mostly every single high end products out there but this entirely changes my whole skin. Looks better and way clearer. Please, Kate never ever stop this set please!!! Now i'm eventually started to believe expensive producta are worth every penny. Thank you so much. God bless xoxox

      (Posted on 6/17/14) Review by Namuun
    • I've been using this kit for about a month now and it has cleared my face. I like it because it doesn't dry out my skin and it's not harsh on my skin. i have used many products for acne and I prefer to keep using this one.

      (Posted on 6/8/14) Review by Maricela
    • I have had adult acne issues and since using this trio, I have had fabulous results and clear skin for the first time in a couple years. If you are on the fence...give this a try.

      (Posted on 6/2/14) Review by Christine
    • This trio is a unbeatable value .All the products work so well together I only needed to add my oil free moisturizer and I am all set for the day/night . I do only use the anti-bac once at night & not the 2-3times it recommends . I still get fabulous results .Hope this is still this price when I need to reorder. Like all of Kate's products these three are all winners!!!

      (Posted on 6/1/14) Review by Jenni
    • I bought this set on gilt.com, never expected it to cure my acne forever. Since age nine I suffered from acne, and used everything that was available to manage my skin problem. I spent lots of money, and took potentially dangerous medication for my acne to come back over and over again without any change in severity. In a way, I accepted my skin condition as something to live with and maybe try to hide with makeup unsuccessfully. Many dermatologist had told me that I will have this problem till my menopause days, so when I bought the set I never imagined, I would be acne free in one week. Of course, l recommend it to everyone with acne, I wish I had found it earlier in my life before I get the ugly scars.

      (Posted on 6/1/14) Review by LEYLA
    • This is a great kit! I have acne prone skin and this kit supports minimal breakouts. The cleanser is one of my favorite products that Kate has to offer. Quench is just the right amount of moisturizer for my combination skin. I have sensitive skin so a little goes a long way when it comes to the Anti Bac lotion. This kit a great way to sample some of Kate's products for people who have acne challenge skin.

      (Posted on 5/30/14) Review by Christina
    • I love the cleanser because you hardly feel it and it melts away all the makeup and dirt from the day. Sometimes I have to use it couple times during the day after a workout or to apply makeup - but doesn't completely dry out the skin. Feels clean and supple afterwards.
      the Clearing Lotion did wonders! It did not irritate the most acne prone areas but it did irritate some areas that I tried on more sensitive parts of the neck. But relatively easy going but I was shocked by the results after about 8 days.
      The lotion is easy to use for everyday. Yes, a small dose goes a long way.

      (Posted on 5/29/14) Review by Martina
    • I got this because it had the full-size Detox cleanser, and I had also heard good things about the anti-bac lotion. I thought the serum would be good to try, but I found that it irritated my skin. Besides that, I'm very content with this deal.

      (Posted on 5/28/14) Review by Caroline
    • Quench serum is the best serum I have ever used. It adds moisture without causing me to break out or look shiny! The daily detox cleanser is also a great daily wash.

      (Posted on 5/10/14) Review by Katie
    • I always had clear skin but at 36 I started breaking out along jawline & neck. Large cystic, sore, gross things! My Dr gave me RX but it did nothing but peel my skin. Bought OTC benzoyl peroxide that just dried me out. This kit has been amazing! Cleared me up & no new break out--luv it!

      (Posted on 5/3/14) Review by Skylyn
    • Perfect gift set for a great low price. Helped a lot with my acne and made my face smooth and hydrated 24/7. Have just purchased it again

      (Posted on 5/3/14) Review by fmiles16@aol.com
    • My teenage daughter has struggled with acne for years, and we have tried everything... from dermatologist prescriptions to other numerous products. The Kate Somerville acne products have done wonders for my daughter's skin, and I feel good knowing that she is using quality products on her skin versus some of the other harsher products we have tried.

      (Posted on 5/1/14) Review by shrinkmom
    • This is a very good kit to get rid of acne. I've had it for 3 weeks now and my face looks cleaner and clearer.

      (Posted on 4/12/14) Review by Adri
    • This combo is awesome, the serum is the best!

      (Posted on 4/5/14) Review by Liz
    • I use this set whenever i get breakout. Love the cleanser and the oil-free serum! The lotion shrinks my pores but you need to apply it carefully to avoid the eye area, since it does hurts when getting into eyes. Anyway, great value to have them all in one set with only half the total price!

      (Posted on 3/31/14) Review by Chris
    • Wow, this kit is just Amazing! Since starting this skin routine over a month ago my skin has never looked so good. The detox cleanser is a must for anyone with acne prone skin. I will never buy another brand again! Thank you Kate

      (Posted on 3/27/14) Review by Jennifer
    • This has by far been a life savor for me, I've tried everything from store brand, department store and prescriptions and this has been the best so far. I've been using it for about a month and my face is the clearest it's ever been. It's not too drying and it's not oily it's the best combination.

      I would highly recommend this product to anyone trying to get clear skin.

      (Posted on 3/16/14) Review by Kyle
    • I bought this kit hoping to clear up some troublesome skin, however, the benzoyl peroxide in the Anti Bac created a whole lot more pimples. It doesn't agree with my skin BUT I think the Daily Detox Cleanser did the trick getting my skin clear and better than before. Especially when combined with the Quench Oil Free Serum. I will definitely be purchasing more of both of those just not the Anti Bac.

      (Posted on 3/5/14) Review by Michelle
    • Thank goodness! I use the detox cleanser, clarifying toner, anti-bac lotion, oil-free hydrating serum, and then the oil-free moisturizer. I use this system in the morning and at night. It's a lot, but it really really works. I used to use the cleanser, toner and moisturizer, but with the addition of these two treatments, my skin is brighter, pores are smaller, and everything is more clear. Thank goodness!

      (Posted on 3/4/14) Review by Anne
    • This is the only skincare regimen that has truly controlled my acne. I've tried nearly everything, and this consistently works the best. My only gripe is that if you are sensitive to Benzoyl Peroxide, the Anti-Bac will give you some irritation. I made sure to only use the Anti-Bac every other day or as a spot treatment, and that calmed any sort of irritation.

      (Posted on 3/4/14) Review by Alyssa
    • I bought these products around Thanksgiving Black Friday..I was so happy to get an amazing deal! I just recently had a pimple and used the whole line and my acne disappeared in one day. Love these products!

      (Posted on 3/2/14) Review by Mahlanie
    • I have been wanting to try hydrating quench serum and anti bacterial lotion for a long time and this is the perfect kit and best priced kit. The cleanser is awesome it leaves my skin sooo soft and does what it says. The hydrating serum is so hydrating and not oily and the antibacterial lotion helps reducing the size of big pesky breakouts and helps diminish it, i am in love. please do not discontinue this kit.

      (Posted on 3/1/14) Review by shreeza
    • this is a great value for anyone with troublesome skin ooking for a complete skincare regimen. the Daily Detox is an effective, but gentle cleanser that cleanses skin of all the acne causing bacteria. the Quench OIl Free Serum and Acne Bac Lotion hydrate skin without clogging pores or causing any breakouts. if you're looking to try Kate's acne clearing products, this is a cost-effective way to try them.

      (Posted on 2/26/14) Review by smitten
    • I had used the detox cleanser and oil-free serum before and loved them both so this was an absolute steal for me. I usually strayed away from products that contain benzoyl peroxide because of its drying effects but I decided to give ant-bac a try. Yes, it is drying, but used in conjunction with the serum and oil-free moisturizer, it's not a huge issue. Plus, I just use a small amount on acne-prone areas (chin, mostly) and its done a great job at keeping my flare ups at bay.

      Definitely get this, even if for the cleanser and serum!

      (Posted on 2/25/14) Review by Albert
    • I have struggled with acne, including cystic acne, for quite some time. I have tried every product out there with little to no results. Birth control was the only thing that kept my acne under control, but I didn't like all the side effects from being on it. So, I came across Kate's site, and I figured what the heck, I'd try this as well, and to be honest, I didn't expect this to work any better than all the other things I've tried. However, I am blown away!! I've been using this kit, along with the ExfoliKate Acne and the Oil Free Moisturizer, for 3 weeks now, and I'm so happy with my skin. The cleanser does it's job without stripping my skin of moisture, the Antibacterial Clearing Lotion is amazing-keeps my breakouts under control and makes them disappear so fast, and the Quench serum is so hydrating! If you've tried it all and had no results, try this! Obviously, every product won't work the same for everyone, but it's worth a shot.

      (Posted on 2/6/14) Review by Wendy
    • I bought this kit for my 13 yr old son and it has worked wonders for his acne. He uses it and it really keeps his face as clear as a teens face can be

      (Posted on 2/5/14) Review by Kathy
    • This trio is fantastic! These products have done an amazing job improving my acne. I have oily skin and the Quench Serum is great because it soaks right in and does not feel heavy.

      (Posted on 2/5/14) Review by Patty
    • These three, especially the acne bac, are some of the best skincare products I've used for my acne-prone skin. Great products at great value.

      (Posted on 2/4/14) Review by Jenny
    • This kit is a great value! I love the quench so much! and the detox cleanser and anti bac lotion work great together!

      (Posted on 2/3/14) Review by Lauren
    • Amazing value and fab products. I already used the anti bac lotion and really wanted to try the serum and it is wonderful. It doesn't feel like silicone and sinks right into my skin. I hope you keep this trio together Kate, it is great! Oh, and the cleanser is nice too ;-)

      (Posted on 2/2/14) Review by Deidra
    • You really get a bang for your buck with this kit! Kate Somerville, while it hasn't completely stopped my breakouts, has done a great job at minimizing the number of breakouts and how long the pimples last. I am very satisfied with the products and will continue to purchase it since this has worked better than some of the prescription meds for the doctor. I do think the Quench Oil Free Moisturizer is not very effective during the winter months but hopefully I can see the full benefits during the summer. I suggest anyone who suffers from acne as well as cystic acne to try this kit out.

      (Posted on 1/23/14) Review by Lena
    • I love every single one of these! Use them everyday and I don't know what I'd do without them!

      (Posted on 1/16/14) Review by olivia
    • Bought it to try the quench oil free serum. Was already using the 2 others products. The price on this kit was like getting 3 products for the price of 2. I love the quench. Very hydrating especially it's winter right now. Will definitely continue buying it!

      (Posted on 1/11/14) Review by Isabelle
    • Amazing value for what you get. I need the Quench more than the others so the cleanser & anti-bac were like a bonus. Great way to try if you have never used these products before. Great Set Kate! Please bring us more value sets like this one!

      (Posted on 1/8/14) Review by Sharon
    • I bought these products individually, and have had great results. My favorite item from this set is the Quench Serum as it hydrates skin without feeling heavy.

      (Posted on 1/1/14) Review by Amber
    • I love this kit and all the items in it. The price is great too! You are really saving almost half of the cost if purchased all items separate, so even if you think you may not use on item, get it and give it a try. The cleanser is amazing, antibac lotion helps keep skin clear, and the serum helps to moisturize because the antibac lotion is a little drying. Products complement each other well. I’m impressed and will defiantly buy this again in the future.

      (Posted on 12/31/13) Review by Heather
    • Antibac lotion really helps with pimples that I can start to feel under the skin and helps get rid of them. Face wash does a great job of removing dirt and makeup but not drying like other washes. I like to wear the serum under my moisturizer and helps keep my face hydrated especially in the cold weather.

      (Posted on 12/25/13) Review by Marie
    • It is so so so nice for Katesomerville to put these three stuffs as a set with a discount price.The serum hydrates and soften my skin so well.It is parabens-free ,sulfates-free,and there is no chemical smell. A little expensive but definitely worthy the price.BTW,I love the pump design of this products

      I love the clearing lotion too.I used to buy benzoyl peroxide acne treatment products at drugstores.They were effective but I always feel my skin burned after using them(my face became red, and hurts and badly dehydrated).This one is effective , does not burn my face and my skin keep hydrated if I use serum after this ..Plus the smell is very light compared with other benzoyl peroxide acne treatment products.

      Only thing I don't like in this set is the cleanser.Well.it does the cleaning job without over dry my face.But!!!! It contain sulfates which will damage skin barrier function!!Hope Kate will change the formula and ingredient of this product!

      (Posted on 12/19/13) Review by xinyun
    • Having had acne my entire life it hasn't been easy. I was teased throughout high school and well into my adult years. Having tried so many products I finally found Kate's line thanks to my beautiful wife, who is a longtime lover of Kate's products.

      The cleanser is gentle and doesn't strip my skin like so many other so called acne products and the anti bac lotion immediately calms my skin. The oil free quench is a true rock star of this line in that it leaves my face feeling hydrated without feeling oily.

      I highly recommend these products to any men out there who have suffered like myself.

      Thank you so very much for making this product available.


      (Posted on 12/19/13) Review by Francis
    • This is a great way to try some of Kate's products. I love the Quench Oil Free serum. It's very light weight and sinks right in. It wears perfectly under make up. I use the Detox Cleanser at night and the Gentle Daily Wash in the morning, my skin feels clean and not tight or dry. Great value!

      (Posted on 12/19/13) Review by Alix
    • I'm using this everyday and seeing results. This is now my go-to acne product!

      'm seeing results and this is now my go-to remedy for stubborn acne!

      (Posted on 12/19/13) Review by linda
    • I have used the serum for years and love it. This kit is a great deal. I have
      tried the cleanser for the first time, and it works well on my sensitive skin.

      (Posted on 12/10/13) Review by BNair
    • The Anti-Bac lotion and Detox face wash are my holy grail items in my staples. In recent years I have been getting hormonal breakouts and little bumps on my chin which would then turn into painful and annoying acne. The Anti-Bac lotion was the only product that my skin responds to and since using it consistently for the past year my skin has been clear. The Detox face wash is also a very mild and fragrance free face wash that effectively removes my makeup without making my combination skin feeling too dry or tight. This kit is an awesome deal which allows me to try the oil free serum. I am considering purchasing a few more of this as a backup.

      (Posted on 12/7/13) Review by Katie