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Tanning Towelettes
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It’s easy to get a gorgeous glow with just a simple swipe. Somerville360® Tanning Towelettes offer an incredible sun-kissed look that doesn’t require SPF. With a quick and easy application that prevents uneven tone or streaking, it’s the best way to get a healthy-looking tan. Best of all, because this advanced formula works with your skin’s own proteins, it gradually darkens to an ultra-natural, complementary color every time.

  • Paraben-free DHA is a safe coloring agent that reacts with the skin’s amino acids for a natural-looking tan.
  • Tea Tree Extract helps keep skin clean and clear.
  • Calming Cucumber soothes and refreshes.
  • Vitamin E conditions skin.
  • 16 pack Luxury Size ($96 value) $21 savings.


How to Use

Unfold towelette and apply, using circular motions, to dry, clean skin. Wash hands immediately. Use as often as needed for a deeper tan or to maintain your glow. For best results, exfoliate your skin with ExfoliKate Body Intensive Exfoliating Treatment before applying the Somerville360 Towelette.

Sunburn Alert: This product does not contain a sunscreen and does not protect against sunburn. Repeated exposure of unprotected skin while tanning may increase the risk of skin aging, skin cancer, and other harmful effects to the skin even if you do not burn. For external use only. Not to be swallowed. Avoid contact with eyes. If signs of irritation or rash appear discontinue use and consult a doctor.


Water/Aqua/Eau, Propanediol, Dihydroxyacetone, Butylene Glycol, Pentylene Glycol, Polysorbate-20, PEG-40 Castor Oil, Sodium Metabisulfite, Tocopherol, Tocopherol Acetate, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, Ascorbic Acid, Citric Acid, Benzyl Alcohol, Potassium Sorbate, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance (Parfum), Citral, Coumarin, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool
    • LOVE this self tanner! I have been through the gamut of them and they all either smell terrible, turn you completely orange or stain everything and anything they touch. This product is fantastic! Not only is the color absolutely natural and gorgeous with the ability to go over with more for darker color minus the rub off of most self tanners. I will be coming back for more for sure!

      (Posted on 8/7/14) Review by Sara
    • I travel all the time, and these are super convenient bc you don't have to put them in the clear plastic bag with the rest of your liquid products. Also, you can just bring one for the trip rather than bringing your whole bottle. As long as you exfoliate well the color is streak free and natural. I use the towlettes for face separately---haven't tried using these on my face.

      (Posted on 8/6/14) Review by Molly
    • I was super happy that someone had gifted me this! I hadn't heard of Kate Somerville until they had! These towlettes are super awesome, and work great! They have some good useage in them and go a long way! I highly recommend them to whoever is interested in buying them! Definitely a great product!

      (Posted on 8/3/14) Review by Tamara
    • I have tried a lot of self tanners over the years. These are the best. They are so easy to far the best self tanner out there. You do not come out orange or a fake color, it is all very natural. I would recommend these. Thank you Kate for another great product.

      (Posted on 7/29/14) Review by Sue
    • I love these! There is no mess and no yucky orange color! Just a really pretty glow that makes you look sunkissed!

      (Posted on 7/9/14) Review by andrea
    • I love these Tanning Towelettes! I started using them as an alternative to spray-tanning and I have to say I'm very pleased! Not only have I saved money by switching, but I love how natural my tan looks now. They are perfect for traveling as well!

      (Posted on 7/6/14) Review by T.T.
    • I got a few of these from my girlfriend who turned me on to Kates products and I used these at the begining of the summer to help with my coloring till I could get to the beach, They work awesome and are gentle on the skin and actually moisturising to the skin. I enjoyed using them and would again.

      (Posted on 6/27/14) Review by George
    • Thank You Kate! These tanning towels are fabulous. I wipe this on in the morning... wait a minute, then get dressed. By the end of my work day I have a beautiful glowing tan. This product gives you the color YOU WOULD NORMALLY achieve in the sun, which is why it looks so NATURAL and gorgeous. So if your looking for natural tan without spending time in the sun or tanning salons, try this!!

      (Posted on 6/24/14) Review by Yvette
    • I have tried many different types of self tanners, and this tanning towelettes are by far my favorite! i had minimal streaking and flaking off. The color lasts the longest and looks quite natural. Also, with this being a natural product I feel safe using it!

      (Posted on 6/23/14) Review by Cindi
    • I tanned for years in a tanning bed and then was diagnosed with Lupus, bye, bye sun exposure. I was watching Live with Kelly and Michael and someone had asked if she uses a tanning bed. Her reply was No! She uses Kate Somerville tanning towels:) It was a must try for me and when I did, I was very happy, thank you Kate:) and thank you to the person asking the question and to Kelly. To all out there, if you don't try you want know.

      (Posted on 6/20/14) Review by Shirley
    • These tanning towelettes were so easy to use. I found a few streaky areas, but it think with continued use, I'll get better at applying. They gave me such a nice tan and I'm never tan! I loved the glow they gave me, so I definitely plan on trying these again.

      (Posted on 6/14/14) Review by Kathleen
    • At first I was cautious when using the tanning towels. IN the past anything that you rub on your body or even spray tan turned me orange. Also, going in the sun is just not good for your skin if trying to get that natural glowing tan that these Towelettes produced. Even though reluctant to try another tanning product, I knew Kate would disappoint me. Like always, she didn't! They worked great on my skin. Made me look tan and not orange. My skin didn't not become to dry or have streaks on it. It is also much faster and more convenient to use the towels than using a tanning lotion everyday to give your self a tan without the salons or sun. I loved these towelettes and will purchase again

      (Posted on 6/11/14) Review by
    • Got these in a sample pack and they are UH-MAZE-ING. Within a few hours I already looked darker! Previously used Tan Towels, which were pretty good, but did leave you with streaks. These definitely did not. Also the Tan Towels were only good for like, one leg. This ONE towel, I used over my entire body. I did arms/chest first, and definitely have darker results there. But I will DEFINITELY be buying these in the near future. GREAT product!

      (Posted on 6/9/14) Review by Erin
    • The Kate Somerville 360 Body Tanning Towelettes are easy to use and give me a nice, glowing tan. One is plenty enough to cover my body and face. The towelettes don't leave me looking orange or dirty. Just a clean, nice tan. I use a body scrub first then the towelettes to ensure an even tan. I have tried other self tanners and this is the easiest application and I have the best results with the Towelettes.

      (Posted on 6/5/14) Review by Anita
    • I got a free sample of this online and just tried it the other day. Works wonderfully! I needed something to help me get past my plateau and this did just that! It gave me a great glow and looks like I was laying outside in the summer sun for the past week straight. I would recommend this to anyone! It didn't streak either, which always seems to be the issue with the self-tanners. Awesome product!

      (Posted on 6/2/14) Review by Olivia
    • This is my absolute favorite way to self-tan. Using these towels makes the process much faster and also avoids weird streaking and sharp edges. There is still a faint "self tanning smell" but I've never used anything that doesn't have that issue, and it's not nearly as bad as some other products. I'm quite fair, not SUPER white but pretty light skinned and the color this gives is really nice and natural. You definitely look like you just came back from vacation and it lasts about 5 days. Out of all the tanning towels I've used, this is my favorite one! They seem a little pricey but when you break it down, it's not really that bad.

      (Posted on 5/26/14) Review by Sara
    • These wipes are the most natural looking on the market. My only complaint is that there is some white or missed spots that i usually notice on my arms or other body parts. I recommend applying 2 days in a row to avoid this.

      (Posted on 5/19/14) Review by Amy
    • This was my very first time using a self tanner because I had only heard horror stories of orange skin and splotchy streaks. Then I saw Kate on QVC and she demonstrated how to use it. Her tan looked so natural and it looked so easy. So, I purchased these towels and I am pleased with the color, the only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is because although I wash my hands immediately, I still get the "tanner" on the palms of my hands. I tried using it with a mitt and that was impossible because you have to hold onto the towel with a good grip to really get even coverage and do a good job. However, that being said, I would still recommend it because I love the how easy it is and I love that there is no cream or mousse to wash off. The smell is pleasant too!

      (Posted on 5/11/14) Review by Ann
    • Love it! I Use These A Few Times A Year When I Need To Get Some Color! Did not streak or look fake. I'm olive skin and don't go in the sun much,so this is a great alternative. I usually do St Tropez but with my very dry skin, this is something that doesn't irritate me. Do not be afraid to use these! I hope Kate makes Different Variety of Shades!

      (Posted on 5/10/14) Review by Lindwd
    • These are wonderful for those of us who don't have time to tan! I use these before i go out on girls nights!

      (Posted on 5/7/14) Review by caitlin
    • These tan towels are easy to use and result in a glowing, natural looking tan. My advice is to exfoliate your body, put on lotion, and then apply the tan towels. I go over every area once and then go back and swipe again to ensure I didn't miss any spots. There's a slight smell, which I don't like, but this is the best artificial tan product I've come across.

      (Posted on 5/1/14) Review by Jill
    • I am pretty pale and these give me great natural color. I use them once a week for a little healthy color, and add an extra day if I want to appear tan. The color is believable, there is no waiting for it to dry, and application is so easy. Once you get the hang of it, you can do this very quickly with no streaking.

      (Posted on 4/13/14) Review by Michelle
    • I love these! They go on so nicely. I rub these on after i use the exfolikate and it looks so good! I get no streaks and it doesn't have that nasty fake tan smell

      (Posted on 3/24/14) Review by kaelah
    • I really like how this product doesn't streak or have a very strong odor to it!

      (Posted on 3/21/14) Review by Cambria
    • I have been using these since I first saw them featured on QVC about 5 years ago. I have tried other brands and none of them compare to Kate's! They give the best golden glow color that looks natural. If you're going to purchase them, go for the big's a great deal!

      (Posted on 3/13/14) Review by Christy
    • Tried thesefor the first time and it did NOT smell I was so happy with the ease of application and the end result color was perfet! I will live by these instead of airbrush.

      (Posted on 3/6/14) Review by Heather
    • Recently purchased to help camouflage my pale, winter skin before my trip to LA. LOVE! My skin looks us kissed and natural. No pumpkins in sight. Easy to use, mess free application pads.

      (Posted on 1/28/14) Review by Glow
    • I bought these after seeing a friend pack them for a destination wedding. They're compact, great for on-the-go tanning or vacationing, and easy to use. I've used these on my face too, and they work great. Natural look and doesn't rub off on my clothes!

      (Posted on 1/28/14) Review by Amanda
    • I feel very pale in the winter so I bought these and OMG i'm in love! So natural!

      (Posted on 1/20/14) Review by Leslie
    • What a beautiful way to start the new year!
      A tanned look perks up everyone, and being able to control the intensity of the tan is wonderful.
      Just what the doctor ordered, all while staying home!
      Merci, Kate.

      (Posted on 12/26/13) Review by Alana
    • I bought this product to use last spring to give my skin a touch of sun. It is extremely nice how you don't have tanned hands or scent due to the towelettes. I just felt the color didn't last long enough for the price.

      (Posted on 12/5/13) Review by Tracy
    • I am not a big tanning person but this was a gift to me. I thought why not, but I think it's too sticky and the tanning does not last the longest time. However, my skin did look super glowy and sun-kissed after... which I liked.

      (Posted on 12/5/13) Review by David
    • I used to be obsessed with tan towels! However, these towels are so much better! These provide my snow-white skin with a natural glow. The only downside is the price--but the way I see it is that it is worth paying. DO NOT TAN IN BEDS. DO NOT TAN OUTSIDE. These will do the trick!

      (Posted on 12/2/13) Review by JESSICA
    • This is a solid tanning product; perhaps not my absolute favorite tan/color, but it works good and it's so easy to use towelettes.

      I do LOVE that you can take this anywhere and there's really no mess. I still wear rubber gloves to apply, but at least with the towels there's no drips and no mess and no residue on the bottle or bathroom. That's great.

      (Posted on 11/26/13) Review by Nicrohr
    • I have a problem with most self-tanners causing my skin to turn orange or pink-ish tent. This product doesn't and it also goes on so smooth without lines. The lady explained that the best way to put it on is keeping the towel folded in 4's and opening it as you wipe onto a different part of the body. I will continue to buy these products!

      (Posted on 11/24/13) Review by Katherine
    • The sun could not create a more beautiful, natural tan as Sommerville 360 Body Tanning Towelettes. They are so easy to use. I love them! I feel so good when my skin is just looks healthy.

      (Posted on 10/9/13) Review by Joyce
    • I love this product. I used it before I went on vacation and had a natural glow without going to a tan salon. The best part, I will never have to use a tanning salon again!

      (Posted on 10/1/13) Review by Samantha
    • So far the most realistic self tanner I've used. Not orange or streaky, but be careful around your hands and wrists because it's easy to get a little blotchy. I lightly moisturizer my hands, and I first do my whole body with gloves on. Then I remove the gloves and carefully swipe the towelette across the backs of my hands, but I hold the towelette with the glove, so I don't have to wash my palms after (which is difficult to do when you're trying to avoid getting the rest if your hand wet). I've come to perfect this application process with a bit of practice. And for the most part, people think I went on vacation! I have fair skin and sensive skin and I've never had a problem with this, it always comes out natural looking and doesn't make me break out.

      (Posted on 9/30/13) Review by Alessandra
    • I have been using these tan towelettes for several years and have been so happy with the results. They go on so fast. They leave an even NATURAL tan color on your skin. I like to use them at night and wake up with a glow, and they leave your skin so soft in the AM. Most other self tanners have such a strong smell, but these do not.
      Somerville 360 Tanning Towelettes are my answer to safe tanning.

      (Posted on 9/13/13) Review by Jenna
    • It is not perfect, but it is close. You still have to be careful and make sure that you do not miss any spots because you can get streaks. Also if you use more than one towel a week make sure you change up the order when you apply - for instance at first I would always start with my right leg and then I began to notice that my right leg was significantly darker than my left leg.

      (Posted on 9/9/13) Review by Lauren
    • I am in love with Kate's tanning towelettes! Since my teenage years, I have always loved looking tan. When i was 15 my mom let me start tanning in beds and in my early 30's I switched to spray tans. I love them but they are time consuming and expensive. I received a sample towelette at a KS event and after my first application I was hooked! I am so thrilled with the results i get ftom the towelette and i've received so many compliments on my "tan" after using. I feel like a walking advertisement for the product because whenever i receive a compliment i always offer friends & co-workers a towelette to try if they'd like!
      Thank you so much for this life changing product!

      (Posted on 9/8/13) Review by Marika
    • by far the best self-tanner I've ever used. Really natural looking and convenient. Use them on the face too. (In fact, the KS self-tanning wipes for the face are abrasive and ineffective.) Get these and use them all over!!

      (Posted on 9/4/13) Review by Carmine
    • Hands down the finest self-tanner I have ever come across. No streaks, no unpleasant scent, no mess, quick drying and great color after just one application. What's not to love?

      (Posted on 8/29/13) Review by Charlotte
    • Was thoroughly impressed with this product and the beautiful glow it provides. Super easy application which makes the process all the better. Any one looking for that extra boost of colour is sure to love these.

      (Posted on 8/3/13) Review by Briana
    • These towelettes are so easy to use and mess-free (as long as you wash off your palms afterwards). The tan color is evenly distributed and very natural looking. There is barely any smell and nothing rubs off on sheets or clothing!

      (Posted on 8/2/13) Review by Adele
    • I have been a huge fan of TanTowel for years, and this blows them out of the water! Gives you a rich, deep tan color.

      (Posted on 7/20/13) Review by ERICA
    • I love self tanning products and tanning towels have to be one of the easiest applications! This color is beautiful and lasting!

      (Posted on 6/30/13) Review by Trish
    • I have used many many different self-tan products and this is one of my favorites. Though pricier than other brands, I like that it has skincare benefits in it, provides a nice color, and it is convenient.

      (Posted on 6/22/13) Review by Karine
    • I cannot live without this product. It takes 2 minutes to apply. Even tan. Quick results. The best part about it is that it is not too dark and it fades EVENLY. Every other self tanner I've tried has made my skin look dirty as it wore off. Not this one. My pores also clog really easily. This tan does not sit in your pores or cause acne. I absolutely love these towelettes!

      (Posted on 6/5/13) Review by Lauren
    • I have used this product for a few years and find it to be the easiest way to get that really perfect glow. It is easy to use, no streaking and does not have that odor that most other products have. It is perfect for the working professional and a definite must have in my summer kit!

      (Posted on 6/4/13) Review by Kelly
    • I absolutely love these things! The first time I used them I ended up with one part of my arm not being covered but I didn't make that mistake the second time. I put it on after I shower, with gloves on, and when I wake up in the morning I have a great glow! It kind of has that self tan smell, but not really. I will definitely keep using these.

      (Posted on 5/23/13) Review by Brittany
    • I have tried several self-tan products. My natural hair coloring is medium brown and I have hazel/brown eyes. If I get a gradual tan in the sun my skin turns a nice golden color. Any other color achieved by self tan products does not look natural or flattering. With these tan towels I tan the color that is my own natural shade and flatters my coloring. They are easy to use from the face to the feet. I have virtually no streaking and achieve an even tone. There is no offensive odor. The color lasts a week or so. I do recommend this product to those who wish to add a tan glow to their skin without a stark transformation into the artificially brown/orange color. This product is easy to use and effective - kudos to Kate Somerville.

      (Posted on 5/16/13) Review by Barbara
    • Just love these towelettes---follow the directions and received a beautiful tan. Will continue to buy these and always have a beautiful tan without streaks. Use to go tanning and now I can tan in my own home. Love love this products

      (Posted on 5/9/13) Review by Patty18052
    • I have very pale skin (that is the Irish in me) and I stopped going to the tanning beds two years ago. A very good friend of mine recommended these. I was able to use the tanning towelette last night. I followed the recommendations for applying it, even watched several You Tube videos.
      Here's my one complaint. Being that my skin is so pale I expected to see a great tan in the morning. That was not the case. There was a slight difference but I set my expectations HIGH.
      Here's what I LOVE. I had a slight 'base' tan on my face and arms from being outside the last couple days. The tanning towelettes did amazing!!! I LOVE the color it gave me.
      Overall I like the product and will use it again . I just recommend other pale people to get a "little" natural sun prior to using. Then apply over that, it will look beautiful

      (Posted on 5/4/13) Review by Jennifer
    • I tried this product for the first time this week and I noticed a difference within the first few hours of application. It was not dramatic, but left my skin with a very healthy glow. The directions indicate that you can reapply as needed, but I like the color I have with just one application. (Saving the others as the warmer weather progresses...)

      (Posted on 4/23/13) Review by Rose Marie
    • These towelettes give the perfect, even tan that looks completely natural. They are so quick and easy to apply, and they smell so good you want to eat them. I recently ran out on vacation and had to use the drugstore brands, which just made me appreciate the Kate Somerville towelettes even more. I love the big size, and they never streak. I get many compliments on my tan year round. I couldn't live without them.

      (Posted on 4/22/13) Review by Toni
    • Have tried many self tanners. This one is the best by far. Great glow and even tan. Love this product

      (Posted on 4/15/13) Review by Maddy
    • I have fair skin, but not the snow white porcelain type, just the pale looking type in the winter! So I tried these towelettes and was impressed with the colour it gave me. The next day at work people asked me if I had gone away for the weekend or gone tanning. I didn't look orange or fake, just noticeably sun-kissed.

      For the first time using it, I would suggest following Kate's tips for best results regarding using a moisturizer on dry spots, and I also suggest wearing rubber gloves. I found that my hands came out best when I didn't have to struggle to wash my palms without getting water on the back of my hand or wrists. I wiped the back of my hands last using the glove to hold the towelette.

      (Posted on 4/12/13) Review by Alessandra
    • I was addicted to St. Tropez, but I prefer these towelettes for their easy application and nice smell. However, it takes me two applications to see a difference so the cost adds up.

      (Posted on 3/21/13) Review by Dixy
    • The best tanning towelettes I have used. Easy and provides even, natural color. A bit more expensive than some drug store brands but these work better and are more fragrant.

      (Posted on 3/10/13) Review by Joni
    • The color is very natural and easy to apply. Smell is not strong and goes away quickly.

      (Posted on 3/4/13) Review by HEATHER
    • I think the price is too much but the tan is very good.

      (Posted on 1/28/13) Review by jessica
    • A friend purchased these Sommerville360 Body Tanning Towelettes and after seeing her tan, I had to try it too. I did and I'm so impressed! My skin looks great, and I haven't damaged my skin to get this bronze (tan) color. Now all I need is a vacation to somewhere warm to flaunt it!

      (Posted on 1/17/13) Review by DoneWithTheSun
    • This is the best self-tanning method I have ever used. It gives my skin an extra glow and look very natural.

      (Posted on 1/12/13) Review by Regina
    • This product gives a natural looking tan. It does not show streaks and skin doesn't have the orange color some sunless tanners give. Plus the towelettes are very easy to use with no mess. Great product.

      (Posted on 1/8/13) Review by sheryl
    • I have been using the tanning towelettes for about a year now and I am hooked! I used to go to a tanning salon but hated how dry my skin felt even when I used the expensive "hydrating" tanning lotion they sold me. Ever since I started using the Somerville 360 tanning towelettes for face and body I have a nice, natural looking tan with smooth skin and I actually end up saving money all while being able to get the look at home, and the tan lasts for a week to 10 days!

      (Posted on 12/29/12) Review by Stephanie
    • It gives a beautiful and even color tone to your body. It may the most expensive, but it is also the best I have tried. Will not change.

      (Posted on 12/16/12) Review by Renate
    • I have tried many self tanners but this is the easiest to use. Great color - no orange!

      (Posted on 11/30/12) Review by Claudia
    • I use these for that last minute "oops I'm pale" moments. I bought these for a wedding I was in and had no time to tan the real way, and wouldnt DARE try the spray tan booth again (orange, smells, ick) so I got these at Sephora. I was surprised at first that they didnt leave you with that nasty smell you get from most self tanners. They actually have a nice scent. And secondly the application was easy, and I didnt get that orange look. The tan was actually very natural. The only downside was it felt like the tan didnt last as long. And the price is a little high for me to use these often enough to maintain a tan.

      (Posted on 11/29/12) Review by AshleyAliceArtistry
    • These tanning towelettes are perfect for a glowing natural-looking tan. They are so easy to apply in seconds, never streak, and smell good enough to eat. Everyone comments on my beautiful tan. I'm in love.

      (Posted on 11/16/12) Review by Toni
    • I love these tanning wipes. Pretty much the ONLY self tanner product that I would use and recommend to others. The only complaint that I have is that the tan doesn't last for too long off of one wipe and you need two to get a good tan. If you want to stay tan during the winter you would have to use a wipe approximately once every other day :( I was hoping to use 2 a week so they would last about 2 months or so...but, no such luck!

      (Posted on 10/31/12) Review by Laura
    • This is a great product. Have used many other tanning products. None can compare. Leave a glowing tan that blends into the skin. Expensive but worth it

      (Posted on 10/22/12) Review by Maddy
    • The product is great. I wish it gave a darker tan on the first towelette but it works well. The only issue is the price. Way to expensive for 16 applications if you figure that it takes 2 applications to get a decent tan.
      The scent is great.

      (Posted on 8/27/12) Review by kristin
    • The towelettes gave a natural tan color and had very little odor . Yes I will use them again.

      (Posted on 7/27/12) Review by Janet
    • I absolutely love the tanning towelettes! I had not heard of them until Kelly Ripa mentioned them on her show. I immediately got online and ordered them. They arrived in record time, I applied it right then. They are fantastic and the color is so natural! Thank you so much!

      (Posted on 7/14/12) Review by Laura
    • Used these towelettes last year and back this year to get more. Many pluses to this product, but overall the fact your "tan" looks very natural is the number #1 reason. Somewhat pricey, so not able to enjoy my tan year round.

      (Posted on 5/3/12) Review by LINDA
    • I bought this tanner and immediately feel in love with it! I have very pale skin so I often find it near impossible to find a self-tanner that doesn’t make me look ridiculous and orange. With this product I get the perfect summer streak-free tan every time. The individual towelettes are also perfect for traveling and on-the-go.

      (Posted on 5/2/12) Review by Sophia Kelly
    • I highly recommend this product. An even tan is very important to me, but I don't want to damage my skin or risk my health in the sun or at the tanning booth. Somerville360 has been the answer to my tanning problems. It is streak free, it combines with my skin tone to give me the right color, it is easy to apply, and unlike most self tanners, it smells good. It also makes a great gift, my friends love it!

      (Posted on 5/2/12) Review by Sadie
    • As a guy I am naturally averse to products of this type, and I had let my girlfriend talk me into trying other self-tanners with mixed results. But when she finally got me to try these I was pleasantly surprised: ridiculously easy compared to lotions and sprays, and the finished result was a smooth, even, NATURAL-looking tan. Far and away the most realistic self-tan I have ever seen.

      (Posted on 5/2/12) Review by Andrew
    • Gorgeous shade of tan. Perfect color, long lasting, easiest to apply. Seriously a must for all. Did I mention no scent? Yes, I said it: no scent.

      (Posted on 5/2/12) Review by Bart
    • I had a very fantastic experience with KateSomerville's tanning towelettes! I frequently used a competitor, but now will never go back... Kate Somerville's towelettes are larger and more moist than I expected. My tan was fairly light after the first application, but after 2 days and 2 applications I reached the color I wanted! No streaks, no weirdness on my hands or feet, dried in 5 minutes and it hardly has a tanning smell. I wish they were less expensive in bulk, but that's seriously my only complaint! WORTH IT! LOVED IT!

      (Posted on 5/2/12) Review by Sarah