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    Dewy, Touchably Soft Skin is Yours! Dry Skin Care Products that Get Real Results

    Flaky, rough and irritated—your dry skin is clearly unhappy and it lets you know every day. Why is it so hard to please dry skin? At Kate Somerville Skin Care, we think that the key to a happy, healthy complexion is in dry skin care products designed to hydrate effectively.

    The best moisture for dry skin is the kind that locks in moisture without clogging pores. Dry skin care products such as lotions, creams and serums that shield your dry skin from environmental stresses will create a complexion that looks:
    • Brightened and toned
    • Dewy, soft and touchable
    • Visibly firm and fresh

    Your dry skin needs more than just a cosmetic fix—it needs nutrition, and the help of effective dry skin products. And, since dry skin can appear anywhere, your face, neck, shoulders and chest need dry skin care products powerful enough to keep these areas hydrated all day.

    Dry Skin- What’s the Problem?

    So, just why do you need dry skin care products? Dry skin occurs in areas where there are fewer sebaceous glands, but it can also be created by harsh products, prolonged exposure to hot water, certain medical conditions and medications. When skin dries out, it can become more than an itchy, flaky nuisance—it can crack, which invites infection and pore-clogging debris.

    To keep dry skin from turning into a bigger problem, you need the help of advanced dry skin care products. Regular use of rich, noncomedogenic lotions and creams formulated specifically for dry skin will keep fragile skin soft, smooth and safe from harm.

    The Dry Skin Solution

    Since dry skin needs special care, we at Kate Somerville Skin Care have a suggestion—if you want the dewy glow that only comes from superior care, try the dry skin products and the program that get real results! With gentle yet effective dry skin care products, you can achieve the look and feel of fresh, healthy skin. The key is to:

    • Cleanse – gentle, non-irritating cleansers calm and refresh dry skin
    • Repair – strengthen fragile dry skin with collagen-promoting peptides
    • Hydrate – heal and nurture rough, dry skin with lightweight moisture
    • Moisturize – lock in moisture all day
    • Protect – guard against sun damage

    Dry skin care products that nourish and lock in moisture give your flaky dry skin the protection it needs to become visibly firmer, brighter and balanced.

    You don’t have to live with unhappy dry skin! Get the dry skin care products and the program that deliver on their promises. With the help of dry skin care products containing natural ingredients and scientifically-proven moisturizing formulas, your complexion will glow from within, and give you a reason to show off your beautiful, youthful self to the world.

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