Quench Oil Free

Hydrating Face Serum
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The lightweight, water-based formula of Quench Oil Free Hydrating Face Serum is a cutting-edge solution designed to pull moisture in deep and lock it in, while helping to balance sebum production. Powerful Peptides are formulated to help decrease the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles, while increasing the look of firmness. This fast-absorbing treatment—and its unparalleled moisture—reveals softer, more radiant skin.

  • Dynamic Moisture Complex is formulated to deliver intense hydration and helps support the body’s ability to retain moisture.
  • Matrixyl Synthe 6, a powerful wrinkle-diminishing Peptide, is designed to reduce the appearance of expression lines.
  • Chronoline is intended to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

How to Use

AM and PM. Use twice a day. Apply 1 to 2 pumps to clean, dry face and neck. Allow serum to absorb into skin before applying other products.


Water/Aqua/Eau, Plumeria Acutifolia Flower Extract, Glycerin, Propanediol, Polyacrylate-13, Polyisobutene, Algae Extract, Carrageenan, Polysorbate 20, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Soy Amino Acids, Yeast Extract/Faex/Extrait de levure, Glutamine, Glutamic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Hydrolyzed Chondrus Crispus Extract, Hydroxypropyl Cyclodextrin, Sodium Hyaluronate, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38, Dextran, Caprooyl Tetrapeptide-3, Citric Acid, Ethylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol
    • I really like this product! It takes a few tries to get the amount you need down, but once you do it's great! It makes your skin feel so smooth, and helps soak in the moisturizer you put on next! Plus, it doesn't make your skin feel oily and doesn't make you break out! A good buy :)

      (Posted on 8/5/14) Review by Kayla
    • I love this product it makes my face so soft and its just Amazing. I gave my mom this product for her birthday and she loves it.

      (Posted on 8/4/14) Review by Mariella
    • I play tennis in the desert sun. This tends to leave my skin completely dry although I have a naturally super oily skin. I found Kate's Quench Oil Free Serum to be the perfect remedy for a night time application. In the morning, my skin feels a lot less dry and tighter.

      (Posted on 7/25/14) Review by Maya
    • I love using this product in addition to my moisturizer in the winter when I need an extra boost. It effectively hydrates while avoiding breakouts. It goes on very light and refreshing feeling. I wish it came in a larger size as well.

      (Posted on 7/20/14) Review by Ashley
    • This is perfect paired with the oil free moisturizer. My skin has never felt or looked this good.

      (Posted on 7/14/14) Review by JoAnna
    • I have hormonal breakouts and anything anti aging usually makes it worse. Not the Quench Oil Free! My skin feels truly hydrated, not just moisturized, and I love that I'm getting anti aging benefits! My acne isn't worsening so I finally found my match! Yay thank you, Kate!

      (Posted on 7/6/14) Review by Erika
    • My teenage daughter has dry skin that can break out if she doesn't take care of it. This and the oil free moisturizer make it look beautiful without breaking her out at all!

      (Posted on 6/28/14) Review by Laura
    • This is one of my favorite serums. It is oil free, but very mild and moisturizing. It could be used combined with other serums from other brands as well. It contains both anti-aging and anti-blemish ingredients. Love it.

      (Posted on 6/25/14) Review by Muyang
    • I love this serum and use it everyday. It moisturizes my skin without causing any breakouts. I have battled hormonal acne and changes in my skin since having major surgery and this is once of the products that didn't cause my skin to react. I'm not sure I see any other real results but my skin feels soft and moisturized without any greasiness or breakouts!

      (Posted on 6/23/14) Review by Maria
    • Most serums I don't see any changes, trying this for a new result, so far, so good

      (Posted on 6/19/14) Review by Lauren
    • This is the PERFECT moisturizer for sensitive, acne prone skin. My skin is absolutely glowing. Not too shiny, but just enough moisture that it looks healthy. This is my new go-to product.

      (Posted on 6/3/14) Review by Ashley
    • I received a sample of this and fell in love with it when I first tried it, so I knew I had to buy the full sized product. I live in a super hot climate and on top of that I have oily skin, so the light texture of this was perfect. I know this is a serum and a moisturizer should be used on top, but in all honesty I just use this as a moisturizer. Looks fantastic under makeup. My skin looks so fantastic in pictures as well! I don't really have fine lines or wrinkles, but I do have pitted acne scars and with the combo of this and ExfoliKate, my skin has never looked better!

      (Posted on 6/2/14) Review by Amanda
    • I was really excited to get this product, because I had found that the oil free moisturizer irritated my skin. When I tried this, though, it had the same reaction. It burned my skin and caused discoloration and irritation. I hope that a sensitive formula will work better for me.

      (Posted on 5/28/14) Review by Caroline
    • I like this light serum for Summer. I am 44 years old and I use anti- aging products when the weather gets cold, but I sometimes get adult acne. I just want my skin to feel "naked" but still protected from the environment hazards time to time. I like this product because this is just hydrating my skin without any heavy stuffs. Love this serum!!!

      (Posted on 5/28/14) Review by Janet
    • I've added this to my daily regimen, pairing w/ the Nourish Daily Moisturizer to increase hydration. Working nicely, very pleased w/ the results. Skin is looking nice and hydrated without breakouts.

      (Posted on 5/17/14) Review by Susan
    • It's soo great I mostly have oily skin with a few dry spots .The oil free moisturizer works great for most of my face but I still had the dry spots . Then the woman at Sephora gave me a sample of this and said to just put it on the dry spots before the moisturizer BOY WHAT A DIFFERENCE THAT LITTLE CHANGE MADE ,!!,!!! I really which it was less expensive but not enough to stop buying it since it works so well

      (Posted on 5/16/14) Review by Jenni
    • To be honest, I wish I had been able to return this product but I let the time go by. Its an ok serum but I didn't notice any difference in hydration. Should have spent my money on something else.

      (Posted on 5/10/14) Review by Kimi
    • This serum irritated my skin. I didn't realize the serum is filled with hydrolyzed soy protein. I have serious food allergies to soy protein, and I am very disappointed that Kate Sommerville would use soy protein in her formulations. An estimated 94% of soybeans in the US are grown from genetically modified seeds. Soy is also one of the 7 most common allergens in the US. I do not recommend this product and am surprised that Kate Sommerville would use these soy-based ingredients given that her line is marketed as being great for those with sensitive skin.

      (Posted on 5/1/14) Review by Jill
    • Made my skin feel very soft and moisturized without breaking me out. The instructions for using it are different online than on the bottle itself (the bottle says to just use once a day, online says twice) but I've had good results so far with just once daily use.

      (Posted on 4/28/14) Review by J
    • I used to use quench but it was really too
      much for my skin. I needed something less oily
      so when oil free quench came out I started using it
      what a great product for my skin it worked perfectly.
      Along with the oil free moisturizer just what I

      (Posted on 4/22/14) Review by Susan
    • Bought this product because it was oil free. It does moisturized the skin well but I prefer the restore8 serum sample I received with my order over this one.

      (Posted on 4/16/14) Review by Isabelle
    • My skin was red, irritated and broke out even more which was extremely disappointing after having great results from other products in her oil free product line. Had to be returned. Had small red bumps everywhere.

      (Posted on 4/4/14) Review by Amy
    • Although this serum is oil-free, it provides a very nice amount of moisture without clogging my pores. I also love to mix it with the Deep Tissue Repair Cream for an added boost. It is not heavy, so I can layer it with other serums and creams. This is a staple in my skincare routine.

      (Posted on 3/25/14) Review by rdesigns
    • I really love this serum. I originally started out with the HydraKate Lifting Serum, but since I only really needed it for the extra moisture, and not the lifting properties, I decided to give this serum a try. it does an amazing job of leaving my skin really moisturized, and, even after application of the Oil Free Moisturizer over top of it, my skin never feels greasy. I even took it on vacation to the Dominican Republic, thinking it would likely make my skin somewhat oily there (since it is so hot), but it worked like magic. Great serum!

      (Posted on 3/14/14) Review by Lindsay2367
    • This is a great serum for guys, by the way, since I know friends who don't like feeling like they have stuff on their face. It's great for combination skin as well, since it'll hydrate without causing excess sebum production that will clog up your pores. It just does the job. I've used the regular version and the other version will give you a dewy glow which is good for some and not for others. This is a great alternative to the original.

      (Posted on 3/12/14) Review by Eddie
    • Absolutely a life saver for this terribly long winter! keeps my skin hydrated but not oily!!

      (Posted on 3/4/14) Review by cindybear0320
    • As someone with combination, acne-prone skin, I always struggle to properly moisturize my skin while keeping my breakouts under control. This product is a lifesaver especially for the winter months. One pump of this product under my regular moisturizer keeps my skin perfectly moisturized and I no longer have to struggle with the dry skin that often comes from using acne control products.

      (Posted on 3/2/14) Review by Kaisha
    • I have been using this product for about 4 months now, and I love it. It feels so good on the skin. I use it every morning under my moisturizer. It's very light, not sticky, but definitely provides hydration to the skin! I will continue to use this product.

      (Posted on 2/21/14) Review by KMCat
    • I love this product. It goes on so light and dries so fast. I have very dehydrated skin so moisterizers cause breakouts this is a great product. I have been complimented a few times of how clean my skin looks.

      (Posted on 2/18/14) Review by Mother of 2
    • I have been using this serum for about eight weeks. I love the way it feels when put it on, but I haven't seen a dramatic difference in my skin - as I have with other Kate Somerville products!

      (Posted on 2/17/14) Review by Laura
    • This serum is not greasy at all - it absorbs right away and leaves your face feeling very smooth.

      (Posted on 2/14/14) Review by Karen
    • This is an excellent product that made my combo skin feel like a dream. It is not greasy feeling or too light. I recommend this if you hate that sticky moisturized feeling. I love it!

      (Posted on 2/4/14) Review by Dorothy
    • Once the dry winter set in, my skin needed some relief from all the acne products I was using. This gives me just enough moisture without being oily. One pump is all I need twice a day - followed by my normal moisturizer. I think one more bottle will get me through the rest of winter. Great product!

      (Posted on 1/21/14) Review by MG
    • AMazing how soft my skin feels the morning after using this at night under my moisturizer! Cant live without! Thank you KATE!!

      (Posted on 1/16/14) Review by olivia
    • this is one of the best serums i have ever tried. makes makeup glide on and smooths out the skin like no other. No greasy like some serums are. Wish it was a little cheaper since i'm completely hooked ans will have to get more when I run out

      (Posted on 1/8/14) Review by natallia
    • I am not quite sure if I am using enough or not but it doesn't seem to provide much moisture. I am afraid that if I use to much it will cause my face to become oily throughout the day since I have naturally oily skin.

      (Posted on 1/8/14) Review by Lena
    • I never feel compelled to write reviews of anything. But after only a couple of weeks of using this product I am seeing a noticeable difference. My skin is smoother and more plump. It even seems to be helping with my acne scars! I would definitely recommend and will definitely buy again!

      (Posted on 1/7/14) Review by Nicole
    • I think this product feels great going on and I was open to trying a serum under my moisturizer, but it's just too much for my pores and I ended up breaking out. I think this might be great for some people, but it's not for me. Definitely try it out first before investing!

      (Posted on 12/27/13) Review by Andrew
    • Nice Oil free serum that is not greasy or sticky either. good price and I would buy again.

      (Posted on 12/25/13) Review by Eleanor
    • Particularly in the drying heat of apartments and houses in the Winter, the need for filling your skin with moisture is essential. Quench Oil Free Hydrating Serum is the most refreshing and wonderful way of accomplishing that.

      (Posted on 12/24/13) Review by Joanna
    • I have this and the regular Quench. The oil free one is heavenly, much lighter in feel and sinks right in , I have dry sensitive rosacea prone skin and this is wonderful, great for day or night as a base serum to soothe, then I use either the Age Arrest cream or the CytoCell over it at night.

      (Posted on 12/23/13) Review by siverlady44
    • What can I say...another great product by KS. Goes on easy, makes my face smooth, and doesn't add to my oily skin. It's light but still hydrating. Will buy again.

      (Posted on 12/19/13) Review by Heather
    • I use this everyday along with the oil-free moisturizer and it is amazing. It moisturizes my oily skin without over doing it or making me shiny...I also use sunless tanner and this makes for a smooth application!

      (Posted on 12/18/13) Review by Jessica
    • I love the texture of this serum and that it moisturizes a ton without making me feel greasy. I never used a serum because I had always felt the original quench was a little too slick in texture. Oil free quench has come to the rescue!

      (Posted on 12/10/13) Review by J
    • I have very oily skin and have never suffered from any dry skin problems. However recently I moved further north and the winter has begun to dry out my skin a bit. This serum has hydrated my skin and is exactly what I was looking for. I would highly recommend this product especially to someone with oily skin.

      (Posted on 12/6/13) Review by erica
    • This serum is great for oily skin. It provides surprisingly deep hydration yet doesn't feel heavy or greasy. I find it better suited for my skin than the oil free moisturizer which although one of the best moisturizers I've tried, gave me less moisture but left me oilier by the end of the day than quench. Ever since I've tried this serum, I haven't found anything that compares as a daytime moisturizer!

      (Posted on 12/6/13) Review by Diane
    • I love how truly weightless, yet incredibly moisturizing, this product is. After just a few days, I could really see a world of difference. I have fairly oily skin (especially by the end of the workday), but that is not the case with this serum. I have used the KS oil free moisturizer, and although better than most other moisturizers I have tried in the past, the Quench serum allows longer days without shine.

      (Posted on 12/2/13) Review by Catherine
    • I tried the original quench hydrating face serum and found that it was too oily for my dry skin. I've only used this product twice (samples from my orders), but found that it soaked into my skin nicely without it feeling oily after I applied it. I followed up with the cytocell dermal energizing treatment and my skin looked really moisturized the next morning. I will definately use this again.

      (Posted on 12/1/13) Review by dfm
    • Another amazing product from is...why am I not surprised? What I love about this product is that it moisturizers without being heavy or oily. I have tried many small samples of this just to be sure and it has not broken me out at all. This is definitely on my wish list for the holidays!!!! You will not be sorry!

      (Posted on 11/28/13) Review by Dom
    • Comparing to other high end serum in the market, this serum is outstanding! You can't beat it with its price! I've tried a lot of high end serums but this one is one of the best! Light weight, absorb quickly into your skin, and has an awesome texture!

      (Posted on 11/28/13) Review by Tanya
    • Only serum that doesn't clog my pores and break me out or cause sensitivity in my skin.

      (Posted on 11/26/13) Review by Kamilah
    • I first tried the sample of this and loved it instantly. So I went ahead and bought the full size. WOW. Your face becomes so smooth and you can see instant results. Definitely a must buy! LOVE!

      (Posted on 11/13/13) Review by Ann
    • I got a sample from Nordstrom and I was instantly hooked. I am on my 3rd bottle of this now and i can't live without it. My skin is oily but dehydrated and this product balances out my skin.

      (Posted on 11/5/13) Review by Lena
    • Love the oil-free quench! I use this mostly in the summer when I am recovering from dry over-exposed sun skin and in the winter months when the wind and dry air flake my face. Also nice for spot treating the areas I over-dry with spot treatments.

      Not an everyday or every season product, but when it is needed, it's super effective so I always keep some in my cabinet.

      Note: In the winter, this is especially effective when worn under the oil free moisturizer. Use a little Exfoliate, follow with these two and get normal skin again. Must have if you're in the midwest during winter!

      (Posted on 11/4/13) Review by Kaitlyn
    • Have been using this serum for half a year; I feel it provides sufficient nutrients to my skin while not too rich. It is great for my daily usage, specially since I have a combination skin. I gave it a 4 star since it runs fast..all in all, a great product.

      (Posted on 11/4/13) Review by Amy
    • I was not a serum user until I started using Kate Somerville products. I have combination-oily skin, and always figured I just did not need a serum. However, my skin often feels 'dehydrated,' so I gave the Oil Free Duo (definitely worth the $20 savings!) a try.

      This stuff is absolutely wonderful for oily skin. You just need one pump for your face and neck, and it soaks in immediately. I give it a minute and then layer on a bit of Oil Free Moisturizer, and then a fluid facial sunscreen. It gives your skin a velvety texture and it makes you glow. My skin immediately feels and looks healthier when I apply this. I also use this at night under the Goat Milk cream.

      Since switching to Kate's Oil Free products, I am not nearly as oily by the afternoon as I once was. I just need a tiny bit of sheer powder in the morning and I am good for the day. Give this a try if you have oily skin that often feels 'parched' or dehydrated.

      (Posted on 11/1/13) Review by Lia
    • This serum is beautiful , only after using it once I could see a difference in my skin , my skin looks clear ,glowy and well rested , and my foundation appears to last longer when I use it underneath .

      (Posted on 10/27/13) Review by Rachel
    • I love this product. I have oily skin and this moisturizes without making my skin feel greasy. It soaks in immediately.

      (Posted on 10/5/13) Review by Jennifer
    • I apply this product at night. It is smooth & light. My skin is usually oily but I get some dry areas. My face is less oily & I haven't had any dry patches.

      (Posted on 10/5/13) Review by Susan
    • During the summer, I think this is great! I'm typically more oily during that time of year due to the heat and humidity. This product helps me get the extra moisture without being more oily! :) Awesome!

      (Posted on 9/23/13) Review by Amy
    • I love love love absolutely love this product. I got samples of this product when I went to buy my acne products and after using it one time I loved how my face looked. After seven days my skin was radiant, I felt like a celebrity lol. I love this product and highly recommend it. About to purchase my second bottle. Thank you Kate.

      (Posted on 9/2/13) Review by Olukemi
    • Great product! Have noticed that my skin feels so much softer since using it!

      (Posted on 8/24/13) Review by Caroline
    • This product is amazing! A little goes a long way, I was so happy when Kate came out with the oil free version. Your skin just drinks this right in and it feels amazing. I trust Kate Somerville products and am a loyal user as these products work perfect for me.

      (Posted on 7/17/13) Review by Lorrie
    • I loved the original Quench serum, but when this oil free version came out, I was in heaven!! This one is perfect for summer and humidity ... I love it!! I use this with Kate's oil free line during summer, and my skin looks fabulous!! I can't get enough!!

      (Posted on 7/15/13) Review by Sara
    • I have suffered from eczema and cystic acne over the years. It has been hard to find a product that will hydrate my skin enough without increasing oil production. QUENCH oil-free has made such a difference within the 3rd day of use. For the first time in my life, I have velvety skin.

      (Posted on 7/3/13) Review by Karen
    • The absolute best hydrator. It's not greasy and works wonders for my dry skin!

      (Posted on 6/24/13) Review by Sherry
    • This is a wonderfully hydrating serum! I had used the original Quench face serum in the past and found it to be extremely greasy (at least on my skin). Also, the original had silicones in it which I now try to avoid. I recently purchased this Quench oil free serum and LOVE it! It is not greasy, it does not contain silicones, and it keeps skin soft and supple all day.

      (Posted on 6/23/13) Review by Elizabeth
    • I use this every day in the winter and as needed throughout the rest of the year. I keep some in my bag to touch up any dry spots that come along throughout the workday. This product is a great complement to acne treatment items if you tend to get (even minor) dryness. Great for sensitive skin as well. Definitely quenches!

      If you use this along with the Oil Free moisturizer, then purchase the Ultimate Oil Free Duo. It is a better value.

      (Posted on 6/21/13) Review by TrendyGrrl
    • This serum is great! A little goes a long way - just one pump in the AM is what I use.. It makes my skin glow without looking oily and doesn't make my skin break out. As we go into summer, this will most likely be all I need as a moisturizer.

      (Posted on 5/10/13) Review by Beth
    • I have very sensitive skin with acne/rosacea. This serum actually improved my skin's texture and lessened my break-outs. It is unbelievable! You only need to use a *TINY* amount because it goes a long way. I highly recommend this product!

      (Posted on 5/2/13) Review by melanie
    • I tried the oil-free version as I was afraid the other serum might clog up my pores. Alas, even though I loved how the serum felt on my skin and did not feel greasy or oily, after 3 months, I still found my skin was still peeling from the dry weather. As my skin is fairly sensitive, I think I am going to have to look for an alternative serum from KS.

      (Posted on 4/12/13) Review by Pamela
    • Ever since I got pregnant, I was advised to use this product. I am in love with this product and the fact that its oil free!!!!....and not only that, it does not break me out!

      (Posted on 3/20/13) Review by Mahlanie
    • This is the best product that I have ever used. My skin looks so good. It is unbeliveable to see my skin looking so good. Thank you Kate!

      (Posted on 3/11/13) Review by Sandra
    • This is soooo lightweight! I find my skin looks looks great with this, especially after moisturizer is applied...no greasy look and lines barely visible. As I wrote, an enhancer!

      (Posted on 3/3/13) Review by Alana
    • I love to use this in the morning. It's not too heavy under my makeup and is still very moisturizing. I have the oil free moisturizer for night use, but it is just a bit too heavy to wear during the day under foundation. Quench is also great for use in the summer when you don't need a heavy moisturizer. Overall it does what it says, and I would definitely buy again or recommend to a friend.

      (Posted on 3/1/13) Review by Sarah
    • I can't believe I have finally found a serum that does not make me break out! Since I started using this my face has been blemish free and glowing. I use this in conjunction with the Gentle Cleanser 2x a day, and the Daily Discoloration Corrector in the morning. Quench Oil-Free I use at night. I wake up to glowing, beautiful skin.

      (Posted on 2/12/13) Review by Lorie
    • I love this hydrating serum. I use it when my skin is oily but dehydrated. It doesn't leave your skin feeling as silky as the original Quench but it sinks in like you have nothing on your skin...which I love during the hot and humid months. This and the oil-free CytoCell serum are my absolute favorite products for oily and acne prone skin. Superb! Thanks, Kate, for understanding the needs of sensitive and acne prone skin.

      (Posted on 2/5/13) Review by Rebekah
    • In the past I would read all the raves about Quench but when I tried it I found it left my late 40s (still combination) skin too shiny. I had to pass. That is until now. The oil free version is just right. I love the texture...a lot less slip and silicone than the original. It's a great addition.

      (Posted on 1/17/13) Review by Jill
    • My face is acne prone, but dry. This product really helped to take away the dryness, and reduce the breakouts also!

      (Posted on 1/9/13) Review by Dawne
    • In the dry winter months, i need an extra kick to keep my skin moisturized. I love using this serum paired with my oil-free moisturizer because it gives my skin the extra moisture it needs without leaving a greasy, thick feeling on my skin's surface. I love this stuff!

      (Posted on 1/6/13) Review by Herminia
    • My skin flip flops all the time and my fabulous facialist Mandy (at Kate Somerville in LA) recommended I switch to the oil free quench. Total difference! My skin is soft and smooth, a lot less break outs and ALL of these products are life savers. I don't put anything else on my face anymore....I am a Kate only girl.

      (Posted on 12/5/12) Review by Amber
    • I got this as a sample with an Kate Somerville order I place through Sephora. This stuff is amazing!!! I dried my skin out with another product in my fight against adult acne I used this to recover. It soothed my irritated skin and restored it to normal in just days and did not cause further breakouts while doing so. This product is a life saver!!!

      (Posted on 11/29/12) Review by Natalie
    • I have oily skin and this serum is the best. I use every day and follow with oil-free moisturizer. My face feels great and hydrated. I only wish it was available in the luxury size. It is one of my 3 must have desert island Kate products!

      (Posted on 11/28/12) Review by Teresa
    • I really love this product, ive only been using for a few days now.. but I just love how my skin feels afterwards!!

      (Posted on 9/24/12) Review by Stephanie
    • This feels like your skin just drinks it up. It makes your skin feel sooo soft and smooth!! Not oily at all.

      (Posted on 6/16/12) Review by Ashley
    • I use this in the AM & PM right after washing my face or showering. I let the serum dry and then put on the Kate Somerville Oil Free Moisturizer and I have seen such results. It hydrates without leaving my face an oily mess and it doesn't make me break out. It gives my skin such a nice glow and since one pump is all you need lasts for a while. It's become a must have in my beauty routine.

      (Posted on 4/3/12) Review by Jennifer
    • WOW! Is all I can say! The best money Ive ever spent is on Kate's products! Ive been waiting for the oil-free version to come out and my skin literally is glowing, like the most beautiful glow and smoothness! A MUST have!

      (Posted on 2/7/12) Review by mixedsugarQ8
    • Even oily skin needs hydration too. Mine drinks this right up. Within 3 days my skin was sooooo soft and clear of blemishes. Have used the original samples, but found it a bit to oily. This is perfect. The texture is like the HydraKate, but a little more creamy. Mild scent. I use AM and PM under moisturizer.

      (Posted on 1/13/12) Review by Stephanie