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    Sensitive Skin Care Products for a More Vibrant Complexion

    When you have sensitive skin, achieving a vibrant complexion can be a difficult task to accomplish. At Kate Somerville Skin Care, we understand that sensitive skin tends to be thinner and more delicate than normal skin types, and is easily aggravated by environmental factors, including sun exposure, heat, cold temperatures and wind.

    Because sensitive skin is so prevalent these days (it is estimated that 20 percent of the population has sensitive skin, whether they realize it or not), there are a wide variety of sensitive skin care products available to help treat and protect your face, neck, back and shoulders. With the proper sensitive skin care products, you can expect:

    • Skin that burns less easily
    • Skin that feels soft and smooth after cleansing, not tight and dry
    • A glowing complexion that is brighter than ever before
    • Supple, firm skin that doesn’t sag or wrinkle as easily
    • An even, bright complexion 

    Which Sensitive Skin Care Products Really Work?

    Since there are a myriad of choices when it comes to sensitive skin care products, it can be easy to be confused about which ones you should buy. Peels, masks, tonics, foams, exfoliants, astringents, toners, moisturizers, night creams, pore reducers…the list goes on and on. However, if you have sensitive skin, some of the sensitive skin care products you should always keep on hand include: 

    • Night creams
    • Eye creams
    • Facial masks
    • Gentle cleansers, like gels or foams 

    To protect your delicate complexion, be careful when using exfoliants and scrubs that are too harsh and abrasive. These can can irritate your skin and give you a ruddy complexion. Peels, pore reducers and astringents can be great products for sensitive skin, if they are formulated using only the purest and most gentle ingredients. 

    Also, sensitive skin care products that have added fragrances or harsh chemicals can cause breakouts, flaky patches and blotchy spots. Consider these important steps- a high quality moisturizer then a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30, which can protect your skin from environmental damage, premature aging and even cancer. 

    Choosing Sensitive Skin Care Products

    At Kate Somerville Skin Care, we know that your sensitive skin needs more than just basic care. Over 15 years of research has led to dramatic results in the care of fragile sensitive skin. With the use of formulas designed specifically to address the needs of problem skin, you can achieve the healthy glow that tells the world who you really are inside.

    The best sensitive skin care products are backed by science and adored by those who use them! So, take control of your complexion- and get the results you want. People from all over the world have come to rely on the kind of sensitive skin care products known to deliver proven results. You, too, can be more confident, look younger and feel radiantly beautiful.

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