6 Products That Help To Banish Teenage Breakouts
6 Products That Help To Banish Teenage Breakouts
December 16, 2019  Kate Somerville

Finding the best acne treatment for teens can seem like a near impossible task. Between their radically changing hormones and developing self-care, there are a variety of reasons your teenager may have developed acne. At Kate Somerville, we understand how embarrassing acne can be for teens and the frustration parents feel when searching for teenage skincare products. We talked to our Kate Somerville Skin Health Experts who treat skin every day at our clinics in Los Angeles and New York. Here are their recommendations for treating teenage acne.

Best Acne Products for Teens

Although every teenager suffering from acne will have their own unique needs, we have specially formulated the products below to address some of the most common causes of acne. Together, we can give your teen the clear, acne-free skin they’ve always wanted.

1. EradiKate® Daily Foaming Cleanser

A good face wash is essential for any effective skincare routine for teens. We recommend cleansing morning and night to keep skin clear of debris, makeup, dirt and oils because one of the primary causes of acne is that pores get clogged with dirt, oil and other debris during the day or even while sleeping. If your teenager is not washing their face on a daily basis, acne can easily to develop. So how do you find a cleanser that is gentle enough for regular use while still containing specific acne-fighting ingredients that not only keep the skin’s surface clean but will also work to penetrate deeper and fight acne bacteria at its source?

That’s where our EradiKate® Daily Foaming Cleanser comes in. A medicated foaming cleanser specifically designed to unclog pores and prevent future acne, our face wash contains 3% sulfur and is safe for daily use.

Why sulfur? Sulfur is an effective acne treatment for three key reasons. First, it helps to dry out acne, allowing the dead skin cells to slough away and prevent pore blockages. It also aids in the absorption of excess oil on the skin’s surface, which also helps keep pores clear and fight other acne problems. Lastly, sulfur actually provides antimicrobial properties which can help fight off acne-causing bacteria and reduce the likelihood of infection within the pores or hair follicles. 

2. EradiKate® Foam Mask

Our innovative self-activating EradiKate® Foam Mask delivers some of the same acne-fighting ingredients as the daily cleanser, but in higher concentrations to help clear blemishes and dissolve impurities on the surface of the skin. After just 1 week of use, 88% of test subjects saw a reduction in the number of blackheads, and 100% saw a visible reduction in their pore size. 

Incorporating a mask is especially helpful if your child is having a hard time committing to washing their face twice a day. As a mask sits on the skin for a longer period of time than a face wash, it is able to penetrate deeper into the pores and clean out deep-seated dirt and debris more effectively. 

3. EradiKate® Acne Treatment

For stubborn breakouts or a single blemish, your teen can turn to our EradiKate® Acne Treatment which is specifically formulated with 10% sulfur, the maximum amount approved for use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Given the intensity of the ingredients, the product should only be used as a spot treatment to clear blemishes and reduce the appearance of redness. The treatment is most effective when it is applied as soon as a zit or pimple is noticed as it helps to rapidly dry out and clean the area.

In some cases, this may be too harsh to be an acne treatment for teens. Overly dry skin, peeling, itching, and redness are common side effects associated with the use of sulfur products. These reactions tend to be worst when first beginning treatment but can persist for an extended period of time if your child’s skin is especially sensitive. It is essential to monitor your teenager’s skin for any unwanted side effects and stop use if symptoms persist. 

4. EradiKate® Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment

Salicylic acid is a common anti-acne ingredient used in many over-the-counter products, though it is best used to treat non-inflammatory breakouts, such as blackheads or whiteheads. When applied to the skin, salicylic acid breaks up dead skin cells, allowing them to be wiped away and cleared from the face. Because it is relatively gentle, salicylic acid is an excellent choice for a teen with slightly more sensitive skin. However, EradiKate® Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment may not be a strong enough product on its own and is best suited in conjunction with other products. 

Common side effects generally include some dryness, peeling, and flaking but can quickly be addressed by applying an oil-free moisturizer after using salicylic acid. Though most teens will only experience mild side effects, in rare cases, they may experience stinging, burning, and skin irritation. 

Our EradiKate® Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment contains 2% salicylic acid, the highest concentration permitted by the FDA, and can be used as a fast-acting, lightweight overnight lotion to clear acne while soothing and balancing the skin. In fact, after just 24 hours, 97% of test subjects showed improvement in their pore size and 90% noticed improvements in their skin texture. If your teen suffers from non-inflamed acne, the EradiKate® Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment could help deliver results quickly and boost their confidence. 

5. Anti Bac® Acne Clearing Lotion

The Kate Somerville Anti Bac® Acne Clearing Lotion is formulated with 5% benzoyl peroxide, one of the most popular acne-fighting ingredients available without a prescription. It effectively targets pores and clears existing blemishes, reduces excess oil production, and minimizes the appearance of blackheads. Plus, advanced liposomes protect the skin from environmental stressors that might otherwise cause future acne and alleviates dryness by reducing excess water loss from the skin. 

Benzoyl peroxide is one of the most effective ingredients for killing bacteria within your teen’s pores, a common cause of acne in teens. Some of the best skincare for teenage acne is formulated with benzoyl peroxide because it introduces oxygen into the pores, helping to kill bacteria that cannot survive in an oxygen-rich environment. As the population of bacteria is reduced, benzoyl peroxide can help clean pores and prevent future breakouts by removing any lingering debris.

Generally, benzoyl peroxide is best to treat mild to moderate acne. If your teen has sensitive skin, benzoyl peroxide is a great ingredient to try out. However, it’s also important to note that you should be looking for an acne product that has around 2.5% of benzoyl peroxide. Anything stronger can result in skin irritation, redness, or increased sensitivity. As your child’s skin adapts, you may consider increasing the product’s strength over time. Be sure to closely follow application instructions as well because most benzoyl peroxide products will not function properly as spot treatments. Rather, they should be applied over the entire face. 

Some of the most common side effects include dryness and flaking, though these are usually mild and subside after a few days. In rare cases, some may experience more intense dryness, peeling, redness, and even burning. Should your teen experience these reactions, discontinue use immediately. 

6. Oil-Free Moisturizer

Many acne treatments currently available focus on drying out blemishes and stripping oils from the skin. While this can be effective, it can actually exacerbate breakouts if your skin becomes too dry. The face naturally compensates for the lack of surface oils and will begin to create an overproduction of these oils. Plus, as the skin dries and peels, dead skin cells and debris will clog pores, resulting in more acne. It is a cycle that is difficult to break. That’s why one of the best treatments for acne is actually an oil-free moisturizer that absorbs quickly and provides the perfect amount of hydration without lipids that can clog pores and increase oil production.

Choosing the Right Products

When you are selecting acne products for your teen, you’ll want to consider their skin type as well as the type of acne they struggle with. Products that treat mild non-inflammatory acne will not be able to treat severe cystic acne. If you aren’t sure where to start, consider taking your teenager to an esthetician or dermatologist. These professionals can assess your teen’s current skin condition and help you develop a customized treatment plan that will deliver the best results possible. They will also monitor the progress of your child’s skin over time and make modifications as needed. 

Establishing a Routine

Getting your teen even the most powerful anti-acne products will be ineffective if they are not used regularly. In most cases, you should be able to use many of the same products both morning and night. The only exception to this rule would be acne products that contain ingredients which increase sun sensitivity. In general, an ideal routine would look something like this:

  • Cleanser
  • Gentle exfoliation
  • Treatment 
  • Moisturizer

This minimal and quick routine will ensure that your teen’s skin is thoroughly cleaned and treated to combat the most common causes of acne. If you find it challenging to get your child to wash their face twice a day, encourage them to do a nightly skincare regimen. After a few weeks of following an effective acne skin care routine, your teenager should experience an improvement in their overall complexion!

Ready to find the solutions to clogged pores and acne problems that are right for your teen? We offer virtual consultations with our Skin Health Experts that can be done from the comfort of home. You can also explore our website to shop our full collection of acne treatment products. 

Kate Somerville

Kate Somerville's journey is one of resilience and breaking boundaries. Understanding the struggle of feeling uncomfortable in her own skin, she pursued esthetician school and developed active ingredient-based treatments for post-surgery healing. In 2004, she opened her Skin Health Experts Clinic in Hollywood, gaining popularity among celebrities and the media. Her iconic product, ExfoliKate® Intensive, was born out of a celebrity client's request. Whether at her clinic or using her prestige products at home, Kate ensures visible results, and her expertise promises a transformative skincare experience you'll love.