Scar Diminishing Serum
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Roll Away Scars* and celebrate smooth skin with Kate’s high-tech rollerball scar diminishing serum, designed to reduce the appearance of scars and uneven texture. A powerful scar-fighting combination, this serum and rollerball applicator are designed to work together to flatten and reduce the look of both new and old scars. With DS-7™, a microencapsulated Peptide essential to the skin renewal process, this formula encourages more normalized, smoother, softer skin.

  • DS-7, a microencapsulated Peptide, is essential to the skin renewal process. It encourages more normalized, smoother, softer skin. This unique “messenger” Peptide delivers a large amount of essential renewal information to cells.  DS-7 is protected within a patented microcapsule that is specially designed to work its way through the tight upper layers of skin to reach the spaces between the cells, in deeper epidermal layers. Once reaching the target site, the message “unlocks” and is able to tell cells when and how to renew properly, resulting in smoother, more even skin texture.
  • Botanical Extract helps even out the appearance of skin texture.

*Reduces the appearance of old and new scars.

How to Use

AM and PM. Use twice a day. Apply to clean, dry scar area. Twist ON,gently squeeze to dispense serum, and then twist-and-lock OFF. Massage with rollerball into scar. Follow with moisturizer and sunscreen.


Water/Aqua/Eau, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Divinyldimethicone/Dimethicone Copolymer, Cetearyl Alcohol, Dimethicone, Glycerin, Propanediol, Cyclopentasiloxane, Sodium Ascorbyl Glucoside, Bis-PEG/PPG-20/5 PEG/PPG-20/5 Dimethicone, Methoxy PEG/PPG-25/4 Dimethicone, Glyceryl Stearate, sh-Polypeptide-7, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Phosphate, Disodium EDTA, Ammonium Acryloyldimethyltaurate/VP Copolymer, Dimethiconol, Cyclohexasiloxane, Glucosamine HCl, Tocopheryl Acetate, Allantoin, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Butylene Glycol, Elaeis Guineensis (Palm) Oil, Tocotrienols, Pisum Sativum (Pea) Extract, Bambusa Vulgaris Extract, C12-13 Pareth-23, C12-13 Pareth-3, Tocopherol, Xanthan Gum, Protease, Sodium Hydroxide, Hippophae Rhamnoides Fruit Extract, Maltodextrin Ethylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol
    • Really helped my acne scars I had on my cheeks. No longer have to hide behind my hair!

      (Posted on 8/22/14) Review by Alina
    • Moisturizing and hydrating

      (Posted on 8/6/14) Review by QIN
    • If you have acne scars then you know how difficult it is to get rid of them. You can try everything to peels and microdermabrasion but after so many treatments that cause you pain and flaky skin you still walk out of the appointment with that spot still on your face. This is by far the best scar removal serum I have have ever used. It will take some time to work and you have to be religious with applying it every morning and every night before bed but its worth it because it works. I dont really like wearing makeup so thats why it was important for me to improve my skins health and also appearance. I just switched over from using this product to using Kate's LumiWhite Dark Spot Corrector. There were no reviews for the product but I am wondering if it works better than this. I would definitely recommend this product and cant wait to see how well the LumiWhite Dark Spot Corrector works!

      (Posted on 8/6/14) Review by jaslyn
    • I struggle with acne and when my acne clears up they leave dark acne spots and this product has helped my acne scars big time.

      (Posted on 8/4/14) Review by Mariella
    • One of my favorite products!
      I bought one in Sephora and really liked it so I am trying to buy another. I highly recommend this if you have concerns with scars. But be sure to not apply them where there are acnes.

      And why can't I buy more than one here?

      (Posted on 7/31/14) Review by reviewer
    • I've used this product AM/PM for 2wks now, so far I like this product.

      This morning I self examined my problem areas, ice pick/box car scars on my cheeks. The pigmentation of the newer acne marks have not faded using this product which left me discouraged. Further examining my skin, I did notice the older scars looked a bit "softer" around the edges. I know for a fact my skin has improved because a couple of my older scars lay near my smile line, when I smile it actually appeared to be dimples almost......now when I smile, these scares do not fold like they once did & they are noticeably different. My scars are still visible but with 2wks of this improvement I am very hopeful.

      Cons: I wish my pigmentation would fade using this product. I guess there's another product I could combine $$$$$$

      (Posted on 7/30/14) Review by Christin
    • What a great product! I especially like how it is dispensed. Only what you need, a tiny bit, is squeezed through a rollerball applicator and dabbed on. It also has an on and off locking feature to the tube.... although it is a little pricey (my reason for 4 stars), there is no waste!

      (Posted on 7/25/14) Review by Maryann
    • This product helped remove my acne scars so well. I applied it every night before I went to bed and everyday I noticed the scars fading more and more. I highly recommended this product to anyone who is looking for a product that actually works on removing acne scars - new and old! It made my skin where the scars were feel softer also!

      (Posted on 7/25/14) Review by Samantha
    • I guess I should start out and say that I am a pretty impatient person, so expecting immediate results is not realistic....BUT I did see lightening of the scarred skin within a week and significant results within two weeks.

      (Posted on 7/24/14) Review by Katie
    • I have not yet been using this product for very long, but I can already see results. Definitely worth a try!

      (Posted on 7/17/14) Review by Aj
    • I have never written a review before but I strongly felt the need to write one for this product as it might give those who are suffering from scars and desperate for treatment some hope.

      I have rather severe old acne scars on my cheek, forehead, and temples (basically the whole face..) that I have been trying to get rid of for years. I have gotten laser treatments (CO2 treatments), chemical peels, and anything that would help fade my scars. I bought this product after doing a long and thorough search of a scar reducing product and have used it everyday AM/PM for a little over a month. After a month of using it, I believe I have found the best scar serum. I have noticed a big difference in both old/deep scars and new ones. It is an excellent at-home treatment. It can be applied under make-up as well. I was honestly doubtful at first, but I bought it anyway thinking applying something is better than nothing. I'm happy to share with you that this D-Scar Scar Diminishing Serum has worked wonders on my face. I absolutely love the rollerball applicator. It gently massages my face and makes me feel as though the serum is being absorbed into the skin better. I actually enjoy applying this serum, especially on my temples. I think applying and massaging my temples with the rollerball applicator not only helped with my scars but also relieved my tension headaches. Two-in-one! Yay! I absolutely love this product and I will continue to use this product. I cannot wait to try out other Kate Somerville products. Thank you Kate Somerville for providing me with this amazing product! For those of you suffering from scars, please give this serum a try. It will be a great addition to your skincare routine. :)

      (Posted on 7/14/14) Review by Lauren
    • I recommended this product to all of my friends because it really works! I'm very impressed by seeing my scars disappeared. It is the best scar diminishing serum I have ever used! Definitely a GREAT product! Thank you, Kate Somerville!

      (Posted on 7/7/14) Review by Maggie
    • I couldn't believe it until I start using it and after couple days I start seeing my skin redefining and becoming smoother. Love it!

      (Posted on 7/6/14) Review by Brenda
    • So I have been using this on a couple acne scars that I have and I really do think it's helping diminish the appearance of them! I will continue to use it!

      (Posted on 7/5/14) Review by Katie
    • Love love love this product. It's just as effective at reducing post-acne marks as a vitamin C serum but, in my experience, works much quicker. An absolute necessity for clear skin.

      (Posted on 7/2/14) Review by Patricia
    • well, first of all i like the design of the serum, it keeps serum clean with the 'on' and 'off' switch function. By using it daily i do see the decrease of my red annoying acne scars, even friends can tell the obvious improvement. sadly, it just helps to decrease and dilute the color of scar instead of fully removing it. overall, i like the product, it is healthy,clean, easy to use. worth a try!

      (Posted on 7/2/14) Review by Stella
    • I bought this thinking it would help this big scar I have in the center of my forehead. It's a post acne mark that I have and I've used Mederma to try to get rid of and thought this would help because I saw that it got good ratings. I used this religiously because I would like to get rid of this scar but I guess there's nothing out there for me.

      (Posted on 7/1/14) Review by cab87
    • Normally it's very hard to tell the effects of such type of products, but this one at least can prevent any pimple or acne breaking out and make them shrink! I'll definitely repurchase.

      (Posted on 6/26/14) Review by Jane
    • This product is very useful for both acne and injury scars. I saw clear results in a week!

      (Posted on 6/18/14) Review by AriaHeart
    • I started using this product about 5 months post tummy tuck. I applied faithfully twice daily and started to see results within 3 weeks - the lower part of my scar which was redder in color has faded nicely and has a very flat appearance. At my 6 month check up my surgeon remarked that my scar was a few months ahead of schedule in terms of healing. Please try this if you have had a c-section or any type of surgical scar because I do not think you will be disappointed!

      (Posted on 6/5/14) Review by Alison
    • I bought this to use over a scar. Used it diligently and it's almost run out. I don't notice any difference in the appearance of the scar. I would have loved it if it worked but didn't work for me.

      (Posted on 5/26/14) Review by SoCal
    • I used this for a keloid scar on my forehead, and the tube lasted about 3 months (applying 1x per day). It's not a miracle treatment but I definitely see improvement in the redness. The rollerball applicator is also helpful in improving raised scars. Would recommend overall

      (Posted on 5/25/14) Review by Kara
    • Perfect! I recommended it strongly. My girlfriend used it for two months and the scar on her leg recovered gradually. It is very obvious.

      (Posted on 5/21/14) Review by Nan
    • This Amazing product saved me!

      (Posted on 5/18/14) Review by Brenda
    • This is a great product for fading out discoloration from acne hyper pigmentation, scarring, age spots, or any imperfection on the skin! With continuous usage, I've definitely seen improvement in the spots!

      (Posted on 5/16/14) Review by MizJin
    • This product is amazing for acne scars! I can see my scars getting better and my skin getting smoother every morning. I will buy it again.

      (Posted on 5/9/14) Review by Jiajun
    • I starting using this product on my dark spots and have noticed that they have started to lighten. I use this in combination with some of her other lightening products and have been pleased with the results. This product isn't greasy at all and feels cool going on my skin with that roller-ball application.

      (Posted on 5/9/14) Review by Riley
    • Works as promised!

      (Posted on 5/3/14) Review by Dada
    • I bought this because my friend told me that it works well on her. Actually I do not have a lot of scars but some scars left by pimples. After a week, the scars do become less. i am back to buy one for my mom. Happy mother's day!

      (Posted on 4/28/14) Review by Jinghan
    • I have only been using this product for a couple of weeks and so far I do not see a difference in my scar. Will check back in a couple of weeks and give you all an update.

      (Posted on 4/24/14) Review by Kim
    • I took the surgery 10 years ago, I keep to look for the product can reduce my scar. Since it is long time scar, I was almost to give up. But after took time to try this product, it really works for my scar! I was surprise!!!!

      (Posted on 4/23/14) Review by Yiyi
    • I purchased it once and used it for a month or so. I have lots of new scars left from acnes. I did see some changes but it was really slow and you need to keep you it everyday. I am lazy so I stopped some days. It may be the reason I didn't see great result. But I ll keep using it.

      (Posted on 4/22/14) Review by UNION
    • This is my first time to use this amazing product. It really works! My scar just diminished gradually day by day, and now they are almost gone. I will definitely continue to use this product. I love it!

      (Posted on 4/22/14) Review by Qian
    • Good product for new acne scars. Still need some time to test on the old scars.

      (Posted on 4/22/14) Review by tt
    • I had a minor surgery last fall that left me with 3 angry, red incisions on my abdomen. As soon as my incisions had healed, I started applying d-scar 2x a day. The serum would immediately fade the red color of the scars on application, and with continued use it really helped to smooth the texture of the skin and allow the scar tissue to "relax" and blend back into the surrounding skin.

      I used the product for about 2 months, and 4 months after that, my scars are barely visible, flesh colored indentations. Couldn't be happier!

      (Posted on 4/19/14) Review by Alli
    • I heard some really good reviews about this product so I bought it weeks ago. It actually works really well, especially for acne marks, but it takes a while to show the results. I am also trying it on my other scars, but it is not showing any results...yet.

      (Posted on 4/15/14) Review by C
    • It didn't really work on my old-ish scars, but I also was not patient enough to use multiple times per day for an extended period of time. Overall, I would not recommend this because it is expensive without producing great results.

      (Posted on 4/15/14) Review by Nicole
    • My horrible acne scar recovered amazing with this tiny serum!

      (Posted on 4/9/14) Review by Jiachen
    • I think this is the most effective scar reducing serum I can find. It can reduce scars but cannot completely remove them

      (Posted on 4/7/14) Review by Mengxin
    • I suffer from mild acne, most of it hormonal, and have been struggling with it for the past few years after going off of the pill. I've been amazed at the difference Kate Somerville products have made in the texture and condition of my skin, and because I have big problems with hyperpigmentation after a breakout, I was excited to try this product. After using it for about a month I've noticed a big difference in the amount of time it takes my skin to heal. This definitely helps speed up the process and I've even been using it to help fade some scars on my legs also. The product design is also fabulous, just switch to "on" and gently squeeze the tube and then a small amount of product is easily applied with the rollerball. Definitely recommend, especially for those with hyperpigmentation issues.

      (Posted on 4/7/14) Review by Stephanie
    • I got this because I heard good reviews about this product. This product does help but it should take a while. I have acne scars and redness from acne . This product works well but don't expect fast results.

      (Posted on 4/3/14) Review by joyce
    • I had used this product for about two weeks, and I believed it works. The color of the scar is much lighter than it used to be.

      (Posted on 4/1/14) Review by Xiaoxue
    • Seriously the holy grail of scar serums. I am extremely accident prone and have some post-surgery scars as well and this stuff is making the fresh marks go away completely and fading the old ones. Have also used it on my face after hormonal breakouts here and there and it quickly fades those pink marks!

      (Posted on 4/1/14) Review by Krista
    • I have used this for about 10 times, it seems has some effect, but not so obvious. Maybe because I have just used a little times. I'll keep using it. Hope it can work significantly after one month!

      (Posted on 3/29/14) Review by Xiaoran
    • I have terrible scaring, sun damage, uneven skin tone, age spots, etc. on extremely large areas of my body. I have tried several products to help with this problem but have found none that worked even using the products exactly as directed over 3 month periods. I had great hopes for this product because it's Kate Somerville and it clearly delivered, it is without a doubt the BEST of all the products I have tried. Bottom line this is an excellent product and I would definitely recommend it, another winning product from Kate.

      (Posted on 3/27/14) Review by Gina
    • My scar looks lighter than before. I only started to use for couple weeks, and my acne scars look slight lighter. But it is less effective than I expected. And I will keep using it, and see what happen in 4 weeks.

      (Posted on 3/25/14) Review by lele
    • I am 22 and have acne scar problems. I tried many products, and this one is the best ever.
      The scars diminished significantly after 2 weeks.

      (Posted on 3/21/14) Review by Lucy
    • So far I have been using this for almost a month, haven't seen anything yet. The scar is still there, but the serum is definitely not harm for your eyes, because one time I accidentally put in to my eye, and my eye didn't feel anything like burning. So the ingredient is good at least!

      (Posted on 3/11/14) Review by zuo
    • I am about to finish my first D-Scar serum and I really like it! My friend said that my acne spots look better now. I think it really helps!

      (Posted on 3/10/14) Review by Xinyu
    • I love it! I noticed the difference on my old acne scars upon the first use. I have been using it almost 2 weeks now, twice a day, I can feel the scars are getting lighter and lighter, the product does work on my type of skin.

      (Posted on 3/7/14) Review by Carol
    • I love it soooooooooo much! Very effective! Must have this product for acne and scar problem. You can see the problem spot getting better and better!

      (Posted on 3/5/14) Review by Sijing
    • I love how uncomplicated this treatment is - which means that I will actually be consistent about using it. I have been using it for about 3 months and have seen results on the spots of discoloration from pimples on my cheeks, as well as a scar on my leg. It's a great value for the money. I have never seen a product like it.

      (Posted on 3/5/14) Review by megan
    • I used this product for about 2 months now and I see my old acne scars lighter. With the rolling ball, a thicker layer of product applied to the skin than using figure to apply. It seems thick in the beginning, but after a while it seems to be absorbed and won't leave a greasy feeling.

      (Posted on 2/28/14) Review by Tina
    • It is the most fast scar dispearing product I have ever seen.
      I used it only for two weeks and my ance dark spat was totally gone and just like a new skin.
      TOTALLY recommend and I will definitely buying this product again!

      (Posted on 2/27/14) Review by Angela
    • I have started using this on some ice pick scars. After a week of use it actually has some how clear two of them and seems to be filling in the last one. It's easy to use. I use it twice a day as the directions say. It was worth it to purchase this product.

      (Posted on 2/27/14) Review by Christine
    • My friend just purchased it and tried it for on night.
      And I can notice the acne scar on her forehead is reduced a little bit.
      So now i am purchasing it!

      (Posted on 2/25/14) Review by Dingwen
    • I tried when I dropped by the Sephora shop a week ago and it's quite comfortable and convenient, then I bought one. And now I will buy another one for a friend. Anyway, it's worth a try :) Let's see the effect.

      (Posted on 2/22/14) Review by Lynn
    • I had a discolored scar on my shin that was about 2 inches by 4 inches from an injury a couple of years ago. This serum has drastically diminished the size and darkness of that scar!
      I also used it on the soft tissue of my neck from a thyroidectomy four years ago. There may be a slight improvement in the depth of that scar . I suspect that this works best against a hard surface so that the roller ball can do its thing.

      (Posted on 2/21/14) Review by Kim
    • I have some acne scar on my face. teh serum help me to fix the acne scar better than any product I've ever used!!!

      (Posted on 2/19/14) Review by Binxia
    • I tried this produce from a sample that I received, it works!

      (Posted on 2/16/14) Review by zuo
    • I used to breakout a lot. As I got older, breakout stopped.
      But, I was left with scars that bothered me.
      I am still in the middle of using my first D-Scar Diminishing serum, but so far it reduced a lot of redness, which I love.
      I definitely recommend and I plan to use it continuously until all of my scars disappear!

      (Posted on 2/16/14) Review by legoo
    • I started using this product and I feel it is working. It is light and leave skin moisturized. The roller makes applying this product easy. Looking forward to seeing more results with time.

      (Posted on 1/29/14) Review by Venessa
    • I started using this for acne scarring and a small scar from a childhood accident. I noticed improvement in the acne scarring but not in the other scar. As a bonus I think it helps with some of my deeper wrinkles, may be the rollerball!

      (Posted on 1/28/14) Review by Tammy
    • I bought this several months ago and it works! I have really bad scarring from years of cystic acne and using this one time, I already noticed a difference. I squeeze a little of the product on to my cheeks and neck and use my fingers to massage it in instead of the rolly-ball thing. I sit in front of the TV at night and do my little massage right before bed. I'm just running out after 5 months as i try to use it once in a while which is stupid because I'm sure if i used it more I would see even more results. I'm definitely going to purchase more and use it in conjunction with the Daily Discoloration Correction stuff. Very good product!

      (Posted on 1/24/14) Review by ccontreras623
    • I really really wanted to believe in this product, after all the wonderful reviews. Sadly, this product did not deliver the results I had hoped for. I have cystic acne scars on the right side of my face. After 4 weeks of using this product morning and night, I saw little to no improvement. I will continue to use it, until the tube has run out, but will not order again.

      (Posted on 1/18/14) Review by Trinette
    • Definitely must try as this product delivers on it's promise.

      (Posted on 1/16/14) Review by Nadia
    • I received a sample of this and I can't wait until the full size is back in stock! It has already had an effect on my acne scars after just a week of use.

      (Posted on 1/11/14) Review by La Petite Galette
    • After trying two similar products to get rid of my acne scars (one drugstore, one high-end), the sales associate at Sephora gave me a mini of this to try. I went back and bought the full size the next week! Often with these treatments, you get overpowering ingredients that, while trying to fix your scars, can do serious damage to your skin. One product dried my skin out so bad, I had to get a more intense moisturizer while the other did absolutely nothing to my scars. This stuff is gentle enough for us sensitive skin people while doing the job. I also love the application-the rollerball is so nice compared to squeezing product to your fingers, then on your face.
      Definitely try this one for those stubborn scars!

      (Posted on 12/29/13) Review by Hannah
    • I have noticed that my acne scaring has improved and isn't noticeable, but it definitely hasn't completely gone away. If you're looking for something that will simply "diminish" the appearance this will probably work for you. I will keep using it.

      (Posted on 12/27/13) Review by Andrew
    • I've been using this for that past few weeks and there is already a noticeable difference! I will keep using it and recommend it to everyone!

      (Posted on 12/22/13) Review by angela
    • This little gem fades dark scars on the skin. You have to use it at least 2x a day to begin to see a difference. I just wish it faded the white raised scars, too. But it is still, in my opinion, the best scar treatment out there and I have tried several. Scarinex and Scarprin may work well, but they are extremely greasy, and still do not work as good as Kate's.

      (Posted on 12/18/13) Review by Michelle
    • I bought this product hoping that it would diminish a scar I have below my lip from a fall. I think it is more for acne scaring but I was really hoping it would work for me, too. I only gave it two stars because I don't think it's really worked and I spent $45 on it. It might work for acne scaring, but I'm not sure.

      (Posted on 12/11/13) Review by Jennifer
    • After using it for a month, I started to notice that the old scars of my acne face started to diminishing!! Will continue use it..

      (Posted on 12/10/13) Review by Cecilia
    • I wish I could like this product, but it does nothing to reduce the appearance of scars on my face. After using it for more than a month now, the scarf is still there ... can't really see the differences... glad that I bought this at Sephora, and this serum will be returned.

      not worth the money since it isn't cheap at all

      (Posted on 12/10/13) Review by Yi Wei
    • I have seen a difference with using this for just a little over a month. I have a small scar from a surgery I had about 8 months ago, and this has helped especially with the purple pigment the scar had. I highly reccomend it!

      (Posted on 12/3/13) Review by charlie
    • I love this! I had acne scarring on the sides on my face on my cheeks and its taken all the scaring away on one side and its almost gone on the other! I wasn't too sure about this product because I've tried so many different products to get ride of the scars, but this one actually worked very well!

      (Posted on 11/27/13) Review by Kathy
    • FACE!...

      IM SOLD!..

      (Posted on 11/17/13) Review by RIC
    • I have only had this product a few months but it is amazing!
      It is lightening my scars immediately and really works. I've tried dozens of products, tea tree oil even products from a dermatologist but nothing works like the Kate Somerville products. I wish I could meet her to thank her for giving me my skin back.

      (Posted on 11/14/13) Review by Cynthia
    • Seriously potent scar reducer! With more pigment in my skin, any significant pimple leaves a mark!!! This fades those marks within a day or two for my skin! Amazing. I also had a nasty scar on my finger (palm side) from a mole removal that was bigger & worse then expected. This is actually the reason I bought this product... Used it for a couple months daily on this small area, Now, I can't even see that scar, its crazy!

      (Posted on 11/10/13) Review by Diana S
    • I've tried to use this to get rid of scars on my chin from old breakouts. I've been using it for almost two months and haven't noticed any changed in the scars. I also think that this has been making me break out on my chin!

      (Posted on 10/24/13) Review by Annika
    • Been using this for ard 2 wks. Dont see any visible improvement on my old acne scars and sun spots :(

      (Posted on 9/30/13) Review by Rat#
    • Not even through a full bottle and I LOVE this product. I already can notice a huge difference with my old acne scars.

      (Posted on 9/28/13) Review by Chelsea
    • Recently I had a minor accident on my bicycle. I found myself with a laceration to my chin. In addition to the laceration, the skin around it was "crushed" due to the trama and in my opinon was worst than the laceration scar itself. Soon after stitches were removed and area healed, I started using D-Scar every morning and night. I was told in the ER it would be as much as a year before I knew how the scar would appear. It's 2 months later and the discoloration around the scar is significantly reduced! The roller ball applicator feels good and distributes the product well. I would recommend to EVERYONE!!

      (Posted on 9/23/13) Review by Susan
    • Great product
      I have been using it for almost 2 weeks and I am begining to see the result
      The change is gradually
      My skin is not irritated and looks better

      (Posted on 9/22/13) Review by April
    • i have been using this product for a week and i am starting to see a difference
      it is a minor change but hopefully after few weeks it will get better
      i have a very sensitive skin but this product does not make my skin red and itchy which i am very happy
      it is very easy to use and it is worth the try

      (Posted on 9/8/13) Review by happy girl
    • I have a lot of deep scars from cystic acne. This has slowly but surely helped flatten out these scars. I only use it at night, as it leaves a bit of film that makeup might not interact well with. Moisturizing heavily has also helped its effectiveness. I will likely only need one more tube before my skin looks smooth enough to go on without makeup.

      (Posted on 9/6/13) Review by junkie
    • I had embarassing post-zit marks around my mouth from my breakouts. I purchased this product and I started seeing a difference. I reccommend this product to anyone who has dealt with embarassing acne marks looking for a change!

      (Posted on 8/14/13) Review by Samantha
    • I have been using this on a 7 year old 11 inch scar on my belly that is really unattractive and I have hated it for 7 years. After using this product for approx. 4 months I am seeing a huge difference in it's appearance. it has totally flattened out and is very light in color now. I have high hopes that with continued use, it will be unnoticeable from a distance. I would love to be able to wear a bikini again some day. I'm not delusional thinking it will totally disappear, but I am extremely pleased with the results so far. I'm going to try it on a 44 year old scar on my face and I sincerely hope it will work on that one also.

      (Posted on 7/23/13) Review by Sherry
    • I purchased this a few weeks ago. I was skeptical. I have hypopigmentation not hyper. I have looked for and tried everything I could find. I started using D-Scar every morning and night. I looked in the mirror today and the scarred area is lighter and brighter and less noticeable. unreal! I thought I was crazy but I kept checking in all different light and it is better. i cannot wait to see the results in 6-8 weeks. Thank you Kate, This hypopigmentation is something that has bothered me for so long. :)

      (Posted on 7/12/13) Review by Hilerie
    • Just started using this product and after just one week of using daily my mild discoloration from old acne Is significantly diminished!

      (Posted on 7/6/13) Review by stephanie
    • I've been using this product almost 2 weeks, twice a day, and I've already noticed a difference. The scars are smoother and have faded slightly. Really outstanding product...can't wait to see the results after extended use.

      (Posted on 7/2/13) Review by RD
    • This product is amazing. I really need another bottle but its kinda spendy. That's the only setback cause it doesn't last a very long time. BUT I can say I have the worst acne scars possible. Because of the improvement I've seen In my face scars I want to try using it on my body.

      (Posted on 6/21/13) Review by Chelsea
    • I have been dealing with acne scars for a long time. This product is the best, my skin is improving and the scars are almost gone :)

      (Posted on 5/30/13) Review by Cindy
    • Wow

      This is an incredible product. My acne scars were always red and raging, but have really diminished considerably over a 4/5 week period. Buy this now!!

      (Posted on 4/18/13) Review by Marina
    • I only use this product twice and I can see result.my scar has reduced drastically.thanks kate

      (Posted on 3/21/13) Review by Olayinka
    • This product is awesome! I have had scars on my cheeks for about a year now. Because I look at my skin daily, I couldn't tell if the product was working. My brother, who never says anything about my skin, saw me a few weeks after using this product. He commented on how well my skin looked! Great product. Highly recommended.

      (Posted on 3/8/13) Review by Tracy
    • I ordered D-Scar after reading the reviews. As soon as I received my order, I read up on how to use D-Scar. This is an amazing product and I saw results after one use. I have now used D-Scar 4 times and my skin gets better looking after every use. I have some old acne scarring and now my scars are improving greatly. I will continue to use and purchase D-Scar for other scars on my face. I love the packaging and roller tip. Very easy to use.
      Kate Somerville you do it right. I am so happy you developed D-Scar. A must have for everyone who has suffered with Acne and other scaring.

      (Posted on 2/7/13) Review by Tammie
    • I'm a long time Kate Somerville fan so I just bought this product on a whim to test it out. Here are the highlights:

      Who am I:
      i was a tomboy growing up and i have old scars in lots of areas of my body. I also was a skinny kid that gained weight and then lost it in high school---so stretch marks are there too.

      -reduced the appearance of my raised scars more than any other product that i've used before. My scars are getting closer and closer to my skin tone (naturally tan) and harder to see

      -reduced the appearance of my stretch marks (white marks on brown skin). My stretch marks are old and are along the sides of my hips. When I started using D-scar, my stretch marks were much lighter than my skin tone. Now, my stretch marks are softer and are way closer to my skin tone. A++ for that.

      - a little bit of a hassle to apply. I have a ton of scars, so it takes me a good 4 minutes to take care of all of them because of the application system.

      -only about a month or two supply. You're supposed to start seeing a major changes within 8 weeks. Depending on how many scars you have, one tube might not be enough to last 8 weeks.

      All in all: great product that works on many different types of scars. Worth a shot.

      (Posted on 2/3/13) Review by Diane
    • I stopped by the Kate Somerville counter in my local Nordstrom (Mall of America), looking for something to treat my acne scarring and discoloration. The awesome rep there said she'd received a new tester of the D-Scar and gave me a small sample. I've been SO pleased with the results! I feel like the pitting that I have in the hollows of my cheeks was instantly lessened, and the color of my skin looks so much clearer. It's also made it feel CRAZY soft! I've only been using it AM/PM for a couple of days, but I'm definitely heading back to purchase the full size and tell her how grateful I am. Hooray, pretty skin!

      Note: the product does specify to massage into the scar with the rollerball, and I mimicked this with my fingertip with success. I do feel it is a very important part of the process, so don't skip it!

      Note 2: As I said, I used on pitted acne scars, so I don't have experience with raised scars.

      (Posted on 1/14/13) Review by Katrina

Clincal Results


In 4 weeks*:

  • 100% of users had a significantly improved scar texture and smoothness
  • 92% of users had decreased scar thickness.

After 8 weeks*:

  • Significantly improved scar thickness by 31%

*Results based on an independent Clinical Study.