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Your Ultimate Guide to Beautiful Skin

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In this practical and moving how-to guide, celebrity facialist Kate Somerville shares her years of experience for getting skin glowing. Whatever your age, ethnicity, skin type, or concern - be it acne or aging - Kate provides simple strategies for achieving Complexion Perfection. In this book, she defines her philosophy and identifies the top five elements for a lifetime of healthy skin. Plus, she helps you understand cutting-edge treatments, effective technologies and ingredients, and how diet and lifestyle impact your skin.

  • Witness the incredible makeovers of Kate's client's and read their touching testimonials.
  • Learn hair, makeup, and fashion tips from Kate's "Hollywood Glam Squad." 
  • Find your complexion questions answered and your soul inspired: Because Kate truly believes that changing skin changes lives.

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  • Published: February 2010
  • Publisher: Hay House
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 978-1-4019-2462-1
  • Pages: 384 pages
  • Language: English
  • Kate knows skin! Not just a guide!
    I had picked up this book online. From reading all the positive reviews, I decided to order it. I suffer from severe eczema and acne problems my whole life. This book/guide is very detailed. This is very handy for those who are in need of a Skin Care Doc to give them answers! Kate knows skin & puts it in this book. Her products do speak for them self. Kate's view on skincare is very interesting & amazing. You do not need to be a celebrity to get Kate's Guide to beautiful skin! She really is there to help change your life! GO KATE!
    (Posted on 6/16/14) Review by Linwood
    I bought this book looking for some insight on what kind of products to be using. I'm a female in my 20's and have been obsessed with skin care lately and have heard so many rave reviews about Kate Somerville products that I figured reading her book would the best first step, instead of just buying products that sounded good!
    I learned a lot from this book and even though it's a really thin book, it's a pretty easy read! With lots of useful information! She really breaks down procedures and ingredients for everyday people to understand which is helpful when you're looking for new products and overwhelmed - which I tend to be all the time when it comes to skin creams and products. She even includes how to pop blackheads, and how to do at home facials with lots of little interesting tips!
    I would recommend this to everyone! I'm about to give it to my grandmother who is curious about under eye treatments so that maybe she can read and pinpoint what she's needing instead of buying blind as well :)
    It's great to keep around and read over and over too as a refresher!
    (Posted on 4/20/14) Review by Ashleigh
    Worth Reading!
    I read this book after researching Kate's products online. I really enjoyed reading this for the simple fact that I felt like someone out there understood skin care on a deeper level than other books I've read. I also liked Kate's approach of skin care being more than just what you apply to your skin, and that it involves so much more, like diet, exercise, stress, etc. Through reading this book, I purchased some of Kate's acne products, and I'm so happy with the results. I have also changed my diet to include drinking more water and adding a few things she mentions, like more fish and flax seed. And I love Kate's idea of the 80/20 diet, meaning that it's ok to not eat healthy everyday because everyone has that one thing that they indulge in. The information in this book was very useful and simple to incorporate into my skin care routine.
    (Posted on 2/6/14) Review by Wendy
    Amazing advice and knowledge
    This book is such a valuable tool in figuring out skin and it's care. Kate explains skin, but also breaks down and explains common ingredients in skin care -- both the good and the bad. She explains many of the medispa procedures. One of the best chapters is how to do a facial at home using kitchen ingredients -- milk, egg, etc. I tried her home facial and my skin felt amazing after. Love this book.
    (Posted on 1/18/14) Review by Laura
    I agree with the comment below me about this being the "Beauty Bible". Took the worlds right out my mouth.
    (Posted on 9/14/13) Review by Nerissa