Intensive Exfoliating Treatment
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Exfoliate and polish skin with ExfoliKate® Intensive Exfoliating Treatment to reveal a glowing, fresh-from-the-Clinic complexion. Scrubbing Microbeads are designed to deep clean pores and Salicylic Acid is formulated to balance hydration, without over-drying. See dramatically smoother, brighter, healthier-looking skin after just 1 use.

  • Papaya, Pineapple, and Pumpkin Enzymes are formulated to naturally exfoliate dead skin cells, without over-drying.
  • Lactic Acid acts as a natural AHA skin exfoliator.
  • Rosewood and Cinnamon Extracts stimulate micro-circulation.
  • Honey and Vitamin E smooth and soften skin.
  • Aloe Vera helps soothe skin.
  • Vitamin A and C provide Antioxidant benefits.
  • Soy-Lipid replenishes skin’s natural barrier function.
  • 5 oz. luxury size $175 ($37 savings).

How to Use

AM or PM. Use once or twice a week. Apply a thin, even layer to a clean, wet face, massaging in a circular motion for 30 seconds. Leave on for up to 2 minutes. Rinse off with warm water and gently pat dry.

PRECAUTIONS: This product increases circulation, which may cause the skin to flush slightly for a short time. For sensitive skin, leave on for less than one minute, or use ExfoliKate® Gentle instead.


Water/Aqua/Eau, Lactic Acid, Polyethylene, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil, Cetearyl Alcohol, Pectin, Carica Papaya (Papaya) Fruit, Lactobacillus Pumpkin Ferment Extract, Ceteareth-20, Cetyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Dehydroxanthan Gum, PEG-100 Stearate, Salicylic Acid, SD Alcohol 40-B, Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) Fruit Oil, Sorbic Acid, Cinnamomum Cassia Leaf Oil, Honey (Mel), Acetic Acid, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Potassium Sorbate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Retinyl Palmitate, Bromelain, Papain, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Phenoxyethanol, Geranium Maculatum Oil, Aniba Rosaeodora (Rosewood) Wood Oil, Pogostemon Cablin Oil, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Oil, Linalool, Limonene, Cinnamal, Beta-Carotene (CI 75130), Chlorophyllin-Copper Complex (CI 75810)
    • I have been using exfolikate for almost three months now, and i have been absolutely loving it. it takes away all the dead skin and gives your skin such an amazing glow, but i would recommend it leave it little longer for people who have more flaky skin like me. And don't forget to use sunscreen after using it.

      (Posted on 8/16/14) Review by shreeza
    • I tried this product after a recommendation from a woman at sephora. I dont know if I have super sensitive skin, or what. But I put the product on as she directed. Like a mask, left on for a little bit and then in circular motion massaged product into my face.

      I washed it off to find my skin burned and very splotchy. It has been 3 days and I have scabs all over my face.

      Not sure if this means this is one of the best over the counter products that brings pigmentation to the surface and sloughs it off or if my skin over reacted to an intense product???

      I will try again, and see if it was a one off.

      What I did notice was very tight pores after use.

      (Posted on 8/15/14) Review by Katie
    • This is one of the best exfoliating treatments I've used. The consistency is finely granulated which I love. It does have a slight "tingle" to it, but not irritating. Highly recommend.

      (Posted on 8/11/14) Review by Anne
    • Can't say enough about my new Skincare line. I purchased the gentle daily wash, exfoliKate and age arrest cream and LOVE all three products. Looking forward to purchasing more of this line.

      (Posted on 8/10/14) Review by Merilee
    • So far this is the best exfoliator I ever used. I can see and feel the difference on my face after using it twice, my face was so soft and clean. I even get my daughter to try it. Works great for both of us. We also tried the daily moisturizer sample that I got from Sephora and we are going for it. Never try never know about this product. Thanks to Kate for her wonderful skin care products.

      (Posted on 8/9/14) Review by Yoke Khim
    • What girl isn't always looking for the next best skincare product?! Exfolikate is easy to use and effective. Just make sure you use as directed... since its super powerful skin will more than likely not appreciate it if it is over used, over-scrubbed, etc. My skin always feels tingly and super smooth after use. Product has a strong but not unpleasant scent. Oh, and the quantity seems to last a lot longer than I would have guessed (always a pleasant surprise).

      (Posted on 8/9/14) Review by Erica
    • This product is amazing. In less than 3 minutes, my dull, rough skin is magically transformed to super smooth and glowing skin. I've used so many different exfoliating products and this one is simply the best. After I use it, I can't help but to pet my super soft cheeks.

      (Posted on 8/8/14) Review by GB
    • I finally tried this product after hearing great reviews. It is worthy of the reviews. I believe exfoliating is an important step in skincare and if you are going to do it - do it right (with this)! I also like the gentle routine version if you have sensitive skin or using it often in combination with retinal.

      (Posted on 8/7/14) Review by Rachel
    • I bought this as I wanted to try a new exfoliating product - I am SO glad I tried it! I use it anywhere from 2-3 times a week and I'm amazed every time I use it as to how clear, clean and refreshed my skin feels. Sometimes I use it when i'm having a 'blah' skin day and it instantly makes me feel like I have just had a facial treatment. (It's the little things in life!) I love it so much I have just ordered more Kate Sommerville products - am looking forward to trying those.
      I would recommend that you consider using the sensitive ExfoliKate if you have sensitive skin. I don't find this to be drying or harsh, but can see how it would be a bit strong if your skin was delicate.

      (Posted on 8/6/14) Review by Amy
    • This scrub is great, it's not only an amazingly effective and gentle manual exfoliant but it's also a chemical exfoliant so you get the best of both worlds. It's perfect for my oily acne prone skin and with regular use it keeps my skin clear and glowing... A must have for me!

      (Posted on 8/6/14) Review by Julia
    • Seriously must try .best ever

      (Posted on 8/5/14) Review by jazmin
    • Love this product! If you have been searching for the perfect exfoliant, look no further. Exfolikate is a mainstay in my beauty arsenal and is definitely one product that lives up to the hype. You won't be disappointed!

      (Posted on 8/5/14) Review by Rebecca
    • I received a sample of this product and was seriously impressed! It did wonders to improve the k.p. on my arms; better than anything I have tried so far. I would definitely recommend.

      (Posted on 8/5/14) Review by Mary
    • Smell good. I am in love with this products.

      (Posted on 8/5/14) Review by Angie
    • One of my favorite products. It's easy to use, doesn't take a lot of time, and I can do this in the shower. I just put it on while I wash my hair, wait for a minute, and then wash it off. It's helped eliminate my adult acne and made my skin smooth.

      (Posted on 8/5/14) Review by Clarissa
    • Firstly do not be alarmed by the colour this product is great, first few times you use it it might hurt a little, well sting if it does just reduce the time you have it on and persevere. After using you won't believe how smooth your skin is an how it glows. Love this product!

      (Posted on 8/5/14) Review by ROSIE
    • This product makes my skin feel clean and fresh without drying it out.

      (Posted on 8/4/14) Review by Lauren
    • I've tried many exfoliating products but this product shows immediate results while also being gentle on your skin. And the smell is just amazing!

      (Posted on 8/2/14) Review by Monika
    • I went to Sephora and got three testers home, as I wanted to find an exfoliating treatment that would fit my skin the best. I did a thorough research before on pages such as intothegloss.com, amongst others. I narrowed it down to REN, Ole Henriksen and Kate Somerville. One did not give any effect what so ever, and the other burned my skin sore. Finally, ExfoliKate surprised me by truly truly showing immediate results. I am in love with this product, but my wallet doesn´t like it. That´s the only con I have to say about this product, and that´s the price.

      (Posted on 7/29/14) Review by Thea
    • I had a sample of this from another order and after one use I saw a dramatic difference! My skin looked like it was glowing! Definitely adding this to my beauty routine!

      (Posted on 7/29/14) Review by Courtney
    • I use this product twice weekly as part of my skin care routine for acne and and anti-aging. The AntiBac lotion has really cleared up my face, and this helps to smooth my skin, unclog pores and diminish acne scars. It feels great right after a steamy shower. I couldn't live without Kate Somerville products!

      (Posted on 7/25/14) Review by AMS
    • I have used this as well as the sensitive formula for the times when my skin just seems a little more sensitive. I love them both, they do exactly what they claim and leave my skin feeling soft and smooth and clean. Would definitely recommend. If your skin tends to be sensitive, use the sensitive formula, both work very well. I use it once or twice a week.

      (Posted on 7/25/14) Review by Donna
    • Best exfoliator that I have every used!! Skin is sooo soft!

      (Posted on 7/25/14) Review by beth
    • Apply like a layer of sand with gel. Effective but kind of harsh. A little goes a long way.

      (Posted on 7/25/14) Review by Muyang
    • This Exfoliator is really effective, yet still gentle on my skin. My face just glows after using it. Highly recommended- a little goes a long way!

      (Posted on 7/21/14) Review by Jessica
    • I absolutely love this product. It does just what it says! It leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed. I will not be without my Exfolikate!

      (Posted on 7/16/14) Review by michelle
    • The best exfoliator on the market! A Fine, green Micro bead formula to gently exfoliate your skin. Not chunky lava (a la Glam Glow) Or tree bark, or sand paper, or other harsh chemicals than could actually damage your face and do more harm than good! The creme de la creme, real exfoliation treatment - the next best thing than having actual microdermabrasion (which sounds kinda scary to me!). Use 1x to 2x a week at the very most and rub it in gently on your face.

      (Posted on 7/15/14) Review by brit
    • This is by far my most staple Kate Somerville product -- and overall skincare product. I count down the days until I can exfoliate again so that I can feel the smoothness that this product gives my skin. It is gentle on it, yet clears away dead skin and makes my blackheads far and few between. I made all of my friends try it, and they became addicted as well -- they all threw away their old exfoliants and immediately purchased exfolikate. I just purchased a ton for my bridal party gifts -- the 0.5 ounce makes the perfect gift for any man or woman (I even have my fiance addicted to it!). You won't regret getting this product, it makes your skin glow and feel so soft.

      (Posted on 7/15/14) Review by Kelly
    • ExfoliKate works great, it smells great, and my skin is clear and smooth after I use it, but I'm afraid that it may be a tad bit too strong for my sensitive skin.

      (Posted on 7/14/14) Review by JoAnna
    • Magic in a bottle! I bought this exfoliator to help with my blackheads and not so pretty skin. I used it twice a week for the first two months and once a week thereafter. On the first wash, I instantly noticed that my face was smoother and less "bumpy" in problem areas (blackheads). With weekly use of the product, my skin has become baby soft and looks much brighter. It works like magic. Give this product a try. It was a bit harsh on my skin in the beginning but I learned to use less and I got used to it. The price is a bit steep for an exfoliator but a little goes a LONG way, so it is very well worth the price.

      (Posted on 7/14/14) Review by Lauren
    • I received a sample of this because I needed to exfoliate due to my skin peeling from a sunburn for a wedding this Saturday and OMG! This stuff is amazing it may have felt like I was scrubbing my face with shards of glass...I'm sure that's partly due to my new sensitive skin after my sun exposure... But the after result is heavenly!!! My skin is so smooth and soft and radiant after one use that I honestly intend on going to the store and buying this after my sample runs out! I've never had an exfoliant work as lovely as this or leave my skin feeling so brand new and soft. It may have a hefty price tag and being cheap that kind of stinks but it is worth it in my opinion!

      (Posted on 7/13/14) Review by Yvette
    • A friend gave me ExfoliKate for a gift, and I LOVE it. My skin feels like I'm in my 20's again. I am looking forward to trying more products, but ExfoliKate will always be my number one!

      (Posted on 7/13/14) Review by Tamra
    • I have used this product for more than three years. This is the must-have product in my family. My husband loves it too. The color and the smell is a little weird, but it really works good! After using it, the skin is more smooth and easier to absorb face cream. A little goes long way! I will keep using it!

      (Posted on 7/10/14) Review by Lei
    • Received this as a gift and love it! Can't leave it on too long because I have sensitive skin but when I leave it on about a minute and a half and rinse...oooh baby...smooth, smooth, smoooooth!

      (Posted on 7/9/14) Review by Tracy
    • This is the best exfoliator I've ever used. My skin feels really soft and clean afterwards. I wouldn't recommend using it after you've had a shave, but it helps to keep my neck free of ingrown hairs as well as keeping my skin looking good. I definitely recommend this and have done so to friends many times.

      (Posted on 7/8/14) Review by Tim
    • I have tried lots of other things but keep coming back. This makes your skin instantly glowing and smooth and helps combat clogging and little breakouts. Love the texture and smell, too!

      (Posted on 7/7/14) Review by lori
    • This is hands down the best exfoliation I have ever owned! I have tried playing around with a few that so many people suggested over the years but this is the BEST! Never going to anything again! Kate-- you are a skin savior!!!

      (Posted on 7/2/14) Review by Jodi
    • Oh my goodness, I love this product! I noticed a difference in my skin and pores after the first use. I received a sample and immediately ordered the full size. I cannot believe that this product does what it says it does. Thank you Kate!

      (Posted on 7/1/14) Review by Judy
    • I decided to try ExfoliKate because all of the amazing reviews. I was skeptical because of the price but after using it a few times, I can tell you that it really is worth it. I have never used a product like this. I really like that you don't have to leave it on very long for it to work. I will be buying this again.

      (Posted on 6/30/14) Review by Mallory
    • One of my all time skin care favs. Not only does my skin look and feel brighter and smoother after, but it really does help prevent breakouts. I know the price feels steep, but it seriously lasts forever. I bought the small size, and using it weekly it lasted for about a year and a half.

      (Posted on 6/29/14) Review by G*
    • Savior of my skin! I have battled with adult acne for the past 3 years, struggled with no result from prescription dermatologist recommended products and piled up truckloads of other skincare products in the process. Along comes ExfoliKate! In just 1 week with 2 uses I noticed a major difference in my skin. Not only did this miracle clear up my acne but also have me the most beautiful, radiant skin I have ever seen. Thank you Kate for kicking my routine into gear and for producing a product that i simply cannot live without!

      (Posted on 6/29/14) Review by Sara
    • I had been trying to use more reasonable products, but my middle aged skin was not looking very good. I decided to try a few Kate Somerville products. Using this product one time showed me that I needed to switch back to good products. Great exfoliator.

      (Posted on 6/28/14) Review by Laura
    • After using this product, I feel all the blackhead come out, and the skin is really soft.

      (Posted on 6/26/14) Review by Tingting
    • This is by far the most useful and effective exfoliated I have EVER had. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft!

      (Posted on 6/25/14) Review by Kayla
    • This products does What it says to. It really gets into my skin and really help it. my skills n glows and looks clear too thank-you.

      (Posted on 6/25/14) Review by Hailey
    • Definitely my favorite KS product. I can really see the difference when I use this regularly.

      (Posted on 6/24/14) Review by CaliforniaSkin
    • I received ExfoliKate as a sample.Love the results.I will be purchasing this.
      This did not rough up my skin or cause it to flake like other products.Also my makeup
      went on smoother so I used less.Can't wait to see more future skin improvement.

      (Posted on 6/24/14) Review by Conniecat
    • I loved it used it once and instantly notice more beautiful skin.

      (Posted on 6/23/14) Review by jada
    • I've been using Exfolikate for 2 months - this is by far, my favorite #1 exfoliator. It is gentle but yet effective. My skin literally glows - it's smooth, bright, even and happy! My serums sink in so much more effectively now more than ever before. I will never use any other exfoliator.

      (Posted on 6/23/14) Review by Kirsten
    • This is by far the best mask I've used. I am a product junkie and have tried so many masks, treatments, and products that claim to exfoliate and soften your skin, well this product does just that! I use this product 1-3 times per month to avoid drying out my skin. It can dry your skin if you aren't used to such an intense treatment but if you follow the directions that shouldn't happen. Love this product!!

      (Posted on 6/23/14) Review by Maria
    • I prefer this to a gentle expolikate.
      This is an excellent exfoliate.

      (Posted on 6/21/14) Review by Michael
    • This is a perfect addition to the rest of my Kate products. It does the trick without being too harsh for my skin. Leaves my skin smooth and soft. Its a LOVE it product for me.

      (Posted on 6/20/14) Review by Kathy
    • I'm really lazy at daily skincare because I work from home and can go days without leaving the house. Somehow I equate my daily routine only with leaving, so that means my poor face gets ignored most of those other days too.

      This product fixes all my neglect and banishes all the flaky skin buildup I get in a few minutes like magic. And I don't have to abuse my skin by scrubbing like crazy too.

      Love, love, love. Thank you to the lovely Sephora employee who turned me on to my beloved ExfoliKate!

      (Posted on 6/19/14) Review by Jill
    • I bought a small product to try. I am in love. My skin already feels softer, firmer, cleaner.. My pores are visibly smaller. Have used product twice and already so impressed I am ordering more.

      (Posted on 6/19/14) Review by Tracy
    • I tried this a couple of times before i bought it because i am allergic to most products. My friend was using this for a while and she let me took some product from her bottle. Absolutely love how it feels and now i am buying it.

      (Posted on 6/18/14) Review by Qi
    • Tried a sample and really liked how my face looked and felt afterwards. Now I'm ordering some more! Happy Happy.

      (Posted on 6/16/14) Review by PEGGY
    • I use this one a week and absolutely love it!! It leaves my skin smooth and baby soft!!!

      (Posted on 6/8/14) Review by Stephanie
    • I've used a lot of department store exfoliators over the years but this one takes the cake! I was amazed at how fine and numerous the scrubbers were and and how little I needed to use as opposed to the other brands. This product left my skin tighter and smoother than any other product I've used in the past. ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment is well worth the money and it's my new favorite beauty product! Thanks Kate :D

      (Posted on 6/7/14) Review by Sylvia
    • I just used it for the first time and it is absolutely amazing! It made a serious difference in my skin's texture and overall appearance. Scoping out Kate's site for more goodies after just one use!

      (Posted on 6/4/14) Review by Erin
    • I absolutely love this product. I use it about twice a week and it leaves my skin feeling much tighter and fresh! This product makes me feel as though I just had a day at the spa, I highly recommend everyone to try it!

      (Posted on 6/1/14) Review by Lexie
    • I promise you, there is nothing like Kate's exfolikate. I promise ! Forget the face wash and the lotions, as long as I have my exfolikate there's nothing else that I need. It gets deep down, underneath the skin even! Amazing amazing product!

      (Posted on 6/1/14) Review by Florence
    • I absolutely love this product! It makes your skin feel brand new every time I use it. I have been using this product for a couple years and recommend it to anyone who asks about it.

      (Posted on 5/28/14) Review by Lindie
    • I love love love the ExfoliKate Exfoliating Treatment. I've been looking for a good exfoliant that really makes my face feel clean and leaves it feeling soft after. I can really get just the right amount of scrub with this product, it not too rough but not too soft. And best of all it smells great!

      (Posted on 5/26/14) Review by Ashley
    • I love that this product is green, I know that's silly, but it feels more luxurious and spa-like. It's a great gentle, yet effective exfoliating treatment. I've never experienced any breakouts or irritation from using this and it leaves my skin glowing and super soft. Worth the hype!

      (Posted on 5/26/14) Review by Sara
    • This product is amazing. It is the first Kate Somerville product I have tried and, three years later, I am still coming back for more and then some. For the past three years, I have been a law student on a tight student budget, however, I made it a point to save for this and to make skincare a priority. I am so glad to have found wonderful products that actually work. I don't mean to brag, but my skin looks amazing. After using ExfoliKate, I have such a dewy glow that lasts. I have tried other exfoliants that purport to use papaya and enzymes like this one, but none compare. If this product weren't worth the price, I wouldn't pay it. I continue to come back, because it really is amazing and fulfills all of its promises. I use this twice a week and, within the past month ish, have pretty much switched up all of my skincare to Kate's products. A little goes a long way with ExfoliKate. I recommend everyone just bite the bullet and try it, your skin will thank you!!!

      (Posted on 5/24/14) Review by Alissa
    • I knew that Kate Somerville must be something special when I kept reading her name in every fashion and beauty magazine I picked up. It seemed that every female, as well as male, celebrity had her booked on speed-dial before red carpet events because of that "glow" her products could impart.
      Well, I'm here to tell you that you don't have to travel to Hollywood and book an appointment at her Spa-clinic in order to get the same glow as the stars! It's available to ALL of us online in the genius product, "Exfolikate."
      Exfolikate is not like any other exfoliator I've ever used because it combines both chemical exfoliation through natural enzymes and manual exfoliation through tiny, rounded gentle beads. I have sensitive skin, and it even works for me. I constantly receive compliments on my nearly 54-year old skin and how smooth and yes, glowing, it is!
      Thank you, Kate Somerville!

      (Posted on 5/23/14) Review by Valerie H
    • This is the best exfoliating treatment I have ever had at home. It has a nice, natural smell that is not too overpowering. It makes your face feel warm while using it, but The best part is when you feel your face after the treatment. After using it once a week for a month my face has become smoother and I went from having about 7-8 pimples to having only one. Nothing I have tried has ever done that!

      (Posted on 5/22/14) Review by Valerie
    • I have very bad cystic acne and I avoided exfoliators of any kind because it was extremely painful to exfoliate my face. I voiced this concern with a sales representative at Nordstrom's and she recommended this to me. I tried a few samples and I had to go back and buy from her the full sized product. The microbeads are tiny and not the large ones that rip off the skin. It was perfect for me because my acne made my skin very sensitive. Unfortunately, at Nordstrom they don't have the luxury size and I didn't know at the time so I purchased the 2 oz. that they sold in the department store. I didn't mind because this product isn't meant to be used everyday and lasted me a decent amount of time. It's a great find if you have cystic acne like myself.

      (Posted on 5/22/14) Review by Kathy
    • This exfoliator is my favorite! It tingles in the shower and leaves your skin feeling so soft. I have started using this twice a week and have noticed such an improvement in the texture of my skin. Definitely recommend!

      (Posted on 5/21/14) Review by AW
    • I received this as a sample and I purchased the full size product. This scrub does exactly what is on the label. I noticed improvement in my overall skin after very few uses. I use it in conjunction with the Detox Cleanser and my skin has dramatically improved. This is a must have scrub!!!! I will not stop using it!!!

      (Posted on 5/18/14) Review by Patricia
    • ExfoliKate is naturally powerful enough to reach the core of stubborn blemish issues including small pustules. Notably you can feel the product at work while on your face, once rinsed you continue to notice the benefits of using it from immediately diminishing blemished appearance and a truly cleansed feeling

      I also use this product for minor heat rash type outbreaks at nape of neck

      (Posted on 5/18/14) Review by J Burke Miceli
    • This exfoliate completely changed my skin! It's tough enough to get a deep clean but not too scratchy that it feels bad for your skin. Leaves your face bright and supple! My face usually feels dry and tight after I wash it, but with this product it feels soft and moisturized when I rinse it off. My favorite exfoliate ever.

      (Posted on 5/13/14) Review by Natasha
    • I got this as a sample so I did not have any expectations at all. But when I put it on, I felt this intense tingling, almost burning, but not enough to make me want to take it off. It said to keep it on for 2 minutes at the most so I took it off at 2 minutes and immediately my skin looked different. I felt like it had more definition and it was soft and fine lines were gone. I can't really explain it but my face just looked better. Since I had never heard of this or what it was supposed to do, this is a very honest review. It does smell strong cinnamon and some other strange smell but I can overlook that because it makes my face feel and look great!

      (Posted on 5/11/14) Review by Ann
    • I have been using this for a few months now, probably once a week - maybe twice. I haven't really noticed anything worth raving about, but I really enjoy using the product. I think the price point makes me feel like it isn't doing very much. I do think it is a fun addition to a skincare routine. I'm not much of a spa person - so when I want a spay day I like to use this product. I have pretty tough skin, so I leave it on for about 5 minutes. Love the smell!

      (Posted on 5/10/14) Review by raul
    • ExfoliKate is a fabulous product! I can see the difference in my skin every time I use it. I get so many compliments on my complexion and how smooth and clear it looks. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an excellent exfoliator!

      (Posted on 5/9/14) Review by Liz
    • I absolutely adore this stuff! I hate the price but just can't do without it in my skincare routine! It smells yummy and makes my skin feel so amazingly soft and smooth!

      (Posted on 5/7/14) Review by caitlin
    • This is my favorite exfoliator because It is partially physical exfoliation (the beads and rubbing in circular motions) and chemical exfoliation. You only need to use a small amount and the results are fabulous! I use this once a week and it really gives my skin a glow afterwards.

      (Posted on 5/6/14) Review by Pat
    • This stuff if a MIRACLE WORKER! I absolutely adore it. I use it twice weekly and it makes my skin feel just like glass. Thank you Kate for such an amazing product! :)

      (Posted on 5/6/14) Review by candace
    • I am older, and find most scrubs too harsh for my skin. Exfolikate is a great product, as the exfoliating action is not harsh or scratchy, but instead is gentle. The product is very effective, I use it a couple of times a week and do not have any flaky skin. I also think the product smells nice and is pleasant to use. It is also cost effective, as it only takes a small amount of product, so a tube lasts for a long time. This one is a keeper!

      (Posted on 5/5/14) Review by Michelle
    • I'm happy I chose to try this product! I have used it three times so far, as I have only had it for a few weeks. I love how it smells like cinnamon! I did notice after the last use that it has started working on my dark spots from acne. It makes my skin tingle, so I know it's working! It warns of redness, but I have not had any issues with it and I have extremely sensitive skin. I think I can say I would recommend this product to anyone. I plan to continue using it :)

      (Posted on 5/3/14) Review by Holli
    • I've been using Exfolikate for about a month & see a dramatic improvement in my skin's texture & appearance of fine lines. I love this product! If you're not sure if you should try this, just buy it - you won't be sorry. And, keep in mind a little bit goes a long way;)

      (Posted on 5/1/14) Review by Andrea
    • I loved the results skin felt so soft and clean although I am not sure if scrubbing it is he best way to exfoliate and I much prefer exfoliating with acids.

      (Posted on 5/1/14) Review by MONIKA
    • I've finally found an exfoliant that I enjoy using and that WORKS! The first time I used it I knew it was something special. I've always had a hard time keeping a skin care regimen because I've never felt the products were actually doing anything; it felt like a waste of time. But I'm 26 and FINALLY have a routine that I enjoy sticking to, and I owe it largely to ExfoliKate!

      (Posted on 4/29/14) Review by Christi
    • Received as sample. Was amazed how smooth my face looked and felt after one use, so I ordered a full sized tube. Been using once a week for a month now. I don't always exfoliate/wash with it. Instead I use it like a mask -- leave on for 5 to10 mins, rinse off with cool or luke-warm water, gently pat face dry. Helps tighten pores and heals acne faster. Smells nice, too.

      Kate has a milder version of this product for those with very sensitive skin.

      (Posted on 4/29/14) Review by Ashley
    • This exfoliator works like magic! I have been using it once a week for several years now. After you use it, the skin is visible smoother and softer. It gets all the junk out of my large pores. I have turned my husband and my mother onto this. A one time chemical exfoliation at the salon will run you close to $100. That in mind, this product is a steal, because you need very little per use (the 2 oz. tube lasts me forever).

      (Posted on 4/28/14) Review by Julia
    • Lives up to all the hype, left my face very smooth and soft after just one use.

      (Posted on 4/28/14) Review by Sharon
    • I love this product. It is the best exfoliate I have used in my life. It gives me the best glow after every use. I use it twice a week and my skin is perfect. Thank you Kate.

      (Posted on 4/26/14) Review by Olukemi
    • First, let me start off by saying I'm a huge KS fan. I really like most of the products I've tried. I have very sensitive skin and mild acne flare ups and most KS products have accomodated these skin concerns. That being said, I decided to used a sample of this product becuase my skin was a little dry....it LITERALLY removed skin from my face. I applied the product and it instantly burned, I immediately washed it off (it was not on my face for more than 15 seconds) and I have a road rash looking burn on my face. :( take caution with this product if you have sensitive skin....

      (Posted on 4/25/14) Review by Kiley
    • I have only used this product for a little while but I've noticed such a difference. People keep asking what I'm using so Ihad to let the cat out of the bag!

      (Posted on 4/23/14) Review by Mary
    • There are times when my skin is a bit sensitive and the cinnamon stings a little, but it quickly subsides. I noticed a difference in my skin with the first use. My skin was soft, supple and had more of a glow. After only 3 treatments, my skin was visibly clearer and had less flaking. I also used in conjunction with Kate's Nourish Daily Moisturizer. I highly recommend this product.

      (Posted on 4/23/14) Review by Joni
    • Use the product exactly as directed. Absolutely perfect in every way. Exfoliates and then soothes. The smell is awesome and easy to wash off. Good ingredients and you can not only see but feel a difference in your skin after just a single use.

      (Posted on 4/21/14) Review by Kamila
    • The first couple of times I used this, I was a little disappointed. I didn't feel a tingle or anything that you're supposed to feel and when I rinsed it off, my skin didn't feel any more smooth than if I had used my regular scrub. However, in skin care, I understand that it takes awhile to see dramatic results, so I diligently used it for a few weeks, 2x per week. I'm glad I didn't give up on this product because I am now seeing and feeling results. I have rough skin texture from acne scarring and my skin feels so much softer, smoother, and more even. I also like that you don't need to use a lot of product, so even the smallest bottle should last awhile!

      (Posted on 4/20/14) Review by Amanda
    • Cons: WAY TOO HARSH on sensitive skin

      Pros: very effective, light scent

      I received an intensive sample and while I got great results, it was way too harsh for sensitive skin. I much prefer the gentle exfolikate.

      (Posted on 4/20/14) Review by Ellen
    • I do like this Exfoliating, It does leave my skin clean, specially the beads in it i feel that they do their job, Do no dry or irritate my skin which is nice.

      (Posted on 4/19/14) Review by ML
    • I have sensitive skin so i have to watch what i use. most exfoliating products are too harsh. This product burns a little, but only while it's on, once you rinse it off it stops burning. It leaves wonderful soft skin behind. Great to use in winter when harsh dry air leave me with flaky skin.

      (Posted on 4/18/14) Review by Jodie
    • I bought it under the recommendation of a friend of mine. Definitely will be buying more since it works so perfectly.

      (Posted on 4/15/14) Review by C
    • Being a nurse, I had a well-educated mantra: "The best exfoliator is a wash cloth". I stuck with that, until I tried ExfoliKate! Yes, a washcloth is cheap. But, it doesn't give me the exceptionally smooth, glowing skin that I get with ExfoliKate, and every time I use it, I am reminded that it is worth every penny. Now, I am 54, and really didn't every expect to be "glowing" again, until I got a sample of ExfoliKate in my monthly beauty subscription box. Right out of the box, I loved the scent. It's not floral, like many skin products, but it's not a chemical smell like so many others! It almost reminds me of cloves, which I love. Next, when I tried it, I got a tingling feeling. The first time, I only left it on my face a short time, and worked my way up to the full 2 minutes. This is where the washcloth loses! The ingredients in ExfoliKate are allowed to work for that 2 minutes, so it is not just the mechanical exfoliation that works, it's the nourishment from the ingredients themselves. I noticed improvement with one use, but over time (2-3 times a week), my skin texture and appearance is better than it was 10 years ago! I have a daughter who is an esthetician, so she skin all the time, and she is amazed at how much better my skin is than the great majority of her clients. I hope to be able to try some of Kate's other products to keep this great thing going!

      (Posted on 4/15/14) Review by Susan
    • I used this product a few times a week for a few months and noticed that my palms were tinted slightly orange. Although this exfoliator truly works and exfoliated my skin very well -- left my skin feeling very soft and fresh! -- I'm unsure about the formula. The beta carotene may have been causing this issue. The product looks green, but as in a lot of green leafy vegetables, beta carotene (which is orange) is often covered by green pigments. Although this did wonders for my skin and acne, I switched back to ExfoliKate Acne (which I don't think works as well as this product). Use at your discretion. The orange hue was not very noticeable, but it did stop a little after I stopped using this product.

      (Posted on 4/15/14) Review by Nicole
    • This makes my skin so soft, and the day I use it, I seem to glow a little bit. Be warned, it can be a little stingy if you have sensitive skin.

      (Posted on 4/13/14) Review by Annika
    • I love this, I try to use it at least once a week before finishing with KS goat milk cream.

      (Posted on 4/12/14) Review by valley101
    • A friend gave me Exfolikate for Christmas because it was on her "must-haves-for-skincare". I used a different dermatologist brand at the time....but switched immediately. Exfolikate is delicate but takes off the dead skin leaving a healthy glow. Even though I have fair skin, I have worked up to leaving it on the entire 2 minutes and love how other products absorb right in after using it. Now I'm the one giving it as a fabulous gift to others!

      (Posted on 4/9/14) Review by Coleen
    • Gentle and smooth skin after this exfoliating, used twice a week~

      (Posted on 4/9/14) Review by Jiachen
    • I had heard a lot about this product so I decided to try out the small size and see how I liked it. I used it twice to three times per week and I saw a big difference in my skin after every use! This product is great and I'll be buying it again!

      (Posted on 4/7/14) Review by ShibaInSeattle
    • I have tried many products over the years and there is nothing that compares to this one! I love it. It smells wonderful and it makes your skin feel like a silk.

      (Posted on 4/6/14) Review by Wendy
    • Facial at home! My face feels refreshed as the top layer of is lifted away. i use directly after after shower so the product goes deep into open pores and it really helps clear up and prevent breakouts.

      (Posted on 4/6/14) Review by Leah
    • Received this as one of my samples which I have only just started using. It is great for a weekly facial scrub and my face feels so soft and radiant after use, would definitely recommend as I've noticed it helps my skin to be less oily after use as well as helping to keep it clear from spots

      (Posted on 4/6/14) Review by Tasha
    • I received a sample of this maybe a year or so ago and I instantly knew I had to buy the size. My skin was instantly left so smooth and supple. You get chemical exfoliation from the fruit enzymes as well as physical exfoliation from the gritty bits. It tingles a little when I leave it on, but nothing too bad.

      It's pricey but a little goes a long way and it's definitely worth it!

      (Posted on 4/5/14) Review by Jennifer
    • I couldn't believe how effective this exfoliator was the first time I used it. The great thing about it is that you don't have to rub your face too much in order to get great results. Other products I've tried don't make my skin smooth enough without having to really grind it into my face which then causes redness and irritation. ExfoliKate basically does the work for you and no irritation.

      (Posted on 4/2/14) Review by A
    • This exfoliator is really awesome. leave it on for 2-3 minutes and then your skin is so smooth, bright. it doesn't irritate my skin so I can leave it for up to 4 minutes. the smell doesn't bother me. ingredients are amazing, love that it has AHA/BHA. lasts long enough.

      (Posted on 4/1/14) Review by Anna
    • There was a tingling feeling at first but it didn't really hurt my skin. Effective after one use-I can see it helped clean pores and reduce blackheads.

      (Posted on 3/30/14) Review by YL
    • When you use it, you might feel a little uncomfortable, I think that because the produce is too strong, but the effect i very nice, after 2 mins, the blackhead is out!

      (Posted on 3/29/14) Review by Luyi
    • this stuff if exp but so so so good. i have sensitive skin and this helps so much without hurting or causing breakouts etc. well worth the money. ive tried the so called dupes out there and none compare to this guy!!!

      (Posted on 3/29/14) Review by Heather
    • Exfolikate is a "miracle" product. I am in my mid-50's and no one can believe it because of my even, flawless skin tone. This product leaves your facial skin so smooth and soft without being too abrasive. I would recommend this product to every woman who wants to maintain the fine smooth facial skin of youth. This product does perform as described.

      Thank you, Kate, for this wonderful product.

      (Posted on 3/27/14) Review by LC
    • I am obsessed with products…I love when i find a bargain, but sometimes, you really do get what you pay for. Not only does this product give immediate results, diminishing my pore size into oblivion, but...it s smells AHHmazing!! i love the convenient travel size trio pack. Don't know how i lived without this. Thanks Kate!

      (Posted on 3/25/14) Review by tracy
    • this exfoliating product is not like any exfoliation you ever used before
      i truly believe this is the best in the market

      (Posted on 3/20/14) Review by marya
    • It is amazing for deep cleaning up black and white heads on T-zone. I use it twice a week and can see the effect on the blackheads reduction. First time use it and love it. I will definitely get a bigger one after I finish the small one.

      (Posted on 3/20/14) Review by appleciderr
    • I use this a couple times week, and it leaves my skin feeling great. I usually use it in the shower after being in for awhile, so that my pores are open. My skin feels so clean after using this product.

      (Posted on 3/20/14) Review by Melissa
    • Skin become very smooth! And it's really effective to acne

      (Posted on 3/19/14) Review by YUAN
    • I tried Exfolikate after seeing Kate Somerville on QVC. This product is really amazing. I used to use an exfoliant by Philosophy and this is so much better. I have sensitive skin so I only leave it on for 1 minute but I can really see a difference afterwards.

      (Posted on 3/18/14) Review by Vicki
    • This product is awesome! I like the smell of the intensive versus the acne ExfoliKate. This one smells like cinnamon and its delicious! If you have any acne scarring or frequent breakouts, this is the exfoliation product for you!

      (Posted on 3/14/14) Review by Cory
    • This is a great weekly exfoliator. When I first tried it, I was a little scared of the tingling sensation from the product, but when I washed it off, I had amazingly glowing skin. It seems to do a great job of getting rid of all the little impurities in your skin. It even helps to pull some of the dirt up that tends to clog my pores on my nose and form blackhead. However, it is not a typical "polishing" exfoliant, in that it doesn't have the small particles that sand down your skin, so I generally use a different exfoliant when I have significant dry skin build up. But I use it in combination with this as well. Great product!

      (Posted on 3/14/14) Review by Lindsay2367
    • I LOVE this stuff! You put it on then scrub it around your face for a few seconds ... then let it do its magic as it sits on your face for a few minutes! I like to let it chill on my face for a few minutes while Im in the shower. It dissolves dead skin cells and revives my complexion with tingly goodness! Plus, it smells fantastic! I use it twice a week!

      (Posted on 3/13/14) Review by Kelly
    • I received a sample of this and love it! Gentle enough but also exfoliates very well- helps with whitehead prevention.

      (Posted on 3/11/14) Review by amy
    • Hi Everybody!

      After trying so many different physical and enzymatic exfoliating products, this one is by far the most effective.

      Unlike other brands (Peter Thomas Roth does one) which take forever to activate and feel like they're working, this one truly does start to tingle and take effect about a minute after you have it on. Sensitive skin folks, be patient...it's worth the intense enzyme action!

      After using this regularly, a few times a week, my skin, (which is acne prone and super oily) is practically pore-less and the texture is soft and smooth. I'm in the TV industry and work with HD cameras, and this really does wonders!

      The product is a very intense green, and, like the acne version of Exfolikate, I can't quite put my finger on what it reminds me of, but it's clinical in a good way. It smells like it's working.

      Worth the money...a MUST!

      (Posted on 3/11/14) Review by Dion
    • Agh this stuff is amazing I love it and use it everyday no matter what!!!! You should get this definitely.

      (Posted on 3/11/14) Review by Adi
    • This is a cult favorite for a reason- nothing else on the market compares!

      (Posted on 3/9/14) Review by amy
    • I'm in my mid twenties, dry skin, and this product is the best mask/exfoliator I have ever tried. I received a sample at sephora and purchased the product the next day! My skin is glowing and flawless

      (Posted on 3/8/14) Review by Heiry
    • I absolutely love this product!! My skin has never felt so amazing after using an exfoliant. I will definitely be purchasing this again!!! Cannot recommend this enough!

      (Posted on 3/8/14) Review by Emily
    • I used points at Sephora to get an ExfoliKate sample, and I was hooked! This product is amazing and left my skin so smooth! I've since purchased some for my mother & she is in love too!

      (Posted on 3/7/14) Review by Amy
    • This is one of my favorite scrubs and I keep it in my weekly rotation. I love the way my skin feels afterwards - it does exactly what it claims to do! The only thing that gives me pause is the burning sensation - or I would give it the full 5 stars. I don't consider myself as someone with sensitive skin, but it does begin to sting during use and my face is slightly flushed after use. The results are worth it, however.

      (Posted on 3/5/14) Review by shutterblog
    • After using ExfoliKate twice a week my skin is so smooth and radiant. The pores are diminishing and I have fewer breakouts. Also I've noticed my makeup goes on smoother. Love this product!

      (Posted on 3/5/14) Review by Jean
    • This is a fantastic product! I've been using it twice a week for a couple of months now and can totally see a difference in my skin. My face feels softer, looks brighter and most importantly is not dry. I have recommended this to a few fiends and they all love it!

      (Posted on 3/5/14) Review by Brigid
    • I selected this item as one of my samples in a previous order and boy am I glad I did! It does wonders for my acne prone skin and discoloration. I will be ordering a full size bottle soon!

      (Posted on 3/4/14) Review by Lena
    • I got this as a sample so I bought a full size. I've been using this for only a short time and can see such a huge difference in my skin!!! I will continue to do so!!!

      (Posted on 3/3/14) Review by Susanne
    • Has a very herbally scent. Works like magic. The next day my face is like a baby's bottom and makeup applies so smoothly

      (Posted on 3/3/14) Review by Christine
    • this stuff is amazing! you only need a small amount and after you wash it off your skin will feel so soft and clean! I have really sensitive skin so i only use it once a week because it is INTENSE and i go back and forth between the exfolikate and the peel pads. this product is an absolute must have for me, you wont be disappointed!

      (Posted on 3/3/14) Review by katie
    • I purchased this on holiday some time ago and will be repurchasing after never being able to find an exfoliator that quite lives up to this one.

      (Posted on 3/3/14) Review by Alexandra
    • Out of all the products that Kate has put on the market, this is far by the best. I cannot live without my exfolikate, and no one should have to. It replenishes, and digs deeps into those nasty pores.

      (Posted on 3/2/14) Review by Wendy
    • I originally got this in a kit from QVC, then as a sample in the New Beauty Test Tube. Looove this exfoliator! It melts away dead and dry skin, leaving a nice, smooth canvas for applying your creams, serums and then makeup. I have since ordered the luxury size from QVC but will now be buying it directly from Kate, since she started the rewards program! :) Thanks Kate! Btw, this is the best I have used and I have tried just about everything out there! (Yes, I am a beauty product/makeup junkie. I do have combo skin, very dry in some areas, esp. in the winter and oily in others. I would recommend using and then waiting 7-10 days if you are prone to breakouts as I know several ppl have had this issue. Maybe try it in a sample first? I have to be careful as it has caused a couple of blemishes in the past. But since I paid $175 for the luxury size I feel compelled to finish it, then I will try the new formulas. I see Kate has the new formulas for sensitive and for acne prone skin too. Kate, please make these in the "luxury" size too, as there are sooo many ppl these days that either have sensitive or combo skin!

      (Posted on 3/1/14) Review by Christy
    • After years of trying other exfoliants on my acne prone, combination skin, i found this product and when used as directed it works like a charm. May seem a little pricey but the bottle will last forever. Still using it religiously after a year.

      (Posted on 2/28/14) Review by Kaisha
    • LOVE the idea, love the way it felt, love the ingredients, but it was too harsh for my skin. It is super dry where I love (about 9100 feet above sea level) and I broke out each time I did the exfoliation. Will try Peel Pads, per Kristin's (customer service) helpful advice.

      (Posted on 2/26/14) Review by Shannon
    • It's worth this price.

      (Posted on 2/26/14) Review by penny
    • I loved the way the scrub evened out my complexion and brightened my skin, but the tingle was a little intense for my sensitive skin so I think I'm going to try the gentle. I also wasn't a fan of the scent, which reminded me of cinnamon. It's obviously a very high quality product, I just need something with a little less oomph and a different scent.

      (Posted on 2/26/14) Review by Reese
    • This is a truly wonderful facial exfoliator. It polishes the surface of skin gloriously leaving a baby soft, bright complexion. It only takes a few minutes to get that deep exfoliation which is awesome for those with little to no time to pamper our skin. It's like a spa treatment in a tube! I've found that I get less breakouts after using this product and my blackheads/whiteheads have been few and far between.

      (Posted on 2/26/14) Review by Trixie
    • This is the best exfoliating product that I have ever used. It is well worth the price. You only need a tiny bit. I use it every few days with my clarisonic and my face is so soft after using it. I will continue to use this product. I rotate between this and the acne exfoliating treatment.

      (Posted on 2/21/14) Review by KMCat
    • ExfoliKate is what saves my face, especially before my period. My skin tends to flare up about a week before and ExfoliKate keeps my breakouts in check. It also helps get rid of any pimples that show up when I've been lazy and not washed my face before going to bed :-)

      (Posted on 2/21/14) Review by Kissena
    • I tried a sample of this months ago and fell in love, so I ordered the smallest size to try at home. While I loved the product (even its slightly weird color and smell) I found it was just a little too harsh for my sensitive skin and wasn't helping too much with my breakouts. I decided to try the Exfolikate Acne instead and have been happier with that. If you don't have a lot of blemishes and don't have sensitive skin, then I definitely recommend this one!

      (Posted on 2/21/14) Review by Stephanie
    • Your skin is very smooth after using this product. It leaves your skin with a nice, clean glow.

      (Posted on 2/21/14) Review by SLF
    • There is no better exfoliator out there! You can really feel this working, and a little bit goes a very long way. I like that the physical exfoliant is combined with enzymes; my skin is as smooth as it can get after using this. I already recommended it to some of my friends!

      (Posted on 2/20/14) Review by Kathy
    • This product is just terrific. Its easy. Its gentle. And provides just the right amount of exfoliation to keep my skin clear and minimize my pore size. What a great find!

      (Posted on 2/20/14) Review by Sherri
    • Quick, substantive results that truly deliver smoother and softer skin-I can't wait to try the body version!

      I hadn't seen a friend in a while and asked her what her secret was as she looked so fantastic despite it being a particularly stressful time in her life. She told me about Exfolikate and how it had made her a Kate convert (we're both product junkies) which I ordered online the next day. I anxiously awaited the delivery of my order and applied the pleasantly herbal potion the moment it arrived. My skin is not quite baby bottom soft (but super close) and the majority of fine lines around my lips, upper cheeks and above my brows have virtually disappeared. Exfolikate has delivered quick, substantive results unlike any other product I've tried. I have been thrilled with the results and will definitely be making this a core part of my beauty regimen.

      (Posted on 2/20/14) Review by Rebecca
    • I have been using this 2 times a week for a couple weeks now and I love it! It leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh. I just feel clean after using it. I would definitely recommend this product!

      (Posted on 2/17/14) Review by Megan
    • So I decided to try this out after hearing so much hype about it, and boy am I glad I did! My skin feels sooo amazing after I use this. It feels really soft and smooth. It helps to unclog all of my pores too. If you don't have this you're seriously missing out.

      (Posted on 2/13/14) Review by kaelah
    • This exfoliate is a great way to completely rid your skin of what ever may be clogging your pores and leaves skin smooth and receptive to moisturizer and makeup. I use it every four days, it makes a huge difference!

      (Posted on 2/13/14) Review by Kathryn
    • I started using this product when I got a free sample at Sephora...I was addicted right away. I love the way it tingles and makes my skin feel so fresh and clean. I have acne and it really helps to clear and make my skin look fresh.

      (Posted on 2/12/14) Review by Fiona
    • I ordered the smallest size of this in order to try it out because I had heard great things about it. I have now been using it for almost a month and i really like it. I use it two times a week and it makes my skin noticeably softer and smoother. Unfortunately on me at least the result only lasts about two days. If the result lasted a bit longer this would be perfect. As it is I still think it is totally worth the price.

      (Posted on 2/12/14) Review by Elizabeth
    • I had a KS facial with this product and it was amazing! Now I am buying it all the time. Best thing ever!

      (Posted on 2/12/14) Review by Natalie
    • Blackheads are my WORST ENEMY!!!! BUTTTT this gets rid of them! I love the tingly feeling. I use it in the shower after my pores are open.. rub it in and leave it on. It stings a little sometimes but I like it... When i get out of the shower I can't see those gross little blackheads on my nose.

      (Posted on 2/11/14) Review by Lorraine
    • This is the best thing that ever happened to my skin, immediate and amazing results.

      (Posted on 2/8/14) Review by rose
    • I love the ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment! I have been using it 2-3 times a week to get rid of bumps/clogged pores on my cheeks and I've been seeing steady improvement. I like the herbal smell and the gentle beads. My skin is left a little flushed but that calms down quite quickly. I think this is a great treatment to keep your skin looking fresh and smooth.

      (Posted on 2/6/14) Review by Ali
    • I used this twice weekly and my skin is glowing! My skin is really sensitive to exfoliation, but I do not get redness/rashes from this product. Plus I love the herbal scent but it's not overpowering. Great product!

      (Posted on 2/6/14) Review by Irene
    • This product works exactly as described. My face feels much smoother. It's so much easier than using a mask.

      (Posted on 2/5/14) Review by Kathy
    • I use this once a week on my sensitive/ dry skin with awesome results. I always feel like my skin is glowing after and I never have a bad reaction like I do with most scrubs. Smells so fresh too!

      (Posted on 2/5/14) Review by Claire
    • I love this product. After every use my skin feels like new again. It truly is the best exfoliating scrub I've ever used.

      (Posted on 2/5/14) Review by Jenny
    • I have such sensitive skin and acne prone skin.. and this actually doesn't bother my skin. I had laser resurfacing done a few years back and now I have to be so careful as to what I use. I definitely can only use it once or twice a week... but it makes my skin look and feel refreshed.

      (Posted on 2/5/14) Review by Lesley
    • I got a sample recently and I'm so thankful. I had a sever dry patch on my cheek (it was like fish scales) for the last 6 weeks and no matter what I did nothing helped. I was so self-conscience because it was especially noticeable when I wore make up. I used ExfoliKate 2x and it is GONE!! My entire face is smooth with a beautiful natural flush tone. I was warned that it may burn or sting but I has no adverse effects, it was tingly but nothing I couldn't handle for 2 minutes. If you are on the fence about ordering this product please do yourself and your skin a favor and do it, THANK YOU KATE!!

      (Posted on 2/4/14) Review by Paula
    • This product made me take a second look at myself in the mirror. It was indeed my own reflection but I was glowing and when my husband touched my face he wouldn't stop. He just kept saying how my skin was never that soft. The best part is that I don't feel like I need a foundation when I use this product. A must buy.

      (Posted on 2/4/14) Review by Dorothy
    • Honestly this is absolutely the best product line I have ever used. It change my skin completely. Highly recommend all her products.

      (Posted on 2/4/14) Review by janelle
    • I received this as a sample and didn't expect to love it, but here I am back for more. It tingles and leaves you flushed as other reviewers have said, but it really does deliver.

      (Posted on 2/4/14) Review by Laura
    • I have been involved in a pretty thorough skin care routine for years. Honestly, I thought I'd tried most of the best products out there. I happened to have been given a sample of this product with a gift purchase and ordered this exfoliating treatment after just one use. The results that I saw were incredible. Even my husband commented that my skin looked great. I'm a Kate Somerville convert...thanks!

      (Posted on 2/4/14) Review by Joan
    • I finally got my hands on a sample of this product and it lived up to all of its high expectations! I didn't have any redness or tingling, just a great exfoliating treatment and great results after. My face is softer and smoother after using this product than any other exfoliating product I've ever used. I followed it up with the Nourish Moisturizer and love that as well, however, my skin is fairly oily so I think I'd be better off with the Oil Free Moisturizer. I will definitely be purchasing and repurchasing this product as well as the Oil Free Moisturizer!

      (Posted on 2/3/14) Review by Brittany
    • I've owned you for 6 months and you never let me down. You brighten my skin and lighten my acne scars. Thank you for being you, exfolikate. My skin is softer and more beautiful because of you.

      (Posted on 2/2/14) Review by Deidra
    • this is the best exfoliator i've ever used! it really makes your skin feel cleared and renewed. i will absolutely be buying again.

      (Posted on 2/1/14) Review by Rayna
    • See immediate results after one use, glowing skin!

      (Posted on 1/31/14) Review by Vanessa
    • This product does what it says. It improves the look and feel of your skin without burning or drying out the skin.

      (Posted on 1/30/14) Review by Natalia
    • Wow

      I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my face.....literally. I was so excited to use this product for the first, and love it The cost is alittle more than what I would of liked to pay, but it was worth it if u want to make a noticeable change in your appearance of your skin.

      (Posted on 1/29/14) Review by Crystal
    • So I alternate between the intense and the acne clearing exfoliator and I have to say I like them both equally....they're completely different. The acne exfoliator feels more medicated acne clearing with a light scrub. Where as the intense I feel is a rougher scrub that's gets all the dead skin off. I use them both and will continue to do so as part of my weekly regimen.

      (Posted on 1/28/14) Review by Heather
    • Exfolikate had been a skin saver. I split my time between the mountains and Toronto so my skin endures severe cold weather and city pollution resulting in not only dryness and fine lines but also dullness and congestion. I purchased Exfolikate on a whim and after the first application I was hooked. In 2 minutes my skin looked incredible. The congestion around my nose and chin disappeared along with the dry skin and fine lines that were dulling my complexion. I use it regularly and not only does my skin look baby soft and more even toned, my other products penetrate and perform better as well. If you're thinking about trying this do it! I have sensitive skin and I have tried many exfoliators, peels and masks without finding anything like Exfolikate!

      (Posted on 1/28/14) Review by Glow
    • This is my all time favorite KS product! After one use your face looks radient and bright. I use it about once a week because I have sensitive skin but I think you can use it more if you have normal skin. Highly recommend!

      (Posted on 1/27/14) Review by YJ
    • This is so effective that I don't use Retin-A anymore.

      (Posted on 1/27/14) Review by Lorna
    • I love this exfoliating treatment. It is super effective without being harsh or irritating to the skin. The texture is spot on and it rinses away with ease.

      (Posted on 1/24/14) Review by Cynthia
    • I tried this product for the first time this week and I must say, the smell was surprising, I didn't like too much, it takes a little getting used to. The minute I applied it to my face I could feel the tingling and; when I washed it off...OMG!!! My face felt like a baby's bottom!! It was very soft and bright!! The next morning, I could visibly see some of my acne going away

      I am absolutely hooked and will be purchasing the larger bottle next time. I've had this product for over a month and just decided to use it, I should've started using it way before now

      (Posted on 1/23/14) Review by Lakiesha
    • I was recently introduced to this product during my first Kate Somerville facial. I find that it works best when your face is prepped with warm water to open the pores and especially if you have sensitive skin. The first time I used it, my skin felt so smooth and I used it again after a month just last night and was again so amazed at the quick results that I plan on using it every week now but probably not more than 1-2 times a week given that it is a strong exfoliant and does the trick well (as oppose to gentler exfoliants that need to be used daily). I have darker skin and a few spots of discoloration from stress-related acne in a localized area, and I felt like this really helped to not only clear out my pores but also get rid of any dead skin cells that would cause future breakouts. It is great addition to my skin care regimen and I love that it comes in smaller tubes for travel and fresh use!

      (Posted on 1/22/14) Review by Mythri
    • I received a sample of this with a moisturizer purchase. It was big enough for two *sparing* applications but I only needed one to see the value of this product. I suffer from irritating acne but this product helped slough of the dead skin and helped treat the breakouts. Smells good, feels tingly! Will buy again.

      (Posted on 1/21/14) Review by Kimi
    • I don't quite understand the glowing reviews on this particular product. I like it, but it didn't change my skin in 2 minutes like it did for so many others. My pores weren't suddenly clear. There are so many moisturizers that Kate offers that really made my skin feel amazing after one use so I expected the same from this exfoliator. I may purchase this again because it does make my skin feel fresh but... the jury is out. For what it's worth, I wanted to love this like all of the other reviewers. I just like it.

      (Posted on 1/21/14) Review by Lee-Anne
    • Best exfoliator ever! I have tried many exfoliators in my search for smooth, bright soft skin and most of the time I have been disappointed. That is until, Exfolikate entered my world. I started using this a few years ago after trying it is a sample. I went on a limb and purchased the luxury size (huge cost savings), and I have not had one regret. New users should follow the directions explicitly, but I tend to leave it on between 5-10 minutes and rinse off when I get in shower. The result is beautiful, glowing skin.

      The luxury size will last a long time, and all you need is small bit to cover your entire face. I typically use this once a week in conjunction with Kate's other products. In years past, I found myseld using several products from different lines, but I can proudly say that I soley use Kate's products with the exception of a toner and my Retin-A.

      If you are looking for smooth, soft skin, then try Exfolikate–you will not be disappointed!

      (Posted on 1/21/14) Review by Tracie
    • I am a Glam Glow convert. This stuff smells and feels amazing. It's so gentle yet so effective. It's not harsh which is a big deal. Plus it's not hard to remove. And it's super fast.

      (Posted on 1/20/14) Review by Ryanne
    • This is the best product that Kate makes so do not hesitate to purchase. It cleans my skin in a way that I've never been able to do at home on my own. It's like getting a facial. It's perfect for cleansing before putting on my moisturizer!

      (Posted on 1/15/14) Review by Lesley
    • I have used other facial exfoliators/scrubs before, and this product is by far my favorite. Every time I use it, it leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft. I highly recommend this product.

      (Posted on 1/8/14) Review by HJ
    • I discovered this exfoliator when staying with a friend. Its green color is somewhat off-putting, but the results far outweigh the color! It is gentle on my sensitive skin and leaves me with a polished glow. The scent is refreshing and it is one of my favorite exfoliators. It's the first thing I grab when my skin needs a pick me up!

      (Posted on 1/8/14) Review by Kat
    • I got this after hearing all the hype behind it and I can say that I'm not sure which way I lean. I think it would work better if I used it more consistently but after the uses I always feel like my skin is alive. It can tingle which is fun. I'm not sure if this is a miracle product, but I might repurchase to see how it goes again.

      (Posted on 1/6/14) Review by Angelica
    • My skin is very discolored around my nose and I needed a exfoliator that helps me with that problem. I found this after reading a lot of reviews and it helps with that but it is sometimes too much for my sensitive skin and stings but does everything it says it does.

      (Posted on 1/6/14) Review by Daniel
    • Hands down the best of its kind. I first tried this as a sample and then rushed out to buy it because of how great it made my skin look. I get compliments on my skin all the time and I tell the what I use, I've even got my husband hooked in it.

      (Posted on 1/5/14) Review by Roxanne
    • I first used this product when I relieved it as a sample. Immediately after use I decided it needed to have this exfoliator in my weekly regimen. This exfoliator is the first that has actually made my skin feel breathable.

      (Posted on 1/3/14) Review by Lauryn
    • Too strong for my face, stings during and after removing.
      i need to go back to the gentle version, which i love.
      Just thought i was ready for the intensive by now.

      (Posted on 1/2/14) Review by Lydia
    • I received a sample of this product when I ordered clinic to go pads. So far I have used ExfoliKare Gentle (which I reviewed) because I tend to have rosacea, dry cheeks and irritations but after trying Intense I have to say it is PERFECT. Soft clear smooth skin. Nothing works better than this for me.

      (Posted on 12/30/13) Review by Monika
    • ExfoliKate has been a miracle worker. My skin feels so bright and healthy after using this product, especially since the weather has turned cold. ExfoliKate has renewed the appearance of my otherwise dull skin. This is the first Kate Somerville product that I have ever used, and it will not be my last.

      (Posted on 12/25/13) Review by UBD
    • I love Exfolikate, it's the best.

      (Posted on 12/25/13) Review by JoEllen
    • I have tried many product.s. Most more expensive than Kate's. One thing I can say, I really love this product. I just turned 51 and want to keep my skin healthy. This is the product if you want a good exfoliation. I will be reordering in the future. Oh I almost forgot, thanks for the free samples. I can't wait to try them.

      (Posted on 12/24/13) Review by Barbara
    • I've bought this product time and time again and will continue to repurchase. It is simply the best exfoliater that I've ever tried.

      (Posted on 12/24/13) Review by Varsha
    • I love this product so much! It's better then getting a glycolic peel at an expensive salon. My skin is so smooth and very evenly toned. I would definitely recommend this!

      (Posted on 12/22/13) Review by Mary
    • My all time favorite exfoliating treatment! what should I say more, I love Kate's products, especially her skin care lines for oily skin. let's go back to this product, it is amazing, it makes my skin glow and it removes my dead skin and softens my skin. everyone should try this. I promise you will love it like I do. I owned it and this is a serious review. Trust me and try this best product.

      (Posted on 12/22/13) Review by luckymoon
    • I received a sample of this at another beauty store. I've heard so many amazing things about this product and now I know why. I tried it that very night I received the sample. First of all, you need the tiniest amount of this stuff for it to be effective, therefore the sample I have and even the mini size of this product will last forever. After I gently scrubbed it around on my face for about ten seconds, I let it sit for another 30 seconds or so. I could immediately feel the tingle from the chemicals exfoliants. I washed it off with luke warm water and gently pat my face dry. My face looked clearer and brighter immediately, and also was extremely smooth! My pores looked almost invisible as well. I can't wait to see what this product does for my skin with continued use! I would definitely recommend anyone to try this. And the cool thing is, you can adjust it to your skin. If you have sensitive skin, don't leave it on as long. But if your skin is pretty resilient you can leave it on for up to two minutes! Awesome stuff.

      (Posted on 12/19/13) Review by Courtney
    • This product is amazing!!! I have used it for years (back when it was called Kate In A Jar) and I continue to repurchase it and always will. It tingles the skin just a little at first, but after you use it your skin feels amazing! Love, love, LOVE!

      (Posted on 12/18/13) Review by Jessica
    • I absolutely love this product...it keeps my acne at a minimum!!!! Not to mention its ability to make your skin glo. A little pricie but worth it...This one is a MUST-HAVE!!!!!!

      (Posted on 12/14/13) Review by Layne
    • This is my #1 most favorite Kate Somerville product! It's a must-have for your skin care routine. This product does exactly what it says it does by allowing you to have a spa quality facial in the comfort of your own home. It's a very intense treatment, so be prepared for that … but it will leave your skin looking and feeling amazing! I use this product once per week and hope that Kate never stops making this!!!

      (Posted on 12/11/13) Review by Jennifer
    • I keep buy this product ever since I tried a sample. It totally cleans and resurfaces my face. My skin is baby smooth after I use it.....every time:)

      (Posted on 12/10/13) Review by Jennifer
    • I absolutely love this product! I have only used it twice and my skin has never looked better!

      (Posted on 12/9/13) Review by Rebecca
    • This was the second products that I purchased from Kate Somerville because the SA at Neiman told me I would not regret of buying this product. She tested it on my hands for 3 minutes, and I immediately noticed the differences on my skin. Therefore, I bought the 2 oz size (at the time the larger and the smaller sizes were not available) to see if this product worked. I was skeptical because I didn't find the "dark green" color and the smell attractive. However, this product became my holy grail after one usage.

      This product is so intense that makes my face tingle a little bit; but it isn't a big deal since you only need 3 minutes to do it. The result is wonderful because I immediately have a clearer and softer skin. YES, you will see the result immediately! I think this product is Kate Somerville's #1 selling product and I promise you will not regret of buying this!

      (Posted on 12/6/13) Review by Yi Wei
    • This exfoliant is a weekly must do. Once a week I use this product and it cleanses, softens, and polishes the skin. My skin feel younger after each use.

      (Posted on 12/5/13) Review by Tracy
    • After hearing about how wonderful this was, I took the plunge and I'm so happy I did. It is a lot less rough than I thought it would be and makes my skin feel so smooth. The smell doesn't bother me. I just ordered the acne version and I'm excited to try it!

      (Posted on 12/5/13) Review by Trish
    • My skin is on a sensitive side. However, this scrub works perfectly for me once a week. My skin looks smoother and clearer after using this product. I recommend it.

      (Posted on 12/5/13) Review by Tabitha
    • This is the only exfoliator I have used ever since I tried it a couple years ago. I will never use another one! My skin feels smooth, polished and pores are noticeably smaller after Use. It doesn't disappoint every time! Love it!

      (Posted on 12/5/13) Review by Diane
    • This is one of the very best exfoliators I have ever used. My face feels so clean and smooth afterwards. This might be a little harsh for sensitive skin, but I'm sure the gentle version would do the trick. This is one product I will buy again and again!

      (Posted on 12/3/13) Review by Tabitha
    • Just stocked up on my larger than large Exfolikate!! It's just amazing! Gets all that yucky stuff OUT and leaves my skin Ah-mazing!! Thank you, Kate!

      (Posted on 12/2/13) Review by Mary
    • This was the very first Kate product I ever bought. After the first use I was hooked and began researching all of Kate's products. I now only use her products and my skin has never been better. I have always been jealous of women with great skin and being in my mid-20s I wanted great skin. I'm now seeing that in my own skin thanks to Kate Somerville!

      (Posted on 12/2/13) Review by Katherine
    • I have tried this one and the gentle one, and just orded the acne one! I have pretty senstive skin, and this one did not bother my skin at all. I don't even turn red, which I love because I can use it anytime (day or night). I feel a difference instantly in the texture and smoothness of my skin. I highly reccomend this and the glycoloic polisher. I like to mix the two products!

      (Posted on 12/2/13) Review by charlie
    • I love this exfoliator. Been waiting for the holiday sale to stock up again!

      (Posted on 12/2/13) Review by M
    • Love ExfoliKate! This product has helped smooth my skin and eliminate breakouts on my chin. I use it twice a week and my skin is glowing.

      (Posted on 12/1/13) Review by Amy
    • This product is simply amazing! It leaves my skin feeling smooth. Worth every penny.

      (Posted on 12/1/13) Review by Varsha
    • This is probably my favorite product. It works great on my skin. Highly recommend it.

      (Posted on 12/1/13) Review by Anne
    • LOVE this exfoliating treatment! The smell is nice and it really helps with my pores. It feels good and leaves my skin feeling silky soft & smooth. Must-have product!

      (Posted on 11/30/13) Review by Laura
    • The small beads do a great job of cleaning off dead skin without ripping up skin the way a sugar or salt scrub can. It helps my skin glow and look lovely even without makeup!

      (Posted on 11/30/13) Review by Corey
    • This has greatly improved my complexion and keeps my skin feeling. A must have!

      (Posted on 11/30/13) Review by Stephanie
    • I love how it makes my skin look and feel. This is the product that introduced me to Kate Somerville!

      (Posted on 11/30/13) Review by Alicia
    • i love this product ! makes my skin feel fresh and new!

      (Posted on 11/29/13) Review by maria
    • I received a sample of this, along with other sample products from Sephora, about a year ago. I used this completely by accident. I was low on my normal daily scrub- Garnier- so I grabbed the Sephora sample bag and found this. I mixed it with my daily scrub, applied and immediately rinsed off. When I woke up the next day, I did a double take in the mirror- Wow! My skin was so radiant. I could not believe it. I immediately jumped on the internet to learn more about this miracle product. After finding out the price, I treated that sample like gold, carefully doling out the amount during my weekly use. :) I have since purchased the .5 oz size. I apply a little to my entire face while in the shower at least once a week. This product is amazing. If you want radiant skin and minimized pores, I highly recommend ExfoliKate.

      (Posted on 11/29/13) Review by Gae
    • This product leaves my skin glowing and very soft. You can immediately see the difference.

      (Posted on 11/29/13) Review by Ash
    • Gentla and yet able to scrub off all dirty dead skin, leaving my face super smooth every time I use it. Love Love Love !!!!

      (Posted on 11/29/13) Review by Cynthia
    • Love exfolikate it feels good when its working and when I rinse it off WOW my skin feels as smooth as glass its great!

      (Posted on 11/28/13) Review by Cheryl
    • This is the first product that I bought from Kate and I love it! It smells kind of organic and it leaves my skin very soft after using it. Although it hurts my skin a little bit but I don't really mind because " the beauty is the pain "

      (Posted on 11/28/13) Review by Ting
    • This is an amazing product! I have combination/oily skin and my skin feels amazing after each use. It leaves my skin soft, smooth and overall feeling great. I have been using other Kate products and my skin is the best it's ever been! After started using KS products my skin is changing, not as oily, just clear and smooth. My pores are invisible!! I am not using anything else on my skin!

      (Posted on 11/27/13) Review by Sonia
    • Terrific exfoliating scrub - both manual and chemical. Smells great and works well for sensitive skin. Use it in combination with the Clinic-to-Go Resurfacing Peel Pads and you will feel like you just had a fabulous facial. Has done wonders for my rosacea bumps on my chin.

      (Posted on 11/27/13) Review by Elizabeth
    • This product is amazing! After I used it my skin felt so soft and smooth! I have very oily skin and this has not made it worse, it has actually helped.

      (Posted on 11/26/13) Review by Stephanie
    • I had heard a lot about this product, but I thought I was happy with my separate chemical and manual exfoliating products. Then I tried this one and I LOVE it. Gentle but very scrubby SMALL particles, PLUS chemical exfoliation. With a nice spicy natural smell and warming feeling.

      I have sensitive skin and the regular treatment was just fine for me!

      (Posted on 11/26/13) Review by Nicrohr
    • Truly the best cleanser on the market.It keeps skin smooth,helps skin absorb products and facial treatments better.It keeps my skin free of blackheads and minimizes pores.It's a mini facial in your shower.

      (Posted on 11/26/13) Review by afi
    • Since using this product, I've tried other similar products. Nothing has even remotely compared to Exfolikate. I absolutely love this product!

      (Posted on 11/25/13) Review by Jennifer
    • this exfoliator is very fine and gets rid of the dead skin cells very well. leaves your skin very soft and smooth.

      (Posted on 11/25/13) Review by Rebecca
    • I did see the effect after using this product, my skin becomes much more smoother. It's good for combination to oily skin..

      (Posted on 11/25/13) Review by Cecilia
    • I received a sample of this miracle worker and in one use, I saw drastic improvements. I quickly put in an order for a full-size and now keep spreading the joy to friends.

      It tingles and has a nice spicy scent like Chai Tea and sloughs off any old skin and imperfections.

      Can't live without this!

      (Posted on 11/25/13) Review by Kimmy
    • First time i tried this product was from a sample. Then I decided to purchase the 5 oz. one and I LOVE IT. My skin look so much better now and I share this product with my mom.

      (Posted on 11/25/13) Review by Li
    • I got a deluxe sample of this with purchase and LOVED IT. Great product, gently and effectively clears blackheads and makes me skin glow! Will definitely be purchasing a full sized product in the future!

      (Posted on 11/25/13) Review by Alli
    • This is a strong exfoliator. I leave it on skin until it starts to get irritating and wash off immediately. It get rids of dead cells and leaves my face skin smooth.

      (Posted on 11/25/13) Review by Jessie
    • I've been using this product for two years now, and I have to say a little goes a really long way. I've gotten two of my girlfriends hooked on this product as well. Yes, it is quite pricey, but it's a product I wouldn't want to do without!

      (Posted on 11/24/13) Review by TM
    • This is a great product. I have sensitive skin. I have had a problem finding a exfoliating scrub that is not too harsh. This does the perfect job without over stripping my skin. Love it. I have bought many bottles. It is a wonderful product.

      (Posted on 11/24/13) Review by Carly
    • I have been using the Exfolikate for little over a month, twice a week and I have seen a tremendous difference. My skin is clearer and smoother. I usually get dead dry skin during winter, but since i started using the exfolikate, I have seen nothing but clear, smooth, fresh skin.

      (Posted on 11/24/13) Review by OLUFUNMI
    • I saw a lot of positive reviews and decided to give this product a try. IT IS UNBELIEVABLE. Yes, it's probably the most expensive cleansers/exfoliators I've purchased, but it gives INSTANT results. I was skeptical but after that first use, I could immediately feel how soft and supple my skin was and that elusive "glow."

      Cannot recommend this product enough, I'm going to get these as stocking stuffers for a few friends.

      Do note that this product may be a bit harsh for those with more sensitive skin so try the sensitive version if it is more suitable for your skin type.

      (Posted on 11/24/13) Review by kelley
    • I love this product! It leaves my skin feeling new and refreshed. It is gentle, yet effective enough to make my skin feel amazing. I use it a couple days a week and I have had great results with it. My skin looks and feels brand new after I use it. I use it before bed and rather on lotion after. I wake up loving my skin!!

      (Posted on 11/24/13) Review by Lindie
    • I started using this after Sephora hooked me in with the little sample of this product. I love the way it brightens my skin and I feel it helps with my blackhead issue. all in all a fantastic product! wish is was a bit cheaper, but it is worth the money.

      (Posted on 11/22/13) Review by kathleen
    • I was given a sample of this product as a gift pack by MECCA COSMETICA - the sales girl told me that I would love ExfoliKate, and that it has 'cult status'. I was assured I would be back to purchase! I don't mind admitting that I am nearly 50, and THIS product IS the best ever exfoliate/treatment I have used....EVER....The fact that the product lives up to the hype and does exactly as it says was what prompted me to take the time to write this. Love the ingredients, and the ease of use.

      I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product and will be asking to sample other products in this range.

      (Posted on 11/21/13) Review by suzie
    • This is by far the best exfoliating treatment I've tried (sample). Will definitely buy the full size. It is so easy to clean my pores on my nose after washing the products away (all the black heads and white heads will be on the surface), and I actually love the smell of the product. Great job!

      (Posted on 11/21/13) Review by Wei
    • I only used one sample and I'm hooked! The product is green but you can feel it working immediately! My skin was so smooth and lighter (a good thing, which means the product cleared out all the gunk in my pores and exfoliated dead skin cells), it really seems like a 2 min miracle facial it claims to me. Will be buying the full size asap.

      (Posted on 11/20/13) Review by thenightawaits
    • I got Exfolikate as a sample and was hooked immediately! It's worth every penny and actually lasts for several months. Everyone I know who has tried this product is hooked after the very first use... It's a real must have!

      (Posted on 11/20/13) Review by angela
    • I wasn't sure if I was using my money wisely when I bought this but I was happily surprised, used it at night and the next morning my skin was amazing. Great skin day. Love this product and will be buying again.

      (Posted on 11/19/13) Review by Yashmi
    • ExfoliKate is hands down the best exfoliating product out there. Literally within one use my skin was softer, smoother and I had this healthy glow. I use it once a week now, and I always feel like I look younger. Makes my skin feel and look wonderful, but more importantly makes my spirit feel alive. I highly recommend this.

      (Posted on 11/19/13) Review by Kimberly
    • ExfoliKate is the best exfoliant I have ever used. I love the slight tingle it gives. This exfoliator is very different. Once you try it you'll be hooked. Thank you Kate for another awesome product!

      (Posted on 11/18/13) Review by Sharon
    • I received a sample of this with a recent purchase. I used it for the first time last night and was amazed at what it did to my skin. It left my skin SO soft, SO clear, it was just unbelievable. There is an intense tingle on your skin when this product is on your face, but it is worth it! I will definitely be buying the full sized version.

      (Posted on 11/14/13) Review by Lena
    • This is the first item from Kate's line I tried. I absolutely LOVE this exfoliator. It packs a little power punch for sure. I use this every morning as my skin has beeen using Retin-A for about 1 year, so it can handle it. I will never be without this, NEVER!!! Skin is invigorated and awakened every morning, and I actually look forward to my little routine. It is my number one go to product religiously! Thanks Kate, you're a genious!

      (Posted on 11/13/13) Review by valerie
    • I cannot praise this product enough!

      No matter what is going on in my life, ExfoliKate will reverse the effects! Too little sleep? ExfoliKate to the rescue and your skin looks amazing! Stressed and overworked at home or the office? ExfoliKate the blahs away! No joke, this is a spa day in a tube and a must have for the savvy females (or males) arsenal of quick fixes! When you've been up all night with sick kids and can't afford to look like it, just ExfoliKate that night away! Pair it with your favorite Kate Somerville Moisturizer and your skin feels like satin. Amazing stuff and I know there's a special place in heaven for Miss Kate! ;)

      (Posted on 11/12/13) Review by Kristan
    • THE BEST! I see results instantly after washing. My face is always smoother immediately after. I recommend this to everyone looking for results!

      (Posted on 11/10/13) Review by Emily
    • The exfolikate leaves my skin incredibly soft after every use.

      (Posted on 11/10/13) Review by Tiffany
    • This is a must have, can't live without, I like to use on clean face then leave it sit while I brush my teeth. Wash off and my skin looks polished, healthy and a pink rosy glow. A little oil free quench, moisturizer, sunscreen and I'm good to go. Exfolikate is the perfect prep for my skin if I plan to use a CC cream or foundation.

      (Posted on 11/5/13) Review by Teresa
    • Grabbed a sample of this and fell in love at first try. Does not feel like it is "active" on my sensitive skin, and once it is removed it reveals amazing baby soft brighter skin! It is great with my congested pores and dry acne too!

      (Posted on 11/4/13) Review by Amy
    • I used to think that shaving alone would thoroughly exfoliate my skin but I was wrong. My wife turned me on to this and I've been using it since. I've even purchased my own tube and will never be without it.

      (Posted on 11/4/13) Review by Francis
    • When I first bought this product through QVC late at night, I didn't know I would buy something that would work MAGIC on my face.
      I took my Exfolikate to the shower and used it there and followed the instructions. When I came out of the shower, my skin felt, young, rejuvenated and as if it took years off my skin. I am not even kidding, with the first use I felt as though something, a layer was lifted off my face!!! I was in heaven. I have been using this product for 5 years now and can't tell you how happy I am. I have gotten my sister in love with Kate's products and she is loving the way her skin feels. We are both enjoying all the compliments as well. :)

      (Posted on 11/4/13) Review by AVISA
    • I just had to order the biggest tube available. This product is amazing. I noticed results immediately. Particularly on my smile lines and the fine wrinkles under my eyes. I'm so happy I happened to come across this product and didn't have to go to a dermatologist. I highly recommend this treatment.

      (Posted on 11/1/13) Review by Leah
    • ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment is indeed a treat for skin! It leaves my skin soft, smooth and beautiful - I wish I had found this much sooner - and wish it had been around a couple of decades ago, but I'm glad to have it in my beauty regime now!

      (Posted on 11/1/13) Review by Gloria
    • Kate Somerville has truly saved my skin. When I recently went off hormonal birth control, my skin went insane, and I had no idea what to do to save it. I tried brand after brand, and finally gave Kate a try. Within three weeks, my skin is in almost perfect condition again, and I have been using Kate's products exclusively.

      I wasn't sure which ExfoliKate to purchase, but Nordstrom was recently offering a 0.5oz size of the Intensive as a gift with purchase. So I purchased ExfoliKate Acne along with some other products so that I could try both. Around the time of my monthly breakouts, the Acne version is perfect, but for the rest of the month, I enjoy using the Intensive. I get a lot of small bumps/bumpy skin on my forehead and chin, and this REALLY helps to clear that up. Plus, you really do glow after using it. I find I can use this every two days or so, rather than once or twice a week (though I avoid using any other exfoliator when using this that often, i.e. Clarisonic).

      In addition to ExfoliKate, I use Detox Daily Cleanser, Clarifying Treatment Toner, Quench Oil Free Serum, Oil Free Moisturizer during the day, and at night I use Goat Milk for a little more moisture. I also use EradiKate on blemishes, though I find it is much better for cyst-type blemishes, rather than the 'small bumps' I referenced above. I have combination-oily skin. I hope this is helpful to anyone considering Kate's line. It's absolutely an investment, but for me, it has been completely worth it.

      (Posted on 11/1/13) Review by Lia
    • Love this exfoliating treatment! It doesn't leave your skin raw like many others on the market. Leaves your skin feeling clean and soft!

      (Posted on 10/28/13) Review by Nicole B
    • YEAH!!!! I found my absolute favorite "youth in a tube" product!! This product is wonderful. It will transform your skin like no other and it only takes 5 minutes to see the difference. Can't live without it!!!

      (Posted on 10/28/13) Review by DANA
    • Great treatment - easy to use and brightens and softens skin after one use.

      (Posted on 10/27/13) Review by SK
    • I've been using this product for a few weeks, and I'm really surprised how well it's worked!

      What I thought was interesting was that this exfoliator was very fine - if you're used to using scrubs from the drug store that generally have very large particles, this may come as a shock. I thought since the exfoliating agents was so tiny it wouldn't do much for my skin. (I tend to peel A LOT once the cold hits my skin.) After the first use, however, my skin was very smooth; I felt completely refreshed. I use it a few times a week, and I've seen a reduction in my acne as well.

      Even though this product is definitely on the pricier side I feel it's well worth it. After doing some research it seems that exfoliators like this with finer scrubbing particles are much healthier for the skin. I can't wait to watch my skin continue to improve!

      (Posted on 10/27/13) Review by Jennifer
    • I am a 57 year old female who has always taken excellent care of my skin and have prided myself in how great my skin has looked until using this product! I began using Kate's Gentle Cleanser, Quench Serum and Nourish moisturizer. My skin began feeling tight after only 2 days. I received a sample of this product with my purchase and decided to try it after reading the reviews on this site. I used it according to the directions and the next morning found my skin to not only be bright red, but extremely raw and had the feeling of being "sand blasted". That was almost 2 weeks ago and I am STILL struggling with flaking and extreme dryness!! My skin is a complete wreck!! I have now read reviews of Kate's products elsewhere warning of the harshness of some of her ingredients. Just because they claim to be gentle and for your certain skin type is not always the case -- BEWARE!!

      (Posted on 10/27/13) Review by Paula
    • I love this product for my face, as it leaves it feeling clean and polished. I suffer with bumpy skin and it really helps with the congestion

      (Posted on 10/25/13) Review by christie
    • I've been using three full-size of this product. I wouldn't use any others after switching to Kate Somerville. I'm lazy, so I don't do face treatment very often. This product helps me prepare my skin for later treatment when I occasionally do it, so that my skin can absorb the nourish ingredients. My skin feel soft, supple and smooth after simply using this product.

      (Posted on 10/25/13) Review by Angel-or
    • Exfolikate is truly a miracle product. If I ever feel like I have dull, clogged, congested skin - this is my go-to fix. It is one of the only products that really helps turn over my skin, and I immediately see refreshed, glowing, completely rejuvenated skin after I rinse this off. I notice that this really helps keep my breakouts at bay, and helps to get rid of any lingering acne scars a lot more quickly. Another bonus about this is that even though it really is an intensive treatment, it is formulated extremely well, so I don't ever feel a burning, stinging sensation when I have this on. It's all the benefits of a chemical peel without the pain that can sometimes come with them.

      Bottom line, you need this product in your life! I have gone through multiple tubes of this and I keep repurchasing, and have gotten others hooked on it, too. Exfolikate is something that i will always have in my beauty regimen!

      (Posted on 10/21/13) Review by Christine
    • This stuff really works! I had terrible black heads on my nose, including large pores. Since I have been using ExfoliKate all the black heads are gone. I stopped using it for a couple of days and the back heads returned. I will never go without it!

      (Posted on 10/21/13) Review by NANCY
    • Congratulations for winning QVC's Customer Choice Beauty Award 2013 (third year in a row) for your ExfoliKate. I love this stuff! To all of you that haven't tried ExfoliKate and are contemplating buying it, you will absolutely be hooked from the very first time you use it. Again, congrats Kate! We love your products!

      (Posted on 10/21/13) Review by Sharon
    • I enjoy the way it feels when I scrub it on my face and the scents I smell and just a light sting when its time to rinse it off and then the reward afterwards My skin feels sooo smooth and soft!

      (Posted on 10/20/13) Review by Cheryl
    • This scrub has unearthed the soft, glowing skin that I never knew I could have. I absolutely love the product and scent. Use it twice to three times a week to keep my skin fresh and clear. Can't recommend enough! :)

      (Posted on 10/19/13) Review by Magkelley
    • This is the best exfoliating product that I have ever used. I can feel it working and it leaves my skin very smooth and soft. It does not leave my skin feeling dry at all. I love it.

      (Posted on 10/17/13) Review by Patricia
    • I have acne and over the past 2 years I have tried every remedy know to man. I found this product and was in love. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and nourished. I also have seen a difference in the appearance of my spots.

      (Posted on 10/17/13) Review by Sherri
    • This product works really well and makes my skin feel refreshed!

      (Posted on 10/16/13) Review by Deanna
    • I've always been acne prone, but I have been able to keep them under control mostly over the past 10 years or so. But very recently, it started becoming out of control when I started having this really terrible flare up of adult acne, around my mouth and jaw line. Supposedly this is most likely due to hormonal imbalance (I am getting closer to age 40), which can stimulate oil glands. Soon it became clear that the other products I've been using for exfoliation were no longer effective enough with this sudden hormonal change, and I had to look for something better.

      Then I came across Nordstrom's promotion on Kate Somerville products, and I picked up a smallest tube of ExfoliKate, along with Anti Bac Clearing Lotion, and Micro Glycolic Polisher (so that I received the free cleanser too!). I love them all, the consistency (love, love, love their consistency), lack of strong scent, packaging, and the results, why didn't I try out this brand sooner!

      But among others, ExfoliKate is truly the best. I've purposefully left it on my skin much longer -- like 15 minutes -- than the recommended duration, knowing that my skin tolerates peeling agents quite well, and that I knew I really had to help my skin to get rid of old skin cells in order to stop this horrible flare up. This product really helped in achieving this goal. It stinks a bit but i don't mind it, as it really delivers the result. It is so much better than having ugly sites of adult acne and their scars afterwords. My skin now feels like baby skin soft, and I haven't noticed new ones after using this product. This product is so potent so that I don't have to use as much as other products i've used. For this reason, the price point is not as bad as it might appear to be.

      Thank you Kate! and I am now intrigued to try out her other products as well.

      (Posted on 10/13/13) Review by alexa
    • This is the 2nd product I have bought from Kate Somerville, and this is the best exfoliant I have ever tried and I have tried quite a few! This is my lifesaver. I am now using the whole acne collection and my skin looks great thank you Kate! I now have monthly breakouts instead of daily breakouts pre-Accutane. This does the trick along with the EradiKate! I sometimes use the Clearing Mask as well.

      (Posted on 10/12/13) Review by Isabelle
    • I have tried many many products, and I have finally found my perfect exfoliating treatment! I received a sample from Sephora and after one use, I was a believer. It left my skin smooth, fresh looking! Not too harsh, just the right amount of "grit"! Definitely going to make this a lifelong relationship!

      (Posted on 10/5/13) Review by Kari
    • I have been using the ExfoliKate 4 times per week for the past 2 months. It was love at first touch. I love the way it smells and feels. It gives a very slight tingle that actually feels refreshing (you can tell it's working). Gives my skin a nice glow/flush, increases skincare product absorption, etc.. I could go on forever. This is a product I look forward to using. BTW, I'm in my late 40's and have combination skin.
      Thanks, Kate!

      (Posted on 10/5/13) Review by Ziggy
    • Although I have lived in So Cal for 10 years, I was introduced to Kat Somerville at a Nordstrom fall fashion event in Philadelphia. My skin is very sensitive and I was loyal to my previous exfoliant. But I became hooked when I experienced the skin care magic of the ExfoliKate on my face during the demo. My friend then gave me the 5 oz as a gift, and I have used it twice a week for the past two years. My face glows and looks radiant. The product is fantastic.

      (Posted on 10/2/13) Review by Vikki
    • Ive tried so many scrubs and none of them compare to this one. It gets all your dead skin cells off and leaves your skin smooth and glowing... no scrub has left my skin glowing! It also smells gorgeous too.

      (Posted on 10/2/13) Review by Ashley
    • I use this weekly to keep my skin clear and free from dead skin cells. it's wonderful because it brightens my skin! I reccommend this to everyone.

      (Posted on 10/1/13) Review by Samantha
    • this exfoliator does its job. I have an active job where i sweat, have to be outdoor all day, therefore the skin tends to build up a lot of oil and dirt by the end of the day. i love coming home to shower and use this after using the mild face cleanser. leaves the skin feeling smooth and CLEAN.

      (Posted on 9/29/13) Review by riri
    • i am 27 and have very oily, acne-prone skin. i love to exfoliate but have to be careful that i don't overdo it! this treatment is great because the exfoliating beads are very fine and smooth, so they don't abrade your skin. i think on their own, they would be adequate to make this an great exfoliating treatment, but add the fruit enzymes and acids and you get a truly excellent product. skin feels smooth and new after one use! plus, it smells amazing.

      (Posted on 9/29/13) Review by alex
    • I love using exfolikate. You can see immediate results after the first use - noticeably smoother, brighter, clearer skin. Follow the directions and gradually build up use of this product to avoid redness and irritation, especially for sensitive skin.

      (Posted on 9/27/13) Review by megan
    • I've tired many Exfoliators that say that'll do something but I never see a difference. I used this mask for the first time tonight and fell in love! Although when I was using it I kept my eyes closed and was afraid that if I opened them my eyes would burn off (exaggeration I know) but after I rinsed that mask off I can see my blackheads and was able to remover some (ewwie) I will buy more soon! Just wished it didn't cost an arm and a leg. If your looking for something to clean and remove blackheads/ whiteheads you've found the product!!

      (Posted on 9/24/13) Review by Nina
    • I was using an apricot scrub and somehow got an infection from the tiny little cuts it made in my skin - this is nothing like that. It exfoliates gently and leaves skin soft and smooth. I will never go back to the apricot scrubs!

      (Posted on 9/20/13) Review by Laura
    • easy to use, and doesn't need a lot to cover the whole face. when I let it sit for 2 minutes, I feel the tingly on my skin, indicating that something is at work.

      easy to wash off and no grimy residue. I use it about one to two times a week, and feel refreshed and clean after each use.

      (Posted on 9/20/13) Review by Lynda
    • I just used this for the first time and immediately knew I'd be buying more!

      My skin had been freaking out over the changes in weather - humid! dry! humid! - and an airplane ride, so I needed something serious. after one use - one! - my skin is totally refreshed - no more dry peeling spots or dull spots.

      This also couldn't be easier to use - unlike other masks that require mixing or waiting forever, you just scrub this on for about 30 seconds (I think I had it on for about a minute total) and rinse it off! Also, the smell is amazing - like an herbal spa treatment!

      (Posted on 9/20/13) Review by Katharine
    • I am a big fan of retinol, I think it's one of the greatest discoveries in the skin care business. Every one I try, my skin is so dried out and therefore, I throw it in the drawer with my collection of unused products, until now. The first time I used ExfoliKate, I could not believe the results with one use. It's amazing! Your skin is smooth, and soft with the added moisturizer included. Don't wait another minute or spend another dollar on any other product but ExfoliKate!

      (Posted on 9/17/13) Review by Grace Gomez
    • This is far-by the best product from Kate's line. I love it.

      (Posted on 9/14/13) Review by Nerissa
    • ExfoliKate is my go to product when I want to give my skin a little pick me up. After one use, I can always count on my skin being smooth and ready for other treatments or a great make up application. It's definitely worth the cost to have in your skin care regimen.

      (Posted on 9/12/13) Review by Alix
    • This product is great. Although it's a little pricey, it only takes a small amount of exfoliator to get great results. My skin instantly feels more "plump"!!

      (Posted on 9/12/13) Review by Danielle
    • I love love this Intensive Exfoliating my face is so soft after I use it. And my skin looks great!
      I would never want to be with out this. Thank you!! Kate :)

      (Posted on 9/12/13) Review by Cindy
    • I started using this product about a year and a half ago, and it is hands down the best potent yet gentle exfoliating treatment I've ever used-- and the results! Oh my! I'm talking smooth, resurfaced skin, brighter complexion, and impurities gone! Helped improve my hyper-pigmentation as well-- a definite must buy!

      (Posted on 9/9/13) Review by Melody
    • This is my favorite product! Leaves your skin feeling like you just came from the spa. Also I noticed a glow to my skin.

      (Posted on 9/8/13) Review by kathryn.packard
    • This is the best exfoliator I have found for mild acne and clogged skin. I noticed a huge difference after one use and it is now my go to product. I can tell a huge change in my skin if I go more than a few days without exfoliating. Works great in a warm shower. Well worth the money.

      (Posted on 9/7/13) Review by lisa
    • I have been using this twice a week for a couple months, and all I can say is that this is really the best exfoliating treatment! It leaves my skin extremely smooth and also helps with minimizing pores/reducing blackheads. Love it !!!!

      (Posted on 9/6/13) Review by Gina
    • I love the combination or ingredients in this treatment. The enzymes do the job without so much of the "scrub" you often get with other products. My skin is both soothed and stimulated. I use this about 4x a week.

      (Posted on 9/6/13) Review by Natasha
    • I have combination skin that goes from oily to dry and back, very quickly. ExfoliKate gently removes my dry skin and helps keep my skin feeling fresh and soft without drying it out. It's gentle and refreshing and isn't harsh on my sensitive skin. I love it!

      (Posted on 9/6/13) Review by Amanda
    • This is the best exfoliating Treatment i have ever tried. It leaves my skin feeling super smooth imediately and after about a month of using it twice a week, I have noticed an improvement in my pores and less breakouts. It leaves your skin feeling like you've had a facial! LOVE it.

      (Posted on 9/6/13) Review by Deirdra
    • Exfoliate keeps my skin clear and bright without over drying! I have combination skin and have tried numerous products. This is by far the best!

      (Posted on 9/4/13) Review by Kimberly
    • This stuff is really intense! I love it, I can tell a difference when i stop using this so it's a staple. And it last forever! It helps unclog my pores, and helps clear up my breakouts. My skin is alot smoother and softer now! It's worth the money!

      (Posted on 9/3/13) Review by Ariel
    • I have been using this for a couple years and just decided to buy the Luxury size like I get the Daily Detox Cleanser. I use this a couple times a week to help clean out my pores and remove the dead skin to keep them clean. I love that I can feel the product working!

      (Posted on 8/30/13) Review by Teresa
    • I love using this product! It's so effective and yet not at all irritating. I love the gentle scrub you get from the texture, as well as the fruit enzyme action. It leaves my skin feeling polished, smooth and glowing. I always use it before a big day or night!

      (Posted on 8/30/13) Review by lori
    • Received a sample of this and fell in love with it! Had to go out and buy it immediately! It's the perfect amount of exfoliating! LOVE THIS!

      (Posted on 8/28/13) Review by Tiffany
    • I start using a week prior to my friend and it keeps my skin flawless!

      (Posted on 8/26/13) Review by Kkarly
    • I love the Intensive Exfoliating Treatment, and I love the sensation the enzymes give you--you know it's working before you even look at your skin! I like to use this product at least 2 times/week to keep my skin clear, clean, and smooth! This product is a "must have" in your skin care arsenal!

      (Posted on 8/22/13) Review by Erin
    • I am a 30 something with whose skin is stuck in the "in between" - acne prone, dry, sun spots all while i am trying to prevent wrinkles. I stubbled upon Kate's products while reading a magazine on my 30th birthday. I have been so happy with each and every one of her products, but most of all the ExfoliKate. It has changed my skin. I use it probably more often then you should but my skin always looks and fees so much better after. My make-up goes on smoother and my sun spots have lightened. Thanks so much for all of your products Kate!

      (Posted on 8/22/13) Review by Sally
    • I bought this product over a year ago and still have some left! It might be expensive but a little goes a long way. I use this multiple times a week and just love the results! Every time my skin starts to look a little dull or breaks out a little I use this product and the next day I wake up to 100% improved skin! It s worth every penny and more! You will love how your skin looks!!

      (Posted on 8/16/13) Review by Meghan
    • This is the most amazing exfoliator I have tried , and I triad a lot. The smell is amazing, and when you wake up in the morning the skin is just glowing , soft and smooth. I will use this till the end of time.

      (Posted on 8/16/13) Review by natallia
    • This is a great exfoliating treatment. Leaves skin feeling refreshed and firm and soft...not dried out. Love the hint of fragrance. Just right.

      (Posted on 8/15/13) Review by JS Eyes
    • this is by far the best skin product I have used! It has a nice tingling sensation on your skin and leaves it feeling so incredibly soft! I would definitely recommend!!

      (Posted on 8/15/13) Review by olivia
    • I really love this product! I have never had my face look so smooth after an exfoliating product like this one. Usually my skin is irritated. But this product left it feeling soft and completely clean.

      (Posted on 8/14/13) Review by Marie
    • This is by far the best exfoliant I have ever had the pleasure of using. The results are immediate. My skin looked smother, felt smoother.
      I felt fresh faced and had a healthy glow to my completion.
      I will always have this product in my cabinet!

      (Posted on 8/10/13) Review by Mpeters
    • Not only does it make my skin look like I just had a facial, it feels good and seems to maximize the absorption of my moisturizer. Love it.

      (Posted on 8/2/13) Review by Annika
    • This product works like a charm for EVERY problem. It's the go-to product and smells absolutely great. It's ultimately my favorite product ever from Kate's collection.

      (Posted on 8/1/13) Review by Thessa
    • This is the best manual exfoliator I have used. The texture, scent and performance is great. Many exfoliators are too drying or harsh but this one seems to be just right for my skin. My clogged pores are looking so much better now!

      (Posted on 8/1/13) Review by Mandy
    • I received ExfoliKate as a gift from my mother and I can say to you that it was the best face product that I've ever received. You feel it instantly working as soon as you put it on and the scent is amazing. I recommend this product to anyone who is looking to have beautiful and improved skin.

      (Posted on 8/1/13) Review by Thessa
    • A little goes a long way and I love the texture and feel of this exfoliator on my skin. I am so happy I found this. I use it 3 times a week. I leave it on for the full 2 minutes and for me its just a slight tingle. Nothing too crazy feeling. Coming from Europe its nice to find an American brand that can stand up to the ones I'm used to.

      (Posted on 7/31/13) Review by Farhana
    • I am so happy with this product. I don't feel any burning sensation like how some people have described. I noticed so much improvement in the condition of my combination, acne-prone skin. I use it twice a week in the shower. It loosens the dead skin on my face, leaving my skin noticeably softer afterwards.

      (Posted on 7/28/13) Review by Natasha
    • I have not found a better exfoliant; this one is simply the best! The exfoliating beads are so tiny yet so effective. After using, my face always feels so soft and smooth. I'm prone to breakouts due to sensitive skin and this exfoliant isn't harsh and has never caused any adverse reactions. It has quickly become my go-to product whenever my face needs a little brightening!

      (Posted on 7/24/13) Review by angela
    • I LOVE the exfoliate product!!! I bought a mini tube at sephora just thinking... Okay let's give this a shot how good could it be?
      I like the scent of it... My husband says its smells like Christmas... Cinnamon like or something I guess. It starts off dark green and after you rub it into your skin turns minty green- it feels amazing! No harsh bits of exfoliating beads- just enough... And after you have manually exfoliated for thirty seconds it does a chemical exfoliation in a minute and a half on its own - and my skin is baby soft after I rinse. It feels amazing and just fresh!
      I didn't expect the small tube to last long but I've used the treatment myself about 7 times and made several of my friends and hubby try it out as well! A little goes a long way here!!!
      If you purchase one KS product that will change your skin... Though you should buy more... get this one! You won't be sorry and your skin will thank you!

      (Posted on 7/21/13) Review by Dom
    • I get this product in my TRY KATE Atuo Delivery Program. There are actually 2 uses for this product. First you can use as directed as just an exfoliater but it is also great to use as a mask on occasion. Obviously using it as a mask is something you need to play with on how often as it may be to strong for some skin types. I am fairly normal and I try to use it a minimum of once a month at least. Sometimes twice a month if I feel I need that extra exfoliating treatment, like in the summer months when we tend to sweat more and be a little more oily. A little goes a long way with this as with most of Kates products!

      (Posted on 7/20/13) Review by Sandra
    • I cannot say enough about this product. I originally purchased the 0.5 fl oz size, and I must say, I'm purchasing the 2 fl oz next! This is by FAR the best exfoliate I have ever used, and believe me, I've used A LOT! I love the herbal scent. I use this every morning in the shower (my skin can tolerate daily exfoliation, but I wouldn't recommend doing so unless you know how your skin will react), and when I get out, my skin is glowing! It feels so smooth, and I've noticed that my oily skin isn't as oily, and my pores don't appear as large. I LOVE this product.

      (Posted on 7/19/13) Review by Dana
    • I got a sample of this from a friend, after the first use I saw a difference in my skin! This is one product I do not want to be without! A MUST have for sure!

      (Posted on 7/19/13) Review by Heather
    • I had a few samples of this and it definitely made my skin smooth. I think it was a little too intense for my sensitive skin so I am interested in trying the gentle version. It burned a bit. The price is a little steep and I didn't care for the smell as well. However, I would still recommend the product to someone with less sensitive skin.

      (Posted on 7/18/13) Review by Rebekah
    • What better way to share great products with the ones you love. Exfolikate is one of my favorites. I used my rewards and got it for my best friend for her birthday!

      (Posted on 7/18/13) Review by Summer
    • Hands down, best exfoliating treatment ever. I've used so many different brands and have spent an obscene amount of money on some, but this is, by far, the best. You feel the difference immediately. It doesn't irritate my skin at all and really leaves me with a great glow for days. I couldn't be happier with the results I get from using this product!

      (Posted on 7/18/13) Review by AJ
    • ExfoliKate is a must have product! I use this 2 times per week and it gives instant results, smoother, softer and more radiant skin. I buy the 5 oz large size and it is a great savings, my husband has also been using this.

      (Posted on 7/17/13) Review by Lorrie
    • This is a great product for me. My skin feels so smooth and clean. I have oily skin, but it's sensitive. most cleansers don't work with this combination, yours does.

      (Posted on 7/13/13) Review by Dorothy
    • I bought this on my first trip to the clinic upon recommendation from my facialist. WAY TO ROUGH - I absolutely can't use this on my face. Thankfully, they introduced exfolikate gentle so that's what I am using now. I am still working my way through this stuff in my shower. Perfect for my elbows :-)

      (Posted on 7/13/13) Review by Corinne
    • After using this my face looks and feels so smooth! I love that it's such a quick treatment, no need to leave it on for more than a few minutes!

      (Posted on 7/13/13) Review by catherine
    • I love this exfoliating scrub. The smell is herby and spa-like. I use it one or two times a week in the morning and leave on for a few minutes before rinsing. It is refreshing and a good 'restart button' for my skin! I purchased the smaller bottle (.5 oz, I believe) and using it only a couple times a week will stretch it easily into a 6-month run. It is expensive, which is why I only gave it 4 stars, but I love it!

      (Posted on 7/11/13) Review by LAUREN
    • I love how this makes my skin feel. I also love the quick results. Even if I'm in a hurry, it only takes about 2 extra minutes in my skincare routine and it's so worth it. Bonus: I love how it smells!

      (Posted on 7/6/13) Review by melissa
    • I love this product. Very gentle yet effective. My skin feels so smooth after using it.

      (Posted on 7/3/13) Review by Pinar
    • I absolutely love this! You can feel it working & see results immediately after using! It cleans my pores deep down & eliminates dry/dull skin. This product is like a facial in a bottle practically!

      (Posted on 7/1/13) Review by Lauren
    • I received a sample of this product from a friend; she gave me samples from her bathroom after cleaning out her drawers and I loved it! I just turned 51 in May and this cleanses without drying my skin. I love it!

      (Posted on 6/30/13) Review by Jane
    • This product smells great but best of all is extremely effective. My face is very smooth after each use and left glowing.

      (Posted on 6/30/13) Review by RSCO13
    • I've tried other enzyme cleansers before this and nothing can compare! I love products that you can feel working and with this you can truly feel your skin clearing as you use it!

      (Posted on 6/30/13) Review by Elizabeth
    • The is the BEST exfoliant I have ever tried! It leaves my skin perfectly exfoliated without causing any irritation or dryness and its so effective! Love it, wont use anything else!

      (Posted on 6/26/13) Review by Meghan
    • The first time I used this I did not have a great experience. It actually burned my skin.
      I followed the directions so that wasn't the problem. I have been afraid to try it again.
      Most people seem to love this but it's not for me.

      (Posted on 6/24/13) Review by Sherry
    • I cannot say enough about ExfoliKate, it truly is a lifesaver (or rather skinsaver)! I have struggled with acne, acne scars, uneven skin tone, and clogged pores for most of my adult life. ExfoliKate always leaves my skin looking radiant and feeling soft .With regular use I have seen a tremendous improvement in my skin, a little goes a long way which is helpful given that it is pricey. I used to not use it that regularly because of the price, but soon realized that it is worth it to use it as least once a week and stick to that routine. Even after one use I notice a difference in my skin, so every time I use it I am reminded why it has been a staple in my routine for several years. I even usually try and bring it on vacation to give my skin a boost. Among all my other skin ailments, I also have sensitive skin, and this product is gentle yet effective, i.e. I don't feel like I'm tearing up my skin when I use it. If you invest in one Kate product, I recommend this one!

      (Posted on 6/23/13) Review by Whitney
    • This exfoliating treatment leaves my skin soft and silky. Cleans nicely your pores and exfoliates. I dont see any dry patches on my cheeks and forehead as I saw before with other brands. Also smells great!

      (Posted on 6/20/13) Review by Karina
    • I LOVE this product! I don't think I've ever loved a product more. I've tried so many exfoliators and pore cleansing masques. This product is great because you can leave it on for a few min and get some extra cleaning power! It has a tingly feeling which is pretty neat and my pores are visibly cleaner and my skin is super soft. The effect lasts for almost a week on me so I only have to use it once a week or sometimes every other week.

      (Posted on 6/20/13) Review by Stephanie
    • I don't know how I lived without this product. I was offered a sample from Sephora and fell in love after my first use. This product is my holy grail. The size of my pores has visibly reduced and my blackheads have never been under as much control as they are with the use of this product. Two thumbs up!

      (Posted on 6/18/13) Review by bvincen2
    • I was a bit skeptical; I typically don't like exfoliation products because I feel they're harsh on my sensitive skin. I bit the bullet and tried this, and I was AMAZED at how much I love it. My skin feels Super soft and I didn't feel it was harsh to my skin at all. I use it on my face, down my neck and on my chest as I tend to show some age/sun damage there and I am Very happy with the results I'm seeing. I am quickly becoming a huge Kate Somerville junkie!

      (Posted on 6/14/13) Review by Rachelle
    • When I first used this I had no idea who Kate Somerville was, I Had a sample from Sephora. Once I used it my face glowed! I've never been able to get all that much dead skin with any other treatment! I immediately went out and bought a tube!

      It is expensive but it is so worth it! a little bit goes a long way. Takes off all flakes and oily bits. It doesn't make skin raw like some exfoliating treatments and is okay for sensitive skin.

      I now want to try more things from Kate Somerville.

      (Posted on 6/12/13) Review by Allison
    • This is for sure a true exfoliant. It leaves your skin feels refreshed and smooth. It also helps with redness. I am not sure, because I do not see a difference, in reducing my blemishes...but I know it helps in some minute way! :)

      (Posted on 6/12/13) Review by bethany
    • I have really oily skin, and it gets rough very quickly. i use this exfoliator 3 times a week, and it works very well in getting rid of all my "dead" skin on my face and neck. I have less acne after i started using this product.

      (Posted on 6/12/13) Review by ramn
    • I have been using this product for almost two years and will keep on using it for years to come. It is very intense, so be careful. When used as instructed there should not be a problem with irritation, unless, perhaps you have sensitive skin. This product is part of my skin care routine.

      (Posted on 6/10/13) Review by Joell
    • This product is a great, EASY way to keep skin bright. I keep mine in the shower and use it twice a week. My skin feels incredibly soft and smooth afterward. Helps keep skin clear as well.

      (Posted on 6/5/13) Review by Suzanne
    • I love this product. The key is to follow the directions exactly. Do not leave on too long or massage like a scrub. I also do not advise using in the shower because the humidity makes it slide off my face. Just simply apply to clean skin and let it sit for the time it says on the tube., and rinse off as advised. I get wonderful results even though I have sensitive skin and I use this product once a week. It keeps my pores clear and my skin does not feel irritated. I do not know how I would describe the scent, but I like it.

      (Posted on 6/5/13) Review by cosmeticjunkie
    • I don't normally write reviews for the products that I purchase but I had to make some exceptions for Kate's products! I had some issues with skin cancer several years ago and have been looking for a product that would give me a "renewed" look.......I no longer have to search..... I've found it!!!

      After just ONE use, I could visibly see a difference in the tone, texture and clarity of my skin. I use this product 2-3 times a week, I'm over the century mark, age wise, and people ask me if I've had anything done to my face. I tell them that I've been using Kate Somerville products and I'm a walking billboard for how great these products work!!

      I've tried numerous, very expensive products and I can say that this product does what it claims to do. I am so pleased!!! THANKS KATE!!!

      (Posted on 6/5/13) Review by DANA
    • I just brought this product 2 weeks ago and have used it 4 times. Right after using it, my skin looks smooth. It is too soon to tell if it can reduce the dark spot or not. But if definitely worth trying.

      (Posted on 5/30/13) Review by Jenho
    • I am not generally allergic to anything, but cosmetics. It is some common ingradient (i have no knowlege about) keeps my face skin irritated and pruritic and keeps me shopping aroundfor better one. I had no problems with this product.

      (Posted on 5/28/13) Review by Val
    • ExfoliKate has transformed my leathery skin into soft supple younger looking skin.

      (Posted on 5/27/13) Review by SP
    • This is a product that delivers. Smoothes out your skin without being harsh. I love the smell.

      (Posted on 5/20/13) Review by Victoria
    • I saw lots of reviews raving about this product and now I know why! This is by far one of the best exfoliates I have ever used. Love the way my skin feels after I use it and it has the perfect size bead in it. I use it 2-3 times a week.

      (Posted on 5/16/13) Review by Christy
    • wow

      Exfoliating particles are on the large side and a little sharper than I expected, but the enzyme action afterward is really great! Love it.

      (Posted on 5/9/13) Review by Caroline
    • I so look forward to using my Kate Somerville Exfolikate. It feels so good. I really enjoy the scent. And my face looks and feels bright and awake after I rinse it off. My face feels much smoother after using this product and then the serums and moisturizers work better because all the dead skin cells are removed allowing these products to absorb into the skin. It's a keeper!

      (Posted on 5/8/13) Review by Nancy
    • I'm not sure what more I can add to everyone's glowing reviews of this product. It really is the best. I've tried a lot of different products and and I always come back to this for my weekly exfoliation. Exfoliation really is the key to my clear skin. If I start with clean balanced skin (i use the gentle cleanser) and clog-free pores (from using ExfoliKate) then there's no reason for acne or razor bumps to form. If you need a little more exfoliation midweek try the ExfoliKate Gentle. I do, so that's my two cents.

      (Posted on 5/4/13) Review by Eddie
    • This is a great product! I got it as a trial, and I used it once and already my pores appear smaller and my face is so smooth! My face usually gets dried out after using exfoliates, but my face isn't dry with this one. I just bought an acne kit and I can't wait to receive it! I think I've found a new skin care line for myself!

      (Posted on 4/25/13) Review by Rachael
    • I use ExfoliKate on my skin and love: (1) how it feels on my skin; (2) how it smells; and (3) the end results. There simply is no other product like this one. It's addicting to use - at least it is for me. Thanks, Kate!

      (Posted on 4/23/13) Review by Rose Marie
    • I absolutely love Exfolikate. I actually have very sensitive skin and I know she does make a gentle version but I tried the original because that is the only one available in travel size and I have had no irritation or problems with this product whatsoever. It smells amazing like pumpkin and it feel wonderful and works so well on my skin. I notice a huge difference in the texture of my skin on days I use this product vs the days that I don't. I use it about every other day or so and it makes me skin appear brighter and smoother and also helps with some of my redness. I recommend this product 100% it is every bit worth the money. A little also goes a long way you only need the tiniest amount for your whole face. My travel size lasted me months.

      (Posted on 4/20/13) Review by jennifer
    • I've been using this product twice a week for about a month now. The grains aren't harsh and really polish my skin. I am very happy with this treatment.

      (Posted on 4/16/13) Review by Helen
    • I found this ExfoliKate product while shopping at Sephora. I tried it that evening and instantly noticed a difference in my skin. It looked as it does after some of the best facials I ever had. My skin was supple and smooth as a baby's bottom. In fact I loved it so much I convinced my husband to let me try it on him. He did not complain. It may be a bit pricey but worth every penny.

      (Posted on 4/13/13) Review by projectlauren
    • I have young, acne prone skin. I can use this once a week and it gets all the dead skin off of my face and leave is feeling as soft as cashmere. I would recommend this to all of my friends and anyone who struggles with acne or dry skin. LOVE this product. Will always repurchase.

      (Posted on 4/13/13) Review by Ranen
    • My skin never feels dry or tight after using this. My skin felt smoother and softer after the first use. I tend to have breakouts about once a month but with regular this has kept the acne at bay. My skin can be sensitive but while my skin is red immediately after use the redness clears up quickly. I use it at night so my face is not red at the start of the day.

      (Posted on 4/7/13) Review by Jacqueline
    • I read that in your 20's it's extremely important to exfoliate! I tried this product 2 years ago and I am hooked. ExfoliKate is one of my favorite Kate Somerville's products. It leaves my skin smooth and I can feel that it takes away all of the dead skin. I use it once a week. My husband also loves it, it has really changed our skin for the best. My skin feels smooth and young.

      (Posted on 4/5/13) Review by Hellen
    • I have had this for about a month. This exfoliater is gentle, yet effective. There is a definite smoothness, brightness to skin after using. I alernate this with my P50v and it keeps my skin looking new, fresh, pores appear smaller. Face does not feel tight or itchy after using. A definite plus.

      (Posted on 4/3/13) Review by Brandy
    • I've used this product for about 2 years now. It makes my skin feel great and it isn't too harsh on my very sensitive skin. I use it 1-2x weekly. It will tingle and you can feel it working. I would highly recommend to anyone!

      (Posted on 3/25/13) Review by Jordan

      Margie J.

      (Posted on 3/25/13) Review by Margie
    • This product is gentle yet leaves my skin polished & looking & feeling amazing. My skin glows, pores are smaller & I've had people comment that my skin looks great.

      (Posted on 3/24/13) Review by Susan
    • I am new to Kate's products. I saw this on an informercial in the middle of the night. I went to my local sephora to try the next time i went to visit was surprised they had the products. I tried the sample and went back the next day to buy. I have been using it ever since! I hope to get to know the rest of the products but love this. Really gentle and your skin looks renewed! Great for your late 30's to get the glow back!

      (Posted on 3/24/13) Review by Tabitha
    • This is a great exfoliating mask and will leave your skin smooth and clear. It warms up quickly and can sting if you leave it on too long but it is effective and will keep your skin clear with regular use. They use this as a pre-extraction treatment at the Kate Somerville clinic. Being able to use it at home is almost like getting a mini facial.

      (Posted on 3/22/13) Review by Melissa
    • This is a wonderful product. It makes your skin look appealing and beautiful. buy, buy, buy this product. no doubt about it.

      (Posted on 3/21/13) Review by bethany
    • I tried this product as well as the ExfoliKate for Acne version and oddly enough this one is much harsher on my skin than the one for Acne. This is an amazing product, but try each version to make sure you get the one that is right for you.

      (Posted on 3/18/13) Review by Natalie
    • This was the first Kate product I purchased when I first became her client over 8 years ago. It was called "Kate in a Jar" and promised to make your skin look and feel like you'd just been to her spa for a facial. This product absolutely delivers on that promise. I am OBSESSED with ExfoliKate. It smells delicious (tangy and fruity and natural) and makes your skin GLOW! I tell friends often about Kate's products but this is my favorite to recommend because in the busy world we live in, what girl (or guy!) doesn't want to look like they've just been to the spa every day?!

      (Posted on 3/18/13) Review by CherylD
    • This was the first KS product I purchased. I have tried so many products, and at one time, I was going for facials every other week. Periodic spa treatments can be beneficial, but if the product line isn't great, what good is it? I wish a ks spa was near me because I feel the line is amazing! From the moment this product touched my face, I was eager to get it off just to see the results. I knew something was happening. I have now been using it for 6 weeks, and I am truly, truly impressed with the results. I have always suffered from oily, uneven skin. This product has helped me immensely. It has made my skin look great, and it continues to improve. Thank you Kate! I have finally found a line that works.

      (Posted on 3/17/13) Review by Amy
    • I absolutely love this product! I have to be careful because my skin is sensitive but this product leaves your face feeling smooth and refreshed without any problems. Your skin seriously glows after you are done using it! And it smells amazing! Your skin will definitely thank you! :)

      (Posted on 3/17/13) Review by Emily
    • Since our skin is the largest organ of the body, and dies on a daily basis, I daily practice dry skin brushing; however, my facial skin routine is a tad different because of the face's more sensitive nature.

      This has to be one of my favourite face-exfoliation treatments. If you're not exfoliating your face, then you'll most likely have dead skin on your face that will clog pores and prevent your other treatments from seeping into your skin and giving you the necessary benefits. Therefore, if you don't exfoliate you're losing money because you're wasting your products!! Exfoliating will clear away dead skin and ensure a fresher complexion regardless of what you do afterwards (unless you do something silly like sunburn your face afterwards---that would be a no-no ;)

      Kate you really know how to make the BEST exfoliation treatments--ExfoliKate ;) This particular exfoliation treatment is so fabulous because it has the fine grains to sweep away dead skin and then has this amazing aroma to make it a special treat for the senses as well!! I love to use a soft brush with this treatment to multiply my effects (I wouldn't suggest this for those who have sensitive skin), and after using I know my further beauty treatments are not just sitting on the surface of my skin, but getting deep into my pores to do their magic.

      (I like to use this product more than once a week because my skin is not too sensitive. Also, some people may experience mild blemishes when first using an exfoliation treatment on their face--this means that you are eliminating toxins--I suggest giving this product a week or two before you say, "this doesn't work for me because it made my skin breakout," or try the sensitive exfoliation formula [see my suggestion on the right of my review] because, in my experience, breakouts are usually a sign that the product is working/removing toxins ;)

      (Posted on 3/15/13) Review by Karen
    • Long story short, i got a sample a while ago and used it and loved it. Then i bought it used it for awhile like 3 times a week then stopped and tried something new. I ran out of the other stuff so i decided to finish this off before buying something else. WELL, i will be buying this again. You dont realize how well it works untill you use something else then come back. It was like i got used to my glowing skin and thought it wasnt working, and it took like 6 months for my skin to get yucky again and then in less then a week my skin was glowing again. I mean to the point that my co-workers said your glowing and i look in the mirror and think "why did i stop using this" biggest mistake ever. Its a bit pricey for every day use but its so worth it.

      (Posted on 3/15/13) Review by Kristin
    • Loved it the first time I used it. I have sensitive skin, and it wasn't red or irritated after use. AND the good news was my skin felt great! I will definitel buy this product again.

      (Posted on 3/12/13) Review by Miriam
    • I use this a few times a week along with the clinic to go peel pads in between- I have never felt better about my skin!!

      (Posted on 3/11/13) Review by Mary
    • Initially, I was hesitant about trying a product that advised that redness would likely occur, and while I did experience a brief moment of being flushed after my first use of ExfoliKate, I couldn't believe how amazing my skin felt. I expected there to be a harsher scrubbing feeling but it was gentle on my skin and still managed to do away with all of my pesky dry patches. My skin care products seemed to melt into my newly smooth skin. This product is responsible for the glow that I now carry.

      I use this product 1-2 times per week, and it keeps my skin perfectly clear and as soft as it can be. It's also next to impossible to use up this product, as you only require a tiny bit for it to be incredibly effective. I don't want to imagine my skin or my life without ExfoliKate.

      (Posted on 3/10/13) Review by Stephen
    • I first tried this product as a sample from Nordstrom. I loved it so much I bought it and I am now almost done with it. I use it in the shower and I just leave it on while I'm massaging my shampoo in. I think this really helped with my skin. It doesn't act up as much anymore and it definitely feels really good after using it. I don't get any redness after I use it, I guess some people do.

      (Posted on 3/10/13) Review by Abigail
    • I have sensitive skin and I didnt think my skin would handle this product. I was wrong. I use it twice a week and it leaves my skin glowing and clean. It has reduced my breakouts and minimized the size of my pores. Love this product :)

      (Posted on 3/3/13) Review by manal
    • My skin feels refreshed and new after I use this. I only use it once a week because it's quite expensive but the results last - my skin feels super soft and fresh after use. don't use if your skin is irritated or super dry (maybe the sensitive would be okay if it is). i find it burns a bit more on the apple of my cheeks than my t-zone but i try to minimize that by applying this to my cheeks last.

      (Posted on 3/2/13) Review by amy
    • The enzymes will do the scrubbing for you! I can't believe that it just does it for you and you don't need to scrub it in. And after you use it (and tone / moisturize), you look like you just got a facial and your skin looks pampered.

      (Posted on 3/1/13) Review by David
    • This is my absolute go to product... I would rather use this than go get a facial...My face has never been smoother and my pores have never been smaller... Seriously a life saver! I would never purchase a exfoliator unless it was Exfolikate because the other ones are too harsh and destroy your face.

      (Posted on 2/28/13) Review by Kelly
    • Exfolikate completely saved my skin. Over the holidays in 2011, I was visiting my mother and my facial skin became a scaly, patchy, rough, clogged and pimpled mess overnight! No matter what I used I could not get the dead skin off, and moisturizer just sat there and never went into my skin. I went to the nearest mall to her and bought the .5 oz size to try it out. I used it almost every day that trip and after a month of using it, the clogs I had deep down in my transparently pale skin were gone- and I was so pale you could see them inside my skin so they were very bothersome. After a few months, I still had not had a single breakout, and used to be extremely breakout prone. This product saved my skin, and is the best skincare product I have ever used to this day. I would never want to be without it. I get the 5 ounce autoshipped.

      (Posted on 2/26/13) Review by Heather
    • I enjoy the deep cleanse I get from exfolikate. My pores are wiped very clean! In winter I watch how much I use, as its a bit drying. Maybe just once a week. But I can up it the rest of the year. Amazing

      (Posted on 2/25/13) Review by Jen
    • I found that the acne Exfolikate was too much to use more than once a week, so I purchased this in conjunction. This is a great product that I can use every other night and it leaves my skin glowing. Isn't harsh at all, and I literally noticed significantly softer skin after the first use. A little pricy but you really really really don't have to use very much of it for it to be effective. A nickel size at the most will do!

      (Posted on 2/19/13) Review by C
    • I absolutely love this product, I used it on my face for the first time a month ago, and this past month, everyone has notice a glow in my face that they have never seen before. It did a 360 degree turn. My pores look so much smaller, my face so much more clear, and feels like a baby's skin all over again. Love it! A must buy product!!!!

      (Posted on 2/16/13) Review by Genesis
    • My doctor advised me to try this product, and I love it! I saw a big difference in my texture within a couple days.

      (Posted on 2/13/13) Review by summer
    • Great product that has transformed my skin. 1-2 weekly application of this treatment is great and non irritating for my normal to combo/oily skin type. It is an expensive product, but the weekly use makes up for this remarkable product. I also love the fact that this is a grainy scrub yet is an enzyme exfoliator. I would suggest this product to everyone who wants a Holy Grail Exfoliator.

      (Posted on 2/11/13) Review by Arnold
    • I have used Kate Somerville's ExfoliKate for well over a year now and I just love it. This product leaves your skin feeling smooth and clean yet it is gentle and doesn't over dry it. In just a few moments at home you can feel and look like you visited a spa and spent over $100 for a treatment.

      (Posted on 2/9/13) Review by PAM
    • I thought I knew what exfoliation was before. I was wrong. This product is simply spectacular. My skin felt fresh and smooth - like it was breathing for the first time in years, and I definitely felt like I kept it clean before! Just don't exceed the 2-5 minute mark for leaving the product on your face. It's way too intense for that!

      (Posted on 2/6/13) Review by Cassandra
    • I received this as a sample from a store and I only wish I had tried this way sooner, no product has ever compared as far as exfoliaters go!!!!

      (Posted on 2/4/13) Review by Jill
    • I really love this product! I received a sample of it which brought me to Kate's webside for a larger bottle. After only two uses, the acne around my hairline and chin is just about gone. I also have a beautiful glow to my skin. It feels soft and smooth for the first time in a very long time! This is like a miracle product!! I can't wait to try more of Kate's products!

      (Posted on 2/4/13) Review by Lorie
    • I use this product twice a week as recommended (i've used this for over a year now) and I can say that this is the real deal.

      --eliminates discoloration
      --leaves skin very soft
      --works great with other Kate Somerville products
      --I tend to use it in the mornings when I've forgotten to wash off my old makeup (i.e. prevents breakouts from makeup use!)

      --use sparingly! runs out quickly
      --sometimes i get some redness on my face after use. Goes away in a couple of minutes

      (Posted on 2/3/13) Review by Diane
    • I have very sensitive skin that reacts with almost everything, but this product not only smells great, but exfoliates and cleans my skin beautifully without over drying it. My skin feels very soft and radiant after I use it.

      (Posted on 2/3/13) Review by Monica
    • I first used this product a couple years ago and immediately fell in love. The smell reminds me of the holidays (it has a pumpkin pie-ish scent) and it makes your skin insanely smooth and glowy. If any product would get you hooked on Kate Somerville, it would be this one!

      (Posted on 1/30/13) Review by Diva
    • This was the product that started my KATE addiction. I've been using it for years... I think it was the first Kate product I ever bought. It has become a staple in my routine ever since.
      It's a warming, tingly, exfoliating treatment with a fine grit texture that isn't too hard on the skin. It's an instant revival for dull skin and promotes cell turn over as well as helps unclog pores. I use it about once or twice a week, my skin is too sensitive for more than that. I always follow with Quench, and either Goat's milk moisturizer or CytoCell dermal energizing treatment...

      I recommend this for everyone, great skin needs to be exfoliated regularly, and problem skin needs it more for faster cell turnover. It made my skin brighter day one and has continued years later. It has improved the overall texture and clarity, especially when combined with all my other favorite Kate products.

      A lot goes a long way with this product... And you have to build up the amount of time you leave it on... I have sensitive combination skin that is easily irritated or dried out, but I am very happy with this original formula because I love the almost spicy warm fruit enzymes working on my face & decollate... If you can't handle the strength there is a "gentle" version.

      Thank you Kate!

      (Posted on 1/29/13) Review by Diana S.
    • I have used this product for over two months and am very pleased with how much brighter my skin looks as well as my over all skin tone is clearer. Also, some large pores have virtually disappeared. I have three daughters in their 30's & have gifted this product to all of them. We are all very pleased with our results

      (Posted on 1/29/13) Review by Arielle
    • This is an intensive exfoliator!!! It’s too intense for my skin. If you have any blemishes on your face at all, please avoid this product. When I applied the treatment to my face, it burned. It burned all over, but especially to the one blemish I had. Not mildly, much worse. So, if you have crystal clear skin and only need to exfoliate, this is a product for you.

      I gave it 3 stars due to the burning sensation it caused as well as the price. After using it at home for a bit, this product seems overpriced for only 2 ounces.

      (Posted on 1/29/13) Review by DoneWithTheSun
    • I love this product. Helps with acne too!

      (Posted on 1/28/13) Review by jessica
    • This is the best face product. Ever. While, not completely natural (I went all natural/organic for a while and my face missed this the whole time) it's ingredients are natural over-all and are formulated for results. Oh yeah, and it WORKS. I'd been without this for a couple of years and then breakouts got bad and I decided to go back to the one thing i KNEW worked. This plus Anti-bac and Nourish and within days I could see my skin healing. Almost TWO years of frustration started to turn around again. Two months and breakouts are 90% gone and my skin is looking smooth and regaining the glow it used to have (really, the Kate Glow). I will NEVER be without this ever again. You will seriously see your skin be smoother, clearer, smaller pores, almost completely reduce blackheads and clogged pores with regular use. You'll never need another scrub/mask/peel.

      (Posted on 1/26/13) Review by Shayna
    • It is a very intense warming feeling then it cools down. The results though were wonderful to me my face was smoother and soft to the touch will be purchasing more.

      (Posted on 1/24/13) Review by ERREKA
    • I purchased ExfoliKate a few months ago and it does exactly what it says. It makes your skin feel very smooth and radiant. When I first used it I did have a little redness for about ten minutes but it went away. I now use ExfoliKate at least two times a week.

      (Posted on 1/23/13) Review by Jessica
    • I've used this product for the last few years and it's made a huge difference in my skin's tone and texture.

      (Posted on 1/20/13) Review by Jodi
    • I absolutely adore this product. I use it once or twice a week and I love the after glow it gives my skin. One tip . . . when you get to the end of the "bottle," cut off the end of the tube so I you can get a couple more applications.

      (Posted on 1/19/13) Review by Laurie
    • I bought this at Sephora to try!! All of the girls working there told me how much I will love this product... even after I had already paid for it! Tried it and they were right!! My skin feels and looks better already (2 uses) I have a glow that I did not have before! I am almost 50 so I need moisture, life and evenness! I think I will get all of that from this product!

      (Posted on 1/18/13) Review by Marybeth
    • I received this as a sample when I made a purchase and fell in love with it. My skin instantly looked smoother,younger, and radiant. I will never be without this product!

      (Posted on 1/12/13) Review by mary
    • This is the first Kate product that I tried, and I have been using it ever since. I love this product. Previously, I tried various products manufactured by other brands, but Exfolikate works so much better. It dissolves yucky blackheads and hence shrinks pores. After using it, my skin is smooth and clean. I cannot live without this product.
      I also use the other Kate exfoliating products, all of which are excellent.

      (Posted on 1/12/13) Review by A

      (Posted on 1/10/13) Review by RUTH
    • this is the best exfoliator i have ever used. smells good and feels good.... it tingles a bit.

      (Posted on 1/8/13) Review by sheryl
    • I work in the sun all summer and have sun-damaged skin on my neck. This product has really diminished blotchiness on my skin! I will continue to use this product.

      (Posted on 1/6/13) Review by kate
    • This is an amazing exfoliating face wash, after the first use you will understand! It leaves your skin smoother and brighter in just one use! Now that I've used this product I'll never be able to use another! Trust me, you will LOVE it too!

      (Posted on 1/5/13) Review by veronica
    • Love this product! Gets rid of the dead skin on the surface and really makes skin glow. Just be careful not to leave it on too long or to apply in a hot and steamy bathroom - you'll end up with a sunburn!

      (Posted on 1/2/13) Review by Emily

      (Posted on 1/2/13) Review by MARIA
    • I was hesitant to purchase this given the price but had always heard great things. After a sample from sephora, I took the plunge and even after only a couple uses, the blackheads on my nose are almost gone!

      (Posted on 12/26/12) Review by Kelly
    • Ive only been using this product for about a month and am very impressed so far. I have tried tons of skicare products and find this one truly exfoliates and you can actually feel the difference. Very pleased!

      (Posted on 12/24/12) Review by Nicole
    • You can feel this exfoliating treatment working on your skin. It stings at first but you will love the results!!!

      (Posted on 12/23/12) Review by Claudia
    • This is a great product that does what it claims, quickly and effectively exfoliates and makes a noticeable improvement to your skin's clarity.

      My only issue is that at $85 a pop, it is simply too pricey!

      (Posted on 12/22/12) Review by Mary
    • I have been using this product for a while but when I first started using, about 2-3 times a week I would look in the mirror and say "I am having a good skin day" I finallly realized it was because I was using the Exfolikate. Love this product!

      (Posted on 12/20/12) Review by Alexandria
    • I have been using once a week for over one year now. Never been happier with my skin. Only takes a small amount for AMAZING results. Never had more compliments on my skin than with KS. Thanks Kate!! Oh, and it lasts forever. For what I used to pay for facials I decided to invest in good skin care with KS and I've never looked back.

      (Posted on 12/14/12) Review by Julie
    • This is the product that got me hooked! It cleared even the most stubborn blackheads. I love the tingling feeling my skin gets while I'm using it.

      (Posted on 12/5/12) Review by Ali
    • Many years ago, I worked for a physician doing skincare. From experience, I had learned that there were two things absolutely necessary to obtain the best skin possible.... You need to exfoliate and moisturize. There was nothing like ExfoliKate back in the 70's and products were few and unreliable. I am 70 yrs. old and have been using this product since it was first introduced. I have shared it with my friends, my daughter, her friends and anyone who has asked me, "What do you use on your face?" If I could submit a makeup free photo with this review, I would gladly do it. I uses ExfoliKate twice a week, religiously, and it is the absolute best!

      (Posted on 12/2/12) Review by Eileen
    • I just LOVE my ExfoliKate!!!! This stuff makes my skin so soft... I got one of the half OZ bottles, and then upgraded to the 5OZ size, which I just love!!! I use it once a week in the shower, and my skin is just so soft after. I have used other exfoliators and they didn't work nearly as well. This has all kinds of good stuff in it, and my skin feels so good...

      (Posted on 11/30/12) Review by Monica
    • This product will forever be a staple in my skin care wardrobe. There is nothing else like it. Leaves your skin soft, clean and absolutely glowing. Use 1x per week in combination with Kate's Clinic-To-Go™ Resurfacing Peel Pads. They are absolute must-haves!

      (Posted on 11/30/12) Review by Lynn
    • ExfoliKate is one of my favourite Kate Somerville products. I use it once a week and my skin is so much smoother afterward. My skin is quite sensitive and turns red for an hour or so after using this product, so I should probably try ExfoliKate Gentle, but I really like the results from ExfoliKate.

      (Posted on 11/30/12) Review by Melanie
    • This product not only smells great, but exfoliates and cleans my skin beautifully. My skin feels very soft and radiant after I use it.

      (Posted on 11/30/12) Review by Amy
    • This is one my favorite Kate products! I've used many exfoliation products and this is the best! Has help my blackheads.:)

      (Posted on 11/29/12) Review by Renae
    • This is heaven in a bottle! Literally this transforms my skin every time I use it. I feel like I just walked out of getting a facial after each use. It is that good! I have this gorgeous glow after I wear this... My Aunt asked me why my skin looked so good and I told her it was this and the CytoCell cream.. Now she is also a loyal Kate Somerville user.. This product is the best exfoliator and a little goes a long way. My 2oz bottle lasts about 4 months. It doesnt irritate my skin at all much but it does tingle a little. I have Combination Acne prone skin, and since incorporating this in my skincare regiment twice a week I've seen great results

      (Posted on 11/29/12) Review by AshleyAliceArtistry
    • I have used this exfoliator for quite a few months now and it really works well for me. However If there was anything I would say to be careful about is when you use it, would be to be careful around your eyes and or lips make sure you wash it off and do not let it sit on sensitive skin. At Least for my skin it can chap and dry some areas, i find it very strong and like to use it all over for full body scrub and exfoliate really works well.

      (Posted on 11/26/12) Review by Andrea
    • This product really works to clean pores and decongest skin without drying skin out. I can't live without it.

      (Posted on 11/24/12) Review by A
    • Best exfoliant I have ever used, and I've tried lots of them. Makes my skin look years younger. Helps with sun damage!

      (Posted on 10/11/12) Review by Ann
    • I have struggled with mild/moderate adult acne for years. I have tried nearly every product on the market and Exfolikate is the first product that has really made a difference. I am convinced it's the enzymes in combination with the salycilic acid that works for my skin. . I use it every other day and it keeps my cystic acne under control. I know everyone's skin is different, but this product addresses a multitude of issues with its powerful exfoliation....if you are on the fence, try it, I a willing to bet you will love it as much as I do!

      (Posted on 9/9/12) Review by Elise
    • I started using Kate Somerville (KS) when a Sephora employee introduced me to the CytoCell eye cream. So, when I went to Napa for a bachelorette party and we went to Spa Solage, getting the signature KS facial was a no brainer. And I am so glad I did! After a great talk about my skin with the aesthetician, she decided that I could use some exfoliation and used this product. I have to say... it was one of the bigger "WOW!" beauty moments in my life and made me a KS convert on the spot. Exfolikate totally smoothed my skin without drying it out or causing too much stinging. The stinging is very mild (for me) and is something the aesthetician and the bottle says is normal. Now for the other surprising part. I have sensitive skin around my nose/cheek area that dries out way faster than my T-zone and, in general, my skin will turn bright red after any sort of intense treatment (chemical or physical); I believe it's called "writer's skin" because it's almost like you can draw on it. Well, this product does NOT turn my skin red even though I can tell it's doing its job. It leaves my skin smooth and soft, ready for moisturizer and any other treatment I happen to be putting on that day. Just an FYI, I do avoid overly dry areas (not necessarily those that dry out easy, just the areas that are already dry that day) and only leave it on for 45 sec, and only use it once a week. My aesthetician recommended I leave it on for 30 sec and work my way up as my skin adjusts and I believe that's a good way to start out, especially if you have some sensitive areas. She also recommended I only use a pea size amount (or a little less) and mix with a little water to sort of dilute it. So far so good! And this way it's going to last forever! But even if you have to use it full strength all over your face every time this product is worth it. Seriously. Give it a try and you'll see results immediately. How many beauty products can guarantee that?

      (Posted on 8/17/12) Review by Lea
    • This expoliator is amazing. It is like nothing I've ever used before. I have always been a loyal fan of some of the more upscale, natural brands (not drug store), but i"ve never experienced the softening, clarity, and glow I get with this product. I am almost 50, with occasional hormonal acne, and Kate products cleared my skin in a matter of days. My only complaint is the price, but I'll spend the money to get the product.

      (Posted on 8/4/12) Review by Laura
    • I have had trouble with my chin area for 3 yrs. My facial expert, could not clear it up. One to two treatments of this exfoliating item cleared my problem and it has not returned, going on 2 months. I love this stuff. I am so impressed with Kate's products. Did I mention Kate is my NEW FACIAL EXPERT from now on!!! Her items work!! I would also recommend her book. Great information.

      (Posted on 7/12/12) Review by Linda
    • Great stuff! Agree w/ all the reviews, but what's with these prices? @ $19 for the small tube, the next larger should be $76 (four times larger, four times the price, with me here?) So, why would anyone buy the middle size for $86? Just an odd thing here, and it bothers me, especially with such pricey items to begin with. Other than that--this product does rock!

      (Posted on 6/13/12) Review by Marguerite
    • I am so happy that I purchased this product. First of all I love the smell it smells very spa like and clean. I do like the green color. I really noticed a difference in my skin it looked cleaner and had a glow. It did burn when I gently rubbed it in but I like the fact that it burned because I feel it is doing it's job. Love it!! Thank you Kate for making it possible for people all over to get a treatment that you give your lucky clients.

      (Posted on 5/11/12) Review by LeeAnn
    • this is the answer to home exfoliation, with spa results! this is a must have to get beautiful skin.

      (Posted on 3/24/12) Review by Lisa
    • I have been using this product for years and am obsessed. It is a true miracle worked. There is nothing else like it. Thank you, Kate!

      (Posted on 2/4/12) Review by Betsy
    • I bought this product expecting to see miraculous results..... but they just didn't happen for me. I have combination skin, and i certainly feel a great tingle and increased skin circulation, but it has worked no miracles for me.

      (Posted on 1/15/12) Review by Lee
    • Ive been hearing about exfolikate for awhile now on youtube and i thought hey this wont hurt to at least try it out. I got home and couldn't wait to use it right away. i use it in the shower because steam helps activate the ingredients....so i started to rub in circles for about 30 sec and then left it on my face for 2 minutes. after two minutes i rubbed my face in circlular motions for another 30 secs. at first i thought it was the product that dried and started peeling...NOPE that was all my dead skin on my face. it was gross but cool that it was pulling it all off my face. i then put my favorite vitamin c serum by avalon organics. my face felt smooth, clean, amazing. i ran around making my boyfriend feel my face. couldn't believe the results. there is a downside . im addicted to it and i have a tendancy to use it everyday which isnt good. ive been trying to cut back but my skin is much more clear then ever before. i had a scab on my forehead from burning myself with curlen iron and by the time i wiped exfolikate off the scab had dissolved. i put some neosporin on it afterwards and whala it was nearly gone.hope this in depth review helps. also the price is steep but well worth the results you'll experience. for ppl with sensitive skin please dont get intense version. get the gentle. thats all i can think of for now. good luck and hope you give this a chance.

      (Posted on 12/27/11) Review by nikki
    • I read so many reviews where people said ExfoliKate was painful or had a burning feeling to the point that I was afraid to try it. I took a deep breath and worked it into my skin as per the directions. You can feel it working immediately but there was no "pain" associated with this product in the way others had carried on about it. I can't believe I was such a chicken. Needless to say, the results are wonderful!

      (Posted on 12/11/11) Review by EllyBell
    • I am 18 and recieved a sample of this.i decided to try Kate Somerville products after seeing Kristen Bell's rave about Exfolikate in Seventeen magazine..SO glad I did. i have semi-sensitive skin and was a little hesitant about using this instead of Exfolikate Gentle..but it turned out fine. It stung while it was on, but I had no redness or anything when I took it off. I love the smell..it reminds me of cayenne and cinnamon. It has been a few hours and I can see a difference. My skin is SO soft, and seems brighter. I will definitely be adding this to my skincare routine.

      (Posted on 12/9/11) Review by LLH
    • I've been using Exfolikate for couple of weeks and I never gotten so many compliments about my skin. Random people would stop me to tell me how my skin is glowing. I thank Exfolikate for that! Its the only thing I have added to my beauty routine! Really happy to discover it!

      (Posted on 11/30/11) Review by Christine
    • No better product on Earth! I have very sensitive skin and struggle with eczema. I have tried so many products and find they either completely irritate my skin and cause my eczema to flare or they don't do enough. ExfoliKate (and I use Intensive) is awesome. My skin is glowing and gorgeous! Soft and beautiful. I won't ever go without this product! Kate's products have become as important has good groceries to me!

      (Posted on 11/18/11) Review by Shannon
    • There will never be another product I like better than this. I switch things up sometimes but as for my exfoliation I will use this product until they stop making it!!!!! But please don't!!!!!!

      (Posted on 11/4/11) Review by Product junkie
    • I received a sample at Sephora and I am a total skincare junkie so I had to try it. Once I put it on.. I felt like my face was on fire.. it stung so much, my eyes started tearing!! I used it at night, and being that my face is so delicate, I was super red around my nose and on my cheeks. I followed it with a calming moisturizer and the next day I was GLOWING and my face looked absolutely amazing!! Totally worth the pain.. I will try the gentle version for sure!!!

      (Posted on 9/28/11) Review by mondoma word
    • Shauna, depending on how often you use ExfoliKate, the 2 oz tube should last about 2 months. It does address sun damage by increasing cell turnover to reveal glowing skin. Regular exfoliation will help to combat sun damage, but you MUST wear sunscreen every day, no matter what!

      (Posted on 9/7/11) Review by Kate Somerville Skin Care
    • I have used every exfoliation product on the market, my favorite has been Origins Modern Friction. I bought a sample of Exfolikate at Sephora and couldn't believe the results!
      The very next morning my skin appearance was clearly different, pores looked smaller and through out the day my normal shine was minimized.
      Now after two weeks, the texture years of Acne has given me, has began to smooth....honestly, smooth!!
      Thank you Kate!

      (Posted on 9/5/11) Review by Stacy
    • How long does a 2oz tube (using 2-3x/wk) last? And I have sub damage (small brown spots) does it address that as well?

      (Posted on 8/22/11) Review by Shauna
    • This Product does everything you would expect it do plus more. It definitely exfoliates your skin leaving it smooth and radiant. you should start off leaving it on for about 30 seconds then slowly move up to two minutes after you have been using it for a while. I alternate between this exfolikate and the other two in her line sensitive or acne depending on how my skin is feeling, but this one get's the crown on my list.

      (Posted on 8/19/11) Review by Diego Bill Alvarez
    • First off, I'm so glad this website offers ratings and reviews now! When I first tried this product all i wanted to do was tell everyone how AMAZING this product is.
      I've struggled with severe acne that has left me with clusters of raised hypertrophic scars. i've tried everything from blue LED light therapy, to series of cortizone injections to break down the scar tissue and countless skincare products to try and smooth my skin. NONE OF THEM worked as quickly and effectively and as PAIN FREE as this! This is a miracle in a tube and should be sold in dermatologist offices everywhere. The stimulation of the exfoliating beads is gentle enough to not irritate my scars, but active enough to keep my blood circulating. The chemical peel portion has also helped slough off excess layers to reveal a reduction in the size and appearance of my scars. I've been using this product 1-2x a week for a month now and I've seen a HUGE improvement in the overall texture of my skin and and even my friends have been saying how much better my skin looks. Considering the fact that I've spent hundreds of dollars on invasive treatments to minimize my acne scars, this $85 bottle is a bargain. If your story sounds like mine, please please please try this!

      (Posted on 8/19/11) Review by shannon
    • Nothing compares to the instant-amazing effects ExfoliKate brings to the table when it comes to skin care! I use it twice a week and the results are healthy beautiful skin, thank you for this amazing product!

      (Posted on 8/18/11) Review by Sami Rivera
    • I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!!!! I have been using it ever since it was in the jar (thanks for putting it in the tube!!!!) It literally is a miracle worker (much more than Anne Sullivan). I have shared this product with everybody I know and they all have the same reaction, which is to buy it asap. Actually, it's so good my sister just stole the product from me and sent me a picture of it in her shower and said she's holding it hostage.

      It smells amazing and literally has transformed many faces, including my own, I now know what a proper exfoliator is meant to do. No other product compares!!!

      (Posted on 8/17/11) Review by Dylan
    • I first came across this product on QVC in the discovery kit I feel I IN LOVE and that was 2years ago tonight I ordered the 5oz size in put my self on autoship I'm very serious about this product

      (Posted on 8/17/11) Review by CHEMETRIA
    • I never expected to be spending money on exfoliators but here I am enjoying one 5oz tube after another. This seriously is the best product I have found and the only exfoliator I now use. Well worth the money, I have no sensitivity and enjoy the light tingle. My skin glows every time I use it.

      (Posted on 8/17/11) Review by Bart
    • I would always hear about Kate Somerville Skin Care through the many celebrities that use her products. I was in need of a new exfoliator so I picked up ExfoliKate after hearing so many wonderful reviews. They were ALL true! My skin has never looked or felt better and I am able to have that same glow that I see on the red carpet. My skin even looks great without makeup. After trying ExfoliKate I have now added a few more Kate products into my routine and I am hooked for life. Thank you Kate!

      (Posted on 8/16/11) Review by Missy
    • I have used many exfoliators and ExfoiKate is truely the best on the market. After the first use I saw a dramatic difference in my skin texture and tone. Not only does it leave my skin feeling great, but it smells so good. I am so happy I discovered Kate Somerville!

      (Posted on 8/11/11) Review by Amanda
    • I can’t express how much I love this product! I use 2-3 times a week and right away it transformed by dry flakey skin. I feel like my serums and moisturizers sink and lock in much better after I use this exfoliator. My skin is dewy and gorgeous after every use. Truly a must have!

      (Posted on 8/10/11) Review by Jessica Simmons

Clincal Results

In a Clinical Study after just 1 use:

  • Subjects showed a dramatic improvement in skin texture.
  • Subjects showed up to 75% reduction in skin roughness.
  • Subjects showed up to a 75% brighter complexion.

* Results based on a visual evaluation of 20 subjects by an expert grader.

In a Consumer Use Study after just 1 use:

  • 88% of women reported smooth skin and improved texture.
  • 84% of women reported softer skin.
  • 72% of women reported a reduction in skin roughness and improved complexion.

* Results based on an independent Clinical Study.

Clinical results1 include:

  • 75% reduction in skin roughness
  • 75% decrease in skin dullness
  • 88% of users said they had smoother skin and improved texture

1 Results based on a visual evaluation of 20 subjects by an expert grader.