$1225-$1625 per session| Time will vary

Cellulite, a dimpling of skin that can happen to anyone, regardless of body type and size, is quickly addressed with our Cellulite Reduction treatment, an innovative procedure that combines EndyMed PRO & EndyMed Intensif to attack and reduce the look of cellulite.

EndyMed PRO offers an aesthetic solution for non-surgical improvement of skin texture and appearance through RF technology applied to an area of cellulite. Intensif stands out among other high-precision microneedling techs with its smooth and fast motorized operating mode, infusing heat safely into the dermis for improved collagen remodeling. Combined, the two highly effective techniques—powered by an FDA-approved radio frequency technique called 3DEEP—allow for a fully customized treatment experience that targets areas where you seek to see a change.



  • Visibly Dramatic Initial Effects (Or Results).
  • Improves Skin Texture + Clarity Over Time.
  • Book A Series For Best Results.

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