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11 Skincare Questions with Jenna Ushkowitz

Perhaps most widely recognized for her role as Tina Cohen-Chang on the Fox comedy-drama series Glee, Jenna Ushkowitz is a woman of many talents. The actress-singer has performed on Broadway in a number of musicals including The King and I, Hair, and Waitress. In 2017, she won a Tony Award for Best Revival of a Musical as a producer of the Broadway show Once on This Island. She most recently launched a new podcast earlier this year with former Glee castmate Kevin McHale called Showmance where the two interview other notable duos, answer listener questions and discuss all of the woes and thrills of everyday life. And through it all, she maintains flawless, glowing skin despite her busy schedule. So we sat down with Jenna, a Kate Somerville product user, to learn more about her skincare tips and regimen she has to share.

Kate Somerville Experts (KS): What is your daily skincare routine like?

Jenna Ushkowitz (JU): I like to keep things pretty simple so my morning and evening routines are pretty similar. In both cases, I start by cleansing with your Gentle Daily Wash. This is one of my favorite Kate Somerville products and I have been using it for years! My next step in the morning is to use three spritzes of the DermalQuench Liquid Lift to give my skin a boost of hydration. But in the evening I use Liquid ExfoliKate instead after my cleanser which helps brighten and enhance my skin tone overnight. This is the only step in my routine that changes. Then I use Dilo Oil, but just enough to keep my skin feeling hydrated. And then I’ve recently added the Deep Tissue Repair moisturizer as a final step.

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KS: You are so busy so I’m sure you travel a lot! Do you have a travel skin care routine or tips for flying?

JU: Yes! If I don’t come prepared my skin tends to dry out. So before I board my flight, I like to cleanse my face. I think this helps to keep my skin a little more balanced. I also bring a hydrating mask and moisturizer with me to apply as needed, especially on longer flights. But my real tip is to hydrate your body! It’s the key to great skin so make sure you are drinking lots of water, definitely more than one bottle.

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KS: What about anti-aging skincare?

JU: Sunscreen is a must for me! I have to protect all this work I’m doing. But I have also started to use Wrinkle Warrior a few times each week to keep my skin looking plump and youthful. It also has so many uses though! I love using it as a moisturizer or serum but it also does really well as a makeup primer.

KS: A lot of people feel really overwhelmed when it comes to skincare. What is your #1 tip for someone who is new to skin care products and has a busy schedule?

JU: I think it is important to start easy and don’t overcomplicate things. Something as simple as making sure that you take your makeup off every night and wash your face every morning can make a real difference for your skin and eases you into it. Then try adding a product or two. Using an exfoliator a few times a week, something like ExfoliKate, that has both physical and chemical exfoliation, doesn’t take up a lot of time or require a huge commitment so it is easier to work into a busy schedule. Finishing off with a moisturizer is another quick thing but it can really make a huge impact.

KS: Which products do you think every woman should have in her skin care routine?

JU: A moisturizer is an absolute must as well as a trusted exfoliator and cleanser. That is your essential set. But because skincare is such an individualized and custom thing, a routine will differ from person to person. I think that the rest of it is personal.

KS: And how often do you exfoliate?

JU: 4 times each week, but I had to work up to that. If you are just getting started once or twice is great.

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KS: You have attended a number of award shows and promotional events over the years. How do you get your skin ready for red carpet events and photo shoots?

JU: In the days leading up to an event or shoot, I love coming in for a treatment at the Kate Somerville Clinic. I will also steam my face before my skincare routine at home. But other than that I like to stick with what I know works. I keep using the products my skin likes and I don’t introduce any new products into my routine at that time so I avoid any potential breakouts or irritation.

KS: What is one thing you wish you knew about skin care when you were younger?

JU: That it is a part of your instrument, your body, just like anything else. So you have to take care of it to sustain it and find what works for you, not everyone else.

KS: Do you frequently get facials, peels, or laser treatments? If so, what do you find to be most effective?

JU: I only get facials and usually only once per month. Facials are extremely effective for me because it is really just a deep clean. It is just like how I do a deep clean on my apartment every month. To me, a facial is along the same lines.

KS: And with the summer approaching, how do you transition your skincare products from summer to fall to winter?

JU: For the most part, they basically stay the same except for that I use a lot more sunscreen during the summer and as needed during sunny days throughout the year. We also get dry heat in Southern California in the summer so I try to hydrate more. And in the winter, I exfoliate more often to avoid dullness and use and keep a heavier moisturizer handy to avoid any dryness I might feel coming on.

KS: Only one more question… What is the one Kate Somerville product you couldn’t live without?

JU: Oh that is really tough. I don’t think I could pick just one, but probably the Gentle Daily Wash or Dilo Oil.

Want more Jenna Uskowitz? Check her out every Thursday on her new podcast Showmance where she dishes about the ups and downs of everyday life with her former Glee co-star and friend, Kevin McHale. And get all the answers to your skincare and product questions on our skin care blog. From ingredient spotlights to regimen tips, we have you covered with all you need to know about taking care of your skin. Check out our collection of premium skin care products so that you can achieve flawless skin too!

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