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EradiKate® Acne Light Stim™ Facial 

EradiKate® Acne Light Stim™ Facial

  • $260 per session
  • 60 min

Designed for congestion, hormones, and acne-prone skin. The deeply cleansing EradiKate® Acne Facial is designed to bring back clear, radiant skin. Starting with a skin analysis and custom exfoliation to rid the complexion of excess dirt, oil, and debris. Gentle pore extractions are then performed to help clarify skin texture from the inside out, followed by a clearing O2 Therapy Boost.

Colloidal sulfur and other skin-soothing extracts featured in our exclusive foam-activated EradiKate® Mask is applied to help clear blemishes, reduce the appearance of pores and dissolve environmental impurities clogging the skin’s surface. As a final touch, the LightStim® Combo Light simultaneously utilizes blue, amber, red and infrared lights for dramatically more significant results in healing current breakouts, destroying acne-causing bacteria, eradicating inflammation, improving circulation, increasing collagen and elastin production, minimizing pore size and reducing redness—all in a concerted effort to clarify and restore skin health.


  • Deeply Cleanses Acne-Prone Skin.
  • Thorough Gentle Extractions.
  • O2 Clarifying Therapy Boost.
  • Exclusive Purifying Tea Tree Jelly Rubber Mask.
  • Multi-wavelength LED Therapy.
  • High-Frequency Anti-Bacterial Treatment.



  • Laser Genesis
  • Vi Peel

Our Gorgeous Team Meet the Skin Health Experts

Alexandra-Kate Somerville
Years with Kate Somerville: 1
Favorite Service to Perform: I love performing the Dermal Quench Facial because it is hydrating, revitalizing, and provides immediate moisture to the skin – which all of our LA clients need!  Also it is fun to use the oxygen gun!
Favorite Clinic Treatments: I love all of the services that we offer, but I think our talented medical technicians deliver such amazing instant results and sculpting with the variety of fillers and injectables available.
Favorite Products: : Exfolikate!  Love it!!  Deep Tissue Repair as well
Kelly-Kate Somerville
Years with Kate Somerville: 12 years
Favorite Service to Perform: TLC with Light Stim... the Micro-current with a combined LED light makes for the perfect plump and glow facial that leaves long lasting results and a happy client.
Favorite Clinic Treatments: Can’t choose!! Anything that stimulates and repairs the collagen and tissue. If I had to pick – Titan, LED Light Therapy, and Microneedling.
Favorite Products: : Dilo oil. Slather that all over. Firming. Not greasy and smells delicious!
Kate Somerville Esthetician Kimberly
Years with Kate Somerville: 13
Favorite Service to Perform: The Eradikate Facial because helping clients to overcome acne and achieve the skin of their dreams is my passion.
Favorite Clinic Treatments: Clinic Reserve Facial to hydrate, repair, and energize my skin. Titan/Laser Genesis Combination to give me skin confidence and help me age gracefully without any downtime.
Favorite Products: : ExfoliKate Gentle to decongest and aid in cell renewal followed by Deep Tissue Repair to hydrate.
Lucy-Kate Somerville
Years with Kate Somerville: 3
Favorite Service to Perform: I love to get lost in extractions. If there is a blackhead, I will find it! I’ve always felt that at the end of the facial, your skin should feel like it can breathe.
Favorite Clinic Treatments: Dermal Quench with LED Oxygen makes skin feel refreshed and hydrated. LED is the bonus for optimal skin rejuvenation.
Favorite Products: : ExfoliKate Wrinkle Warrior
Rachel-Kate Somerville
Years with Kate Somerville: 8
Favorite Service to Perform: EradiKate facial. Its an amazing result-driven service for acne-prone skin. Extractions are my specialty, its so gratifying for me and beneficial for the client
Favorite Clinic Treatments: LED lights and Laser Genesis combined will transform your skin without unnecessary downtime. No pain, all gain!
Favorite Products: : Deep Tissue Repair, DermalQuench liquid lift, Micropeel
Shinobu-Kate Somerville
Years with Kate Somerville: 6
Favorite Service to Perform: I love doing Light Stim. My clients always walk out with a glow and a happy face.
Favorite Products: : RetAsphere Micro Peel & DermalQuench Liquid Lift

With an emphasis on clinical skin care and advanced technologies, unparalleled service and proven results, it is a destination for those far and wide seeking real solutions to skin concerns. Featured widely in the media, the clinic is visited daily by some of Hollywood’s most photographed faces.