Body Intensive Exfoliating Treatment
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ExfoliKate® your way to unbelievably silky smooth skin! Papaya and Pumpkin Enzymes break down dead cells and gentle beads buff them away. Soothing Lavender and Bergamot leave you feeling refreshed, with supple, healthy, younger-looking skin.

  • Pumpkin and Papaya Enzymes combine with gentle Buffing Beads to polish and refine.
  • Glycolic and Lactic Acids provide natural exfoliation.
  • Soothing Lavender and Bergamot cleanse and refresh.
  • Vitamin E hydrates deeply.
  • Caffeine helps tighten and tone skin.



How to Use

AM or PM. Use once or twice a week. Apply a thin, even layer to clean, wet skin, massaging in a circular motion. Leave on up to 2 minutes. Rinse and gently pat dry. Do not use on face. Use on body only. Discontinue use if sensitivity occurs.

PRECAUTIONS: Use on body only; do not use on face. Discontinue use if irritation or sensitivity continues.


Propylene Glycol,PEG-8,Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate,Polyethylene,Polyacrylamide, C13-14 Isoparaffin, Laureth-7,Oxidized Polyethylene,Lactic Acid,Glycolic Acid,Carica Papaya (Papaya) Fruit Extract,Papain, Lactobacillus/Pumpkin Fruit Ferment Filtrate,Caffeine,Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice,Ascorbyl Palmitate,Tocopheryl Acetate,Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil,Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) Fruit Oil,Sorbic Acid,Phenoxyethanol,Limonene, Linalool
    • I used to have bacne and tiny bumps on my arms and this exfoliating treatment helped clear them up! I'm amazed! It's a bit pricey but it's worth every single penny. My skin feels SO soft! I enjoy using this product so much!

      (Posted on 8/19/14) Review by Sunny
    • I hate to sound like an overexcited teenager, but I love this product! Kate Somerville never ceases to amaze me! This product smells amazing and is especially enticing when used all over the body. It exfoliates so well like the rest of her exfoliating products. I love the way my skin feels after scrubbing myself with this product. Very happy!

      (Posted on 8/7/14) Review by Kathy
    • i recieved this product as a gift and wasnt sure i was going yo like it. i was stuck on using my favorite sugar scrub to exfoliate before i self tanned. thouht for a couple of days and decided to give it a shot. AMAZING!!! my skin was the smoothest it had ever been, and the tanner glided on like s dream. will definately repurchase

      (Posted on 6/6/14) Review by Jessica
    • I just tried this and my skin was so smooth

      (Posted on 5/1/14) Review by Desiree
    • I received this as a free gift with my last Kate Somerville purchase. That was my first time purchasing through the website and I was so shocked when I got a full-sized FREE gift! Very impressive. Anyway, this product is wonderful. I mostly use it on my legs, and it really does a great job of getting any dry, flaky skin off. The reason I only gave it 4 stars was because I do feel like there are other products out there that can accomplish the same thing , and are slightly less expensive. However, if you are curious about this product and want to try it, I say go for it! You will not be disappointed!

      (Posted on 4/5/14) Review by Ellery
    • I love using this right before I use my self tanner, it preps my skin perfectly so it doesn't go on splotchy or streaky. Leaves my skin feeling super smooth and soft! I seriously can't get enough of her exfoliates!

      (Posted on 3/23/14) Review by kaelah
    • Just recently started using this but already I've seen results!!! Love it!!!

      (Posted on 3/4/14) Review by Susanne
    • I live in Florida and the weather can be hard on the skin here but this helps so much I use this once a week then follow with a good moisturizer and its made such a difference.

      (Posted on 2/22/14) Review by Samantha
    • I was really bummed that my face did not like the intensive ExfoliKate for the face. I am happy to see that my body has no such problem and I was able to enjoy the smoothing effects I was looking forward to!

      (Posted on 2/21/14) Review by Kim
    • I love this body exfoliator! After using exfolikate for my face, I knew I had to try the one for body. It's great. Unlike other exfoliators, this one is easy to use since it comes in a tube. It really smooths out skin, and gets rid of rough, dry skin. Love it!

      (Posted on 2/20/14) Review by Shereen
    • By far the absolute best body exfoliator! I have acne on my chest as well as sensitive skin, and this exfoliator gently and effectively cleared up the acne without stripping my skin. This is Holy Grail-level!

      (Posted on 2/18/14) Review by Rachael
    • It has a spa feel! It's a little expensive but I don't use it everyday so it lasts. The smell is a little strong at first, but then it just fades away for me.

      (Posted on 1/19/14) Review by Jean
    • I got this product as a free gift with my purchase (I'm not sure if it was because it was my first online order or if it was a promotion at the time). It's ok. Certainly it does it's job though - the size and feel of the exfoliating beads makes it feel like dry skin and impurities are being rubbed away. And, my skin is soft afterwards. I'm just not a big fan of the scent. Typically I don't mind earthy fragrances, but I don't like it for my entire body.

      (Posted on 1/12/14) Review by Kristy
    • I have acne on my body and I used to be embarrassed and wear tank tops and shirts on the beach but since using the product it has significantly helped with my skin's acne and I love it!!!!!

      (Posted on 1/7/14) Review by Daniel
    • This is a great exfoliator - super effective, smells really good, and a little goes a long way. I have dry skin, and this preps it so perfectly to absorb moisturizers. Love!

      (Posted on 1/6/14) Review by Maggie
    • This is a great exfoliator, even for men. I didn't think I needed to use an exfoliator but this has made a big difference for me!

      (Posted on 1/3/14) Review by Andrew
    • The Exfolikate that you use on your face in my #1 favorite Kate Somerville product, however, this one comes in close. It's wonderful to use in the summer when you're wanting to soak in lotion or a good tan. I use it with the Nourish body lotion.

      (Posted on 1/2/14) Review by Jennifer
    • This is a fantastic body exfoliator! If you want soft, silky skin, then this is the perfect product to use. I use this weekly with my clarisonic body brush and WOW...I feel as though I have been to a professional spa. It is more expensive than most other body scrubs, but it is well worth it. I gave this product 4 stars due only to its price. However, it is the best body scrub I have ever used. Like all of Kate's products, it works as promised. This is a special treat and well worth the cost. You will not be disappointed!

      (Posted on 1/2/14) Review by Tracie
    • Seriously the absolute best body exfoliate!!! Not too harsh, washed off clean with no residue and didn't leave my tub slippery. This with continue to be a staple in my weekly body regime. My skin feels marvelous!!!

      (Posted on 12/11/13) Review by Julie
    • It has a spa feel! It's a little expensive but I don't use it everyday so it lasts.

      (Posted on 11/28/13) Review by Britney
    • If you like ExfoliKate for the face, you'll love this one for the body. It's especially great to use right before self-tanner or a spray tan - prevents blotchiness.

      (Posted on 11/27/13) Review by Elizabeth
    • I use this product before my clarisonic body brush, and before I apply treatments for my eczema. It's really helpful in smoothing and exfoliating skin and allowing moisturizers and treatments to penetrate!

      I think it's better than many cheap exfoliating products out there -- worth the price probably... but perhaps not head and shoulders above some at the $30 level. My regular exfoliant isn't as good as this, but I can't completely decide if I will keep purchasing based on the price.

      Still, a very good product even for me sensitive skin!!!

      (Posted on 11/26/13) Review by Nicrohr
    • This is a really fanatastic body scrub. You feel the scrub particles but they are not scratchy on the skin at all. You leave it on for a couple of minutes and then rinse it off and the result is amazing. Soft, supple, clean skin. It is very easy and does not leave an oily residue on your skin or in your shower.

      (Posted on 11/24/13) Review by Alexandra
    • I LOVE the facial ExfoliKate!! This works just as well, but for the body. We truly need to clear away dead skin in order for our beauty products to work and many times people forget this when it comes to the body. When I use this (usually when I haven't dry-skin-brushed for a few days) I don't even need to use lotion to soften my skin!! Seriously, I LOVE this stuff!! IT WORKS JUST AS PROMISED!!

      (Posted on 11/4/13) Review by Karen
    • My skin was so smooth and silky after just one use of this. It was very easy to use and was not too rough on my skin. I could not stop touching my skin after just one use. However, I cannot say it is that much better than other exfoliants on the market.

      (Posted on 10/9/13) Review by Sejal
    • I enjoy using exfolikate it smells great, feels great, then rinse it off and WOW my skin feels so smooth and soft!

      (Posted on 9/12/13) Review by Cheryl
    • I just started using this product for a problem area on my body and it works great. When you apply you can feel the product working because once you started rubbing it into the skin you feel a warming sensation. If you have any problem areas on body as far as breakouts or just want to exfoliate dry skin you have to try this.

      (Posted on 9/6/13) Review by Andrea
    • I love massaging this product into my skin in the shower. It's warming, yet soothing and the beads really makes it feel like I'm getting all the dead debris off my skin and my skin feels so soft afterwards. For me it's a luxury since I use so many other products first and foremost, but it's definitely worth a try.

      (Posted on 9/5/13) Review by DT
    • My husband and I both love this product. It is a staple in our shower, needing to be there at all times. Personally I do not really self-tan, but if you do then you truly need this. Otherwise, like me, you will just want this. I have some bumpy issues on my skin, which is very sensitive, and previously exfoliators were super-scratchy or scarring to the skin. This one heats up and is like a spa treatment, then when you rinse off skin feels like velvet. The best body exfoliator I have ever used.

      (Posted on 8/3/13) Review by dbdd
    • I purchased this as part of an Exfolikate duo that included this one and the one for the face. I am glad that I did, because I probably wouldn't have known about it otherwise. It's one of the best body exfoliatiors that I have ever used. It doesn't leave your tub or shower oily, and it leaves the skin so smooth and soft. It also helps with the little bumpies on the back of my arms.

      (Posted on 7/20/13) Review by Angie
    • I recently discovered this product and it's my new go to item for exfoliation! I could not believe how smooth my legs were after one use! I bought 2 more so I would never run out! Love Love Love!!!

      (Posted on 6/24/13) Review by Sherry
    • This exfoliator is different than other exfoliators. It does a deeper job of exfoliating my skin and leaves it feeling so soft and smooth. Perfect prep for the application of the self-tanner.

      (Posted on 6/22/13) Review by Karine
    • First of all, I love the warming effect this product has when applied to the skin. I tend to get cold easily, so this is a nice treat for me.
      This product removes dead skin cells quite well, which makes it great for ingrown hairs. My skin also feels super soft after using it and is nicely prepped for self tanner application!
      Caffeine in the product helps to reduce the appearance of mild cellulite, too!

      (Posted on 6/5/13) Review by Kristin
    • This is a wonderful exfoliating product. It is not too intense but it has great ingredients that leave your skin feeling wonderfully soft...

      (Posted on 4/20/13) Review by Claudia
    • I love to use this body exfoliating treatment before shaving. It gets rid of all the dead skin cells that could clog up the razor, preventing a close shave. Also, it leaves my skin soft and feeling fresh.

      (Posted on 4/5/13) Review by Hellen Araujo
    • A little pricey for the size but it's a good product for dry skin

      (Posted on 4/1/13) Review by Lauren
    • Fab

      Kate always has great exfoliaters!

      (Posted on 3/15/13) Review by Lauren
    • I have been using ExfoliKate on my face for several months but the ExfoliKate for the Body is over the top!! It makes my skin as smooth as my six month old granddaughters.. I only wish it came in a larger size..Thank you so much for this product!!

      (Posted on 2/20/13) Review by Arielle
    • I use this about two times a week on my body and it leaves my skin sooo soft. Also my skin feels very clean and refreshed. This is a must have product if you want baby soft skin.

      (Posted on 2/18/13) Review by Wafa
    • I am of a mixed-racial background and I tend to have very dry skin. I have those icky dry-cracked lines on my legs :( Every other product i've used (and i've spend a great deal of money trying almost every product that claims to dramatically change the look/feel of your skin) just doesn't seem to do anything to really make a dramatic difference in the dryness of my skin....except this one!

      I've been using this product for barely one week and already I can see a difference. My skin is soft, moisturized, and has a beautiful glow. I'm in awe. I use the Goat Milk lotion afterwards as well..makes a huge difference.

      (Posted on 1/26/12) Review by DME
    • I am addicted to this. Twice a week for baby soft skin all over. I always moisturize right after. I turn off the water and work up from my feet. Rinses clean, no annoying beads stuck anywhere. Warming ation starts when you apply feels soooooo good.

      (Posted on 1/6/12) Review by Stephanie
    • I got this as part of the face/body duo and could not believe how amazing the results were. I only wish this was in a jumbo size. It smells divine, applies smoothly and foams up slightly. My skin was left ultra smooth, uber soft and beyond glowing. Love that I stepped out of the shower and did not need to apply a body cream - felt extremely moisturized but not heavy at all. It is my absolute staple as far as body exfoliation goes. Fantastic product!

      (Posted on 12/12/11) Review by BK