Clarifying Cleanser
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Purify Clarifying Cleanser is an energizing, foaming gel specially formulated to remove impurities—like makeup and excess oil—and help reduce the appearance of pores. Natural vitamins and antioxidants help improve texture in order to create skin that is softer and smoother-looking than ever.

  • Salicylic Acid naturally clarifies and exfoliates to reveal a more balanced complexion.
  • Peppermint Oil and Rosemary Leaf Extract condition skin.

How to Use

AM and PM. Use twice a day. Apply a small amount to wet face and neck and massage gently for 30 seconds. Rinse and gently pat dry.


Water/Aqua/Eau, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Methyl Gluceth-10, Glycol Stearate, Sodium Chloride, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Salicylic Acid, Menthyl Lactate, PPG-26-Buteth-26, PEG-120 Methyl Glucose Dioleate, PEG-40, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Sodium Citrate, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Peel Oil, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil, Disodium EDTA, Tocopheryl Acetate, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Chlorphenesin, Limonene, Linalool
    • I am obsessed with Kate Somerville's products. I can't seem to get enough. I am a product junkie. Either that, or I just love her products so much that I have a lot of her products. All of her products are worth trying. This product is strong, not harsh. When I say strong I mean it removes all of my makeup without even having to use a makeup remover first or afterwards to remove any residue. My face is the cleanest with her cleansers. This one doesn't dry out my skin after wash even though it is a strong cleanser. My skin feels so smooth after washing my face with this. The detox cleanser is still my favorite cleanser, but that's only because I have acne. If I didn't, this product is top notch.

      (Posted on 8/7/14) Review by Kathy
    • This product is so amazing! I highly recommend it over any cleanser on the market! A must buy!!

      (Posted on 8/4/14) Review by Jenna
    • Amazing my skin feels great!!!

      (Posted on 7/23/14) Review by jada
    • I used this recently to try a new foaming cleanser. I had tried one by Bare Escenuals and liked it. I like this one as well but my only complaint is that I wish the foam would last longer. It is gone by the time I put my clarisonic on my face. That's a little disappointing. Other than this, it is a good product that I may use again.

      (Posted on 6/22/14) Review by Vicki
    • This is a great every day cleanser. It has a very refreshing feel and it makes your skin feel "squeaky" clean. It doesn't treat acne as well as the detox cleanser but it definitely does a great job with removing makeup and making sure your skin is clean.

      (Posted on 6/13/14) Review by Donna
    • It does everything it says it does and more! It is creamy, but cleans my face so well, removes my face makeup, and makes all of my other products work better because my pores are super clean! I highly recommend this product to anyone who has oily or combination skin and it is gentle enough for sensitive skin. Do make sure that you massage for the time recommended on the package. The natural acids work gradually through exposure not instantly on contact.

      (Posted on 6/6/14) Review by Kelley
    • I bought this for my daughter and she loves it. It has helped with her acne prone skin.

      (Posted on 6/4/14) Review by lisa
    • This is my least favorite of all the cleansers, the reason being : I have a mixture of both dry and oily spots on my face. So this would wash all the oil off, but then it would dry up the already dry parts of my face . With that said, no drug store face wash could ever compare to this , it does what it says it does. It purifies the face.

      (Posted on 6/1/14) Review by Florence
    • I have battled with oily skin all my life and experienced cleansers that would just strip my skin to bone dry. However, the purify clarifying cleanser makes my skin feel clean, but leaves it silky, well-hydrated and oil free. I love it!

      (Posted on 5/27/14) Review by Lakesha
    • Its very rare that I find a cleanser that helps with my oily skin but doesn't dry my skin out either. This cleanser is perfect! I only need a little bit to cover my whole face so i don't waste any product and it lasts me a while. I highly recommend this cleanser!

      (Posted on 5/26/14) Review by Ashley
    • Wow. I really, really love this cleanser. It's incredibly refreshing, and every time I use it, I come away feeling super clean and pretty. It has done wonders at keeping acne at bay.

      However, my skin is super sensitive and has gotten a little dryer lately, and I discovered that using this twice a day + my Clarisonic at night is just wayyyy too much for me. I've cut back to using the Gentle Daily Wash in the mornings and this at night, and I've found that using this, I only need to use my Clarisonic a couple of times a week now.

      Nonetheless, I love it, and the key was just figuring out how often I needed it. I definitely recommend giving it a try.

      (Posted on 5/4/14) Review by Sarah
    • i usually use the two other kate's cleansers -- but when my forehead gets oily i use this and it works great. smells amazing

      (Posted on 4/30/14) Review by Lauren
    • Cleans and refreshes skins for both anti-aging signs as well as controls oil, leaving sking feeling and looking great!

      (Posted on 4/6/14) Review by Leah
    • Perfect cleanser to remove makeup before bedtime. It makes my skin feel refreshed and squeaky clean. My new go to cleanser. I just wish there were a travel size to make it easier to take on vacation.

      (Posted on 4/3/14) Review by Sharon
    • This is probably the best cleanser I have ever owned. I have relatively oily skin, so whenever I use this cleanser whether in the morning or night, my skin and pores feel clean, fresh, and invigorated. The exfoliation is also great in this cleanser. This is my go to product for my daily regimen as it is the start and end to my day and sometime in between as my face feels dirty. I have tried almost every cleanser out there in the market, and this one really covers it all. I keep on going back to it and will probably never switch again.

      (Posted on 4/1/14) Review by Gwen
    • After a long day of having makeup on my face, I must say that using the cleanser just makes my face feel fresh and rejuvenated. I give two thumbs up on this product just like all of other Kate's products....

      (Posted on 3/23/14) Review by AVISA
    • I accidentally purchased this instead of my detox cleanser........and I absolutely love it! It's instantly refreshing and I noticed an improvement with my pores within a few days. I will continue to use.
      Tip: Be careful around the eyes, the mint is strong.

      (Posted on 3/17/14) Review by Morgan
    • This cleanser is great for very oily and acne prone skin. Leaves your skin feeling clean, refreshed and smooth. Just love it!

      (Posted on 3/13/14) Review by Liz
    • This is the perfect cleanser for oily skin. It cleanses without drying or adding extra oil. I will totally be buying this again!!!

      (Posted on 3/8/14) Review by Emily
    • Even though I'm getting older I still have really oily skin! I love the Purify Clarifying Cleanser because it really helps control the oil!

      (Posted on 3/7/14) Review by Amy
    • I like the product so far, because of the good opening design, good texture, but I feel it is not strong enough to clean my face, because my T zone is really oily, I hope it can be more purify and oil change formula.

      (Posted on 3/6/14) Review by zuo
    • I currently use detox but wanted to try a different face wash. I do like it. Gets face clean, nice smell, and foams but it has something in it that tingles your face when you put cold water on. It's hard to explain, it might be tea tree but it just kinda tingles a little bit. I think I like detox better but this was a free gift with my 500 points so no need to return it. I'll just finish and then switch back to detox.

      (Posted on 3/3/14) Review by Heather
    • Purify is hands down the BEST facial cleanser I have ever used! I have oily skin and I tend to break out twice a month. So, I live quite a ways from where I can buy Purify, and ran out one day, so I had to use another cleanser til my Purify arrived, and my face BROKE OUT SO BAD... I literally was in tears! Once I got my Detox & Purify, in less than 2 weeks my skin was clear and smooth AGAIN! I was ECSTATIC! I will ALWAYS continue to buy Purify and Detox. I switch back and forth but mainly stay on Purify. Thank You Kate, you rock!!! XO

      (Posted on 2/27/14) Review by Michelle
    • I will never use another face wash. Ever. My skin has never been as clear or as soft as it is now, and I have never been comfortable with how it looked up until recently. I used to be very self conscious about my skin (black heads, white heads, oil sheen, stress pimples) and none of the face wash I used helped. In fact, my face got incredibly dry and flaky with other products and made me break out even worse! My wedding make up artist recommended this product to me, after I asked her how her skin was so amazing. I started using it on my honeymoon and my face started showing noticeable difference within 2 days. Seriously.
      I use the face wash twice a day, and pair it with the Oil Free Moisturizer and the Oil Free Quench Serum. Because I have oily skin, all the products I use have to be oil free. I have never broken out from use of these products. My husband and sister in law have oily skin as well, and I've essentially made them try this face wash, and now they are hooked! Honestly the best investment in caring for my face so far. I highly recommend!!

      (Posted on 2/16/14) Review by Malissa
    • I have combination skin, and this cleanser that I used in the morning gave me a fresh and clean look!

      (Posted on 2/16/14) Review by zuo
    • This is a great cleanser for oily skin. Eliminates dirt and oil and leaves your face feeling clean. Doesn't over dry your skin. Would recommend.

      (Posted on 1/17/14) Review by Shannon
    • This is one of my favorite cleansers and one that I use in my daily regimen. It is light yet it covers my T-zone and helps control my oil without over drying effect and tightness. YOU CAN ACTUALLY FEEL IT WORK. I would recommend this and do recommend to anyone with acne prone or oily skin.

      (Posted on 1/6/14) Review by Daniel
    • Love this product after exercising or just a day with a little bit heavier makeup! A little bit goes a long way and it lasts a couple months using just once a day.

      (Posted on 12/30/13) Review by Wareagle10677
    • I alternate using the detox cleanser at night and this in the morning. This face wash does what it's name says, it makes my skin feel clean, refreshed and helps keep oil at bay. It is also very gentle and doesn't dry out my skin which usually always happens with any cleanser for oily skin but not this one! Will keep using!

      (Posted on 12/21/13) Review by Diane
    • This is hands down the best cleanser for oily skin. I have tried what feels like 60 different cleansers, and this is the only one that is gentle enough for sensitive skin and not drying, but actually gets the job done. It may seem like a small bottle, but you don't need much, so it lasts much longer than expected.

      (Posted on 12/2/13) Review by Catherine
    • I can rest assured that all traces of my makeup is gone upon using this product.

      (Posted on 11/26/13) Review by Kamilah
    • I bought this product on accident. When I got home I tried it anyway, and fell in love! It has become one of my favorite facial products, and by far my favorite facial cleanser.

      (Posted on 11/21/13) Review by Nicholas
    • After doing long time research, finally I've found something that is best for my face. This cleanser does not only help refreshing up my oily skin, it also brightens up my skin and makes it look glowing. I love it so much and hopefully it will come in the luxury size bottle.

      (Posted on 11/21/13) Review by happy
    • I love this cleanser! I love the peppermint smell and how soft it makes my skin feel! It's great for keeping my oily skin shine free. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with oily skin!

      (Posted on 11/8/13) Review by Kari
    • I like this facewash, it gets all the oil and grit out, yet in my opinion it is not as good as the gentle daily wash. Yet try it, to each his own.

      (Posted on 10/26/13) Review by Thessa
    • I am obsessed with washing my face morning and night and I feel that this is the best product I've used. It's refreshing, smells great, and does a great job of getting rid of dirt and makeup. It also travels well, as I am always moving around for work. Highly recommended, and worth the price!

      (Posted on 10/19/13) Review by Rebecca
    • I use the Purify Cleanser in the morning and the Detox at night and love them both. I can't decide which one I love best. They both clean well.

      (Posted on 10/12/13) Review by Isabelle
    • I tried this cleanser with the toner for excess oil. A small amount with a rotating brush does a great job. It is light & refreshing & my skin never feels tight, just clean. I have not had any breakouts & the oil production is decreased.

      (Posted on 10/5/13) Review by Susan
    • This cleanser works well for my oily skin, but doesn't make my skin feel dry. Instead just clean & refreshed. The smell is wonderful too!

      (Posted on 9/28/13) Review by Michele
    • This smells so good! It made my face feel so soft and clean. I'm in my 40's and my skin is still oily and tends to break out. I love this cleanser!

      (Posted on 9/20/13) Review by Laura
    • This is one of the best cleansers I have ever used. I have very bad acne/cystic skin and at first I didn't think it would do much, no smell nothing that stood out. That is exactly what my skin needed no pizazz no smell just a good cleanser that cleaned my skin with out over drying, stripping and irritating and no oily residue. My skin stopped breaking out and I really loved my skin. I ran out of it and my skin has suffered. I am going this weekend to replenish my skincare with Kate Somerville products. They are pricey but so worth it compared to the wasted money on products that wreaked havoc on my skin. I highly recommend this cleanser.

      (Posted on 9/19/13) Review by Richelle
    • LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell of this product! It's like putting a peppermint patty on your face but ten times more delicious!! Also love the face wash itself, especially during the summer months and on vacation when I'm sweating and putting lots of sun lotion and such on my face everyday.

      Word of warning though: Do not get over zealous! When I first tried this I loved it so much I used it everyday, twice a day, and my skin dried up like a prune. So use this a couple times a week and leave the other days up to your regular detox or gentle.

      (Posted on 9/10/13) Review by Kaitlyn
    • i really like the minty smell of this cleanser
      it really cleans up the skin, especially after make up
      it will not dry up the skin
      great product

      (Posted on 9/8/13) Review by happy girl
    • my skin is oily, but also sensitive. I would say that this should be used if your skin is not sensitive because it may be a bit strong.

      (Posted on 9/6/13) Review by Lia
    • Smells great and prevents all those nasty black heads from coming back! Highly recommend using the cream right after for glowing skin!

      (Posted on 8/18/13) Review by michael
    • I have combination to dry skin and this cleanser is perfect! I tried the detox and it was too much for my skin. The peppermint scents is great. I use this twice a day and add in my clarisonic at night and it keeps my skin clear and glowing!

      (Posted on 8/1/13) Review by Meghan
    • This cleanser is absolutely amazing! It has this refreshing, yet not overpowering minty scent that "wakes up my skin". It also leaves my skin feeling clean, not tight like other cleansers I've tried.

      (Posted on 7/19/13) Review by Dana
    • This face wash is very refreshing. It cleans well. Smells good. It's great to use during the summer...or year round when my skin is more oily. Highly recommend. I just don't care for the cap...its minorly messy.

      (Posted on 7/18/13) Review by Rebekah
    • I really loved this cleanser for the first few months I used it: the smell is amazing and I did notice a difference in my skin. I think this face wash is great for people who just have mild and occasional breakouts, but may not be strong enough for frequent breakouts

      (Posted on 6/30/13) Review by Elizabeth
    • I have normal to combination skin and this is fantastic for me to use in the summertime. It doesn't dry me out...yet it still manages to control my oily areas in the T-zone! My face feels clean and fresh yet still soft and NOT STRIPPED which is a big plus. Kate Somerville Products have transformed my skin!

      (Posted on 6/19/13) Review by Lauraw65
    • I love all Kate's cleansers, use once a day, feels refreshing on skin

      (Posted on 5/2/13) Review by Lauren
    • This is the best cleanser ever, i use this twice a day and i my acne is getting much better. i will continue to use this cleanser twice a day. this is one of my must have items for my skin.

      (Posted on 4/2/13) Review by Percia
    • My usual skin routine wasn't cutting it in the clear and radiant department so I turned to a new skincare line, Kate Somerville, that had been recommended to me by a friend. I first started using this product about a month ago and immediately started noticing results in the clarity of my skin. The uneven texture became smooth and the acne quickly diminished. I love the way my skin feels after using this product and cannot wait to try all of the other products in my Wish List! :)

      (Posted on 3/13/13) Review by Ashley
    • I first purchased this product when someone let me try some of their cleanser. Now it is the only one I will use. I tried many others and this is the only one that I have been able to use long term

      (Posted on 3/5/13) Review by Michelle
    • I really love this cleanser. I have tried her other ones, but the Purify one is the best! It keeps my oil in check, my acne under control, smells great! Will definitely be buying this one again!

      (Posted on 3/2/13) Review by Lia
    • I got this product as a sample from Sephora and I can't imagine my skincare regimen without it now. I definitely see a change in the texture of my face - it's much smoother after just one week of use. I also see a lot less oil when I wake up in the morning and throughout the day. I would highly recommend this product without hesitation.

      (Posted on 2/17/13) Review by Jaci
    • I use this cleanser morning and night and have been using it for a long time. Scent is amazing - feels like I'm getting a spa treatment. Also leaves skin squeaky clean - using another cleanser never feels as clean. Although this says for oily skin, I use it for my mature (50+) skin with no noticeable dryness. I love how this cleanser smells!!

      (Posted on 2/2/13) Review by SoCalif
    • This is the best cleanser out there for acne pro skin! I used every ance cleanser you could name, and this is the only product that has kept my cystic acne away for longer than a month. I have been using Kate's acne line for almost year. I started off with the Banish Blemisher kit, and from there purchashed othe products, and I'm in love with every single one of them!

      (Posted on 1/30/13) Review by Andrea
    • I've struggled with acne for over 30 years. I've tried everything from drug store items to high-end skin care lines, and nothing has worked well or consistently for me. Thanks to this product, my acne, clogged pores, and red/oily skin are GONE. The skin on my face finally matches my neck - I don't even need make up anymore! (But when I do wear it, it looks amazing over my healthy, smooth skin!) This cleanser makes my skin feel clean, not stripped. My face doesn't get oily anymore, even late in the day, and it has a healthy glow. This product has truly changed my life!

      If your skin is like mine (oily, acne-prone, large pores), I highly recommend pairing this cleanser with Kate's Clarifying Treatment Toner and Oil-Free Moisturizer.

      (Posted on 1/24/13) Review by Sara
    • My daughter and I both have very bad acne prone skin. Mine is still bad as an adult, and to make it worse, we are both allergic to Benzol Peroxide. She is very oily as I used to be, but now that I'm older, my skin is very dry. This is the first system that so far is working great! It is clearing up her oily skin and acne, as well as my acne and not drying out my face! All the products we have tried so far are wonderful with results almost imediately! This cleanser feels great on my skin also!

      (Posted on 1/9/13) Review by Dawne
    • During the summer my skin is more oily than normal and with polution and acne more prone to breakouts. I used this cleanser twice a day every day for 6 months and love not having to worry about breakouts and not needing to use excessive cover-up makeup. If you have dry skin you probably wouldn't enjoy this product as much.

      (Posted on 12/29/12) Review by Cassandra
    • I love this cleanser. It smells like tea tree oil. Very refreshing. It takes off everything. No more dirt or oil left behind. Love it.

      (Posted on 11/28/12) Review by jason
    • This cleanser gets the job done. I have used so many other cleansers trying to find the right one and I finally found it. This cleanser leaves skin feeling refreshed and clean without feeling oily or dry. I use this with a clairisonic and nothing else has done as good of a job. I finally found the perfect cleanser!

      (Posted on 10/13/12) Review by kailey
    • I LOVE IT! Cleans skin thoroughly, and leaves it feeling refreshed! Face has a nice smooth texture, and the cleanser has a lovely scent, too. Not drying, just renewing. Glad I bought it, indeed!

      (Posted on 9/29/12) Review by Carla
    • I recently spent $250 on Kate Somerville Skincare products at Nordstrom assured that it would change my skin! it didn't!!

      I bought this cleanser along with the Daily Detox Cleanser so that I could alternate them as I have oily / combination skin and my skin becomes accustomed to products. This cleanser is disappointing. It washed my face but did nothing else. Very expensive for what it does. The Daily Detox is slightly better but not significantly... there are better and cheaper cleansers available.

      (Posted on 8/24/12) Review by carol
    • Has this cleanser made anyone else break out? And if so how long did it last? Did it take care of the mid day oiliness? Thanks-

      (Posted on 6/26/12) Review by chris
    • This was the first product of many from Kate's line that I used. It feels wonderful going on-kinda tingles-and rinses so clean. Before I got a clarisonic I used it to remove my makeup alone and it did a very good job. Now I use it with my clarisonic Mia and it does an excellent job!! I have oily/combination skin and it does not overdry my skin. It always just feels clean and firm. I do always follow with Kate's oil free moisturizer.

      (Posted on 5/31/12) Review by Ashley
    • This is my favorite cleanser. My skin feels so soft and really clean.

      (Posted on 5/24/12) Review by allyson
    • this is the best cleanser on the market. I love, love it

      (Posted on 5/23/12) Review by Michelle
    • I love this cleanser. I used to change cleansers seasonally, but I do not need to anymore. It is perfectly balanced for my skin. Highly recommended!

      (Posted on 4/25/12) Review by Allyson
    • I love this cleanser--it leaves my skin completely clean and clear of makeup after a long day! It smells wonderful too! I use this product with my Clarisonic as well and my skin has never looked better!

      (Posted on 3/14/12) Review by Erin
    • I love, love, love this cleanser. It removes my makeup and cleans my skin out drying. A must for anyone who wears makeup, even if you have dry skin like me. Smells great!

      (Posted on 2/4/12) Review by Betsy
    • I used this cleanser last night for the first time, I used to use her detox one. Both amazing but my skin already cleared up over night with the use of this cleanser with my clairisonic and her sulfur! AMAZING! I dont know what I would do without Kate's products! Great value great buy and I will continue!!!! xoxo

      (Posted on 11/9/11) Review by michellelisa1982
    • I tend to get oily, especially in the summer. After using Purify my face feels really clean, especially when I use it with my Clarisonic brush. I highly recommend this cleanser for oily skin types.

      (Posted on 8/12/11) Review by Emily