Laser Genesis®

$125-$420 per session| 15-45 minutes

Even the healthiest, most dewy skin won’t always be immune to the effects of acne scars, hormonal spots, large pores, melasma, and wrinkles, not to mention other types of cumulative damage that can be hard to avoid. For a transcendent glow and smoother looking skin—with no recovery time needed—our gentle, fast, painless and non-invasive Laser Genesis treatment works to reduce redness, target fine lines and wrinkles, and improve the look of scarring.

Targeted light therapy warms the skin to stimulate the development of new collagen, filling out problem spots and working to combat the look of various blemishes. In less than an hour the complexion is polished, pores tightened, and the appearance of fine lines decreased. Employ Laser Genesis treatments in a series to achieve the best possible results.

Laser Genesis®


  • One of the Clinic's most popular treatments.
  • Complements All Facials/LED Treatments.
  • Addresses Texture, Fine Lines, Redness + Dullness Without Downtime.


  • Signature Facial
  • Dermal Quench Facial
  • Light Stim Sooth and Stimulate

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