2-in-1 Retinol Night Cream
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Get to the root of the wrinkle™ with Kate’s dramatically different Retinol treatment! Formulated with a patented Carrier System, this 2-in-1 Retinol Night Cream is designed to gently infuse the skin with pure Retinol to help diminish the appearance of wrinkles and even out texture and skin tone. The RetAsphere Smart Release™ Carrier System delivers pure Retinol in a lipid shell that melts evenly into the epidermis—where it is most effective—while Seaweed Extract, with bio-derived Hyaluronic Acid, helps prevent over-drying by locking in hydration where and when skin needs it most. 

  • The RetAsphere Smart Release™ Carrier System protects pure Retinol in a lipid shell that melts evenly into the skin, helping prevent irritation and dryness.
  • By penetrating deep into the epidermis, this patent-pending, time-release technology helps diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Seaweed Extract, with bio-derived Hyaluronic Acid, locks in moisture for sustained hydration.



How to Use

PM Only. Use once a day. Apply a thin, even layer to face. Reduce the frequency of use if sensitivity occurs. While using this product, also use a daily sunscreen.


Water/Aqua/Eau, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Diethylhexyl Carbonate, Diisopropyl Dimer Dilinoleate, Stearyl Alcohol, Cetearyl Alcohol, Propanediol, Jojoba Esters, Glycerin, Glyceryl Stearate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, PEG-40 Stearate,Tocopheryl Acetate, PPG-12/SMDI Copolymer, Butylene Glycol, Pentylene Glycol, Polyacrylate-13, Ceteareth-20, Retinol, Polyisobutene, Chondrus Crispus (Carrageenan) Extract, Polysorbate 20, Cyperus Esculentus Tuber Extract, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Disodium EDTA, Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Fruit Extract , Cucumis Melo Cantalupensis Fruit Extract , Daucus Carota Sativa (Carrot) Root Extract , Mangifera Indica (Mango) Fruit Extract, Prunus Domestica Fruit Extract, Dioscorea Villosa (Wild Yam) Root Extract, Hydroxyphenyl Propamidobenzoic Acid, Cetyl Palmitate, Hydrolyzed Chondrus Crispus Extract , Polysorbate 20, Ethylhexylglycerin, Triethanolamine, Ceramide 3, Sodium Hyaluronate, Phenoxyethanol, Linalool
    • I have an olive skin tone and have suffered from melasma (commonly called pregnancy mask) for many years. There was a time when I would go to the dermatologist and get prescriptions for Retin-A and Hydroquinone and used them religiously and they would help somewhat but not only were the routine doctor visits costly, but so were the prescriptions and in order to keep the prescriptions coming, I had to continue the doctor visits. The spots would fade somewhat, but then the first time I went out into the sun, BAM, they were back. It was a vicious cycle and one I finally gave up. So for the last few years I've been fighting the battle with over-the-counter products without much luck. Then I found Kate Somerville. I will say that while the Kate Somerville products aren't inexpensive, they do work and I control what I use and don't have to rely on someone else telling me what I can and can't use. Having said that. I have found that for me, starting out with the Detox Daily Cleanser (because I sometimes breakout in this humid Texas weather), followed by LumiWhite Skin Tone Perfector (which is a serum), followed in the morning by the Daily Discoloration Perfector and at night I alternate the Overnight Discoloration Perfector and the RetAsphere 2-in-1 Retinol Night Cream. Every day I also use the KateCeuticals Multi-Active Repair Eye Cream. I have been doing this regimen for about a month and my discoloration is improved by at least 30-40% already and I notice it getting better every day. I may be kidding myself, but I think I look 10 years younger.

      (Posted on 8/15/14) Review by Claudia
    • This product completely transformed my skin! Fine lines have vanished and my skin looks soft, supple, and clear!

      (Posted on 8/14/14) Review by Marisa
    • As someone with sensitive skin, I've always been wary of retinol products. But for years everything I read confirms that retinols are the best anti-wrinkle products on the market, so after reading other positive reviews of the RetAsphere, I decided to give it a try. I couldn't be more pleased. The product does not irritate my skin in the least. I apply it each night, after applying my serum and moisturizer (I read somewhere to apply retinols after moisturizer to help guard against sensitivity but still keep their effectiveness). I also notice that my skin looks brighter after using this for a couple of weeks. I would definitely re-order the RetAsphere.

      (Posted on 8/12/14) Review by Elizabeth
    • I regularly visit my derm, so it is easy for me to get a Retin-A perscription (I am acne prone). With that said, as Retin-A is the most potent in terms of retinol, I still prefer this product! It seems to have the perfect combination of retinol and cream - it doesn't dry my skin like Retin-A and leaves it feeling moisturized. Definitely will become a regular purchase!

      (Posted on 8/7/14) Review by Rachel
    • This is the first time I have ever written a product review. I am in my mid 40's and have struggled with breakouts my whole life. I have tried many different high end skincare brands and have never been happy. I was hesitant to try Kate's products because I just didn't think anything was going to solve the problems I've had with my skin and I thought exposing it to another brand would make it worse. I purchased the blemish banisher kit first just to test it out and I couldn't believe that my skin was clearing up and felt so much smoother within a week. I then purchased RetAsphere to address fine lines and uneven skin tone. I did not experience any sensitivity with this product and my skin has never looked better. I can't believe I can have clear, moisturized skin with no annoying dry patches from an acne treatment. I've always measured my skin health by the amount of concealer I need to put on before I leave the house. I realized a couple days ago that I'd gotten ready for work and didn't apply any concealer. Very emotional experience. Thank you, Kate, you're saving my skin!,

      (Posted on 8/6/14) Review by Jamie
    • I absolutely love this night cream! It is amazing how soft my skins feels when using the RetAshere. I found that it didn't seem as though there was much cream in the container. I was disappointed as to how quickly I used it up. I decided to cut off the bottom of the tube to see if I could scrape the sides and found about another month or two worth of cream still in the container. The only problem is now I have to try to tape up the tube every night so it doesn't dry out. I use a small plastic applicator to reach into the tube - you should try not to use your fingers.
      This night cream is well-worth the price!

      (Posted on 8/6/14) Review by Laura
    • I got a couple of samples of this night cream while I was searching for a night cream with Retinol that wouldn't tear up my super sensitive skin. Normally creams with retinol are too strong fro my skin but this one has yet to do any damage to my skin and I love it! I will be buying the full product once I finish my samples!

      (Posted on 8/3/14) Review by Npelaez35
    • This is truly the best night cream on the market. I'm so thrilled with this line I can't imagine using anything else!

      (Posted on 8/2/14) Review by Monika
    • I love this night cream. I have very sensitive skin and RetAsphere gives me all the benefits without any of the irritation or breakouts. I was given a sample in the clinic and within 3 days I went back to purchase it. My skin looks so much better people started commenting on my skin looking great after using it only a couple of weeks.

      (Posted on 7/19/14) Review by Charlotte
    • This product is very gentle on my skin yet is still effective at brightening and smoothing things out. It also smells great!

      (Posted on 7/19/14) Review by Rhiannon
    • I have been using a sample of this for a few weeks. It goes A LONG WAY and does miracles for the skin. It is gentle enough that it hasn't dried up my skin and I see a HUGE difference.

      (Posted on 7/5/14) Review by Amber
    • I really like this cream, but it did not seem to last very long for the price

      (Posted on 6/28/14) Review by Laura
    • My skin looks brighter and has a more even tone with no redness or irritation.

      (Posted on 6/8/14) Review by Barbara
    • I have mixed dry and oily skin, and RetAsphere is great for toning down breakouts, clarifying the skin, while also attacking wrinkles. I have strong skin and can use this once or twice a week without irritation, but I would think that those with sensitive skin would want to go carefully with this product. That said, I have found this to be a terrific product!

      (Posted on 6/5/14) Review by Celia
    • I have been using this product for approximately 6 months and have noticed quite a difference in the texture and clarity of my skin. I highly recommend this product for women who might have anti-aging concerns.

      (Posted on 5/28/14) Review by Rose Marie
    • This makes my skin feel so soft and hydrated after using it.

      (Posted on 5/21/14) Review by Amanda
    • This product is wonderful! I feel as though I've been given a treatment in Kate's clinic every night when I prepare for bed, and in the morning when I wake up. Is it a dream??? I haven't gone to her clinic, but I do use this amazing and effective nighttime wonder. I've definitely seen a difference in the smoothness of my skin, and lines and wrinkles becoming more and more minimized. Thank you, Kate!!

      (Posted on 5/10/14) Review by Maryann
    • I have very sensitive skin and most retinol dried my skin out after a few uses. I still only use this a couple times a week but my skin looks awesome every time I do! I have combo skin and this helps keep things evened out. Another great product!

      (Posted on 5/5/14) Review by Ellen
    • "I am 32 and didn't think my skin was too bad. However, I am a skin care junkie and kept hearing how anyone over 30 has to use some form of retinol so I though I would give it a try. In less than a week (I am using the retinol every night) I already see an amazing difference in my eyes. It looks like I got an eye lift. My skin feels firmer and the fine lines I have had since my mid twenties are almost gone completely. I don't think I have ever used a product that made a difference so quickly. Other retinols burn but this is gentle enough that I can use even more than the twice a week that is recommended. The age arrest is great too but I am just enamored with ReAsphere. Thank you Kate Sommerville for this wonderful product."

      (Posted on 5/2/14) Review by jcrissey82
    • This product is great for my 56 year old skin. This cream makes my skin softer without irritation plus it combats my wrinkles.

      (Posted on 4/30/14) Review by JANE
    • My daughter gave me a sample of this item from her last order. I loved it and ordered the full size product. I am impressed how quickly several spots on my face have already diminished in appearance. Kate Somerville has become my new best friend for my face, I am placing an order for 2 more items today! Love the samples, too.

      (Posted on 4/25/14) Review by ROBIN
    • This product really brightens up my skin and improved my skin texture. Not oily for my oily skin and i really enjoy using it. Doesn't hurt my skin or anything,

      (Posted on 4/21/14) Review by Chang
    • Used it for a little less than a month and my skin does looks fresher and clearer. I bought this product just to try it out as I use all of Kate's line and fits the purpose!

      (Posted on 4/21/14) Review by LG
    • I was a bit skeptical because of the texture, creamy and i have acne prone skin, but fear not! This cream is really nice and makes my skin so soft and rest looking the next morning, i can see the difference, I will definitely buy it again!

      (Posted on 4/19/14) Review by ML
    • I used this product for about two weeks now. My skin became very dry so I cut back on the use to every three days. My husband stated that my skin is clearing and the dark spots are disappearing. I'm excited and will continue use. Customer service was also very helpful.

      (Posted on 4/15/14) Review by Barbara
    • I have never been able to consistently use a retinol product until this one. My skin is sensitive and other creams have left my face red and irritated. As a fan of many other KS products, I decided to try this one as soon as it was introduced. I am so glad I did and have been using it ever since. It took a little time to work up to nightly use, but once I did I saw results very quickly. My skin tone and clarity have improved, my pores appear smaller, and fine wrinkles are less noticeable. If you have had unpleasant experiences with other retinols before, I encourage you to give this a try. A tip-I found that after no more cream could be pumped out, there was still quite a bit of product left in the tube. Cut off the end, clip it tightly and store in a airtight bag. You can get many more days of use!

      (Posted on 4/9/14) Review by Michelle
    • I heard so many good things about this night cream. I just started to use it, It is a bit drying but i heard that it is normal for the drying to occurs within few days f use. I already start to like it because is makes my skin more supple.

      (Posted on 4/5/14) Review by mariam
    • Nice hydrating night cream. Expected some irritation from retinol, but have not noticed any problems. My skin is softer and smoother. Only time will tell if cream helps prevent further fine lines.

      (Posted on 3/27/14) Review by Sharon
    • Moisturizes and has retinol! This is a bit more gentle than some other retinol products I have used...better for my sensitive skin!

      (Posted on 3/25/14) Review by Lisa
    • When I use this product , the results are immediate the next morning. Gentle and effective

      (Posted on 3/25/14) Review by Cynthia
    • As a late 30s gal, I decided to finally add a retinol product to my nightly regime and had received a sample of this from Sephora. All I can say is wow. It made a huge difference in my skin tone and wrinkles! Plus, it was not harsh or irritating. I did start out though by using it every couple nights and then increasing the usage from there, which might have helped. Now I consider it my holy grail of products and am never without it! My face has a glow it has never had before...I definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking to start using a retinol product.

      (Posted on 3/17/14) Review by Kimberly
    • I am an Asian and just turned 44. I got this product and used for 4 days. I can see my skin got cleaner. I never liked the retinol products until I use Kate Somerville product. I have very sensitive skin but I use this product with KS detox cleanser. Hopefully this product comes out with the value size soon.

      (Posted on 3/8/14) Review by Beauty junkie
    • I received this night cream as a sample from a Sephora purchase. This is a fantastic cream that left my face smooth after application and improved the appearance and texture of my face. I am eager to purchase this!

      (Posted on 3/7/14) Review by Pam
    • This product makes my skin feel very moisturized and comfortable. I use it in the evening after washing my face. I don't have many wrinkles at the moment but I have noticed a difference in my skin tone and it definitely makes my skin look more alive. I especially like using this product when I'm under a lot of stress and not sleeping well. It really makes a difference in my skin and I'll continue to use it.

      (Posted on 3/6/14) Review by megan
    • I'm only 32 and wish I'd have known about this for the last 10 years. I've only used my sample version for a couple of weeks - but my skin is showing signs of improvement that I didn't even realize it needed. Guess I need to start including this in my regular skin regimen. Can't say a bad thing about it - I wish it were cheaper, but it's worth the price.

      (Posted on 3/4/14) Review by Anna
    • Absolutely amazing! Saw a marked difference the first night I used it. Only using it twice a week on my face and daily on my neck because I have sensitive skin. Have used a retinoid in the past that was too strong and drying for my skin type and was hesitant to try Retasphere. I was pleasantly pleased with the gentleness of this product while still gaining results.

      (Posted on 3/1/14) Review by sarah
    • After only a short time using this product (I've been using it every night) I've noticed my skin tone evening out and my break outs are reduced. This product irritates my skin very little, if at all. I will continue to use it and can't wait to see the long term results.

      (Posted on 2/27/14) Review by Elizabeth
    • Skin is smoother, but I have not see impact to wrinkles. It may need more time.

      (Posted on 2/20/14) Review by Lydia
    • I am 58 and have sensitive, dehydrated skin. I was skeptical at first of trying a retinol product but was given a sample to try. No irritation. And my face was moisturized in the morning. I then bought the product and have used it every night without any problems. I have recommended it to others and will purchase it again.

      (Posted on 2/20/14) Review by Leslee
    • Although I don't have many wrinkles, I decided to try this out to see if I could get rid of a few stubborn lines. After about a week I noticed the lines starting to be less visible. This also has made my skin brighter and smoother. Love!

      (Posted on 2/19/14) Review by kaelah
    • I received a sample of the RetAsphere 2-in-1 Retinol Night Cream with a purchase recently, and didn't know what to expect. I have wrinkling and fine lines under my eyes, and have tried many products with mixed results. I tried the sample for a few nights, and could not believe the results! My lines and wrinkles were noticeably reduced in just a few nights time. I couldn't wait to order this product, and have been using it for about a month. I'm very pleased.

      (Posted on 2/19/14) Review by Cynthia
    • This is the first retinol product I've used and it did take some time to 'build resistance' to the cream. I started using this just once or twice during the week and I did go through some dryness and minor peeling/flakes. After a few weeks that stopped and now I can use this 3-4 times per week. I am 26 and use this mostly for acne-fighting, as I don't have many wrinkles. While I still do get some blemishes around my period, I think this product helps to shorten the lifespan and severity of the blemishes. They seem to go away much more quickly and are generally smaller and less red/inflamed. I have an expression line on my forehead that is definitely less noticeable since using this. My skin always looks ceramic smooth and toned in the morning after using this--definitely recommended.

      (Posted on 2/19/14) Review by LC
    • I received this product as a generously-sized sample from Sephora. It worked so well, I came to to order a full-sized product. After reading the reviews by others, I could see this is a great product. My husband always comments that it looks like I am wearing make-up when my skin is bare and I have applied Retasphere. I used it for 5 days straight and my skin was transformed. Spots began to lighten, skin looks even, smooth, brighter. I am very pleased. After the 5th day, I began to get irritation and my skin began peeling in areas. I am going to use it once or twice a week now.

      (Posted on 2/18/14) Review by ALandry
    • LOVE this newest addition to my Kate Somerville arsenal! I started out using it about 3 or 4 times a week (every other night) for two to three weeks and definitely notice a difference in my skin. Within those first 2 weeks, I saw a reduction in fine lines on my forehead, as well as a reduction in laugh lines. 4 weeks in now, and I still continue to notice improvements in my skin!

      (Posted on 2/16/14) Review by Dani
    • This is the best retinol I have tried. Does not irritate skin at all. It moisturizes and leaves my skin very smooth, soft, and brighter.

      (Posted on 2/14/14) Review by Elsie
    • First I should say that I have tried 5 other Kate Somerville products and was very impressed with the quality. However, this product gave me a relatively severe allergic reaction. I applied the entire contents of one sample to my face and under eyes, which didn't seem like a lot, and there were no recommendations on dime size amounts or avoiding eye area. At night it felt fine. I awoke the next day to a rash that only became worse, even after I washed it off. My eyes are half swollen shut, perhaps from the product redistributing by sleeping on my pillow, however I did apply the cream two hours before I went to bed. It's been about 18 hours and I've now applied cortisone cream and must wait it out. I'm guessing it will be days and maybe longer until my skin is back to normal. I have only had an allergic reaction to one other (Philosophy) product about ten years ago, and used to use prescription retin a as a teenager without incident. I cannot imagine this reaction is entirely unique, so a word of caution. I will continue to use other products from this line and chalk it up to a bad experience, but I hope this comment stays posted because another person could surely react similarly.

      (Posted on 2/13/14) Review by David
    • Originally received a sample of this with my purchase and was happy with the consistency and moisturizing abilities of the cream. While I can't say I noticed a significant difference in the disappearance of fine lines, that wasn't really what I was most concerned with. I have very dry skin throughout the winter and this was a great cream to use before bed.

      (Posted on 2/11/14) Review by Briana
    • i have laugh lines that I hate and this smoothed them out.. I even bought one for my mom and she uses it everyday. I got it at sephora... A little goes a long way so it should last!

      (Posted on 2/11/14) Review by Lorraine
    • I tried so many retinols but so far this is the best! I can feel the difference already after using a skin becomes supple and clearer.i love this product and i will not stop using it.Loving my skin now!!

      (Posted on 2/10/14) Review by Ivy
    • I still have acne but I want to treat wrinkles before they happen. This has been hard to find a product that will treat my acne and help my skin with wrinkles. This product does both.

      It isn't just great for wrinkles. It helps with skin discoloration, acne, blackhead, rough skin, wrinkles, preventing age spots and other signs of aging, as well as diminishing wrinkles and age spots after they are already there.

      I have to always have this product in my cabinet. I didn't think buying expensive skincare would pay off. But now I'm hooked because I really do see results.

      (Posted on 2/6/14) Review by Allison
    • I've been using this cream for one year now. This cream is absolutely the best I've tried so far. I could see the difference in my skin on the second day of using it. The skin got smoother, got a healthy shine(absorbs very well) and felt much softer!

      I don't think there will ever be a retinol product to beat Retasphere. I use it 3 times a week. Never stop making this!

      (Posted on 2/6/14) Review by Maja
    • This is awesome! After a few weeks of use I can see a difference in lines!

      (Posted on 2/5/14) Review by tiffeny
    • I wasn't sure what to expect from this. I had tried other retinol creams before and not seen much of a difference, but I love everything Kate, so I gave it a try. I've been using it for about 2 months now and my skin tone has never looked better. I've had issues with redness in the past on my cheeks and chin, but this has evened out my complexion and doesn't irritate my skin at all. I'm hooked!

      (Posted on 2/5/14) Review by Erin
    • I like how potent this product is - only having to use it at night simplifies my morning routine! I have younger skin, so it has shown me less dramatic results than the photos on the website, but nonetheless my skin is brighter. My only qualm is that, for the price, I might be better off getting a skin clinic treatment instead that could deliver immediate results for a little more. Otherwise, very satisfied with the product!

      (Posted on 1/30/14) Review by DD
    • So I heard a while back that everyone should incorporate using retinol into their skincare routine to help improve skin's texture and clarity. I picked up some cheaper stuff that made my skin dry up and flake horribly, even when I just used it every other night. Not cute. Threw it away.

      I tried Kate Somerville's retinol, and it was much less abrasive to the skin. I had no flaking or peeling, thankfully. I didn't get life-changing results from it, but I did think it was a pretty good version of retinol to use. If I decide to go back to using retinol, I will use this product. I've had great luck with improving my skin's texture with the Kate Somerville goat milk cream, so for now, I'll stick to that.

      (Posted on 1/29/14) Review by Maggie
    • This is amazing! The First Retinol I can use that works effortlessly with no down time and no peeling. My skin has become firmer, more clear, so super soft and smooth, and the fine lines and deep wrinkles including the crows feet are literally disappearing.
      There is no other Retinol like this on the market, you have to try it to believe it.

      (Posted on 1/28/14) Review by Laura
    • What I love about this is it doesn't irritate my skin. Retinol can be a bit harsh, but this soothes and calms in the process. It really smooths most skin concerns.

      (Posted on 1/20/14) Review by Ryanne
    • I've tried so many retinol products and non-retinol anti-aging products, and this is the first anti-aging product that actually DOES what it claims to do! I can't believe it! In one month, my fine smile lines have gone away completely, and my forehead fine lines have dramatically reduced. I can't wait to see my skin in the morning, and I get a thrill out of looking at my fine lines now, ha ha! But now, it's becoming, "What fine lines??" I'm super happy about the results with this product. And it's even helping keep breakouts at bay. Very impressed! I've been using it every other day for the last 3 weeks, and daily for the last 3 days. Too often and I'll get flaky, so I pull it back as needed.

      (Posted on 1/11/14) Review by Melanie
    • WOW

      This is the most user friendly retinol product I've ever used. I got this as a sample at Sephora and loved it so much I ordered two of them so I wouldn't be without. I am 27 with pretty good skin, however, I do have crows feet and lines on my forehead from smiling and laughing etc. I was going to get botox and realized this makes the lines plump up and my skin now looks like it should at 27. Im so in love with this product. My mother is 63 and she uses it as well. It has helped her skin look so flawless. My mom always told me that the key to good skin is sunscreen and retinol and boy was she right!

      (Posted on 1/8/14) Review by Kelly
    • This is an awesome night cream!!! Because of the retinol I'm only able to use it once a week so I didn't notice results as quickly, but they came! I totally believe the photos on Kate's website with results from other women. This is an outstanding night cream that absolutely works!!!

      (Posted on 1/6/14) Review by Linda
    • I use the oil free products most of the time because I have VERY acne prone skin. I'm not able to use this product as often as recommended, but I do use it once every couples weeks. When I do, I notice a significant difference in my skin by morning. I will continue to use this product!

      (Posted on 1/3/14) Review by Andrew
    • I had been wanting to try this,since I first seen this on QVC. Around Black Friday, Kate was running a sale on here,So I jumped on this one as well. I love Retinols. I was excited to try it,and glad I did! This firms that loose skin around my neck! I have discoloration,I've notice a change ,and my spots are fading! Yay! I use this product at night! There's no drying,peeling,tingling,harsh reactions with this product! Been using it 4 weeks! It's wonderful! You won't be disappointed !

      (Posted on 1/1/14) Review by Karen
    • I would take a bath in this product if I could. That's how much I love using it!!!!!!!!!!!

      (Posted on 12/24/13) Review by Aimee
    • Other KS products have been so amazing that this one's lack of visible difference is disappointing. It's not moisturizing enough for me to really be a night cream, in fact some nights leaves my skin feeling tight and itchy throughout the night. And I haven't seen an improvement in tone/texture the way other reviewers described. I will stick to the other items I have from KS that I love love love.

      (Posted on 12/22/13) Review by lori
    • This retinol cream is a magic miracle worker. I initially tried this as a sample and in one single night, the coloring and texture of my skin already looked visibly clearer and smoother than the night before. I couldn't believe it. I can hardly wait for the full size product to arrive.

      (Posted on 12/20/13) Review by Laura
    • I have only been using this for a couple of weeks, but can already see results. The little lines starting to show above my lip are greatly reduced. My skin feels tighter and more toned. I did experience moderate dryness in the beginning, but it has eased.

      (Posted on 12/19/13) Review by Ttt09
    • pores smaller. skin glowier. me cuter.

      (Posted on 12/19/13) Review by karey m.
    • This is the best retinol product I have tried. I have been using it for a couple weeks now and I have not had any problems with redness or dry skin. I was using another brand of products and since switching to all Kate products my skin has never looked better! I love Kate products and this is one of my favorites!

      (Posted on 12/18/13) Review by Tiffany
    • I received a sample of this night cream in July, and I've been hooked ever since. I can't use it each night because my skin is too sensitive. I use it 2-3 nights each week and it's perfect! My skin looks significantly better in the morning in comparison to any other cream that I use. I would absolutely recommend this product!

      (Posted on 12/11/13) Review by Jennifer
    • I received a SAMPLE of this from another skin care manufacturer. Their loss. This product is INCREDIBLE. I will never return to my former products. Hands down this product is amazing. I think I'm in love. With a capital "L". Really super product. So, I bought multiples. For me, and my sisters, friends and girls I adore who deserve the secret to wonderful skin!!!

      Thank you Kate for a great great great Product.........

      (Posted on 12/8/13) Review by Jayeno
    • I have sensitive cheeks & all the previous retinol products I've tried have left me red & scaly. I have no problems with Retasphere.. Glides on, moisturizes and leaves me smooth and my complexion bright and even. I glow.

      (Posted on 12/1/13) Review by patti
    • This is a total "win win" item. It moisturizes skin, while providing a continuous release of retinol for anti-aging, all in a soothing cream while you sleep. What's not to love? Thank you, Kate, for introducing this product to your line!! I love it!!

      (Posted on 11/30/13) Review by Sara
    • This is my first time writing a review - I feel compelled to express how wonderful this product is. Just a few days after using it, my fine lines started to fade away. Amazing. It is a must. I can't wait to get my second bottle in the mail!

      (Posted on 11/28/13) Review by Elena
    • I like RetAsphere a lot - it works well, and retinol products really help my skin look it's best -- even tone and texture, smaller pores, even "calmer" looking (less red, bumpy, etc.).

      I'm in my early 30s and starting to take skin care and anti-aging seriously. Rx retinols don't work for me -- they are HUGELY irritating and don't even delivery amazing results for all that pain, redness, flaking. But not this product, no irritation, woohoo!

      (Posted on 11/26/13) Review by Nicrohr
    • This night cream is the best. My skin feels hydrated and I can see a difference in my skin. Love it!

      (Posted on 11/22/13) Review by Melissa
    • OMG!!! I tried a sample from Sephora and have been hooked since. I know I'm in my 20's but your never too young to start your anti aging routine. I am so glad I've been introduced to Kate because I'm hooked. I've literally only have been using the sample for about 2 weeks and I already see a great difference. Can't wait to try out the rest of her products. Thanks sooooo much!!!!

      (Posted on 11/22/13) Review by Julie
    • I love this product. it keeps my skin clear while also preventing and diminishing wrinkles.

      (Posted on 11/19/13) Review by Bethany
    • I really like RetAsphere Night Cream. It helps maintain a clear complexion which is super important while also fighting fine lines. I have very sensitive skin and my face does not get irritated with this product.

      (Posted on 11/19/13) Review by Bethany
    • 10 days into using RetAsphere nightly, and the sun spot is breaking up. It has gone from a noticeable blotch to what looks like a tiny little patch of freckles, which are barely visible. I cannot believe it. In addition, while my skin is peeling, it doesn't feel dry, nor does it look dry. The texture and smell are lovely, as well. about a 2oz version?


      (Posted on 11/19/13) Review by nancy
    • I started using this and within a few weeks I could truly see a difference under my eyes. The fine lines were clearly less noticeable, and the color/tone of the skin under my eyes was definitely more even and not as discolored. I only use it under my eyes and on the sides of them...trying to tackle those "laugh lines"...hehehe. I stopped using the product for a week once (just sort of got caught up with life and wasn't doing my regular skin care regimen)...and when I started up again I could see a significant difference right away. Now I never miss. Every once in awhile it may feel tingly, so afterwards I'll dab a touch of Line Release Under Eye Cream on and it feels great. I recommend using it every night, or every other night if you feel sensitive to it. Really great product!

      (Posted on 11/19/13) Review by Kimberly
    • I've definitely noticed improved texture in my skin since using this. My skin appears smoother and fine lines have clearly diminished. I do get some dryness from it now that we're going into winter, but using the deep tissue repair cream has helped.

      (Posted on 11/12/13) Review by Diane
    • I have only been using this for two weeks and can see a difference -- I am only 30 so I wasn't sure about using a retinol product but everything I read said now is the perfect time. I did not have any reactions to the product and use it every day at night.

      (Posted on 11/8/13) Review by Paula
    • I really like this treatment. Face is not greasy and makes the skin very soft. Thank you Kate Somerville for all the products that you have for women over 60.

      (Posted on 11/5/13) Review by Judi
    • I was thinking about going to a dermatologist to get a prescription retinol. Then I came across this and I LOVE it. My skin is extremely dry here in Nevada (a problem I never had before) plus I am almost 50 and I was worried a retinol might be drying but this isn't at all. My skin looks amazing! I think my husband is getting tired of me asking him to look at my skin. This is a permanent part of my regime alone with several other Kate Somerville products.

      (Posted on 11/1/13) Review by Leah
    • I've been using this for 30 days and have seen no results in fine lines or skin texture or correction. Alot of money for no results. I use it twice a day, its very gentle.

      (Posted on 10/24/13) Review by Carlotta
    • This product really improves skin appearance. It did NOT irritate my skin. My skin did NOT turn red, become dry or flake. When I woke in morning, my skin still had a layer of moisture.

      (Posted on 10/18/13) Review by A
    • I have seen results from this nightcream. Love the convenience and the results!

      (Posted on 10/5/13) Review by Jennifer
    • I've been using RetAsphere every night for the past 3 weeks and have definitely noticed an overall difference in the clarity of my skin. The laugh lines in the area above my cheekbones to my temples seem to be smoothing out quite a bit. I haven't experienced any redness, irritation, or dryness. I am hoping for more results with continued use!

      (Posted on 9/27/13) Review by Alix
    • Love this product!

      (Posted on 9/21/13) Review by niki
    • I received a sample of this and now it's on my wish list! This stuff worked so well. It is not too strong - it didn't leave my skin red or irritated, but left it looking refreshed!

      Ask for a sample and check it out!

      (Posted on 9/20/13) Review by Laura
    • I received a sample of this and was also a little hesitant to use it because in the past the Retinol crams have caused my skin to turn red and to peel. This product did neither. I used it at night after cleansing with the Purify Clarifying Cleanser and it left my skin looking and feeling amazing!

      (Posted on 9/20/13) Review by Laura
    • Absolutely notice a complete difference with this. I use it at night only and sometimes forget to do it every night, but my skin still looks improved. I have wrinkles on my forehead that have definitely diminished to the point where I don't notice them anymore. This stuff lasts a good long time too.

      (Posted on 9/20/13) Review by Christanna
    • I've been using this cream consistently for the last few months now, along with the Exfolikate cleanser. It's hard to describe, but in general I feel the skin on my face more firm, with more elasticity, and supple. It does tend to feel a bit greasy in the morning after a night's sleep though. I will definitely continue to use.

      (Posted on 9/20/13) Review by Lynda
    • In my teens and early twenties I had combination skin. Now that I'm in my late twenties my skin has become really sensitive, dry and easily turns red. I received a luxury sample with my purchase at Sephora. I was hesitant to try it because I've read that retinol can be very irritating. I went ahead and gave it a try anyways. I'm so glad I did! I don't have any experience with any other retinol formulas so I can't compare but, this formula worked miracles for my skin. I noticed more radiant and supple skin. Even my dryness diminished. I was able to use it every night without any irritation. Once I can afford the full size I will definitely order!

      (Posted on 9/16/13) Review by LT
    • Im in my 30s so I have some fine lines and acne so I decided to use this 2-3 times a week for preventative reasons. I never seen a product work so quickly. I wake up to radiant skin and feeling more confident! Discovering RetAsphere has been the best thing to my skincare routine!

      (Posted on 9/12/13) Review by Christine
    • Im in my 30s so I have some fine lines and acne so I decided to use this 2-3 times a week for preventative reasons. I never seen a product work so quickly. I wake up to radiant skin and feeling more confident! Discovering RetAsphere has been the best thing to my skincare routine!

      (Posted on 9/12/13) Review by Christine
    • I used this product once upon receipt and my chin broke out like crazy. Something is in this product that did not react well with my combination acne prone skin so there goes $85 down the drain. I would not recommend this product for anyone with the same skin type.

      (Posted on 9/6/13) Review by Joyce
    • I started using a sample of this product after noticing fine lines starting on my forehead and in between my brows (I'm in my early 30's). I must say I was so impressed to see such a huge improvement in such a short period of time I knew I had to purchase this product. My crease in between my brows is practically gone and the lines in my forehead are barely noticeable. After about a week I did get a slight sensitivity by my outter eye , so I adjusted my usage to every other night and things seem to be fine. This is a must have in my anti aging regime! Thank you Kate!

      (Posted on 9/2/13) Review by JEnnifer
    • I have been using this product for over 6 months. For years I have dealt with bad skin conditions due to PCOS. Acne, facial hair, and wrinkles! Never thought I would be dealing with this trio in my 30s. Not only does this product save a step in my nightly routine, it has softened my skin and reduced my breakouts without over drying...especially in the areas where I daily pluck unwanted chin hair. The wrinkles are not gone, but I have seen improvement.

      (Posted on 8/28/13) Review by JAMIE

      (Posted on 8/16/13) Review by AC
    • Retinol can be so irritating to my skin, causing redness and peeling, but this night cream has not given me any issues so far. I have been using it every other day as suggested by a Kate Somerville Skin Health Expert. Only time will tell if it really aids in aging and keeps wrinkles at bay!

      (Posted on 8/1/13) Review by Mandy
    • I will never use another night cream again. LOVE this product! A little goes a long way... I was a bit overzealous in applying it the first couple of nights. I was skeptical about reading previous comments about "instant results" but it's no joke. I've been using this for a few weeks and I've noticed a dramatic improvement in my skin. My skin is smooth, soft and fine lines and wrinkles are almost non-existent. You won't be disappointed in this product!

      (Posted on 7/29/13) Review by Adrienne
    • Wow! Didn't think this would do a whole lot on my skin and boy was I wrong! I can not go through my night routine without it. Has made a huge difference in lines and has also helped with the one area I occasionally breakout. Any time before this that I used any Retinol it has been way to harsh and I have had to stop using it. This one however is perfect, does the job without being harsh on my skin!

      (Posted on 7/20/13) Review by Sandra
    • Just remember to use sunscreen in the morning!

      (Posted on 7/19/13) Review by Lauren
    • I really like this product. I first used a sample of it and noticed an immediate change in my skin when I woke up the next morning. My skin was smooth, clear and glowing. I purchased a full sized tube and have continued to use it every night. This is a great treatment that isn't too oily or greasy on my combination/dry skin. What a difference great face products make!

      (Posted on 7/18/13) Review by Anni
    • I just started using this and was very pleased it goes on and the amount of coverage I felt. It's very light and not oily. My face felt much softer and looked better in the morning.

      (Posted on 7/12/13) Review by Rosalynne
    • I had noticed my skin loosing "radiance", small wrinkles forming around my forehead, eyes, and my mouth. I am in my twenties so all of these things were very minor, I have just been searching for something to prolong the aging process and lessen any aging that is noticeable already. I have tried so many retinoids (RetinA micro, Tazorac, etc.) and retinols. This ReAsphere is amazing. I instantly noticed changes in my skin. Within the first couple days of consistently using it every night, the lines between my eyebrows began to fade and even a zit that had popped up shrunk.

      It has now been a month and I am ecstatic with the changes in my skin. I can literally say my skin radiates. The skin tone is definitely even and old acne blemishes are fading. When I go to purchase this product next I am going to order refills, it lasts a while since it spreads well and doesn't take a lot so I won't have to re-order for a while! Thank you once again Kate for improving my skin!

      (Posted on 7/10/13) Review by Jordan
    • I love this product, I have sensitive skin and this is still gentle enough for me to use. It has made my skin so soft and smooth. It has evened out the fine lines in my forehead and the tone throughout. I usually use every other day since it is so effective.

      (Posted on 6/24/13) Review by Diana
    • All my other retinol products will now gather dust because I absolutely love this stuff! This is the first product that I have use and actually seen a difference in fine lines. Can't wait to see if they disappear altogether!

      (Posted on 6/24/13) Review by Sherry
    • This product is nice to use, and I like it, but I don't know that it's doing it's job, I haven't yet seen a change in any of my small lines. But it does seem to be helping with my acne so that's nice.

      (Posted on 6/20/13) Review by Amanda
    • I received a sample of this a few months ago. Along with some other acne products, I have noticed a significant reduction in my acne. I went from worry about acne scars because my skin was so bad to having one or two pimples a week.

      (Posted on 6/18/13) Review by Sejal
    • I received this product in a sample size. I have only used it for 3 nights and have already seen the difference. My skin feels smoother and looks more radiant. Best of all-it is a Retinol Cream that has not dried out my skin. I will definitely be purchasing the full size.

      (Posted on 6/10/13) Review by Joell
    • I have to admit this review is based only on a three day trial packet but I love it! I have been into anti-aging products since realizing that working at a tanning salon for a year did some major damage. I already use Kate's Nourish moisturizer and gave this a try as well. It made me look younger and my skin was as smooth as a baby's. Again this is only three days worth but I would surely use this daily if I could. I plan on putting this on my wish list and ordering soon!

      (Posted on 5/21/13) Review by Dana
    • I have tried many Retinol Creams both RX and OTC. For me this is the best one I have tried. Nature is cruel, I am at an age where I have to deal with both wrinkles and acne. I love the RetAsphere because it has made a real difference in the texture of my skin and helps my pores to stay clear. I have noticed the most improvement on my nose because I had started to get blackheads again and the RetAsphere keeps the pores clear. Other Retinol products made my skin peel like crazy, but I dont have this issue with RetAsphere. I plan on buying this again when the one I have is used up. I have sensitive skin so I dont use it every night.

      (Posted on 5/12/13) Review by cosmeticjunkie
    • I am so glad I purchased this product. I am amazed how quickly it began working and how my skin is looking so much nicer. I will continue to purchase this in the future. Wonderful!

      (Posted on 5/9/13) Review by Laura
    • I received a sample size of this product. I have used it for a week now. My skin is starting to glow!!!! On the third day, my skin started to flake in certain areas. But underneath was beautiful glowing skin. I don't know if anyone else when through this stage, but I am very happy! Because it is retinol, it says to use with sunscreen. So my only "downside" comment is that I wished Kate's moisturizers had sunscreen built in already.

      (Posted on 5/6/13) Review by Heidi
    • Big fan of retinol and it's anti-aging benefit. This one is great and I use it right before I put a light moisturizer on top. Love it!

      (Posted on 4/23/13) Review by Christy
    • This is such a treat for my skin. Helps even and reduce the appearance of fine lines, while moisturizing my facial skin at night. I wake up with radiant skim, skin like I had when I was a teenager!! I love this, Kate, and one day I will meet you and thank you in person!!

      (Posted on 4/10/13) Review by Sara
    • This 2-in-1 night cream improved my skin dramatically, and does exactly what it says. I have sensitive, oily, acne skin and after a few weeks it started to glow! Most products just irritate my skin, but this is amazing... I'd recommend it to anyone.

      (Posted on 4/1/13) Review by lauren
    • I have never had such fast results with any product. After only a week, this product has cleared my skin right up, and my skin is starting to tighten, dimming the appearance of any wrinkles. Love!

      (Posted on 4/1/13) Review by Mollie
    • Wow, does this do wonders. If you have any problems with wrinkles, buy it! This is a wonderful product. Actually, buy all of Kate's products. :)

      (Posted on 3/21/13) Review by bethany
    • I am always singing the praises of retinol, so I was stoked to try Kate's version. I have been using this for about a month now, and love it. My skin is oily and acne prone if left to its own devices. Now that I'm 30 I'm also very interested in preventing any future lines and wrinkles. The biggest change I see with this 2 in 1 night cream is my pores are refined and the texture of my skin is smoothed! I don't typically experience sensitivity from products, and while I would never ever recommend this to any one else, it's worth mentioning that I can still wax my brows and lip while using this retinol. I heart it!

      (Posted on 3/21/13) Review by Amber
    • I decided to try this back in December 2012 from reading an add about it. It sounded like it may have that extra boost that my philosophy retinol had lost. I ordered and started using it right away. The first thing I noticed is that is was a really nice consistency. Some retinols can be sticky or too dry. This went on flawlessly and sank right it giving me wonderful hydration. I have dry skin and adult acne. This product hydrates while not causing breakouts! I noticed after about 2 weeks that my skin really looked better. Even more so since I was not really looking for it. One morning I was washing my face and noticed my skin was brighter and smoother. I do not normally notice things like this. Maybe because the products I have used in the past do not work as well or maybe because this just worked so well. I also have somewhat sensitive skin. Usually when I switch products or do too much to my skin. This product caused no sensitivity while still having the effectiveness I was looking for. This is the best retinol I have used to date and I am about to purchase my next tube!

      (Posted on 3/18/13) Review by hrg
    • i received a 0.25oz sample of this product and have been using it every night for a few weeks now. i am 27 and have enlarged pores, so i'm always looking for something to make my skin look younger and just generally better, and this truly is it. after just a few days, my skin was visibly clearer, smoother, brighter, and more balanced. my boyfriend has been commenting on how great my skin looks (yay!). it's truly incredible. my skin is not sensitive in terms of product irritation, so i can't attest to how this product would be on sensitive skin, but my skin is very prone to acne so i have to be careful which moisturizers i use, and this product has definitely contributed to my acne clearing up (and my skin looking much more youthful). i think some hyperpigmentation is evening out as well. i like, literally cannot believe how great this product is. i'm hooked.

      (Posted on 3/14/13) Review by alex
    • This had worked well for me. i have been using it for my adult acne. The prescription retinol i was on worked but was to harsh for my skin. This is just what i needed!! Goes on nice and has not irritated my skin at all.

      (Posted on 3/4/13) Review by Hayley
    • I've been using Retinol for several years, and decided to try Kate's product recently. With sensitive skin, you really have to ease into the frequency of usage to avoid redness. The only thing that I really don't care for is the pump. It was difficult to get it started, and seems pointless on a tube. There must be a better delivery system that could be employed for an otherwise great product.

      (Posted on 2/6/13) Review by Barbara
    • Co-workers noticed the difference in my skin after 1 week. I can tell my skin is lighter brighter and softening the wrinkles. Fantastic product. I have rosacea and it did not bother my sensitive skin. I purchased it from QVC on autoship so I'll never run out! I want to try more Kate products but please make some without silicone oil.

      (Posted on 2/1/13) Review by Sherry
    • This is another product to add to your regimen. I always appreciate seeing Kate on QVC and her great tutorials on how to use the product. I have sensitive skin and found that everyday was too much for me. I use 2-3 times a week. I love how Kate keeps her products simple yet very effective.

      (Posted on 1/29/13) Review by Kimberly
    • I saw a difference in my skin within a couple days....
      Only issue with this product is the packaging, the pump didnt work...

      (Posted on 1/27/13) Review by Tammy
    • I watched Kate on QVC when she introduced this product. I thought it a "must-have" and got it within a few days. If you're sensitive make sure you ask a KATE representative how to incorporate this into your routine... About every 3 days until your skin is used to the product. No immediate redness or burning! I use the Goat Milk moisturizer to calm my skin as well and it's amazing. Don't be afraid if you're sensitive, just make sure to incorporate it slowly!

      (Posted on 1/26/13) Review by Aubrey
    • I tried a pump at a retail store on my hand and was so impressed I immediately added to my KS routine. What's left I rub into the tops of my hands. Incredible moisture. I also add a tiny pump and use with my Opal for great results around the eyes. A definite add to my routine. No redness, no flakiness and really deep moisture. KS is the only line I don't mind the price tag. It's cheaper in the long run when I get results without trying multiple brands and products.

      (Posted on 1/12/13) Review by Julie
    • Love love love! A new staple to my Kate skincare routine. I've seen (and felt!) outstanding results in two weeks. I love the way it reduces fine lines and yet it's not harsh and doesn't make my face red or flaky. My pores appear smaller and my skin is still hydrated. I highly recommend! Thanks Kate!

      (Posted on 1/11/13) Review by Krista

Clincal Results

In just 2 weeks…

  • 70% of women experienced a statistically significant smoothing of wrinkles

In just 4 weeks…

  • 96% of women showed a significant increase in elasticity and firmness 
  • 90% of women showed an increase in moisture.

*Results based on an independent Clinical Instrumental Study.