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    Combination Skin Care Brings Balance Back to your Complexion

    If you have combination skin, you know what a challenge it can be to even out your skin tone. Most products are specifically designed for people with oily, dry or normal skin – but what if you’ve got a little bit of everything going on?

    Here at Kate Somerville Skin Care, we think that those with combination skin don’t have to suffer just because their skin has a dual personality.

    Fortunately, in recent years there have been a lot of advancements in the field of combination skin care. No longer do you have to apply one kind of moisturizer to half of your face while using another product on the other half. Finally, an even skin tone can be within your reach!

    Help for Combination Skin

    Before you start to look at combination skin care products to treat your condition, you should know about the environmental factors that can lead to the problem in the first place. Common causes include reactions to cosmetics, environmental damage, prescription medications, hormones and inadequate hydration.

    The antidote?  Skin care products that address the issues making your combination skin unhappy.  With the right cleansers, lotions and toners, your combination skin will be: 

    • calm and conditioned
    • firm and toned 
    • soft, smooth and younger-looking
    • dewy and hydrated all over
    • nourished from the inside out 

    So, isn't it time to get the combination skin care products that will really get your complexion under control? 

    Which Combination Skin Care Products are the Best?

    Because there is such a wide variety of combination skin care products, determining which ones are the best can be confusing.  Look for ingredients that solve the problem, rather than simply cover it up.  Your combination skin needs the perfect balance of hydration and oil-absorption. The ideal products will be hydrating creams and nourishing cleansers specifically designed to target your oily, normal and dry zones.

    Of course, combination skin care products will only work if you use them, so look for those that offer results you can see and feel from the very first use.  Rich creams and nourishing cleansers that pamper your face, neck, shoulders and back and keep your skin happy are your best options for effective combination skin care.

    Combination Skin Care that brings back your Balance

    At Kate Somerville Skin Care, we know that your combination skin needs more than just a cosmetic fix.  For real results, you want solutions- creams, lotions, toners, exfoliators, pore reducers and cleansers that are backed by real science.  The most effective combination skin care products will improve the long-term health of your skin and make you feel: 

    • more confident and prettier than ever before
    • excited to show off your supple, touchable skin
    • transformed in a matter of weeks
    • noticeably younger and prettier 

    Your combination skin deserves the best care possible.  So, give it what it needs! Balance it out with high-quality, nourishing combination skin care products that get results.  You'll feel reborn and excited to face the world, with your perfectly hydrated, healthy-for life glow.

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