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    Get that Dewy Glow with a Hydrating Combination Skin Moisturizer

    Many people with combination skin stay away from moisturizers, thinking that it will only contribute to their oily T-zone problem. Makes sense, right?  The truth is, combination skin needs moisture.  The key is in giving it the right kind with the right ingredients.  Proper hydration not only helps to balance out your skin's dual personality, it also feeds your skin for better long-term health.

    In fact, the trick to getting a balanced complexion is regular use of a combination skin moisturizer that will even out your skin tone. First, however, you should know what causes your skin to be oily in some places and dry in others. A few of the most common reasons include:

    • Applying makeup with dirty hands or sponges
    • Birth control pills that have androgen in them
    • Stress
    • Using the wrong kind of combination skin moisturizer  

    While many companies claim to have the best combination skin moisturizer, the truth of the matter is that not every combination skin moisturizer is equal. So how is a consumer supposed to know which products are the real deal, and which are just clever advertising gimmicks and appealing packaging?

    How to Choose the Right Combination Skin Moisturizer

    Finding the perfect balance of moisture for your T-zone is easier said than done if you don’t know what you’re looking for. At Kate Somerville, we’ve spent more than 15 years perfecting our combination skin moisturizer formula, and our hard work has paid off.

    People who use our combination skin moisturizer have reported some amazing results, like:

    • Feeling more in control
    • Having more confidence (it’s amazing what a great complexion can do for your self-esteem!)
    • Looking younger
    • Feeling prettier and being excited to look in the mirror 

    What Should Your Combination Skin Moisturizer Do For you?

    By teaming up with some of the leaders in the dermatology industry, Kate Somerville created one of the most effective combination skin moisturizer products available. The first and only product line to fully utilize the Skin Health Pyramid, our combination skin moisturizer works to restore and renew your skin by following a simple five-step program: 

    • Detoxifying your skin by removing impurities
    • Stimulating good circulation and collagen growth
    • Feeding your skin the essential nutrients it needs to stay healthy
    • Hydrating your skin with nourishing ingredients
    • Protecting your skin from future environmental damage 

    Regular use of a combination skin moisturizer that brightens and hydrates will reduce fine lines and wrinkles and balance out your complexion. You’ll be amazed at how your skin responds!

    People all over the world, from your friends and family members to A-list celebrities like Debra Messing, Jessica Alba and Paris Hilton have relied on our combination skin moisturizer to get their face looking better than ever. Don’t hide your combination skin from the world- show it off, with skin care products that give you the dewy glow you've been looking for!

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