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Kate Somerville Kate Can

Meet Christian

Having struggled with acne since the age of 11, Christian found it difficult to pursue his passion for a career in acting and modeling. He dreaded going to casting calls because he was afraid they wouldn't be able to see beyond his skin. After working with Kate Somerville for 4 months, he now has a new-found confidence to go out and get the acting job of his dreams.

Christian's Regimen:

  • EradiKate Cleanser - 2x/day to draw out impurities
  • EradiKate® - PM to clear blemishes and reduce redness
  • D-Scar* -2x/day to smooth appearance of scars
  • DermalQuench +Retinol* - PM to refine appearance of texture
Kate Somerville Kate Can

Meet Catalina

As a make-up artist and fashion blogger who is always on-the-go, Catalina's busy travel and work schedule started to take a toll on her skin. Her adult acne struggles left her feeling insecure when working with clients. After 4 months, her skin is now smooth and she can finally shine.

Catalina's Regimen:

  • Detox Daily Cleanser* - 2x/day to eliminate impurities
  • Oil Free Moisturizer - 2x/day to instantly hydrate and balance oil
  • EradiKate® - PM to reduce redness and prevent future breakouts
  • DermalQuench +Retinol* - PM to reduce appearance of pigmentation
Kate Somerville Kate Can

Meet Scarlett

Battling with her acne since 8th grade, Scarlett lacked the confidence to leave the house without makeup on, even if it meant not getting her hair or face wet when swimming. Now, 4 months later, she feels comfortable and beautiful in her own skin - nothing is going to hold her back.

Scarlett's Regimen:

  • EradiKate® Cleanser - 2x/day to help reduce blemishes
  • EradiKate® Mask - 2x/week to dissolve impurities
  • Anti-Bac® Acne Clearing Lotion - PM to reduce excess oil
Kate Somerville Kate Can