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    Get the Sensitive Skin Moisturizer Made for Fragile Skin

    People with sensitive skin know how difficult it can be to find a sensitive skin moisturizer that works well without causing irritation. Since sensitive skin is so fragile, using the wrong moisturizer can lead to a host of problems, such as flaky patches, red spots or breakouts. Here at Kate Somerville Skin Care, we know that delicate skin requires gentle care in order to look its best.

    Characterized by a thin epidermis that is delicate, burns easily and is frequently allergic, sensitive skin can be a real burden for those who have to struggle with it on a daily basis. It is estimated that as many as 1 in 5 people are affected by sensitive skin – which puts them at a higher risk for cancer, premature aging, and a ruddy complexion, among other things. 

    What Can a Sensitive Skin Moisturizer Do For You?

    Sensitive skin reacts to its environment, and the products you use, more easily than other skin types.  A gentle yet effective skin care regimen, including a sensitive skin moisturizer, calms fragile problem skin and helps to nourish and heal it.

    With the right sensitive skin moisturizer, lotions and serums formulated for sensitive skin, you can stop premature aging in its tracks and protect your skin from harmful environmental damage. After using a high quality, deeply hydrating moisturizer for a few weeks, you can expect to see the following results: 

    • Fewer sunburns
    • A more even, glowing complexion
    • Smoother, visibly firmer skin
    • Younger-looking, radiant skin
    • Skin that is softer to the touch
    • Fewer dry patches and red blotches 

    What Should you Look for in a Sensitive Skin Moisturizer?

    First and foremost, you want a sensitive skin moisturizer. You also want one that has been well researched and tested, with scientifically proven results. Superior moisturizers protect your face, neck, shoulders and arms all day, without a heavy, greasy feel.

    To get the best results from your sensitive skin moisturizer, be sure to look for nourishing botanicals and ingredients that:

    • Nourish with vitamins and antioxidants 
    • Gently exfoliate to renew skin
    • Lock in moisture
    • Protect against UV damage  

    At Kate Somerville, we have been putting out high quality products for people with sensitive skin for years. In fact, more than 15 years worth of research is found inside each bottle of our sensitive skin moisturizer. 

    On top of that, our Kate Somerville line of products is the only brand to fully utilize the Skin Health Pyramid. We’re constantly getting rave reviews about our sensitive skin moisturizer, and our loyal client base speaks for itself.

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