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Acne Treatment


Acne Treatment

An effective acne treatment specifically formulated with the highest level of Sulfur allowed to fight pimples, zits, blemishes and future breakouts.
1 Fl. Oz.

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There's nothing more frustrating than looking in the mirror and seeing a blemish, pimple or zit appear! EradiKate® Acne Treatment is specifically formulated to effectively clear blemishes, reduce the appearance of redness and prevent future breakouts. This acne spot treatment contains the highest level of Sulfur allowed in order to reduce acne and help keep skin clear of new breakouts. EradiKate® Acne Treatment is most effective when applied to affected areas as soon as blemishes or pimples are noticed.

Key Ingredients

  • Sulfur to exfoliate dead surface skin cells, unclog pores and help reduce and prevent acne blemishes.
  • AHAs help reduce the appearance of enlarged pores.
  • Zinc Oxide a natural mineral, provides oil control by absorbing excess sebum production.
Kate's Tips
Apply EradiKate® the minute you feel a pimple or blemish coming on to help prevent it from surfacing.
Kate Somerville
EradiKate® Acne Treatment
Acne Treatment
#KateSomerville Skin
389 Reviews
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from New London, NH 03257
18 - 24
It works!!
It lasts like forever. I just apply a tiny bit on my pimples, and tomorrow morning, it disappears!
from Miami, FL
25 - 34
This Eradikate drying lotion is even better than another one I used to use from a different brand. Whenever I see a pimple, I use the drying lotion and the next day, it's either dried out or gotten smaller in size. This really works. I sometimes wish that it was a different color, since this sometimes leaves some pink traces on my sheets, but nothing that doesn't come out in the wash.
from Chicago, IL
35 - 44
Anti-Aging & Acne
Amazing - Instant results
I bought this as I get acne once in a while but when I do, its alwasy right in the middle of my face. Well I bought this, put it on and within HOURS the pimples were gone! No need for anything else!
from phoenix, arizona
25 - 34
This stuff is awesome! It has made some of my pimples/ blemishes gradually decrease in size and redness over night! I do wish it was a different color cause the pink allows me only to use it only at night but i love seeing the transformation in the morning!
from Saskatoon, SK
25 - 34
Anti-Aging & Acne
Awesome product
For whatever reason I had a few small red pimples appear on my cheek (almost certain it was a mask from the body shop that made my face act up) I have heard lots of things about this so I picked it up from Sephora and so far after one night I can say it's pretty good. I have only given 4 stars as the pimples I put it on hadn't started that day they were a little further along but saying that those that should come to a head did overnight after using this...all in all it did reduce the redness overnight but I can't say yet how effective it will be on brand new pimples! Time will tell

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