DermalQuench Liquid Lift® +Retinol
DermalQuench Liquid Lift® +Retinol
DermalQuench Liquid Lift® +Retinol
DermalQuench Liquid Lift® +Retinol
DermalQuench Liquid Lift® +Retinol
DermalQuench Liquid Lift® +Retinol
DermalQuench Liquid Lift® +Retinol
DermalQuench Liquid Lift® +Retinol
DermalQuench Liquid Lift® +Retinol
DermalQuench Liquid Lift® +Retinol
DermalQuench Liquid Lift® +Retinol
DermalQuench Liquid Lift® +Retinol
DermalQuench Liquid Lift® +Retinol
DermalQuench Liquid Lift® +Retinol
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DermalQuench Liquid Lift® +Retinol

Price reduced from $110.00 to $60.00

Advanced Resurfacing Treatment

Item No. 10234
4.1 out of 5 Customer Rating
The power of Kate’s #1 clinic Oxygen treatment joins forces with the age-defying results of Retinol. DermalQuench Liquid Lift® + Retinol works quickly and over time to visibly improve fine lines, skin firmness and hydration while evening out skin discoloration. You’ll see an improvement in elasticity, bounce, smoothness and skin brightening.
Our Skin Health Experts’ Approach To Using Retinol: Because Retinol is such an effective and active ingredient, only use one product containing it on any given day. To see visible results from the products in this set, apply on alternate evenings and no more than 4 times per week. Monitor any skin sensitivity and adjust product use accordingly.

Note: This item does not ship to Maine.

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Price reduced from $110.00 to $60.00
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A clinically proven Retinol resurfacing treatment designed to hydrate, firm, refine & brighten skin.

Advanced Hydrafill® Complex utilizes Oxygen, Hyaluronic Acid and Botanical Extracts to pump skin full of hydration, improving radiance while visibly smoothing and plumping. Retinol & HPR (a Retinoic Acid Ester) are quickly absorbed, visibly minimizing the look of pores, smoothing lines & wrinkles and improving uneven skin tone without the irritation that often accompanies high concentrations of Retinol. Use as your hydration step after cleansing and exfoliating so skin is prepped to better absorb subsequent serums, treatments and moisturizers in your regimen.

Immediately after just 1 application*
showed improvement in appearance of fine lines/crow’s feet.
After 2 weeks*
showed improvement in appearance of pore size.
showed improvement in appearance of dark spots.

*Clinically proven results based on independent clinical study

Our Ingredient Philosophy

We’ve perfected what works, what is safe, and how to formulate active ingredients that deliver transformative results with minimal irritation.

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increases firmness and elasticity, and refines skin texture.
Delivers instant & long-lasting hydration to the top, middle and lower layers of surface skin, visibly plumping and smoothing.
Helps restore skin radiance, immediately brightening dull skin while improving texture and tone for a healthy glow.
Increase the look of radiance to create a brighter complexion while hydrating and refreshing skin.
Harness the power of Retinol compounds to help reduce the signs of aging while minimizing irritation.
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PM use only. Shake bottle well.

Prior to first use, prime the applicator by spraying three times, away from the face. Press actuator button and dispense product on face and immediately massage.

How To Use
Kate’s Tip
"If you’ve never used Retinol, this is a great starter product. The combination of Retinol and Bio-Retinols reveals visible results fast while minimizing any irritation."
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Ask Away

As Skin Health Experts, we talk to people every day about their top skin concerns and product questions. Here are some of our top FAQs from real customers.

Do I use this before or after serums?
DermalQuench Liquid Lift®+Retinol is a treatment with hydrating properties. If there is a Kate serum you'd like to use that does not contain Retinol and offers different benefits, we recommend applying DermalQuench Liquid Lift®+Retinol first, and then applying your desired serum.
Can I use DermalQuench Liquid Lift®+Retinol with +Retinol Vitamin C Moisturizer Super Charged Anti-Aging Moisturizing Cream
When it comes to using Retinol, more does not mean better. We do not recommend doubling up on Retinol products in one application. If you want to use both products, we recommend using +Retinol Vitamin C Moisturizer Super Charged Anti-Aging Moisturizing Cream one evening and DermalQuench Liquid Lift®+Retinol on the other.
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