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    Soft, Smooth and Strong- Dry Skin Care that Gives you a Healthy Complexion

    Dry skin often feels tight and uncomfortable. Caring for it requires special products made just for fragile, dry skin. At Kate Somerville Skin Care, we understand that your dry skin needs gentle yet effective care in order to look and feel soft, smooth and perfectly hydrated.

    Dry skin care involves more than just moisturizing. For dry skin to be healthy and strong, it needs nourishment and protection from the stresses that make it unhappy. When you use the right dry skin care products, you will notice immediate results. Your dry skin will become:

    • Smooth and supple
    • Silky to the touch
    • Dewy and glowing
    • Radiant with good health!

    Even the dry skin on your neck, chest, shoulders and arms can see real results when you use a dry skin care treatment that nourishes from within. Rich creams, hydrating serums and masks that feed dry skin for optimum nutrition give your complexion what it needs to always look and feel great.

    Why Do I Need Dry Skin Care?

    Dry skin lacks adequate natural hydration. For some people the culprit is hormonal changes, for others, the problem starts with medications or improper skin care. When skin dries out, it becomes vulnerable to a host of problems, such as flaky, rough texture, acne and rosacea. If you have excessively dry skin, you need to address the reasons why your skin has become unruly.

    Without adequate dry skin care, your problem will become a daily dilemna. Perfectly balanced skin gives you more options in cosmetics and allows you to feel confident about facing the world.

    What is the Best Dry Skin Care For Me?

    Dry skin care can be tricky, especially if you don’t know which formulas really work and which are destined to disappoint. Here at Kate Somerville Skin Care, we feel that the best dry skin care is the one that comes with a proven program and superior formulas, working together to knock out problem dry skin for good.

    Effective dry skin care consists of the following basic principles:

    • Detoxify and cleanse, with gentle non-irritating gel cleansers
    • Stimulate to release dead skin cells and improve circulation
    • Feed for stronger, more resilient skin
    • Hydrate to relieve tightness and soften
    • Protect from UV and free radical damage

    Are you happy with your dry skin care? If not, try the advanced formulas and the program that are proven to improve the look and feel of dry skin. When you feed your skin what it needs for optimum health, it will shed its flaky personality to become something to be proud of. Don’t live another day with tight, dry skin. Get the dry skin care that makes a difference you can see and feel every day. You won’t be the only one to notice!

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