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    Get the Protection you Need with Sunscreen for Dry Skin that Really Works

    Your dry skin has enough to deal with, without having to cope with sun damage as well. While the harmful effects of the sun’s rays on all skin types are well-documented, they are particularly tough on dry skin. At Kate Somerville Skin Care, we understand just how hard the sun can be on dry skin. Without the right protection, and a sunscreen for dry skin that really works, your complexion can start to suffer.

    Sun exposure is the number one cause of most of those wrinkles and discolored areas that you see all over your body. Your face, shoulders, back and arms are particularly vulnerable to the effects of the sun, as they are most often exposed. Sun damage can cause your dry skin to lose its elasticity, and can worsen the flaky, tight look and feel of your complexion.

    An effective sunscreen for dry skin will:

    • Soothe and condition tight, dry skin
    • Guard against UV damage
    • Feel lightweight and silky, never sticky

    If your sunscreen for dry skin is not living up to its promises, you need to make a change. The sooner you find the perfect creams, lotions and protective sunscreens for your dry skin, the sooner you can start to repair sun damage and renew your skin’s appearance.

    Why is Sunscreen for Dry Skin Important?

    Everyone loves to be out in the warm sunshine. However, while the warmth of the sun is pleasant, it hides a dirty little secret—those lovely rays are actually full of UV radiation that creates free radicals. These unstable molecules attack your healthy skin cells, breaking them down until they can no longer retain their integrity. The result is wrinkles, sagging and discoloration.

    The fact is, exposure to the sun accounts for about 90% of premature skin aging! A sunscreen for dry skin becomes essential to prevent this damage, and when used faithfully will provide an effective shield against the ravages of UV radiation.

    How Do I Get the Best dry skin sunscreen Solution For Me?

    At Kate Somerville Skin Care, we believe that a scientifically-proven sunscreen for dry skin is a must-have for preventing premature skin aging. As part of a program that nourishes, hydrates and protects your delicate dry skin, an effective sunscreen for dry skin will provide the following benefits:

    • SPF factor of at least 30, for ultimate protection
    • Soothing botanicals to condition and heal dry skin
    • A non-sticky look and feel
    • Gentle enough to use every day

    Dry skin needs extra protection. A sunscreen for dry skin that guards against the damaging rays of the sun will stop free radicals in their tracks, and reverse the visible signs of aging. Real anti-aging starts with a sunscreen for dry skin that delivers significant results. But be warned—your healthy, youthful new glow may cause an overabundance of compliments, so be prepared!

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