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DermalQuench Clear®

Anti-Acne Treatment

DermalQuench Clear®

Anti-Acne Treatment

Kate's most sought-after Clinic treatment is now formulated to fight acne and help prevent new acne blemishes!
1.5 Fl. Oz.

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DermalQuench Clear® patented technology works 9 ways to help purify, soothe and clear acne-prone skin. It exfoliates, unclogs pores, controls acne-causing bacteria, minimizes oil, reduces redness, increases oxygen to the skin, retains moisture, balances pH, and smooths skin.


Clinically Proven Results*


After just 1 use:

  • Clinical instruments measured 130% increase in skin moisture
  • 94% of women reported skin tone is significantly more even
  • 94% of women reported fine lines and wrinkles were significantly less noticeable


After 4 weeks:

  • 81% of women reported a reduction in the number of blackheads
  • 97% of women reported a reduction in the number of whiteheads
  • 40% of women reported a reduction in the number of inflamed acne

*Results based on independent Clinical Study

Key Ingredients

  • Hydrafill® Complex infuses skin with PFC-Oxygen Carriers, fast-penetrating Hyaluronic Acid, and Rare Botanical Extracts, provide long-lasting hydration and boost radiance.
  • Time released, encapsulated “smart” Salicylic Acid works throughout the day to target oily, acne-prone areas and accelerates exfoliation to unclog pores, while reducing irritation.
  • A Plant-Derived Bio Complex minimizes oil, reduces redness and irritation, and helps restore a healthy environment on the surface of the skin.
  • Natural Oat Extract helps reduce, absorb and balance sebum.
Kate's Tips
If you have back-acne, DermalQuench Clear® is fantastic because you can spray it on directly, and it absorbs quickly and won't rub off on clothing.
Kate Somerville
DermalQuench Clear® Anti-Acne Treatment
Anti-Acne Treatment
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47 Reviews
91 % of 47 Recommend This Product
25 - 34
Didn't notice a difference
I was hoping this product would help with blackheads and whiteheads however I have not noticed much of a difference at all
18 - 24
Best line!
The Kate Somerville Acne line is awesome and I don't know what I would do without it! This helps keep my face from huge breakouts so I don't go without it!
from Plainfield, IN
35 - 44
Anti-Aging & Acne
Adult Acne - not a helper
I've been trying all of the Kate Somerville acne and anti-aging products. The scar cream and the pink sulfur work decently to treat what is already there. I didn't find this product to do anything for my skin. I used it twice a day, I take my makeup off as soon as I get home from work each day and put this on it, nothing, nada, zilch. Extremely disappointed.
Great layer against acne
I needed something extra to fight acne and this stuff works great. I use it under makeup, it's really light weight and works!
from Hamburg, NY
25 - 34
Anti-Aging & Acne
Great product!!!
I have had acne since I was 16 & am now 33 this has been one product that has help clear my face up & keep it clear! This does not dry out my face. I love this products & oil free moisturizer!

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