The Importance Of A Skincare Regimen In Your 30s
The Importance Of A Skincare Regimen In Your 30s
September 9, 2020  Kate Somerville

Special Guest Writer: Kate Somerville Senior Graphic Designer, Shara Cooper

“I’m surprised you don’t have a skincare regimen in your 30s,” said my Kate Somerville Skin Health Expert & esthetician during my recent Clinic-On-Call consultation. 

She wasn’t judging me, but I sure was! After taking a recent selfie where I saw some distressing signs of aging I hadn’t seen before, I realized I needed to do something fast to change what was happening to my face. 

From the minute I got on my virtual Clinic-On-Call video session with my Kate Somerville esthetician Kimberly, who specializes in troubled skin, I felt a sense of relief and hope. I was also filled with a newfound resolve to maximize the gift of more time at home due to quarantine to learn what skincare products I need & how to use them on a consistent basis for visible results. 

During my 60-minute session with Kimberly via video chat, I felt so seen, heard, supported and encouraged. After all, Kate Somerville’s team of Skin Health Experts is known as the secret weapon behind many A-list celebrities’ skin. 

The Clinic-On-Call process was as easy as posting a pic to Instagram:

Step 1: Fill out the Clinic-On-Call intake form (pictured below).

This is a self-assessment of your skin and includes questions like, “If you have a magic wand & you could change one thing about your skin, what would it be?”

Step 2: Take some close up shots of your skin as well as pics of the skincare products you already own and use.

Full disclosure: As a Kate Somerville employee, I only have Kate Somerville products (and not many, remember, I didn’t have much of a regimen!) The beauty of sharing what you already use in your regimen is that you don’t have to throw out your existing skincare (Unless they are totally wrong for your skin type. These are Skin Health Experts after all.). During your Clinic-On-Call session, you’ll get skincare recommendations to round out your regimen and enhance your visible results with products that work. 

As Kimberly told me, “We’re here to help you get the skin you want, not just peddle products.” 

Step 3: Jump on a video call with your Kate Somerville esthetician.

During your 40-minute consultation, you’ll do so much more than you might expect, including review your diet, address skin concerns, & identify in-depth solutions. 

Step 4: Within 48 hours of your consultation, you receive an email with your day & night time skincare regimen, PLUS an explanation about what each product does and how it enhances your skincare regimen and results. This is what I received below:

According to Kimberly, the root of my top skin concerns - which include fine lines, dry skin, & acne - is due to a lack of hydration. Hydration! Who knew that was a skin issue? (I didn’t.) Kimberly shared that the few products I was using in my existing routine were exfoliating my skin. In a very caring tone, Kimberly then asked me, “Where are we replenishing the skin? You are just beating it up and causing it to be a shield.” 

Kimberly also explained that hydration is a unique skincare step in Kate Somerville’s Skin Health Philosophy. Unlike moisturization which comes at the end of your regimen with a lipid-based cream, hydration is all about, you guessed it, water! Enter DermalQuench Liquid Lift®, Kate’s #1 Oxygen + Hyaluronic Acid booster treatment designed to flood skin with essential hydration so skin appears smoother, softer, refreshed, and is better prepped to absorb the rest of your regimen. 

To my sincere delight, after just one week of following Kimberley’s plan, I couldn’t stop stroking my baby soft face. I can’t wait to share more results with you in my next blog where I’ll break down my entire new skincare regimen, thanks to Kimberly and my Clinic-On-Call consultation!

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Shara Cooper is the senior graphic designer @ KS. During quarantine she can now usually be found working with sunscreen caked on her face to protect her skin from the blue light of her laptop. She also enjoys longs walks on the beach, singing, and the occasional skinny margarita.

Kate Somerville

Kate Somerville's journey is one of resilience and breaking boundaries. Understanding the struggle of feeling uncomfortable in her own skin, she pursued esthetician school and developed active ingredient-based treatments for post-surgery healing. In 2004, she opened her Skin Health Experts Clinic in Hollywood, gaining popularity among celebrities and the media. Her iconic product, ExfoliKate® Intensive, was born out of a celebrity client's request. Whether at her clinic or using her prestige products at home, Kate ensures visible results, and her expertise promises a transformative skincare experience you'll love.