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    Get Glowing, Beautiful Skin with a Dry Skin Treatment Designed for your Special Needs

    So, what does it take to transform dry skin into a complexion you can be proud of? Here at Kate Somerville Skin Care, we know that caring for dry skin is not always easy, even with a good dry skin treatment. It’s easily irritated, flaky and prone to skin conditions that can be painful and embarrassing.

    Getting the healthy, beautiful skin you want is simply a matter of finding the right dry skin treatment for you. Products that contain pure ingredients, advanced formulas designed to address the special needs of dry skin and the program that puts it all together make it easy to solve your dry skin dilemna, and produce skin that is:

    • Soft, smooth and polished
    • Dewy with moisture
    • Firm and elastic
    • Glowing with good health!

    The ideal dry skin treatment can literally put radiant skin at your fingertips. Lotions, masks and hydrating moisturizers that work together ensure that your dry skin gets the nourishing care it needs to thrive. Even the skin on your neck, shoulders and arms will start to look and feel soft and smooth.

    What Can a Dry Skin Treatment Do For Me?

    Dry skin can be caused by a variety of factors. It is often hereditary, and runs in families. It can also develop in response to medications or overexposure to sun and wind. Harsh treatment and the use of improper skin care products also contribute to the problem.

    A dry skin treatment is an important part of any dry skin care regimen. Why? Because your dry, tight complexion needs more than just moisture. It needs a comprehensive dry skin treatment program that addresses the unique challenges of caring for dry skin. The right products will eliminate the symptoms of dry skin and reveal a fresh, firm new look.

    Dry Skin Can Thrive! Here’s How

    Here at Kate Somerville Skin Care, we suggest that you respond to your dry skin’s cry for help, with a dry skin treatment that gently yet effectively gets to the root of the problem. Here’s how:

    • Detoxify – get rid of impurities for a fresh start every day
    • Stimulate – to remove dead skin cells and improve circulation
    • Feed – help your skin heal itself, with essential nutrients
    • Hydrate – Lock in moisture for a dewy glow
    • Protect – shield your skin from the sun’s damaging rays

    With an advanced dry skin treatment program, and the products that make a visible difference, your dry skin will start to come out of its shell. Cleansers, serums and creams designed for dry skin offer complete protection from the stresses that make dry skin unhappy. Learn to love your skin again! Regain your confidence and show the world that your dry skin problems are a thing of the past, with a dry skin treatment that really works.

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