Meet Kate

“Growing up in a chaotic environment, I couldn’t control my home life. When that stress caused painful eczema, I had to take charge of my skin health to take back my confidence. Defying the impossible? It’s in my DNA.”

Kate Somerville Founder


Visionary From Day 1

Kate Somerville grew up feeling uncomfortable in her skin. No one could help with her painful eczema. The solution she needed didn’t exist – she had to create it.

That determination led her to esthetician school and later, to providing medical skin treatments in one of the country’s top plastic surgeon’s office. She built a reputation for delivering impressive skin health results using science-backed treatments and custom formulations. Hollywood’s most famous faces became some of her most devoted clients. 

As her expertise deepened, Kate began dreaming of a new kind of clinic – one that combined cutting-edge skin science with a truly glamorous treatment experience (we’re talking chandeliers in every room).


The Art of Skin Health

In 2004, Kate revolutionized the industry by opening the first ever medispa in the heart of West Hollywood. Her vision: Best-in-class medical skin treatments meets Hollywood glamour. 

Far more than Botox and fillers, the Kate Somerville Medical Esthetics Skin Clinic has been a hub of skincare innovation for the past 20 years. The world’s most famous faces still rely on our clinic’s cutting-edge skin technologies and decades of expert knowledge.

The clinic’s Skin Health Experts deliver visible skin transformations in the clinic, and give you the tools to maintain your radiant results at home. Come see for yourself.

“Healthy skin is not a sign of vanity or privilege – healthy skin is every person's right. Whether you've never had it or you want it back, it's my goal to make healthy, radiant skin your reality.”

Kate Somerville, Founder


Skin Clinic In A Bottle

A few years later, one of Kate’s A-list celebrity clients called in a panic. She was headed overseas to an international film set and wanted to take Kate’s clinic super facial treatment with her. And that’s how our first holy grail product, ExfoliKate® Intensive Exfoliating Treatment, was born. 

Innovating continuously from then to now, Kate Somerville products keep winning coveted industry awards and viral adoration. 

For skin clinic results in the comfort of your own home, Kate Somerville Skincare is The GOAT. Healing skin + transforming lives.

Kate's 5 Daily Do's