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    Unleash your Skin’s Potential with Superior Facial Dry Skin Care

    Beneath every troubled complexion lies fresh, beautiful glowing skin, waiting to be unleashed! At Kate Somerville Skin Care, our philosophy is that your skin can always be at its best, even if it’s dry, flaky and easily irritated. With facial dry skin care that delivers proven results, you too can have the luminous skin that you always knew was there.

    Dry skin has special needs. Its delicate balance is easily disturbed by harsh treatment and environmental stress. To maintain the beauty of your fragile dry skin, you need facial dry skin care that respects the delicate nature of your complexion. With regular use, the right products will:

    • Gently purify without over drying
    • Polish for a bright, even skin tone
    • Lock in moisture all day
    • Nourish for radiance that comes from good health

    Choosing facial dry skin care products that work together to address all of your dry skin issues produces the best results. Your face (as well as your neck, shoulders and chest) will start to respond with a vibrant glow you never thought possible!

    Facial Dry Skin- Cause and Prevention

    The skin on your face is exposed to more stress than almost any other area of your body. Between the products you use on it and the abuse it takes from the sun and wind, your facial skin often ends up looking and feeling battered. Dry facial skin is caused by these and other factors, such as heredity, medical conditions and medications that dry out the skin.

    Facial dry skin care should be able to calm your skin and bring it back into balance. Lotions, creams and serums that contain antioxidants, vitamins and collagen producers strengthen delicate dry skin and help it to heal from within. The result: smooth, elastic, perfectly hydrated skin!

    Getting the Glow- Facial Dry Skin Care that Works

    At Kate Somerville Skin Care, we know how hard it can be to properly care for dry skin—especially without the right products. Harsh cleansers and facial dry skin care products often simply make the condition worse. To improve the appearance of delicate skin, facial dry skin care needs to address all aspects of the problem. It can be done in five easy steps:

    • Cleanse and purify
    • Stimulate to improve circulation
    • Feed to provide essential nutrients
    • Hydrate to replenish lost moisture
    • Protect against environmental damage

    With a facial dry skin care regimen that includes a combination of gentle yet powerful ingredients, your dry skin will start learning to behave. Your reward is the newfound confidence that comes from knowing that your problem skin is under control and ready to show off to the world. You don’t have to live with painful dry skin! Cure it for good, with facial dry skin care that makes a difference you can see and feel every day.

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