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Kate Somerville Reorder FAQs


How do I receive texts for reorder?
When you check out, click the checkbox pictured below. It’s a one-time enrollment so you will receive texts for any of your past or future purchases. Once you opt-in, you’re in!.
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How often will I get texts?
We will only send texts when it’s time to reorder. Depending on how often you have bought an item in the past or how often that item is typically ordered in the past, we will send you a text.
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How do I stop receiving texts?
If you ever decide that you no longer want to receive texts, you can reply to any of our texts with an OPT OUT and we will not send you texts anymore.
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What will happen when I respond yes?
Once you respond yes to our texts, the item will automatically be reordered.
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What if I’m not ready to reorder?
You can always respond with a “RemindMe” and ask us to send you a reminder whenever you’d like.
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What is Quick Buy?
Quick Buy allows you to buy your items without the pain of going through the checkout process. Click the button and your item is ready to order.
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How do I cancel my Quick Buy?
Once you click Quick Buy, you can immediately cancel your order by clicking “cancel” within the modal. If it’s been some time, please contact customer service.
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But what if I want to buy multiple items? Can I still use Quick Buy?
All your Quick Buys will be automatically combined into one shipment as long as you click within the bottom of the hour.
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How do I pick my samples? Can I use promo codes?
Because you are skipping the checkout, Quick Buys are not eligible for on site promotions. As a courtesy however, all Quick Buys do come with complimentary samples.
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I clicked Quick Buy but nothing happened – did it work?
Once you click Quick Buy, you should see a pop up that we are preparing your order. You may not receive confirmation email or an order number right away but you should receive this within a few hours. If none of the above happened, please contact customer service.
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My shipping and billing information is incorrect – how can I update them?
If we confirm the order with shipping or billing info that you do not want to use for this order – please cancel the order and contact customer service so we can update this info for future Quick Buys.
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