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    Clean, Soft and Smooth for Life, Sensitive Skin Cleanser for Healthy Skin

    The first step in caring for sensitive skin is to choose a high quality sensitive skin cleanser. Almost any professional stylist or beautician will tell you that the most important base for a beautiful face is clean, fresh skin. Even if your skin is currently dull and translucent with flaky patches and red spots, it can still be saved with the right sensitive skin cleanser. 

    Although it is estimated that one in five people suffers from sensitive skin, the vast majority of products on the market today are for people with normal skin. The few companies that make sensitive skin cleanser all claim to do the same things, which can make choosing a sensitive skin cleanser extremely difficult. Common claims include: 

    • Helping to develop an even, glowing complexion
    • Eliminating red spots and flaky patches
    • Visibly brighter, firmer skin that is soft to the touch
    • Helping to protect against environmental damage
    • Slowing the aging process 

    Which Sensitive Skin Cleanser is Right for Me?

    Since most of the sensitive skin cleanser products are astonishingly similar, deciding which one to go with can be tricky. Do you choose the sensitive skin cleanser with the prettiest packaging, or the one with the lowest price point? Or should you pick the one with the most celebrity endorsements? 

    The answer is none of the above. The right cleanser will contain advanced ingredients backed by science, and years of research.  Gentle cleansing, nourishment and hydration give your sensitive skin what it needs to glow with good health.

    The Best Solution for Sensitive Skin

    A sensitive skin cleanser that produces measurable results can make a huge difference in the way that you feel about your skin. At Kate Somerville Skin Care, our philosophy is simple: the way to get glowing results is to:

    • Detoxify your skin, removing irritating impurities
    • Stimulate healthy collagen growth
    • Feed your skin the essential nutrients it craves
    • Hydrate your skin with nourishing moisture
    • Protect your skin from environmental damage

    Pure botanicals, peptides and antioxidants nourish and strengthen sensitive skin for a youthful radiance. Gentle yet effective cleansers deep clean without overdrying. Regular use of the right products will soon make you the envy of all those suffering from painful, irritated sensitive skin.

    After just a few short weeks of treating your skin, you’ll see real results that everyone will notice. Cleanse, feed and protect your sensitive skin, and you will be amazed at the results.  Regain your confidence and become ready to face the world, with skin care products that really work!

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