Glycolic Polisher
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Peel away the years with a professional formula designed to resurface, rejuvenate, and restore, as well as improve skin radiance, brightness, clarity, and tone. Micro Glycolic Polisher uses a unique solution to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and Gentle Botanicals to promote a healthier-looking complexion overall.

  • Naturally exfoliates a micro-layer of dull skin cells in order to renew, soften, and smooth skin texture.
  • Glycolic and Lactic Acids diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Glucosamine HCL renews the look of the complexion.
  • Blue Lotus, rich in trace elements, and Bergamot are combined to help soothe and calm skin, while also increasing radiance and brightening skin tone.


How to Use

PM. Use once a week. Apply 2 to 4 pumps to cotton ball and gently smooth over clean, dry face. Leave on for 2 to 5 minutes. Rinse and gently pat dry. Follow with moisturizer.

PRECAUTIONS: Avoid contact with lip and eye area. Do not use on irritated or damaged skin. Keep away from children. This product contains an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) that may increase your skin�s sensitivity to the sun and increase the possibility of sunburn. Use a sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and limit sun exposure while using this product and for a week afterward.


Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel)Water, Hydrolyzed Soy Flour, Glycerin, Glycolic Acid, Water/Aqua/Eau, Lactic Acid, Nymphaea Coerulea Flower Extract, Polysorbate 20, Fructooligosaccharides, Glucosamine HCl, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Sodium Chloride, Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) Fruit Oil, Carrageenan, Sorbitol, Mannitol, Hydrolyzed Actin, Sodium Glucuronate, Calcium Gluconate, Trisodium Ethylenediamine Disuccinate, Parfum/Fragrance, Limonene, Linalool

Sunburn Alert: This product contains an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that may increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun and particularly the possibility of sunburn. Use a sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and limit sun exposure while using this product and for a week afterwards.

    • I started using this product about 6 months ago and noticed a difference in my skin immediately. I am extremely happy that I purchased this product and I'm so impressed with the results. Thank you, Kate !

      (Posted on 5/28/14) Review by Rose Marie
    • I just purchased Micro Glycolic Polisher about a week ago. I've used it twice and I must say, I am so impressed and happy with the results. After just the first use, my face felt smoother and I noticed an immediate glow. I struggle with uneven skin tones, breakouts, and large pores. It may be too early to tell, but I am hopeful and optimistic that this product will help solve those issues. I followed this treatment up with Age Arrest moisture, and my face looked and felt amazing!

      (Posted on 3/10/14) Review by Elizabeth
    • What a difference this product makes! i've been using this about a month twice a month and it amazing! My skin looks like it did when I was 20!

      (Posted on 2/22/14) Review by Samantha
    • I love this!!! Skin looks instantly brighter, fresher!!!

      (Posted on 2/21/14) Review by Carol
    • used by itself, the gycolic polisher does sting/tingle and can be a little itchy while on, but once rinsed off skin is left soft and smooth. i skip the cotton ball and apply directly with my finger tips, which requires much less of the product per use. i do this once a week or less. more often, i mix the polisher with the goat milk cream and leave it on over night for a more mild exfoliation with added moisture. either way, it is a great and effective product, exfoliating without irritating.

      (Posted on 2/6/14) Review by alex
    • I got this as a gift with purchase. I used it only once a week. It's mild but it dose its work. Will buy another one when this one runs out. Even my sensitive skin can use it.

      (Posted on 2/5/14) Review by xiaolu
    • I tried a sample. My skin is really sensitive and this doesn't add to the chaos. It's a great product- leaves skin soft. The first few uses is different from other products because it gets to work right away.

      (Posted on 1/19/14) Review by Jean
    • I have enjoyed most of my Kate products with the exception if this one. I disliked the smell and texture. It didn't seem to do anything for my skin. I even tried leaving it on longer and that didn't seem to make a difference.

      (Posted on 1/15/14) Review by Lesley
    • I am a dedicated beauty addict and this is my favorite skin treatment- if it weren't so expensive I'd use it twice a day because it makes my skin look so radiant. It strikes a perfect balance between refreshing my dull skin (thank you dry Colorado winters) and not irritating my sensitive skin. After just a few minutes with this treatment my skin is totally refreshed and looks as good as it ever has. It is magic in a bottle.

      (Posted on 1/8/14) Review by Kat
    • I love this product for my sensitive, dry skin that sometimes gets congested with dead skin cells. I can add this to my Goat's Milk Cream at night and sleep with it on for an added boost, or just use it as you normally would between uses of Exfolikate. It really helps remove keratinized skin cells on my cheeks, which uncovers the pores and allows them to clear out, which seems to be an effect unique to this particular product out of everything I own. It seems a bit pricy compared to some other brands if you're just looking for glycolic, but I have tried them and they feel like barely a tingle whereas this feels more like something a dermatologist would apply. You can definitely feel how effective it is, but it doesn't hurt at all, and it doesn't have to be neutralized or even washed off, which makes it even better. You can make this fit your purposes really easily.

      If you have acne flaring up, you can even mix a couple pumps of this with a couple pumps of anti-bac and your moisturizer and apply the trifecta (I use Goat's Milk Cream but the oil free cream feels thicker so that might work even better) all at once for a killer treatment overnight. Mixing them together means they won't separate or pill. That works with pretty much every skin care combination that would ordinarily not layer well, but this particular product hasn't given me any issues with my cream.

      (Posted on 12/29/13) Review by Heather
    • Great product! I have used this for a about a year and would not be without this product. I use it one evening per week and then follow up with the Exfolikate a few days late. The result is continuously glowing, smooth skin. I would recommend using this product in conjunction with Kate's other products.

      (Posted on 12/29/13) Review by Tracie
    • I use both the Clinic-to-go pads and the Micro Glycolic Polisher. I like the Clinic-to-go pads when I want a quick spark to my skin but when I want to wake up with more deep exfoliation, I mix 3 pumps of the Glycolic with my night time lotion and go to bed. I get a nice tingle on my face when I apply but it's not too much. I wake up in the morning with skin that is refreshed and glowing and it feels healthy. I generally do this type of treatment about 1/week. I enjoy both products and they both fit into my Kate Somerville routine but I use the Glycolic/lotion treatment when I just my skin to have a little bit more pick me up.

      (Posted on 12/5/13) Review by Katherine
    • I love the results of mixing this with the exfolikate and leaving it on for just a couple of minutes. What a difference it makes! I use it about once a week and have super smooth, dewy looking skin. Love it.

      (Posted on 12/2/13) Review by charlie
    • My skin is really sensitive and this doesn't add to the chaos. It's a great product- leaves skin soft. The first few uses is different from other products because it gets to work right away.

      (Posted on 11/19/13) Review by Chiill
    • Post-acne hyperpigmentation is nearly gone. I use this 3x/weekly at night prior to my serum and moisturizer and then sleep and my skin is super clear and even in the morning. It makes my skin so smooth and clears up breakouts. I made a bunch of my friends try it, so I know it's not just me that thinks this works because we all agree this delivers on its claims. Hidden gem in the line for sure and HG.

      (Posted on 11/1/13) Review by Shoshana
    • I use this between days when I use Exfolikate. This is fantastic. It keeps my skin smooth and clear. It has also cleared up old acne scars. Gone are the days of dull and tired looking skin! I absolutely love this product and will even keep it on overnight when my skin really needs it. I have sensitive skin and this doesn't irritate it at all. It stung a little the first time I used it, but it didn't bother me again after that.

      (Posted on 10/25/13) Review by Annika
    • Warning!! If you don't want a product that "tingles," the Micro Glycolic Polisher (MGP) isn't for you!! When applied, it feels like a dermatologist treatment that is truly working to remove the micro yuck from your skin so it can breathe, absorb other treatments products, and GLOW. To make the product last a bit longer, I do not soak a cotton pad and apply the MGP that way. I carefully put a few drops at a time on my fingertips and carefully apply it. I don't want to waste a drop of this powerhouse substance. Because of the strength, don't get it anywhere near your eyes. When I first looked at this item, I was hesitant because of the price, but after one application, I realized the cost was justified because the results are so doggone good! If I could give it FIFTY STARS, I would!!

      (Posted on 10/5/13) Review by Maryann
    • It has an interesting smell, but it works. My skin appears smoother every time I use it. I believe the directions say to was it off, but I leave it on overnight. In the summer, I apply Kate's phenomenal Goat Milk cream over it. In the wintertime, I apply Deep Tissue Repair.

      (Posted on 7/20/13) Review by Angie
    • I had a scar from acne on my cheek that would never go away and the first time I used this I literally peeled a layer of dead skin off of the scar. Amazing! I have sensitive skin and it didn't irritate it. It doesn't smell the best and is expensive but a little goes a long way. I just hope I get used to the smell. But it works!

      (Posted on 7/18/13) Review by Rebekah
    • i got a sample of this at the mall and after trying it for one day i already saw results. My skin looks so bright and glowy .

      (Posted on 7/10/13) Review by alba lidia
    • I've been using this for about 2 weeks and so far it works great. It stings a little & leaves skin red in places but that is to be expected. The redness goes away fairly quickly. Leaves skin very soft.

      (Posted on 6/24/13) Review by Sherry
    • I was skeptical at first because I just wasn't too fond of taking a layer of my skin. However, this product changed my opinion. You look more youthful (even people in their 20s can look more youthful) and the natural glow when the sun hits your skin is amazing. I leave it on a little longer than instructed but if you have sensitive skin, don't do that. My skin has tolerated this product over time and it actually benefits me more if I leave it on a little longer.

      (Posted on 6/1/13) Review by David
    • I used this the very first night I received it and the next morning was very happy with the results. My skin looked smoother, clearer and healthier. I have somewhat oily and acne prone skin and am 47 yrs old. My skin had been looking dull and lackluster. This product really changed all that. It gave the results of a professional facial. I am very impressed with Kate Somerville's line and will definitely try more products. I will be reordering the micro glycolic polisher as it is a game changer for my skin.

      (Posted on 6/1/13) Review by Marta
    • Wow! I was intrigued when I read the description of this product. So much so that I bought it to see for myself. Wonderful product! I use it by itself, but I also tried the suggestion of mixing a little with moisturizer and putting it on before bedtime and rinsing it off the next morning. Both ways are excellent. I have that "polished, young" girl feeling that I see on models in the mags. Well, to be honest, I'm 60, but my face really does feel so much smoother with no dry old patches and uneven texture. My face DOES feel smoother and younger! Thanks! I'm so glad I followed my instincts and tried this product.

      (Posted on 5/8/13) Review by Nancy
    • In the constant attempt to look and feel younger than my biological age, this product is part of my repertoire. I use it every 2 weeks, I can feel it working and love the results. It helps to slough off dead skin cells. Great product- I highly recommend it!

      (Posted on 3/21/13) Review by Karla
    • I have searched for a product with alphahydroxy or lactic acid to make my skin immediately smooth, and all of them are either too weak or too strong. This one is perfect. It clearly removes the dead skin cells to make my skin look smoother and fresher. I can't be without this product. Anyone who is conerned with their skin not being quite as baby smooth as it was needs to use this.

      (Posted on 3/14/13) Review by Lindsey
    • I read some reviews that recommend adding some at night. I have sensitive skin and wouldn't dream of that. If you do it, test a tiny area. I never use glycolic and exfolikate on the same night either. Well, not since the first and last time. I had some dry peeling later...

      That being said, I enjoy how the Kate glycolic works. My skin is radiant and younger looking. I use a few drops in the shower and wait a few minutes. It's amazing how refreshed it appears how smooth my skin is, and how much younger I appear. Small pores , YAY

      (Posted on 2/25/13) Review by Jen
    • Overnight, I use a layer of this product under Deep Tissue. In the morning, my skin is amazing.

      (Posted on 11/26/12) Review by A
    • I truly love this product. Plus it doesn't take long to use it and I usually don't have time or patience to wait 15-20 minutes for a product to work. So 2-5 minutes sounds great to me. Also add 1 pump in my night cream once a week and in the morning my skin is glowing . ( those with sensitive skin - don't do it). It was a suggestion from a Kate's product specialist.

      Kate is doing a fantastic job!
      Thank you

      (Posted on 11/2/12) Review by Natalia
    • Introduced to the KS line while in Maui at the Four Seasons. I had been using the Avon glycolic pads, but prefer the results of this product. This leaves my skin feeling squeakily clean. And if you use without a cotton swab and apply with your clean fingers, it will last you months. Item purchased in November and I still have more than half the bottle with two applications per week.)

      (Posted on 6/9/12) Review by Arthur
    • This product makes your skin feel like glass completely smooth and it tightens in a good way! definitely worth the price and it lasts a very long time.

      (Posted on 8/19/11) Review by Diego Bill Alvarez
    • I love this polisher but I can't apply it with a cotton pad I use toning cloths (they are like gauze pads) or my fingers instead. I think that the regular cotton pads absorb to much of this. The finger method is great but not as effective as buffing the skin with a toning cloth. This polisher really is like polishing your face to make it almost glasslike (in a good way).

      (Posted on 8/17/11) Review by Dylan