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    Cure Acne for Good! Skin Care for Acne that Delivers Proven Results

    You have a lot of choices when it comes to skin care for acne. You’ve probably tried them all. Isn’t it time for a skin care for acne solution that really works?

    Here at Kate Somerville Skin Care, we believe that getting to the root of the problem is the only way to achieve that clear, smooth, healthy-for-life kind of skin you’ve been searching for.

    Effective skin care for acne includes cleansers, creams and toners designed to:

    • Clean and hydrate for noticeably soft, touchable skin
    • Heal and stimulate healthy new skin growth
    • Promote a glowing, radiant complexion

    What is Acne?

    Acne-prone skin needs special care. Why? Because that redness, scarring and inflammation is a sign that all is not well beneath the surface of your skin. Acne occurs when the sebaceous glands start producing excessive amounts of sebum, which are oils that lubricate and protect the skin.

    When skin cells are not shed or exfoliated properly they block pore openings, causing all that excessive sebum to clog pores and collect on the surface of the skin. This feeds bacteria (normally a harmless inhabitant of your skin), stimulating it to produce enzymes that inflame surrounding tissue.

    When sebum and bacteria spill out into these tissues they become infected. Inflammation near the surface produces pustules; deeper inflammation results in cystic acne, or, those painful red bumps that cause scarring.

    Acne can affect any part of the body, but usually targets areas that contain large quantities of sebaceous glands, such as:

    • Forehead, nose and chin
    • Shoulders
    • Back

    The Solution- Effective Skin Care for Acne

    While the factors that cause acne are many, we believe that the solution is actually quite simple. In order for skin to be healthy, happy and acne-free, it needs the right care. Skin care for acne that goes straight to the source of the problem gives your skin what it needs to fight acne and look its best. Here’s what you need to know to cure acne for good:

    • Detox – Keep oil and bacteria under control for naturally clear skin
    • Stimulate – Promote circulation for a more radiant complexion
    • Feed – Nourish skin with essential nutrients
    • Hydrate – To maintain skins natural moisture levels
    • Protect – Prevent skin discoloration due to sun exposure with sunscreen

    At Kate Somerville Skin Care, we believe that acne skin does not have to keep you from living your life to the fullest. Imagine clear, beautiful skin that gives you the confidence to do anything—even go out without make-up! Skin care for acne that contains only the best ingredients can bring you out of hiding and make you feel like your own beautiful self again.

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