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Daily SPF Duo

Daily SPF Duo

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Limited Time Exclusive Bundle

A $98 value. Meet the multi-tasking SPF duo designed to do more than shield against the sun. Daily Deflector™ is Kate’s 100% mineral sunscreen with SPF 40 expertly formulated to absorb harmful UV rays that contribute to sun damage and premature aging. It also helps protect against blue light and repairs damaged skin. UncompliKated is her SPF 50 fine mist soft focus makeup setting spray that’s easy to reapply on-the-go and delivers a soft, matte finish.
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Two powerhouse SPF products for all day sun protection.

Whether you’re staying indoors or getting outside, Daily Deflector™ shields skin from premature aging caused by UV rays. It works well under makeup as a final step in your morning skincare routine and has skin-restoring ingredients that are tested safe for sensitive skin. UncompliKated is great for setting makeup or reapplying sunscreen on-the-go. Its fine mist spray delivers even coverage for healthy-looking, beautiful skin.