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    Sensitive Skin Mask- Refresh your Skin without Over-Drying

    If you have sensitive skin, you know how difficult finding the right sensitive skin mask can be. Typically, masks are either made for people with either excessively oily or dry skin, and finding a sensitive skin mask that won’t irritate the skin on your face can seem almost impossible.

    At Kate Somerville Skin Care, we say that even extreme sensitivity should not prevent you from having radiant, glowing skin. You can still find a sensitive skin mask that will work wonders on your complexion. After using the right mask for a few weeks, you can expect to see real results, including: 

    • Feeling more beautiful than ever
    • Having smooth, touchable skin that glows from within
    • Seeing your skin tone even out, without greasy or overly dry areas
    • Looking younger

    What is Sensitive Skin?

    Before you can really start shopping around for a new brand of sensitive skin mask to try, you should understand what sensitive skin is in the first place. Although everyone’s skin is different, sensitive skin usually is frequently allergic, burns easily, has a thin epidermis, feels very tight after cleansing, is prone to flaky patches and broken capillaries, reacts poorly to both hot and cold weather and may have a ruddy or blotchy appearance. 

    With the proper care, however, your sensitive skin can become rejuvenated. Even your neck, chest and shoulder areas will glow with good health!

    Which Sensitive Skin Mask is the Best?

    Despite the fact that there are many options in sensitive skin masks, not all are created equal. At Kate Somerville Skin Care, we believe that a truly effective sensitive skin mask will do more than provide a temporary fix. If you want real, long-term results, you need to get the products and the program that restore and renew skin by:

    • Detoxifying the skin by removing impurities
    • Stimulating the skin by promoting collagen growth and proper circulation
    • Feeding the skin the essential nutrients it has been deprived of
    • Hydrating the skin with nourishing moisture that lasts all day long
    • Protecting the skin from environmental damage 

    Regular use of a sensitive skin mask, along with cleansers, lotions and foams designed specifically for sensitive skin, will improve the look and feel of your complexion. The right products, containing only pure, proven ingredients, will never over dry or irritate sensitive skin.
    People of all ages can experience real benefits from using only the best skin care products. A sensitive skin mask formula that really works will make a dramatic difference to your skin, and to your sense of well-being. There is no need to suffer from dry, tight sensitive skin another day!  Get the real solution, and take control of your sensitive skin for good.

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