True Lash

Lash Enhancing Eye Makeup Remover
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This multi-tasking formula removes makeup while revitalizing the look of lashes. True Lash, Lash Enhancing Eye Makeup Remover gently wipes away all kinds of eye makeup—even waterproof and long-lasting formulas. Cutting-edge Lash Enhancing Peptide enhances natural lashes and promotes volume, which helps create visibly fuller lashes. Luxurious botanicals are designed to reduce the appearance of puffiness and fine lines, while nourishing Extracts help condition and contour the entire eye area.

  • Gently but effectively removes makeup, while producing more voluminous, healthier-looking lashes.
  • Powerful Sodium Hyaluronate is intended to hydrate deeply in order to smooth out the appearance of crow’s feet and wrinkles.
  • Rosehip, Evening Primrose, and Avocado are combined in an effort to firm the appearance of sagging skin.


How to Use

PM. Use once a day. Apply a small amount to cotton ball and gently smooth over eye area. Tissue off or rinse and gently pat dry.


Water/Aqua/Eau, Caprylyl Methicone, Isohexadecane, Tridecyl Trimellitate, Glycerin, Propanediol, Polysorbate 20, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium PCA, Acrylates/ C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Urea, Trehalose, Rosa Canina Fruit Oil, Oenothera Biennis (Evening Primrose) Oil, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Aloe Barbadensis Extract, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Extract, Camellia Oleifera Leaf Extract, Euphrasia Officinalis Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Triacetin, Polyquaternium-51, Sodium Hyaluronate, Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, Disodium EDTA, Ethylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance (Parfum)
    • I have short lashes that stick straight down into my eyes. I've used this whole tube and I absolutely love it! It is gentle on the eyes. My lashes seem to curl better with my eyelash curler and look longer now. I'd highly recommend it.

      (Posted on 8/19/14) Review by Sunny
    • I use a lot of mascara..and when I say a lot i mean ALOT! My lashes sometimes clump together and causes them to fall out... This helped me a lot and I can see an improvement even after 3 weeks.... Great product!

      (Posted on 8/13/14) Review by Kelly
    • I highly recommend using this in your daily routine! I have found a significant improvement in my lashes after using this and i'm not looking back!

      (Posted on 8/4/14) Review by Jenna
    • I started using True Lash Makeup Remover after I had my eyelash extensions removed. Within a couple weeks I noticed a difference with the length and volume of my lashes. It does a fabulous job as a makeup remover as well! Highly recommend adding this to your routine!

      (Posted on 7/6/14) Review by T.T.
    • I got this when I was working at a retail store that sold it. So many customers came in for it that i finally decided to give it a try.. and holy cow! My eyes are so sensitive and they were not irritated at all by this. I also noticed that my lashes fell out less and they looked healthier! I will never go back to using my cleanser or a regular eye makeup remover again!

      (Posted on 6/19/14) Review by andrea
    • I am actually a male, and do not wear eye makeup. I had noticed my eye lashes thinning down a bit and thought I would give this a try as I got two large samples. I can't say anything about the makeup removing aspect but, I can say I enjoy "conditioning" my lashes with this. I use it in the shower after washing my face - just rub a small amount on and then rinse off. I have noticed that my lashes seem to be a bit fuller and not falling out so much. Hopefully it works in the long run! Will definitely keep using.

      (Posted on 6/14/14) Review by raul
    • I really wanted this to work for me, it sounded like such a great idea! I have sparse eyelashes and I am always looking for something to help with that. Also, I have trouble finding a product that will truly take off all eye makeup. But unfortunately this did not take my eye make up off (I tried several times), it burned my under-eye skin as well, so I couldn't use it long enough to find out if it helped with the lashes. I love all of the other products but this one didn't work for me.

      (Posted on 5/18/14) Review by Ann
    • True Lash is hands-down favorite KS product. Unlike any other lotion based remover, it has no stinging effect. The thickness of product allows you to use less of it as it clings to your lashes. It goes to work immediately -- don't wipe the benefit of product off too swiftly. The lotion is good for eyelash base and existing eyelashes - it nourishes each lash offering healthful longevity. After a minute or two of resting on lashes, I remove the make up, which was dried and hardened, with a slight circular movement. Then I rinse the area. It only takes one thorough rinse to collect all traces of make up including eye rim. The is no trace of eye liner or mascara. This tube is well-packaged and lasts a surprisingly long time!

      (Posted on 5/18/14) Review by J Burke Miceli
    • At first I wasn't sure if I would like a lotion eye makeup remover since I was used to using a liquid. After the first use I noticed the skin around my eyes was softer. Over time I found I was losing less lashes and they felt stronger This is now my favorite eye makeup remover!

      (Posted on 5/7/14) Review by Traci
    • I have tried many eye makeup removers and found my mascara was never completely removed. I just received a sample of True Lash and it is wonderful. First, it is creamy and soothing to the eye - not some watery lotion. Second, it completely removes my mascara, even the waterproof type. Third, after wiping it off, my eyes felt smooth and well nourished. My most favorite Kate a Sommerville product to date.

      (Posted on 4/21/14) Review by Beverly
    • Pros: gentle yet effective, lasts forever, milky consistency that doesn't dry out skin, very little product needed

      Cons: stings the eyes a little, not effective at removing tightlining method

      (Posted on 4/20/14) Review by Ellen
    • I have been looking for a eye makeup remover that was gentle yet cleanses totally and does not make your eyes sting or be blurry after use. This one totally meets everything I ever wanted for an eye makeup remover. Gentle, cleans perfectly and best part I can still see after I am getting older my eye lashes are getting shorter and falling out. I do not notice this happening any longer.

      (Posted on 3/26/14) Review by Becky
    • I like this because it removes it very clearly.
      Others tends to hurt my eyes and pull my eye lids a lot but this one it actually helps me to protect my eye lids. I relly raelly love this one.

      (Posted on 3/23/14) Review by love
    • I love this eye makeup remover! It is so gentle but works so well!

      (Posted on 3/7/14) Review by Amy
    • Takes eyeliner off without having to scrub and stretch the delicate skin under the eyes.
      In the past when I took my makeup off, even though I thought I did a good job of it, I still had traces of eyeliner the next day. I have noticed it there for several days afterwards if I went without makeup for a few days. Not anymore though!

      (Posted on 3/6/14) Review by Sharon
    • I use this in conjunction with a lash enhancing serum. This removes my waterproof mascara and other eye makeup beautifully and leaves my lashes feeling soft. My sensitive eyes do not react to it either, making it a big win for me.

      (Posted on 2/25/14) Review by Corey
    • I received a few samples of this and was sort of disappointed. I love near all of Kate's products but this did sting my eyes a bit and wasn't able to easily remove all my mascara. I should mention that I generally prefer liquid eye make up removers, so maybe if you prefer cream versions, you will enjoy this more.

      (Posted on 2/19/14) Review by LC
    • Very nice eye make up remover. Non greasy and gentle on the skin.

      (Posted on 2/18/14) Review by Julie
    • This is the best Eye Makeup Remover that have ever used.
      It is great because I wear mascara everyday and everytime I am removing my mascara, I tend to lose so much eye lashes. :(
      But this remover is gentle and it works amazingly.
      I have been using this for 5 months and purchasing them over and over.
      I absolutely love it.

      (Posted on 2/16/14) Review by legoo
    • I know this is more expensive than many other brands, but I never regret of my purchase. I use a cotton swab to apply it onto my eyes. In this way you will prevent wasting. It is gentle and cleans very efficiently.

      (Posted on 2/12/14) Review by Maggie
    • I received a sample of this, and am in love! I haven't used enough to be able to attest to the lash enhancing benefits, but as a makeup remover, it is wonderful! I wear only eye makeup so over the years, have tried all types of removers from drug store brands, salon brands to department store brands. I've never really found one I love, until I used this!

      It's gentle creamy formula easily removes all traces of eye makeup with one cotton pad and a dab of True Lash! I use regular mascara and a long lasting eyeliner, nothing waterproof. Dab a little on my cotton pad, swipe over eyes. Follow up with a Q-tip with a bit more remover for inside my wrinkles (blah!) and hard to reach areas, and I am good to go! I can honestly say my eye area feels cleaner!!

      I'm not sure if I could afford to use this regularly, but if I could, I would!!

      (Posted on 2/11/14) Review by Florence
    • Found this eye makeup remover to be nice and gentle, which is good for my sensitive skin. Have not noticed a difference in the length or fullness of my eyelashes though.

      (Posted on 2/11/14) Review by Briana
    • I absolutely hate eye makeup removers with a passion because I always have to rub my eyes so hard in order to get my make up off and it ends up irritating my eyes (redness) and causes my lashes to fall out. I had a very pleasant experience with True Lash. It was a bit weird at first since I've never used a cream remover, but it was very gentle on my eyes and it just took a little bit of pressure to get my make up off. I actually had a friend borrow this makeup remover after a night out and she LOVED it.

      (Posted on 2/6/14) Review by Irene
    • Removes my eye makeup completely! However I find that using a cotton pad instead of ball works better for some reason. Not sure about lash growth but it does add moisture to my eye area!

      (Posted on 2/5/14) Review by jenny
    • I have only used this product for a month so I'm not able to comment yet on the lash enhancement, but it is a great, non-greasy eye makeup remover.

      (Posted on 1/29/14) Review by Shelby
    • I have sensitive eyes and this product is wonderful. It does not irritate my eyes at all. It is very nourishing and gentle and an extremely effective eye makeup remover. I encourage you to try it.

      (Posted on 1/19/14) Review by Kimberly
    • Great at removing eye makeup - even my gel-waterproof-never-wipes-off eyeliner! When I first started using this product, I definitely noticed a change in the health of my eyelashes - they looked fuller and longer. They've pretty much stayed that way, not getting too much fuller since then. But, still better than before!

      (Posted on 1/18/14) Review by Tessa
    • I had been looking for a good product for eye makeup remover and found it. It removes eye makeup completely, but doesn't leave an oily feeling afterwards. I don't think my eyelashes have gotten fuller, but I definitely recommend it as a great remover.

      (Posted on 1/12/14) Review by Riley
    • I love this product. It is easy to use and melts off the eye makeup.

      (Posted on 1/11/14) Review by Maxine
    • I have been looking for an eye make-up remover that is gentle enough for my sensitive skin. This works. I love it!

      (Posted on 12/20/13) Review by JS Eyes
    • Hands down, this is the best eye makeup remover I have ever tried…and I have tried them all!!!

      (Posted on 12/19/13) Review by Carol
    • A Kate Somerville rep at Nordstrom talked me into this product when I went to purchase my normal eye make-up remover. They said it would take off my make-up and enhance my eyelashes to make them healthier. My eyelashes might be healthier, but I can't tell! It gets off my eye make-up but not my eye liner. I don't even use a waterproof eyeliner, and even after rubbing with a decent amount of product on a cotton pad, there is still eye liner left behind. I wouldn't purchase this product again.

      (Posted on 12/11/13) Review by Jennifer
    • I have pretty senstive eyes, oily removers bother them and this is great. It takes off my makeup with just a little effort, and I really feel like it conditions my lashes and leaves them in better shape than they were before. Mascara takes such a toll and this helps a lot!

      (Posted on 12/3/13) Review by charlie
    • My boyfriend got me this after he felt in love with Kate's product. It was very generous of him since I've also finished my lamcome eye make up remover at the time. In addition, this product is actually quite pricy because it is a small tube. However, I like this product because it actually remove my eye make up without making my eyes watery. This is a huge plus because I have very sensitive eyes that mots of the eye make-up remover hurts my eyes. Also, a little goes a long way! Way to go Kate!

      (Posted on 12/2/13) Review by Ting
    • I have been using this product over two months now and it's still my first tube I bought! A little bit goes a long way and it WORKS!! I was skeptical about my lashes enhancing, but now I barely put more than one coat of mascara on now. I absolutely love my lashes now!!

      (Posted on 12/2/13) Review by Katherine
    • I have extremelysensitive eyes and this is one of the only eye makeup removers that does not sting & irritate my eyes. It also leaves my lashes soft and conditioned without being

      (Posted on 12/1/13) Review by patti
    • I love this product! It gently removes the mascara off my eyes. I remove the excess with a damp cloth and the rest stays on my lashes. They are noticeably longer!

      (Posted on 11/28/13) Review by Lisa
    • Removes my waterproof mascara and eye makeup. Does not sting the eyes even though I am a contact leans wearer and sensitive eyes.

      (Posted on 11/26/13) Review by Kamilah
    • I LOVE when something is two products in one. This is great for taking product off my eyes, and I'm so excited that it provides the lash enhancing/conditioning benefits as well. So far I love it, and in a few more weeks I hope to see a little improvement in the condition and length of my lashes. I started with Exfolikate and now am trying more quality Kate products, so that inspired me to try True Lash as well.

      (Posted on 11/26/13) Review by Nicrohr
    • Bought the full size format as I like most of KS' products. Works well as a mascara remover and my eyelashes felt longer but my eyes got irritated. Good product but unfortunately not for me.

      (Posted on 11/24/13) Review by Isabelle
    • I am in love with this product!!! I have the most sensitive eyes and this eye makeup remover works so well and doesn't cause my eyes to swell or become irritated. It removes my mascara gently and leaves my lashes feeling so soft. It also doesn't dry my eyes or lashes out. I love this stuff!

      (Posted on 11/19/13) Review by Kortney
    • I love this product. I got it as a sample and after the first use, I immediately saw the ease and difference from other eye-make up remover. I don't think I'll ever go back to any of the other removers I've used it the past.

      (Posted on 11/13/13) Review by Ann
    • I received this item as a sample and will not use any other eye makeup remove. This product removes all signs of eye makeup without have to be harsh on the delicate skin around my eyes and lashes.

      (Posted on 11/8/13) Review by Donna
    • I love the True Lash Eye makeup remover. It's so gentle on my sensitive eyes and really gets the waterproof mascara off my lashes without having to tug on my eyes.

      (Posted on 10/31/13) Review by Beth
    • I love this product for eye makeup removal! It's soft, conditioning, gentle on my skin and removes my eye makeup with ease.

      (Posted on 10/28/13) Review by Kelley
    • Received a sample and now I can't live without it!! Takes off my mascara and eyeliner so easily. Feels great on my skin, not drying or heavy!!

      (Posted on 10/27/13) Review by Mary
    • It is really gentle on the eyes and removes all makeup without having to scrub leaving my eyes soothed.

      (Posted on 10/6/13) Review by ZNRR2118
    • I tried a sample of this remover and I was instantly addicted. This stuff is incredible! It gently removes your mascara and eyeliner while nourishing your lashes at the same time. I already have long lashes but this has made them look even better.

      (Posted on 9/26/13) Review by Kelley
    • I have been using cosmetics for over 45 years and never encountered a product so gentle for the eye area as True Lash. I have sensitive, dry eyes and True Lash does not sting, make eyes red or tear at all and as an added bonus, it nourishes your lashes too.
      You must try this product!!!!

      (Posted on 9/17/13) Review by Grace Gomez
    • I recently used a sample of this (I used it for 4 nights and still had some left) and was impressed with its makeup removing power. I loved the idea of a product that provided benefits beyond removing my makeup. I don’t wear heavy eye makeup, but I do wear waterproof mascara every day which (as most of you probably know) can be difficult to remove without tugging at your eyes. I applied a small amount (a little goes a long way) to my finger tips and massaged my eyes, after about 20 seconds of massaging all the mascara and eye shadow was lifted. I then swabbed off the product with a cotton pad and not a trace of makeup was left on my eyes.
      This product was a dream come true for me until the third night I used it, when it began to sting my eyes. My eye area is very sensitive and has reacted strongly to a lot of products I’ve tried. I was very disappointed that True Lash stung my eyes because it works so well. I even tried it again the next night thinking that something else may have caused the stinging, but sadly it resulted from True Lash.
      Even though this product isn’t something I can use, I would definitely recommend it to others. I just wish my eyes were a bit tougher so I could use it, too!

      (Posted on 9/16/13) Review by Jamie
    • True Lash is a nice gentle cream. It goes on smoothly and doesn't require much work to get even waterproof eye makeup off. Even when I don't wear makeup I put a dab on my lashes every night. I've noticed my lashes are a bit fuller at the base.

      (Posted on 9/6/13) Review by DFM
    • When it comes to removing all day eye make up, tis is the most powerful , yet sensitive cleanser i have found very proactive. You can also take away the make up with a dry or a moist cotton ball and you will have the same effect!

      (Posted on 9/6/13) Review by les
    • This is very gentle and I really like that it's a cream, not a liquid.. Not sure that it really enhances my lashes, but i do think they are healtier/stronger. I don't get as many lashes falling out after trying it for a week. Usually i'm always trying to fish a lost lash out of my eye, have noticed a big difference since using this product.

      (Posted on 9/6/13) Review by Deirdra
    • I am now completely obsessed with this makeup remover! I won't use anything else. It is really gentle on the eyes and removes all makeup without having to scrub. I am not sure about how much lash enhancing it does, as I have very long eyelashes, but I definitely think it makes a difference, so with a shorter lash it would have great effect. I would recommend this to everyone!

      (Posted on 8/16/13) Review by A.Jackson
    • I have been a Lancome Bi-facil girl for 20+ years, so this purchase was a leap of faith. I have very fine lashes, which have started to thin a bit now that I'm past menopause. So far, I love the feel and texture of the product; although it works well, it's not as effective for removing waterproof liner and mascara. I trust Kate Somerville products, so I'm sticking with it, hoping for fuller lashes after I've given it a fair shake and sufficient time to work.

      (Posted on 8/4/13) Review by Lee Ann
    • Eye makeup removers are hit or miss in performance and looking at the cost for this product I was unsure as to it worthiness but I am really happy with it. Nonirritating, removes mascara well and it smells nice too. Though the price is a bit high for a makeup remover I feel like it performs well and a little goes a long way.

      (Posted on 8/1/13) Review by Mandy
    • It's very gentle for your eyes. Some eye make up removers sting my eyes for hours when it accidentally goes in. I can't tell too much about the lash enhancing part but I do like this remover.

      (Posted on 7/18/13) Review by David
    • This is the best eye makeup remover I have ever used. One small drop easily and quickly removes all traces of your eye makeup!!

      (Posted on 7/12/13) Review by Diane
    • This is an amazing product. I exclusively used TrueLash when I wore eyelash extensions. It is awesome because it's water based. Once I decided to have my lashes removed, this product was already helping strengthen my new baby lashes! Thank you Kate!

      (Posted on 7/5/13) Review by Karen
    • This is a great double-duty make up remover! I really feel like the extra conditioning it gives my lashes helps them to be fuller. It does not irritate my eyes at all and removes even the most stubborn eye make up! I got a deluxe sample of this and plan to purchase the full size.

      (Posted on 6/30/13) Review by Trish
    • It works, but I am used to liquids to take off my eye makeup. The creme is taking a bit longer to get used to. I haven't noticed any changes in my lashes yet, bu haven't been using for that long.

      (Posted on 5/20/13) Review by JS
    • I have tried a ton of eye makeup removers over the years. Lately even the ones for sensitive skin have irritated my eyes and the skin all around my eye area. I bought this on a whim and so glad I did. You only need a small amount on a cotton ball to remove all eye makeup. It even takes off waterproof mascara. It leaves my eyes soft and hydrated and my lashes conditioned. It has made my lashes stronger and I see growth. Amazing product ans worth every penny!

      (Posted on 5/3/13) Review by Hilerie
    • I tend to be allergic to a lot of eye products. This takes off my makeup without making my eyelids itch plus after about 3 weeks I did notice my lashes where longer.Not crazy long like most of those lash products but just longer and fuller. Also great price at only $35 where most lash lengthening products are $100+.

      (Posted on 4/26/13) Review by Rhonda
    • I notice that after every use my eyelashes grows longer.Very good product.

      (Posted on 4/13/13) Review by Reda
    • I never used eye makeup remover until I tried Kate's True Lash and now Im obsessed. My lashes are stronger, longer, and they don't fall out as much. I had my makeup professionally done last week and the makeup artist couldn't believe how beautiful they were! She didn't even want to put false lashes on me :)

      (Posted on 4/13/13) Review by Katie
    • I have very sensitive skin and this product is very gentle, yet gets all the eye makeup off. I love it!

      (Posted on 4/5/13) Review by Erika
    • This product really does enhance your lashes. I was on the fence but i bought it and my lashes are full and thick!

      (Posted on 3/24/13) Review by Tabitha
    • I noticed after a week or 2, my eyelashes grew longer, but the only downfall is it stung my eyes a little bit, so that is why I am only giving it 3 stars...but other than that I do recommend it!

      (Posted on 3/20/13) Review by Mahlanie
    • All the other removers I've ever used have failed to completely remove my mascara so previously I actually had to buy a particular brand. This removes any style mascara which is great

      (Posted on 3/15/13) Review by Lauren
    • I was so tired of buying eye makeup removers and having to rub, rub, rub to get the makeup off, and I don't use thick eyemakeup. I tried every brand you find at drugstores and they all work the same. I was shocked when I tried True Lash; it removed every spec of eyeliner, even from the spaces between each lash, without having to pull on my lid and under eye area. It is easy, you don't need a lot of it, and it all comes off. It is great.

      (Posted on 3/14/13) Review by Lindsey
    • This is a nice product for removing eye makeup. I like the feel of it. My eyes & skin are very dry so I feel that it helps with moisture around my eyes. I don't think I have noticed any significant growth in my lashes. I am almost done with my tube and I do think I would purchse this again!

      (Posted on 3/11/13) Review by Mary
    • I was looking forward to this product because, as I get older, I notice my eyelashes becoming more sparse. While Tru Lash does remove my eye makeup nicely, I have noticed no improvement in lash growth, except in very inner corners of my eyes where I don't want hair growth. As a result, I use this product mainly for when I am traveling because the tube packs easily. I tried using it daily for 6 months.

      (Posted on 3/4/13) Review by dt
    • I usually use a liquid remover but decided to give this one a go since I have had such good luck with all of Kate Somerville's products. It worked well to get off most mascaras, but I have one waterproof mascara that I had to make two attempts with. It mostly smeared it around with the first attempt, but the second one did the trick. It didn't irritate my eyes, but I didn't notice any significant difference in my eyelashes either. After using it I felt a greasy residue but after washing my face it was gone. I wouldn't recommend using it without washing your face afterwards. Overall I just didn't feel like it was worth the money.

      (Posted on 3/1/13) Review by Sarah
    • I found this product to remove all of my eye makeup and mascara leaving my skin soft. I didn't have any residue from my mascara leftover the next morning.

      (Posted on 3/1/13) Review by Anita
    • True Lash is absolutely the best eye makeup remover I have ever used. It does a fabulous job of melting down my stubborn mascara, getting my lashes completely clean, and removing the rest of my eye makeup, such as waterproof or longwear eyeliner. It seems to do a pretty good job at conditioning and moisturizing my eyelashes. I also use it on my eyebrows. Since it helps prevent hairs from falling out and my brows are important to me, this is a great product. There are other really popular duo-phase liquid eye makeup removers that cost MORE than this and don't have any benefits at all. This is the only one I like!

      (Posted on 2/26/13) Review by Heather
    • This is the best eye makeup remover. It is effective and gentle. I am getting ready to order my third tube and definitely notice that my lashes are thicker and longer. I love, love, love it!!!

      (Posted on 1/21/13) Review by Daniella
    • This product is amazing! It takes off every speck of my eye makeup (including stubborn mascara), and leaves behind soft, fresh eyes! I love it!

      (Posted on 1/4/13) Review by Jillian
    • This eye makeup remover is the best I've every used and it really does help thicken your lashes. It is very gentle and I will not be without it!!!!

      (Posted on 12/20/12) Review by Karen
    • I LOVE this removes eye makeup AND it boosts lash growth. However, the product is like a cream and I usually prefer a liquid eye make up remover (which is why it got 4 stars instead of 5).

      (Posted on 12/11/12) Review by Christy
    • I definitely feel like the condition of my lashes has improved since I started using this. One tube really lasts a long time, so the price is steep, but you won't have to repurchase often.

      (Posted on 12/9/12) Review by Kim
    • Great at removing eye makeup (my eyes hadn't been that clean in a long time) with little product, but it managed to get into my eyes no matter how I applied it. Even if I kept my eyes completely closed it still lingered long enough to make my eyes sting and water. I do have sensitive eyes (I've been wearing ski goggles to cut onions long before onion goggles showed up on the market), but I usually do ok with eye makeup removers (currently using Philosophy's dual phase eye makeup remover and have used Nivea's cream remover without any problems). I didn't use it long enough to see any lash results, so can't talk about that side of the product. If you never have eye issues it might be worth a try, but I wouldn't recommend it for sensitive-eyed people.

      (Posted on 9/9/12) Review by Lea
    • nice and best product for me.

      (Posted on 4/6/12) Review by peter
    • Really beautiful eye makeup remover/lash enhancer.
      I LOVE it!
      My lashes are thicker, softer, more conditioned.
      Noticed it almost immediately.
      Don't want to be without it!

      (Posted on 3/22/12) Review by VIRGINIA
    • Removes makeup, helps my lashes grow and hydrates the skin around my eye - perfection!

      (Posted on 2/4/12) Review by Betsy
    • Does exactly what it claims to do. Definitely have noticed an improvement in volume. Must have!

      (Posted on 12/14/11) Review by Rachel
    • I really love this product! I bought it a few weeks ago and have been using it maybe 3-4 times a week because I don't always wear makeup, but I already see fuller lashes! My friend also bought it at the same time and she has also seen fuller longer lashes! My lashes look great with a nice coat of mascara, so full and long! I was having a problem, where my lashes would fall out in just a small section on one eye, so they would look uneven when I put mascara on, now they look great all the time! When removing eyeliner and mascara definitely leave the cream on a few seconds to really get everything off. And you can even use it daily even if you're not removing makeup, just a quick swipe on the eyelids and done. Does not leave a greasy oily feeling. I will definitely be recommending this to all my friends!

      (Posted on 11/15/11) Review by Marivy
    • My eyes felt either oily or irritated with every eye makeup remover I tried in the past. I gave up years ago, and went to a one-step facial cleanser that did just a so-so job of removing mascara and liner. Thank you so much for the sample! True Lash efficiently removes all, and leaves my eyes soothed.
      I ordered two from my local store so I wouldn't be without it! No more morning raccoon eyes for me.

      (Posted on 10/8/11) Review by Happy 63
    • Removes all traces of eye make including my waterproof mascara. Good job! I leave the formula on my lashes and eye area for a few seconds to let it absorb and everything comes off so easy. My eyes are not left burning or tingling like they are with so many other eye makeup removers.
      Its so great knowing that when i'm taking off my eye makeup I;m helping take care of my eye lashes! My lashes really do appear thicker and I have only been using this product a few weeks. A must have!!

      (Posted on 9/26/11) Review by Jessia Simmons