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PRP Liquid Gold Treatment

  • $385-$800
  • 15-30 min

Often dubbed the “vampire facial,” the PRP Liquid Gold Treatment—named for its halcyon sheen—utilizes your concentrated blood platelets to rejuvenate the skin by releasing growth factors known to expedite the skin’s natural repair process. Crucial to wound healing, Platelet Rich Plasma (or PRP) offers clients an edge on the effects of aging. It is an incredibly effective addition to Microneedling treatments for texture, fine line/wrinkle, and scarring improvement or to enhance the overall results of your Microneedling session. PRP can also be administered into specific areas via injection to stimulate collagen directly.


  • Utilizes Clients’ Plasma to Stimulate Skin Rejuvenation + Healing.
  • Safe + Versatile.


  • Microneedling
  • Endymed Intensif

Our Gorgeous Team Meet the Skin Health Experts

Jeisyl Aguinaldo

Jeisyl Aguinaldo

Registered Nurse
Years with Kate Somerville: 11
Favorite Service to Perform: Injections Gratifying instant results
Favorite Clinic Treatments: EndyMed with PRP. It works!
Favorite Products: : Deep Tissue Repair, DermalQuench liquid lift, Micropeel
Jill Tashjian

Jill Tashjian

Board Certified Nurse Practitioner
Years with Kate Somerville: 11
Favorite Service to Perform: I love doing injectables and facial thread lifts. Whether it is for the lips, cheeks, or tear troughs, I am able to produce a more youthful and desirable appearance by adding volume and symmetry to the face. Thread lifts are able to lift and firm the face and neck without undergoing surgery. My favorite part of my job is making my clients feel more confident, happy and beautiful.
Favorite Clinic Treatments: EndyMed treatment with PRP. This treatment combines radiofrequency and microneedling with your own plasma and growth factors to rejuvenate, lift and plump the skin.
Favorite Products: : Deep Tissue Repair, DQLL, Exfolikate intensive.
Laura Glen

Laura Glen

Registered Nurse
Years with Kate Somerville: 10
Favorite Service to Perform: My favorite treatment to perform has to be Laser Genesis. It is such a versatile and effective treatment for any skin type and targeting a variety of concerns from acne to anti-aging.
Favorite Clinic Treatments: Botox, Laser Genesis, and Endymed – such great results with zero downtime
Favorite Products: : KS Products: Deep Tissue Repair
Lori Friedman

Lori Friedman

Nurse Practitioner
Years with Kate Somerville: almost 5 years
Favorite Service to Perform: I love doing Botox injections, Microneedling with PRP, and Laser Genesis. I've been told I have a gentle touch and I try to make all my treatments I do as pain- free as possible!
Favorite Clinic Treatments: I LOVE microneedling with PRP and Laser Genesis. Both treatments work to stimulate collagen, smooth texture, hydrate fine lines and wrinkles and give you this glowy bright complexion.
Favorite Products: : Exfolikate - Age Arrest Serum, RetAsphere Micropeel, and Deep Tissue Repair.
Sydney Gunn

Sydney Gunn

Physician Assistant
Years with Kate Somerville: 1
Favorite Service to Perform: Dermal Fillers! I love the instant gratification and ability to rewind the clock. It is a subtle way to add just a little bit ‘more’ for our clients.
Favorite Clinic Treatments: Microneedling! The effects are awesome: immediate glow, refined pore size, and improved texture with very minimal downtime.
Favorite Products: : I love the Cryo over the Glow Moisturizer for an instant pick-me-up. I always get a compliment on my skin when I do that combo! Also Exfolikate and Deep Tissue Repair
Cassie Song

Cassie Song

Registered Nurse Aesthetician
Years with Kate Somerville: 30
Favorite Service to Perform: light facial with titan laser. This facial will clean up your pores and with the light you get your collagen boosting. Titan is a laser that recoils your collagen for a tighter and lifting purpose. I would do these 2 treatments all the time if I could.

With an emphasis on clinical skin care and advanced technologies, unparalleled service and proven results, it is a destination for those far and wide seeking real solutions to skin concerns. Featured widely in the media, the clinic is visited daily by some of Hollywood’s most photographed faces.