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    A strong proponent of partnering with leading dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons, Kate Somerville was a pioneer of the integration of esthetics and medicine. It wasn’t until she developed the Skin Health Pyramid™, though, that Kate truly turned skincare into a science.

    The Skin Health Pyramid™ is, essentially, the blueprint for a healthy complexion. It’s an easy-to-implement strategy for achieving overall skin health. The basis for beautiful skin is protection (PROTECT). After preventing environmental damage, the next essential is hydration (HYDRATE). Only after it’s been restored can the skin be properly nourished (FEED). Once the basic needs have been met, it’s important to then increase circulation and promote the production of collagen in order to renew skin (STIMULATE). Finally, the removal of impurities completes the process (DETOX). Plain and simple, this step-by-step system produces remarkable results.

    Founded on scientific research and clinical tests, the Skin Health Pyramid™ was utilized to develop a synergistic line of treatments and solutions that work perfectly together. By combining the most advanced technology, cutting-edge ingredients, and time-tested botanicals, Kate Somerville has made radiant skin a reality for everyone.

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