Deep Tissue Repair

Cream with Peptide K8
2 points per dollar


This high-performance, age-defense moisturizer has an exclusive blend of Peptides designed to provide intense hydration. As a result, this solution significantly smoothes out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Peptide K8™ is designed to dramatically improve skin’s texture and tone.
  • Ceramide-infused Peptide is formulated to reduce the visible depth and density of wrinkles.
  • An Advanced Moisture Complex helps to prevent water loss and keeps skin more evenly balanced with humectants and conditioners.
  • Babassu Seed and Hemp Seed help increase the look of firmness.
  • Available in a 5 oz. luxury size for $500 ($250 savings).

How to Use

AM and PM. Use twice a day. Apply a thin, even layer to face and neck. Use alone or layer over a treatment serum.


Water/Aqua/Eau, Stearic Acid, Cetearyl Alcohol, Ceteareth-20, Glycerin, Isopropyl Myristate, Isocetyl Stearoyl Stearate, Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Orbignya Oleifera Seed Oil, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Squalane, Cholesterol, Urea, Sodium PCA, Cetearyl Alcohol, Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Silk Powder, Tribehenin, Triethanolamine, Xanthan Gum, Butylene Glycol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Allantoin, Trehalose, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Peel Oil, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Ceramide 2, PEG-10 Rapeseed Sterol, Triacetin, Copper PCA, Polyquaternium-51, Sodium Hyaluronate, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Disodium EDTA, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Chlorphenesin, Fragrance (Parfum), Hexyl Cinnamal, Butylphenyl Methyl Propional, Limonene
    • I am trying this as a sample- I love the texture of this cream-not to light or heavey-pure perfection!!!!!

      (Posted on 8/20/14) Review by Cindy
    • I used Creme de La Mer religiously for a few years, and it did make my skin ridiculously plump and hydrated---but after speaking to numerous contacts in the skin care industry, each said the same thing: that La Mer is great for short term results but it won't do much for your skin long term. This product is just as hydrating, but has anti-aging technology. Plus, if you buy the luxury size, it's less expensive than La Mer. Love this product.

      (Posted on 8/6/14) Review by Molly
    • This is a great product, however, I prefer the fragrance of the Age Arrest Anti-Wrinkle Cream. Smell is important to me, especially when the product is on my face and will be used daily.

      (Posted on 7/28/14) Review by DoneWithTheSun
    • I have been using Deep Tissue since I first started using Kate's products several years ago. I love this product. My skin has changed so much since I started using Kate's products. I will never be without my Deep Tissue Repair. Thank you Kate!

      (Posted on 7/13/14) Review by Sue
    • This is my go to night time moisturizer and I combine it with Dilo oil and I love how my skin looks in the morning. I am 55+ years old and need the extra hydration. I have sensitive skin and also have Rosacea and this product works great for me. It is expensive but is definitely worth every dollar!!

      (Posted on 7/7/14) Review by Cheryl
    • I first received this product as a sample. After using the sample, I had to make the full purchase. It smells amazing! The product is smooth in consistency and a little goes a long way. After using many of Kate's products, I've come to learn a little goes a long way. It justifies the expensive price. I am very hesitant on spending too much money on just one product, but believe me, it will last you a long time! The product is non-greasy and absorbs right away.

      (Posted on 6/20/14) Review by Kathy
    • I have always had quite "good" skin until I reached my thirties. Then along with fine lines came little breakouts which never quite seemed to go away. I read about Deep Tissue Repair, thought it sounded great and ordered it! Thank goodness the lovely people at Kate Somerville now deliver to the UK!

      The moisturiser has a lovely consistency, not too heavy or too light. It sinks into skin easily and leaves it feeling comforted and nourished, plus it smells divine! It was only after using the product for about a week that I realised that my blemishes and bumps had healed and stayed away. My skin looked plumper and in general just a lot more healthy. This is a great product which delivers the results promised.

      (Posted on 5/7/14) Review by Kathryn
    • I have dry, sensitive skin. Every anti-aging product I tried would leave my skin red and irritated until I met Kate at Nordstrom and she recommended Deep Tissue Repair. It has been a life saver for my skin. My skin is fully hydrated and my wrinkles have soften. No more dry, irritated skin for me! Thanks Kate!

      (Posted on 4/9/14) Review by Allison
    • I use this product on and off with some other (mostly cheaper) moisturizers, and I really notice a difference instantly, as well as the following day, when I apply this at night. My skin has much more of a glow.

      (Posted on 3/29/14) Review by AP
    • I have tried many of her moisturizers however, I keep coming back to this one! It is light enough for me to wear under my make-up (and I have oily skin and occasional break outs). I also use it every other night - I use one of the retinol creams on the other night. My skin has improved since using Kate's products. I started buying them for my young-adult and teenage children. They have seen improvement in their skin as well. I consider myself a bargain-shopping and it's tough for me to let go of a dollar....but I have found that buying something that works verses spending money on products that don't is worth it :)

      (Posted on 3/25/14) Review by Laura
    • This wonderful cream has a pleasing texture and I absolutely love the applicator pump of the canister. So far I am pleased with the results, my skin is overall brighter, smoother and hydrated.

      (Posted on 3/25/14) Review by Cynthia
    • I really feel like this working on my skin. I have a very expressive face, so my skin is prone to wrinkles on the forehead and smile lines. I haven't been using it twice a day like you're supposed to, but it seems to already be making a difference. I'm very happy with it.

      (Posted on 3/20/14) Review by Christanna
    • I switched to this moisturizer after seeing Kate on QVC. I tried using it separately this winter but it did not help my combination skin. Once I used it in combination with the dill oil --BINGO. I started to see a difference. It is expensive and I can't say for how long I will use it but I am happy.

      (Posted on 3/18/14) Review by Vicki
    • I've loved using this moisturizer this winter. It's very thick but does not irritate my acne prone skin. My skin tone has improved and my skin feels and looks much smoother and more radiant. I even found that after using it for a few days I didn't need to use a tinted moisturizer or foundation. I think this would be a little too heavy to wear during the summertime months.

      (Posted on 3/5/14) Review by megan
    • yes, this stuff is super pricey but it works! I need a moisturizer that provides intense hydration during the winter months when my skin is parched and dry. I find most other moisturizers to be heavy and just sit on top of the skin. This moisturizer is completely different. It sinks into my skin very nicely without leaving a greasy film. And because it absorbs so well, I find my fine lines around my eyes and cheeks are less noticeable and "plumped up" I guess you could say. My skin retains the moisture throughout the day which I really love. If you're looking for a hydrating moisturizer for the dry, winter months, this one is perfect (even if you don't necessarily have wrinkle issues).

      (Posted on 2/26/14) Review by Linx
    • This was sent to me as a deluxe sample and I liked it enough to take the plunge and make a purchase. It saved my skin when I was traveling and suffering through unusual dryness (as I have oily skin). However, once my skin stabilized this seemed to be too much for my skin- as I would be very oily after a day or night of wearing it. My experience with this moisturizer is that it may be better for drier skin. That being said, I tend toward sensitivity and acne and neither was exacerbated while using the Deep Tissue Repair.

      (Posted on 2/25/14) Review by JENNIFER
    • This product is just amazing and worth every penny. My skin looks younger and is finally moisturized properly :-)

      (Posted on 2/20/14) Review by Sherri
    • I received a deluxe sample of this cream with a Nordstrom purchase. I followed the advice on this site to mix this with with a pump of Quench Oil Free and it really, really does provide long-lasting hydration and super smooth skin. Using the combination of those products also makes for an excellent make up base. I have acne-prone skin and haven't noticed any additional break outs from this cream, using it about 3-4 times per week. I like to use this as a base for make up or over the KS Retasphere cream at night. I will consider purchasing a full size when I run out, but I'm not sure since this is really pricy and I don't have many wrinkles yet (I'm 26). Otherwise, I highly recommend this for acne-prone and aging skin. As an alterative, I use the Goat Milk cream or Oil Free Moisturizer.

      (Posted on 2/19/14) Review by LC
    • I was so excited to try this product since I was using the oil-free moisturizer, which totally cleared up my skin but left me way too dry so I tried this. While I have definitely noticed a difference in the deep forehead creases I have and the deep lines between my brows, this ultimately clogged my pores and caused me to have more acne with my already cystic acne prone skin. I'm hoping that the oil free quench serum will give me the moisture I'm looking for without breaking me out! Definitely try if you're considering Botox but don't have to worry about acne.

      (Posted on 2/11/14) Review by Julie
    • Kind of expensive....but extremely worth the money. Super hydrating and great for super sensitive skin.

      (Posted on 2/10/14) Review by Melissa
    • This product was off of my radar for a while simply because it cost $150. However, I broke down the other day and gave it a try because of all the glowing reviews. I must say, this is the most amazing moisturizer!

      I have incredibly sensitive skin. Random products will break my face out if they are too heavy/oily. I've been using this product for about a month now and my face is totally breakout free! My blemishes are just starting to fade out and I couldn't be happier.

      One of the best products Kate offers.

      (Posted on 2/5/14) Review by Diane
    • I received a sample of this in a previous purchase and was really impressed. I immediately purchased a full-sized bottle. It has been a savior for me during the polar vortex since I had been having a hard time keeping my skin hydrated. Since I am prone to breakouts, it does not aggravate my skin. I have also found that it actually has actually helped keeping my skin clear and helped with discoloration. It has really been a small wonder in a jar.

      (Posted on 2/1/14) Review by Denise
    • I don't know how I lived without this before. I love the smell and texture of this product. My skin feels amazing after putting this on. I currently use it once a day, in the mornings, and its amazing. My skin feels very refreshed and moisturized. I will never use another cream on my face again.

      (Posted on 1/28/14) Review by Daniela
    • I received a sample of this product and fell in love. Bought my first bottle and now use it twice daily. This is a must have! It is now one of my favorite Kate products.

      (Posted on 1/21/14) Review by Cindy
    • My favorite night cream. This is the best cream that Kate makes. It's a little more expensive at $150/ounce but you can buy the luxury size which is a better value. I highly recommend making the investment in this cream.

      (Posted on 1/15/14) Review by Lesley
    • I've been using the Deep Tissue Repair moisturizer since Kate introduced it on QVC and even have it on auto-delivery. It has done wonders for not only the brightness, texture and elasticity of my skin but it has also helped to firm the jowl area of my face. I absolutely love this cream even though it's pricey I won't be without it.

      (Posted on 1/10/14) Review by Gail
    • First of all, there's nothing in Kate's line I don't like. All products do what they say and work wonders on my sensitive skin.

      This product in particular makes my skin feel wonderfully plump and smooth. I wasn't sure how I felt about the consistency at first, but it turns out I adore it. I thought perhaps I would want a thicker cream but after seeing the results of Deep Tissue Repair I'm hooked for life.

      (Posted on 1/8/14) Review by allison
    • I started using this because I wanted to help my skin's texture and tone. It is pricey as heck, but this stuff is so lovely. Absorbs well, brightens and smoothes.

      (Posted on 1/7/14) Review by Maggie
    • I LOVE this face cream. It feels and makes your skin look AMAZING! The only reason that I only gave it four stars instead of five is because of the price. It's $150 per ounce, which is a little pricey even for Kate. I don't use it everyday so that it lasts longer.

      (Posted on 1/6/14) Review by Linda
    • this cream is expensive but worth it. I first tried it as a sample and found I didn't want to live without it.
      It seems to keep my skin hydrated all day.

      (Posted on 12/29/13) Review by joyce
    • This cream is special.
      And worth the $$.

      (Posted on 12/26/13) Review by Madeleine
    • I absolutely love this product! It makes my skin feel wonderful. I use it twice a day and will continue to order this product.

      (Posted on 12/24/13) Review by Laura
    • For those of you like me that have been battling adult acne, scarring, uneven skin tone-this is the miracle lotion for you. I was hesitant in purchasing this because of the price but I've already spent so much money on other products out there, what's another few hundred bucks.

      I'm a 30 year old female and have never written a review on any face product out there. I can say with the utmost sincerity that this moisturizer is one that is continuously changing my life. I purchased this not even a month ago and I can see dramatic results every day. My skin tone has been clearing up daily, and my acne has subsided to very few tiny little pimples during that time of the month. I cannot express how grateful I am to have purchased this. I will continue to purchase this and it has now become a staple in my everyday routine.

      AM routine: cleanse face with cream cleanser, toner, Kate Somerville deep tissue repair, sunscreen, makeup.
      PM routine: cleanse face with clarisonic and cream cleanser, toner, Kate Somerville deep tissue repair

      (Posted on 12/24/13) Review by FK
    • I received a sample of this product with a previous order, and loved it so much I wanted to order the full size.

      It absorbs well, and leaves my face feeling soft and dewy without that slick feeling that some creams leave on your skin.

      (Posted on 12/24/13) Review by Gloria
    • I received a sample of this product with a previous order, and loved it so much I wanted to order the full size.

      It absorbs well, and leaves my face feeling soft and dewy without that slick feeling that some creams leave on your skin.

      (Posted on 12/24/13) Review by Gloria
    • Wow - I love this product! I picked up a sample and almost thought it was too good to be true, so I picked up one more sample just to make sure. It's amazing! I've used one whole container so far and love it. The only reason I'm giving it four stars is because of the price. It's one of Kate's more expensive moisturizers at a whopping $150 per ounce. I can't wait until I can buy it again!

      (Posted on 12/17/13) Review by Jennifer
    • Tried many creams..keep coming back to Deep Tissue Repair. Love the texture, the delivery system and the scent. A real keeper!

      (Posted on 11/30/13) Review by karen
    • I've been using this product for many years and there is no substitute. I am always asked how I keep my skin looking so youthful and my answer is always, "no sun, meditation and Kate Somerville." In fact for a while I kept business cards for my salesperson at Nordstrom in my wallet and would hand them out to anyone who asked. If you are hesitant to spend the money take the challenge -- go to Sephora or Nordstrom and get a sample or two, use it for a week -- I'd bet dollars to donuts by the end of the week someone will ask you what is different about your skin.

      (Posted on 11/27/13) Review by Maureen
    • Of all the moisturizers, I find deep tissue repair to be the best for my skin. Over time, it makes the skin smooth and youthful. After prolong use, I decided to purchase the large version of it. It's worth it!

      (Posted on 11/24/13) Review by arlene
    • I really love this product and have a variety for the extra hydrating from cyto cell to age arrest but seem to keep coming back to this one. However, when I just ordered it recently i noticed the jar seems smaller than last time. I swear that it used to 1.7 ounces like the other moisturizers in it's like. Won't stop me from purchasing however it was much nicer getting a little more for your money.

      (Posted on 11/24/13) Review by DeVon
    • You absolutely get what you pay for! I'm on my 3rd jar and I've been using it for 2 years. A little really goes a long way. I put a little every night before I go to sleep and my face just feels so good every morning. It's really nice to start the day feeling good and ending it with some luxury. Being effective as it is, I also have to mention that whoever thought of the dispenser is a real genius. I love the pump dispenser, in that way you do not have to contaminate the whole jar! Bottomline, It's good that you start using anti-aging products early, you'll thank yourself later.

      (Posted on 11/23/13) Review by chunkymj
    • I've tried several other products over the years but this is by far my favorite! I have very sensitive skin which tends to be a little dry and this product has worked wonders for me. I notice a very visible difference when I run out and have to reorder immediately!

      (Posted on 11/20/13) Review by angela
    • As I age my skin is getting dryer, but I'm still have occasional hormonal breakouts. I don't use this every day, but I love it for when I need a little extra moisture push for my skin. It feels lovely going on, and doesn't irritate my somewhat sensitive skin. It is pricey, but it's better than anything else I've tried for deeper moisture without upsetting my skin.

      (Posted on 11/13/13) Review by Laura
    • Although I have combo/oily skin, it needs a lot of moisture during the winter months and this is perfect as a nighttime moisturizer. My skin feels soft and more supple, I also have noticed a decrease in fine lines since using this.

      (Posted on 11/12/13) Review by Diane
    • This TRULY WORKS!! I have to be honest it really was (I need to repurchase) a treat to use because of the smell!! I'm one of those aromatherapy people. I truly did feel a difference when I was using this. My skin felt fresh, renewed, and people noticed!! ANOTHER WINNER from Kate!! (please note, I am out of the product currently but did use it daily and looked forward to doing so!!)

      (Posted on 11/4/13) Review by Karen
    • I am so excited about this product because it is magical. I use a small amount under my Nourish moisturizer 2x/daily as per the recommendation of my aesthetician at the Clinic. I usually have sensitive, breakout-prone, scar-prone skin but this product has changed all that. My post-acne red spots are nearly gone. Trust me, you will be amazed at the results this delivers.

      (Posted on 11/1/13) Review by Shoshana
    • I received a mini jar sample with another Kate purchase awhile ago, and love how this feels on my skin! Anti-aging products are my concern at this time of life, and I find the Deep Tissue Repair cream absorbs well and doesn't leave a greasy or slick afterfilm. I find a little goes a long way! I'm ready now to purchase the larger container!

      (Posted on 11/1/13) Review by Gloria
    • I haven't found a cream that compares to this one! It leaves skin feeling terrific!

      (Posted on 9/20/13) Review by Laura
    • There are no better skin care products out there! I started using this with the Detox cleanser and I love the way my skin looks and feels!

      (Posted on 9/20/13) Review by Laura
    • Gave this to my mom and saw almost immediate results. Total game changer.

      (Posted on 9/14/13) Review by Nerissa
    • I have found nothing better. Living a very active lifestyle, sun, and surf and travel.... this has worked liked magic to do what it promises... repair.

      (Posted on 9/11/13) Review by Gracey
    • The only reason I can't give this 5 stars is because it's not 100% natural/organic. That being said, Kate's products are the only ones I'll use that aren't and I don't use any others but hers! It's far pricier than anything else I would buy but when my skin is misbehaving or some stress/hormone blemishes need healing, just a little dab of this does the trick every time. Whenever I put a little of this on at night instead of my regular moisturizer I wake up in the morning going , oh wow, my face looks better! Even the little 2 mL sample you get with orders goes a really long way as it's pretty concentrated. The smell is really lovely too and I really don't like smells in my face products. I can't wait to get the big jar- i bet it'll even last me 6 months. Totally worth it. If you're more combo/oily, just use a little dab. It really goes a long way.

      (Posted on 9/9/13) Review by Shayna
    • This stuff is amazing. I use it at night and it is so moisturizer and leaves my skin feeling soft and plump without leaving a greasy finish.

      (Posted on 9/7/13) Review by Carleigh
    • I received this as a free gift with purchase and I LOVE IT!
      It is expensive but i will continue to buy it because the results are real. You can feel the difference after only a few days of using it. My skin is more supple and significantly more hydrated.
      I am very happy with this product.

      (Posted on 8/10/13) Review by Mpeters
    • I wish this stuff wasn't so expensive, but I still buy it because it's the only thing out there that actually WORKS on my skin. It is a luxury splurge, but worth it without question. Bottom line- my skin looks better when I use it and worse when I don't.

      (Posted on 8/2/13) Review by Annika
    • I've been using this for about 2 months and I love the way it feels on my skin. I'm not sure it is actually doing anything for me yet so I will keep using. Hopefully I will see some results soon

      (Posted on 7/21/13) Review by Sherry
    • I think this one is a bit cost prohibitive. I did notice a difference in my skin, but I find it a little outside of my comfort zone to pay such a high price for the product. This is my second time trying it and while I like the results, I think I would try to find something comparable but slightly less expensive.

      (Posted on 7/21/13) Review by SARA
    • I have used several high end moisturizers, and this is by far my very favorite. It's not sticky, smelly or oily, all the things I hate in a moisturizer. It absorbs wonderfully, and smalls divine. I love all of Kate's products that I've tried, but this one is my favorite. I'm saving my pennies for the luxury size!

      (Posted on 7/20/13) Review by Angie
    • I love this moisturizer. I have dry aging skin and my skin just drinks this up. It is my most favorite moisturizer that I have ever used.

      (Posted on 7/20/13) Review by Susan
    • Don't be fooled by the price, it's worth every penny and then some. Especially in the luxury size. I use it day and night during the winter and just at night during the summer. It's like you can hear your skin just slurping it up with satisfaction.

      (Posted on 7/13/13) Review by Corinne
    • Deep Tissue Repair is by far the best moisturizer I have ever used. It absorbs into the skin quickly and feels like velvet. A little goes a long way.

      (Posted on 6/5/13) Review by Sheri
    • Deep Tissue Repair is one Kate product that I cannot go without in my facial routine. I've strayed once or twice to try other, "new" products that promised the same thing but nothing is like Kate's Deep Tissue Repair. If you are looking for a light moisturizer that wards off the appearance of fine lines this is for you. I will never go without this moisturizer again.

      (Posted on 6/5/13) Review by Ryan
    • I have tried MANY expensive creams and always come back to this one. By far my favorite cream. It is effective, with a luxurious texture and lovely scent. Leaves skin moisturized and radiant with out the sticky texture. I am addicted!

      (Posted on 5/25/13) Review by Suzanne
    • I have used my first jar of the Deep Tissue Repair cream. Besides my face feeling luxurious, I have actually gotten compliments from people who noticed how good my skin was looking. I highly recommend this moisturizer.

      (Posted on 5/24/13) Review by KayKay
    • I have used my first jar of the Deep Tissue Repair cream. Besides my face feeling luxurious, I have actually gotten compliments from people who noticed how good my skin was looking. I highly recommend this moisturizer.

      (Posted on 5/24/13) Review by KayKay
    • This cream is the best I've ever tried. I got a sample that lasted me about a week and I saw a serious difference in my skin. During the winter when my skin is barely keeping it together through the rough winds and the cold this cream brought it back to life. It has such a nice texture and also a really pleasant (non-annoying) scent. After the first time I put it on I saw an immediate difference the next day. My skin was smooth and supple and no longer inflamed. I've been saving up to buy the full size and can't wait to finally get it. It will be the most amount of money I spent on a moisturizer but now that I know what my skin can look like at it's best I just need to get it!

      (Posted on 5/23/13) Review by Nadia
    • I absolutely love this cream! I use it every day and I can see a big improvement in my skin. I am so happy. I didn't think it would be possible, but this product really works.

      (Posted on 5/9/13) Review by Laura
    • This moisturizer is wonderful. It's dewy and NOT greasy. I did get a nice sized
      free sample from Neiman's and I will most likely purchase it. I haven't noticed lines vanishing, but I had dry patches and after using this product they have seemed to disappear. With this and most of Kate Somerville's products my skin has really improved.

      (Posted on 5/8/13) Review by Anne
    • Finally found a perfect night time moisturizer for my taste. I like that it is a little heavy but not so heavy you feel like it's not soaking in. A little goes a long way and it's really not too heavy for even day use if you need that extra maybe after sun or in the winter?? LOVE IT!

      (Posted on 5/4/13) Review by Sandra
    • I have been using this product for approximately six months and within the first two weeks, I noticed that my skin improved quite a bit. I was and continue to be very impressed with how the Deep Tissue Repair diminishes the fine lines and wrinkles in my face. Purchasing this product has made me love Kate's products. Kate meets my needs with her fabulous products.

      (Posted on 4/23/13) Review by Rose Marie
    • This product is amazing....have used nightly for about 4 nights now and each morning I am more delighted than the next! I have never had such wonderfully smooth skin upon awakening and a bonus is my pores look smaller.....who would have believed! I have very sensitive 62 years young skin and was a little skeptical about using any anti-ageing products for fear that they would be TOO aggressive for my skin. I started seeing my skin become more "pink" as I've gotten older and that "glow" was gone. I don't necessarily want to look like I did in my 30's but I do want to get rid of some lip lines, large pores on my nose and the overall redness and have healthy glowing skin. All I've every wanted was to grow old gracefully and with glowing skin! I purchased Kate's "Complexion Perfection!" book at my local Nieman Marcus and after reading this book felt I finally found a line of products that were created and used professionally by someone that really does know skin. I started with the Exfolikate, Gentle Cleanser, Quench and Nourish Daily Moisturizer. I could see my skin being transformed before my eyes! I then discovered Kate's website and started ordering from here to receive the benefit of the Rewards program and the Newsletter. I received a sample of Deep Tissue Repair in an order and after the first night I knew I needed to order this one. Since using Kate's products I have to say my skin is glowing! Isn't that what most of us are really after? Since I don't live in LA I will have to be content to have the next best thing.....Kate right here at home on my vanity! Kate surely knows her business and creates the most wonderful products! YEAH Kate!

      (Posted on 4/16/13) Review by Kathleen
    • I have to admit, I was hesitant to start using this face cream due to the price. However, the sample I received actually did improve the texture of my skin, so I finally just went ahead and purchased a jar. Have to say, one of the best decisions I ever made. My skin tends to dry out in cold weather, and even though I don't have fine lines or wrinkles, I feel like this cream is a great preventative for preventing them. After 2 months, my skin is smooth and feels soft to the touch. Even my friends are asking me what I've been doing differently. I highly recommend this cream to anyone who wants softer and smoother skin!

      (Posted on 4/12/13) Review by Pamela
    • I have used Deep Tissue Repair as part of my nighttime skincare routine for 8 years. Not only does it smell amazing (like all of Kate's products), but it feels amazing. It only takes a small amount of the cream to cover my face and neck. I absolutely notice a difference when I skip a day. This product is a worthy investment if you want glowing beautiful skin.

      (Posted on 3/18/13) Review by CherylD
    • I'll just sum it up. I ran out, I looked old again. I bought more, I looked young again. It's that simple.
      It leaves me needing a bit of extra moisture, searching for that perfect combo.
      Layers under makeup easily.

      (Posted on 2/25/13) Review by Jen
    • I bought exfoliate and was offered three samples with that purchase. One of the samples I picked was this product, and I loved it. I have been looking for a product to help with my excema, and I finally found it! I can't wait to try her other products.

      (Posted on 2/13/13) Review by summer
    • My story began when NM stopped selling another brand that I had been using, and the sales person suggested I try KS, including this moisturizer. This is the best moisturizer that I have used.

      At first, I was not getting the full benefit because I haphazardly used the KS moisturizers and serums, and did not know the optimum sequence of applying KS products. (I use a number of KS serums). Sometime later, the KS representative recommended that I use the KS serums in a certain sequence, followed by Deep Tissue. After following her instruction, my skin improved visibly.

      A friend, who was a devout user of an expensive designer brand, noticed my improved skin. She did not believe me when I answered that my skin improved because of KS. I convinced her to try a KS sample, and she claims her fine lines disappeared. She too is now a huge fan of every KS product.

      Deep Tissue is a staple of the KS product line.

      (Posted on 2/9/13) Review by A
    • Great product..I keep changing my night cream and always come back to this one. It makes my skin feel smooth and tighter..Love it..:)

      (Posted on 2/4/13) Review by manal
    • I have been using Deep Tissue Repair for over a year, and it is a staple in my daily skin care regime. My skin has always been oily, but for the last year I have been experiencing some changes in oil production and pore size (due to peri-menopause). This cream evens my skin out, and it smooths out the texture without clogging my pores. It also gives me a healthy glow without looking greasy. I really love the fragrance as well.

      (Posted on 1/29/13) Review by rdesigns
    • Received a sample of this and I am in love! My skin looks and feels a million times better when using this product and I'm dreading the day my sample runs out! Pricey to purchase but hard to resist with the immediate and lasting results it has given me so far from my little sample. Smells incredible too!

      (Posted on 1/28/13) Review by JJ
    • Love this product. Really noticable difference in my skin. Do not usually spend this much money on skincare, but I am really happy I did. Will buy it again.

      (Posted on 1/6/13) Review by Lynne
    • The thing I love about this product is that it keeps my skin moisturized without feeling greasy!!! It absorbs into your skin but leaves your skin supple and soft. Many other high-moisture creams never soak all the way into your skin, so your face makeup slides right off. Not this one! It helps provide a nice, supple canvas to apply your makeup afterward!! The only reason for the 9 stars is because it is really expensive (although I keep buying it so it is obviously worth it, but would be great if it were not so pricey!)

      (Posted on 1/5/13) Review by ShellieS
    • OK, no complaints about the product itself - it's amazing! Great moisturizer and does make a difference, especially on dry and sensitive skin. BUT - the price is way too steep. I've found comparable results with products that are half the price. If you're good with the price point, then I can't recommend it highly enough. But if the $150 a jar leaves you a little uneasy, take a pass - chances are you'll be as underwhelmed as I was. I'll just continue to enjoy the samples from Nordstrom. :-)

      (Posted on 1/2/13) Review by Emily
    • A great winter moisturizer when you need a little more hydration. I use it at night and wake up with dewy and refreshed skin. I love it. I noticed a difference in the texture of my skin the first week of use.

      (Posted on 12/27/12) Review by heatherG
    • Love this moisturizer!! When I first started using Kate Somerville products, my skin felt smoother and did not irritate my acne prone skin. I wasn't the only one who noticed. When I was visting family, about three weeks after using KS, they even said my skin looked better and clearer. Yay!

      This moisturizer is amazing. Very lightweight and smells heavenly. My skin felt smoother, softer. Overall complexion and clarity improved. And packaging is genius! I love the push-down top as it keeps the product fresh and sanitary. I've only purchased this twice since I first used it due to the price. $150 for ONE ounce?! It breaks my heart.

      (Posted on 12/17/12) Review by souffle12
    • Received this moisturizer as a sample and have been using it ever since.
      No matter how dry my skin feels i.e. after showering, etc. this moisturizer does the trick. Not greasy, not heavy but simply makes my skin feel soft and not dry.

      (Posted on 11/30/12) Review by cher
    • I LOVE this product!!! I bought it on line and nothing compares to it!!! I have tried every moisturizer out there. I am hesitant to use most deep creams because my skin can break out sometimes, but this does not make my skin break out at all! I would recommend this cream for everyone!
      It's the best cream on the market!!!

      (Posted on 11/26/12) Review by susan
    • My nose area is oily and prone to blackheads. This cream is an excellent moisturizer and very good for my type of skin. My routine is 1) cleanse, 2) apply Kate's antioxidant serum, 3) apply K8 Peptide cream and finish with 4) Kate's sunscreen. After all of this, I then apply my make up and am ready for the day. Kate's products are pricey but worth it. The customer service is fantastic as well.

      (Posted on 9/28/12) Review by Arlo
    • O.K. I admit that this is pricey. And, yes the container doesn't let me
      see what's left, plus is quite a lot to wing into the local landfill.
      However, the pump helps me get just the right amount without wasting
      any product. I just bought the huge, amazingly expensive size, because
      it is the best I've found to get me through a Northern winter. I have the
      weird phase in my skin of oily, aging, and sensitive. When you add lots
      of allergies to botanicals, it's a challenge! This is my all-time favorite night
      cream when the weather turns cool and dry. It sinks into my skin, unlike
      many, and I look darn good in the morning after using it. I hope this formula
      stays around forever.

      (Posted on 8/19/12) Review by Happy63
    • Introduced to me by a friend, this is the very first Kate Somerville product I tried and the one that sold me on Kate's regimen. This is a very rich and creamy moisturizer - it feels great and a has a pleasant scent. It has definitely help to reduce the appearance of fine lines around my mouth and eyes as well as on my forehead. On warm summer days I have found it to be a bit too heavy, so I switch between the Nourish and Oil Free moisturizers for my face but continue to use Deep Tissue Repair on my neck. It's a great product!

      (Posted on 7/12/12) Review by Matt
    • I started using Kate Somerville's ENTIRE line within the past 8 months and could not be happier. As for this product, I give it a 5 star all the way because
      a) it has helped heal the old zit pits on my cheeks and temples
      b) a little goes a long way
      c) it smells like heaven
      d) it does exactly what the box says, and it is so silky and smooth as u apply it and it soaks in quickly

      (Posted on 5/26/12) Review by MixedsugarQ8
    • I was introduced to this product in 2007 and haven't stop using it since. I tried it on one of my visits to Kate's and fell in love. This cream moisturizes like no other. It's perfect during the winter months when your skins tends to feel dry. You wake up in the morning and feel refreshed. The price is steep but well worth the results.

      Only four stars because of the price:(

      (Posted on 3/19/12) Review by Suzette
    • This is by far the best anti-aging moisturizer I have ever used. I'm 40 and have tried so many. I love Kate's products and I love the smell of this. Thanks Kate.

      (Posted on 3/12/12) Review by Becky
    • this cream is great. really rich and my dermatologist is a big fan. i know some people complain that they aren't seeing results, but my crew of skincare peeps loves it's preventative benefits and all claim that they can see the difference in my skin. i use it every day night after cleansing.

      i hate the container though. i can't stand not being able to see how much of the product i have left, and i agree with JeNova that it wastes the already pricey product.

      (Posted on 12/14/11) Review by little d
    • Wish I didn't because of the price but love love love this product. It smells good, gives ultra moisture somehow without grease or thickness. The only thing I wish is that that delivery container seems to make you lose some at the end (although not entirely sure) but have no complaints about the cream. I use it 1 to 2 X's per week, especially after exfoliating.

      (Posted on 11/29/11) Review by JenNoVa
    • If I'm honest, I didn't love this product. I am a huge fan of Kate's product and really wanted to love it. For the price though, I haven't seen any benefits over the previous moisturizer I was using. I talked to an employee in Sephora and she suggested maybe it was because I already had nice skin and don't really have many wrinkles (I'm 33) that I didn't see a huge improvement in my skin. Don't get me wrong, it's a great moisturizer, but for the price, I was expecting more. I think I may contact customer care and see if I can swap out for something else.

      (Posted on 11/25/11) Review by Sarah
    • I recently tried this product as a sample in sephora. I am in my early forties and have always used "oil of olay" but man did kate's products blow me away. I had to have this cream! I woke up in the morning not being able to stop touching my face.... It feels tighter, soooo hydrated and my lil tiny spots have diminished ! I am over the moon in love with kate's products!!!! I have bought her whole line.. Not only do kate's creams mask and serums deliver, but what I love, more than she stands behind them. When ever I have a question...I comment on her Facebook page...if you don't get a comment that day , my experience is you will wake up in morning with a response. Recently I stayed the weekend at my twins sisters and she said my skin had a glow. I was truly happy, I said I have a lil glow right? No, she replied you have a huge one, and she aisles me to the closest sephora... My skin looks amazing, I feel amazing!!!

      (Posted on 8/22/11) Review by Lucy
    • This product smells amazing and with all of the peptides and anti-aging properties that it includes, it is by far the best for anti-aging.

      I bought this moisturizer for my mom (I hope she never reads this) because my mom had some of the deepest wrinkles and crazy redness from her rosacea, but after she diligently used this, her redness has completely gone away and her deep valley wrinkles have become fine lines. I honestly lost a lot of hope for my moms skin, but this seriously saved her from looking quite a few decades older than she really is.

      (Posted on 8/17/11) Review by Dylan
    • Where do I start I just love this product, after cleansing my face I use this product in the evening and my skin feels so soft the next day and the following day. It is without doubt the best product I have ever used.

      (Posted on 8/16/11) Review by Lynda
    • Sooo thick and rich, the texture really feels luxurious. I layer this moisturizer over my serum in the evening and by the AM my skin is so much softer. Smells so good and after using this moisturizer for a few weeks I have noticed that my fine lines and wrinkles were a lot less noticeable, and my skin looked brighter and more alive! Well worth the higher price tag.

      (Posted on 8/10/11) Review by Tegan Watkins