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    Peptides Skin Care - Enhance and Revitalize Your Aging Skin

    Aging is inevitable, but you don’t have to settle for the unwanted signs that tell the world your face, neck or hands are growing older. At Kate Somerville Skin Care, we believe that, with regular use of lotions, creams, supplements and serums that contain innovative derivatives of amino acids and other proteins your body produces naturally (also known as peptides skin care), you can:

    • Stimulate new cell growth
    • Encourage a visibly smoother and even skin tone
    • Restore your youthful, energetic glow
    • Look and feel prettier and healthier

    How Does Skin Age? As you mature, your skin loses collagen and moisture

    As you mature, your skin loses collagen and moisture, and the elasticity of the skin’s fiber network begins to degenerate. This leaves your skin feeling tighter, dryer and generally much less supple. This is known as intrinsic aging, and it’s an unavoidable process that all of the tissues throughout our body go through.

    Environmental factors to which we expose our skin also cause skin aging. The more often your face, neck, shoulders, hands and arms come into direct contact with harmful ultraviolet light, the more likely you will develop the unwanted signs of photodamage (wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and possibly even lesions that can lead to skin cancer).

    Exposing your skin to harmful environmental factors also speeds up the intrinsic aging process, causing the skin on your face, hands, neck and other body parts to lose collagen and other important skin components even more quickly. Peptides skin care can give your skin what it needs to fight the effects of aging.

    Peptides Skin Care - Enhance and Revitalize Your Aging Skin

    Over the years, cosmetic science has evolved to provide us with a variety of toners, creams, serums and lotions that can play a key role in alleviating many of the signs of skin aging. One such example is peptides skin care.

    Peptides are short-chain proteins derived from collagen that occur naturally in your skin. Peptides have been shown to play an active role in the healing process. Peptides also act as messengers, stimulating skin cells to perform specific functions critical to healthy growth. Peptides skin care utilizes the power these proteins to improve skin health.

    As skin produces less collagen, fewer of these peptides are produced. Implementing peptides skin care into your daily health and beauty routine can:

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