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    Why You Need Combination Skin Care Products

    Having partially oily, partially dry skin is a problem that a lot of people have. Since not everyone is lucky enough to be born with a perfect complexion, many people have come to rely on a variety of combination skin care products to give them the beautiful skin they’ve always wanted.

    Unfortunately, many combination skin care products don’t work as well as they claim to. Over the years, how many combination skin care products have you spent your hard-earned money on, only to be disappointed in the results? If the answer to this question is “more than I can count,” you’re not alone.  

    Choosing the Right Combination Skin Care Products For You

    The right combination skin care products can:

    • clean and refresh oily areas
    • moisturize dry to normal skin
    • balance skin for a radiant complexion

    The first step in figuring out which combination skin care products are the right ones to use is to determine the cause of your problem. Combination skin is often the result of both hormonal and lifestyle factors. 

    The oily T-zone contains more sebaceous glands than other areas of the face.  Hormonal changes cause these glands start producing large amounts of sebum, resulting in excess oil collecting on the surface of the skin.  For those with combination skin, the cheeks usually remain dry or normal.

    How to Get the Best in Combination Skin Care

    The key to getting your complexion under control is to find and use the right products. If you choose a cleanser that is too harsh, it will dry out parts of your skin while forcing some of your pores to kick oil production into overdrive to compensate. On the other hand, if you use something that is too gentle, your face won’t get clean enough and you’ll end up with a serious case of acne.

    All in all, it’s a pretty complicated process. This is where the Kate Somerville line of combination skin care products comes to the rescue!

    As a pioneer in the field of paramedical esthetics, Kate Somerville has worked for more than 15 years to perfect the formula of our combination skin care products. By teaming up with leaders in the skin care industry, she has developed combination skin care products that work for anyone, regardless of age, gender or race.

    Superior combination skin care products give you the best results.  Here's how to achieve fresh, glowing combination skin:

    • Gently cleanse 
    • Promote collagen production for improved elasticity
    • Feed with antioxidants and vitamins 
    • Lightly hydrate to balance skin 
    • Protect from the sun's damaging rays 

    Kate Somerville Skin Care can help you get your combination skin under control, with combination skin care products that give you the kind of results you’ve always dreamed of but never been able to attain. People all over the world have had amazing successes with our line of combination skin care products, including celebrities like Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba and Debra Messing.

    If our products can get their skin red carpet ready, imagine what they can do for you! You’ll be thrilled at how great your skin looks and feels, and you’ll get more compliments than you can handle!

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